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Victim Location 77615
Type of a scam Tax Collection

On 10/13 & 10/14/2015 we received a phone call from someone claiming that they were the IRS and they were calling to let know that they were filing a law suit against us, and to please call this number: 509-331-5216. This number came up on our answering machine as an unknown name, and an unknown number.

Victim Location 35457
Type of a scam Tax Collection

called by a robo call stating that there is a lawsuit pending, filed by the IRS they left a number , but I did not return the call. I have attempted to contact the IRS but I have been on hold for over an hour.

Victim Location 15610
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Someone called consumer and told them they were from IRS.

Victim Location 85379
Type of a scam Tax Collection received a call from a senior citizen lady who says she keeps receiving calls from individuals who say she owes taxes.  She knows it is a scam, she said, and hangs up on them.  She wanted to report it to us. 

Victim Location 58737
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Left message that IRS was filing lawsuit against us. We were given this telephone number to call 509-855-7456. This happened in Flaxton , North Dakota on Oct. 13, 2015 at 4:41am.

Victim Location 03043
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received four voice mails from the IRS stating I need to contact them immediately or else they would be filing a lawsuit against me. They provided a phone number for me to contact them at (832) 387-3383.

Victim Location 52240
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a voice generated voice t a phone number and I dialed it with my cellphone. The first 2 times the number was busy. The second 2 times the call was answe red but when I started talking it was disconnected. The background noice sounded like a busy call center. The person answering said they were from the IRS. The phone number they left on my answering machine was 202 455 6990.

Victim Location 63051
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a phone call from the IRS and they left a message on my answering machine on October 14th, 2015. She said her name was Debra Morgan and her "badge number" is 176176. They said I owe $5,116 and there is a warrant out for my arrest. They said they had sent 3 different paper in the mail.

Victim Location 68131
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They said the irs was filing a lawsuit against me.

Victim Location 44372
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Consumer reported to staff that she received 4 calls then listened to the message on the 5th call.  The person had an Indian accent and threatened that there is a warrant for her arrest and that they would be out in 45 min. to arrest her.  If she didn't wire them the money immediately, then they would arrest her in 20 min.  The caller identified himself as David Gray.  The consumer was asked to pay $5,850 for her 2012 back taxes.  Consumer was very upset, because she almost fell victim to it. 

Victim Location 28272
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I have received 2 calls today. the number displayed is (360)232-5888. Robo call claims to be from the IRS with its final warning that they are pursuing a lawsuit for money owed. It says to return the call at the above number to avoid legal action.

Victim Location 85285
Type of a scam Tax Collection

On 9/22/2015 I received a message from 1.646.453.6293. The message stated that it was an official notice from the Internal Revenue Service and a lawsuit has been filed against me. When I called the number back, I recorded the conversation. A man told me he was a government agent and wanted me to send him five thousand dollars from Western Union. He became furious when I would not tell him my cell phone number. He said he needed my cell phone number to track my location to tell me where the closest Western Union office was. I reported this person to the local police. They said they do not investigate scam calls unless they took money from me. I reported it to the IRS website but did not receive a reply. I reported it to local news agencies and they did not reply either.

Victim Location 23831
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Got a call from someone saying they were the IRS; said they were getting ready to file a lawsuit against me and to please call 360-362-5983.

Victim Location 03897
Type of a scam Tax Collection

We received two voice messages from the "IRS." Their caller ID showed a third call coming in from the same number, so my husband answered. There was an automated message on the other end of the line telling him to call about a tax problem.

After he listened to the voice mail, I decided to call (509) 346-6041 which was the number left on our machine, and spoke to a live person. The individual said that we owed $5,400.00 from not paying enough money on our 2008 tax filing and said that we were going to be sued. The IRS representative said that we would also stop our credit cards and take both of our licenses. They wanted us to pay $5,400.00 over the phone, to which I said no way!

Victim Location 56683
Type of a scam Tax Collection

On 10-07-15 at 2:07 pm we received a phone call from a woman "representing IRS" stating that this is officially their final notice that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against us. They wanted us to call 1-253-336-4181. On 10-13-15 at 4:50 pm a male "representing the IRS" said if we want to avoid fines or jail time, to call the IRS at 1-202-580-8546. These messages are still on our message recorder. Neither caller indicated their names.

Victim Location 34952
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I keep receiving a phone call saying that the IRS is trying to reach me and that this is my final notice. They say that I need to call 509-566-3078 to settle this matter or the IRS will issue a lawsuit against me. I know this is bogus, it's very annoying.

Victim Location 78948
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They keep calling me.  They have called me many many times.  It is a female voice message.  Telling me that a lawsuit is being filed against me from the IRS.   They speak in a very hard to understand Asian accent.  I was told to call 509-383-4062.  When I called this number and I asked what is that about me owing money to the IRS and being sued.  He said what what.  I hung up.  SCAM

Victim Location 23901
Type of a scam Tax Collection

The IRS supposedly left me 2 messages on my answering machine at home stating that this was my final notice and that they were going to file suit against me. They left this number for me to call back, 253-843-6571. I was told that they had reviewed our taxes for a certain time frame and that I owed them $2000+ and if I did not pay them immediately over the phone with my debit card that they would contact Prince Edward Status Office to contact the Sheriff's Office to pick me up and take me to jail. I told them that I would have to transfer funds to comply. I called my attorney and my CPA, and both informed me that it was a scam. In the interim, they called me back 3 times, one call came from a Farmville number stating that they had received a fax and wanted to know what I was going to do. The number was 434-392-8108. The other number was 202-239-1864, same person as the 253-843-6571 number. They were very high pressure calls. I understand that this has been on the news, but I missed it.

Victim Location 45372
Type of a scam Tax Collection

A person with an Eastern Indian accent calls saying they are from the IRS and you owe back taxes. They say that they've tried many times to reach you and this is your last chance before they have you arrested.

They are looking for you to "set up a payment" over the phone by having you give them a bank account or credit card number.

FYI-- the IRS will ALWAYS contact you by REGISTERED MAIL. DO NOT fall for this pathetic scam.

Victim Location 15698
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Claimed that there is a law suit against me 2656690863

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