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Government Grant

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Government Grant Reports & Reviews (503)

Victim Location 13493
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was called on 2/21/17 at 2:56 pm by a man in Washington D.C., his name was Roman- he said that my name was picked in my jurisdiction. That they only pick a few people to get this NO PAY BACK GOVERNMENT GRANTS. He said that the money could only be used to better myself [to pay for medications, fixing the house, bills,etc.] and that it couldn't be used for gambling, alcohol, drugs, etc.  nothing that's bad. He gave me a confirmation # JK556 Then told me to call back the number he was calling from to get more info on this grant. I called back the number and a woman answered then told me that I needed to unblock my number and call back, I did. the info she had on me was my name, phone number, area code where I lived, asked me my age, my marital status, then asked me my work status, I told her that I was disabled. She then repeated what he said what the money can and can't be used for. She asked me if I had a state ID and then asked me if there was a store that was on her list to go to, Walmart, Dollar General, and a few others that I didn't catch. She then said that I had to pick a store go there and then call them back at the number they called me from and then give them the confirmation # they gave me and then she said there was a one time refundable fee of $200.00 that was to register me for the grant. I told her that I didn't have that, she then said when I got the money to call them back and if I felt uncomfortable at any time to let them know and they would drop the registration form and I would no longer be eligible for the grant. She had also said that it was against the law for them to ask me for any personal info like S.S.N., credit card info, bank acct. number, etc. she hung up the phone when I kept asking her name.

Victim Location 92624
Type of a scam Government Grant

They call and say I have been solected for a grant

Victim Location 53217
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by Danny McWhite who said that I was chosen to receive a government grant in the amount of $7000. I was to go to Walmart and purchase a gift card in the amount of $250.

Victim Location 47446
Type of a scam Government Grant

They called saying they where choosing so many people to give money to said they where going to western union it to me but I had to call back and confirm

Victim Location 62557
Type of a scam Government Grant

Person was called by someone claiming to be with the US Government Grant office.  They told her she was 1 of 1,500 people selected to receive a Government Grant for $9,000. To get the money she was told to go to Walmart and wire $199 to them. At that point the lady hung up the phone.

Victim Location 48910
Type of a scam Government Grant

Someone with a heavy accent (West Indies) calls about 4 times a day. First time they called they said I was entitled to $9,200 from the Government. Told them I could barely understand them and to stop calling my home number. Remove my name and address and phone number from your list. They keep calling and now hang up when I answer...?!!

Victim Location 29341
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Received a phone call from Washington, DC stating I had been awarded a government grant for $9,000.00 I was Told to go to Wal Mart and call Jason Wright 646-844-7805 ext. 107. Went to Wal Mart, called and talked to Mr. Wright. He asked if you were ready to get 9,000.00. I told him yes. Asked if I had already purchased a card for $250.00 to receive the $9,000.00. Then I hung up.

Victim Location 23518
Type of a scam Government Grant

Foreign man stating my number has been selected to receive a government grant. They have called four times today even after asking to take my number off their list.

Victim Location 12303
Type of a scam Government Grant

It was someone from who said they were from the government and wanted to offer us $8500. We said no thanks and hung up. Initially they asked if it was *** ***, and he answered yes, so we are thinking its related to the yes scam.

Victim Location 25301
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call on the phone. They said that I qualified for a Federal Reserve Grant because I didn't have a criminal record and had no bankruptcies. They said the fee was $250 for registration fee to receive the grant but that I would get that money back once I got the grant. They said to pay the fee by Western Union, credit card or banking account information.

Victim Location 74401
Type of a scam Government Grant

Someone from this number called me from 1-800-299-0597 and said I won a Government Grant for $9,000.00. Then they give me a code AB20 to give to Administrator at 360-616-5107. They are all foreign people calling an once I question why they are calling me they started calling me names and then said I was wanted. I said wanted for "what" and he said harrassing him!!!

Victim Location 46788
Type of a scam Government Grant

Called my cellphone and told me I had been selected by the government to receive $9,600. They told me to drive to the nearest Walmart or Walgreens to receive my money. Then told me to pay $200 to receive the money. The persons name was James Hardy ext. 1004.

Victim Location 28208
Type of a scam Government Grant

A man with an Indian called and said that I qualified for a government grant. He proceeded by telling me how I qualified for the grant. Then ask me how I wanted to receive my grant. I was foolish enough to give him my credit card info but then I realized it's a scam so I quickly went to the bank to cancel my credit card info. never again. Find those scammers and thiefs please

Victim Location 78258
Type of a scam Government Grant

Called and told me I was awarded a $9,200 government grant. Said he could send money directly to my checking account or via Western Union/ Moneygram. I asked if he minded if I was affiliated with law enforcement . He called me filthy names and hung up.

Today I received a text with the same scam.

Victim Location 31023
Type of a scam Government Grant

Free government grant of $7000.00. Never to be paid back. The only exception was that would have to go to Walmart or Western Union and send them a one time fee of $250.00 It was 12:36 when i talked with them. I told that it would be 3:30 before i could go to Walmart. So i was told that when i called at 3:00 i was to call 202-656-9603 ext: 112 ask for lisa and give her my accountinfo of CL6813

Victim Location 32609
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by a woman named Clara stating that I had been awarded a government grant in the amount of $9000, all I had to do was pay a $200 registration fee to get the grant via an iTunes card. I recognized that this was a scam right away and did not spend any of my money but I wanted to warn others so they would not fall for it.

Victim Location 24141
Type of a scam Government Grant

Called stating employee was from Washington DC government grant eligible for one time offer if I went to Walmart or Walgreens to get $200 gift card and call them back when I had that available. Stated I was eligible for $8000 grant for college and did not have to pay it back to the government. Man spoke little English and could not understand his name. I asked for the business name and he stated he worked for a government organization owned by the government in human services for grants and treasury department. I thought he said his name was Jason; however, he barely spoke English, so I am certain this is a scam.

Victim Location 16847
Type of a scam Government Grant

I just recived a call at 6:00 p.m. on 1/17/2017 from a man who said I was picked by goverment for a grant of 9,000.00 for being a good person all I have to do is call 206-212-1934 so I called Cindy Willson told me to go to Dollar General Store and buy a ItuneCard for 300.00 and I have to stay on line with her and I will recive 9300.00 in a grant and will not have to pay it back claim # is CL1078 and any one can use this # so I am not to give it out lol I told her I do not have money tonight Will have it at 3:00 p.m. on 1/18/17 lol I am to call her back then

Victim Location 34609
Type of a scam Government Grant

Called me on my phone saying that I have good credit and have no bankruptcy and I was awarded a grant. They said it was free money and I could do anything I want with it and I didn't have to pay it back. They gave me a 206 number that I called and they put me on hold and I hung up after 2 minutes. I had a special number for them to know who I am, it was mk476. I decided not do this because I knew it was not on the up and up. I was called today on 1-12-17 and really listened to them. I called the local news and they said they are out there and they do do this.

Victim Location 71052
Type of a scam Government Grant

Called it give me a 9000.00 grant not to be paid back but i had to get 250.00 itunes card and call back to get address to mail it to per Frank M***.

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