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IRS Reports & Reviews (5041)

Victim Location 35401
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I get a missed call and a voicemail. it sounds like the first part of the voice mail is cut off so you only hear case file and then to call 3473342703 for more information. So I call i tell them i missed a call and they ask for my name and phone number. I give both. they then tell me they are the IRS and that i owe over 9k in unclaimed taxes. i ask for their name they tell me officer John Bearly I ask for a badge number they tell me IRM7462 and i ask for a physical address and they tell me 1111 constitution ave Washington d.c. 20224. Durring al of this i can barley understand them due to their accent i try asking for more information and all they will tell me is that i need to pay of they will take legal actions against my name. i try to ask for a supervisor and they told me that if i think this is a scam to just hang up i keep asking and they just repeat for me to hang up. buy the end of the conversation they said they were taking actions aginst me and was sending someone to me to make sure i was home. im still waiting (LOL)

Victim Location 61554
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Rec'd a phone call from 360-787-9125 stating they were from the IRS that we were being audited.

Victim Location 60531
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Phone call originating from Port Jervis, NY. Phone number: 845-754-2325. Message is from an individual claiming to be Officer Brian Snider with the IRS and that you need to return his call as soon as possible because an arrest warrant has been issued for you and your physical address. I did not return the call, but saved the message in case it was needed. I knew it was a scam immediately.

Victim Location 53227
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received numerous calls threatening to arrest me if I don't pay an alleged $8000 tax debt TODAY.

Victim Location 61754
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a call from an automated message saying that I owed money to the IRS or I would be sent to jail.


So I called the number back, 415-728-1539, and I spoke to a man and he said his name was Shawn Miller (strong accent). Shawn said I owed $6,000.00 When I said I couldn't pay that, I had to pay half or I would go to jail. I said I cant understand what you are telling me.  He hung up on me.  I called back again and a woman answered, Olivia Owen #206371. She also said I owed $6,000.00.  I said there is no way I owe that much money because I have been on social security.  She said this is from 2011-2015.  Then she told me that some woman, Annabell Carter, has been paying my taxes.  I have never heard of this woman before.  NO one is paying my taxes.  This is a scam,  They are just trying to get my money!!

Victim Location 92592
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Claiming to be IRS

Phone number to them 2035385467

Stated they were providing final notice going to sue me

Victim Location 61607
Type of a scam Tax Collection

A woman called and said the IRS is going to a file a complaint and file charges against us and that the IRS was going to sue us.

We hung up before they could say anymore.

Victim Location 63376
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I got a call today and it was a recording stating that the IRS was suing me and i couldn't talk to anyone. They called from 702-582-4145. I hung they phone and i would like to report it.

Victim Location 61602
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received message that I needed to call because I owed the IRS money.

Victim Location 93727
Type of a scam Debt Collections

A caller from 209--626-1363 called saying that I am in trouble with the IRS and must return the call immediately. I called back.

The person answering the phone spoke so fast with such a strong south Asian (Indian) accent that I asked what they wanted, who they were, where the were calling from, and were they calling from India. They were totally evasive. When I asked that they put someone on the phone who spoke better English they hung up.

Victim Location 35111
Type of a scam Tax Collection

person called saying you are being sued by the IRS

Victim Location 43623
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Phone call (recorded) from"IRS" regarding pending arrest, mitigated by calling 425-939-0162.

Victim Location 01610
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a phone call from the IRS Department of the Treasury today from: (646) 568-6445. The caller's name was Annie Johnson but she had an accent, maybe from Brazil or some foreign country. She stated that I owed $4,000 in taxes from 2014. I was surprised to hear this because I only work part time and did not think I even made that much in 2014. She told me that if I did not pay this amount, cops would be at my door immediately. I asked if I could call my accountant first and hung up. I contacted my accountant who advised me that this was not true information (except for my name & address) and that the IRS would not contact me by phone so I did not call back and called instead.

Victim Location 60610
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They called me filing a lawsuit on behalf of the IRS. Said the police were going to come and get me for filing my taxes wrong over the course of 5 years unless I pay $8k. I hope nobody falls for this.

The person on the other end said his name was Mark Elson and his "badge number" is IRM699146.

No personal information was disclosed. Phone number was 801-232-6394.

Victim Location 08527
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I got a call this morning on my cell phone from this number 917-873-5011 that the IRS is sueing me. The cell number is not in my name and the name. Its under the person is dead. I am also on the do not call list so i dont know how they get my number.

Victim Location 08740
Type of a scam Tax Collection

received call that irs has filed a law suit (recording)that I have to call 540-326-1052 right away

Victim Location 37214
Type of a scam Tax Collection

3 phone messages thus far stating that the IRS is filing a law suit against me and failure to respond to this message would result in the lawsuit going forward. The phone numbers spoken to call back on the 3 different messages are: (206) 201-2074, (202) 864-1795, (234) 231-0047.

Victim Location 28110
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Called consumer and indicates he had a debt with the IRS.

Victim Location 01104
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a phone call from (206) 204-4989 stating it was Brandon Walker calling from the IRS. He said that there was a complaint filed against me for issues with my taxes from 2009-2014. I asked why I was never notified by mail since so much time had passed. He said that there was an audit done years ago and letters were mailed to me in November of 2014 and December of 2015 but no one signed for them. I told him I never received those letters and hung up.

Victim Location 92307
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a phone call from someone claiming to be with the IRS threatening legal action if I did not pay them $674 over the phone. Though I do owe money on taxes, it is not due for another month and this is not the amount owed. They did not give me their name or any other information other than to threaten me. The number called from was 570-503-6087. I refused to give them any information or money. They did not try to verify my ssn or any other information.

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