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Government Grant

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Government Grant Reports & Reviews (633)

- Universal City, TX, USA • Feb 05, 2024

A friend sent me an instant Messager asking me about this NSF program. And how I can benefit from this program. Because she benefited and she said it wasn't a loan. She had an Agent Michael Donald contact me., who was supposed to work for NSF program - National Science Foundation. She said she got a grant for $150,000. All I needed to do was send him the information he needed to verify if I was eligible. Information he asked for was: name, address, age, occupation, email, phone, M/F?, monthly income, zip code, phone carrier and if you own or rent a house. After he acknowledged he received this information, I realized this was a scam - I immediately blocked his messages and the friend's hacked facebook page.

- Monett, MO, USA • Jan 21, 2024

A friend that hasnt talked to me in years messaged me( on facebook messenger) out of the blue about being on a winners list for grant money. Told me to go to the link she sent. That it was a really good oppertunity. They were going to fedex 50,000 to me. Even sent a pic of a woman putting money in a box. Finaly he to got the pay out of thw scam and asked a $500 gift card to send to them for fees and such. Even told me to calm down when i started pointing out some of the flaws and asked for proof of it being legit. That they "are not trying to make people _saw_(thats how he spelled it) but trying to make people smile." His profile only had 10 follows and likes. And there was another profile pretty much the same and that one had more than 10 k followers and likes. One had very little , the other had lots of posts and comments and picture. The fake one was the one the link sent me to. The messages from the friend didnt aound right either. Not howshe usually talks.

- Jackson, MO, USA • Jan 17, 2024

I called to check on the status of my $100,000 check, I paid the delivery driver to get this check deliver this check.  Then custom security stated that they were having problems with their system.  Then they told me that they could send the check priority mail for $50.00.  So, I all I had was a Visa Gift card and they said that they could use that.  So, when I call now it is saying that the number can not be reached, but my text messages are able to got through.  

- Columbus, OH, USA • Jan 12, 2024

I received an IM from someone I thought I knew. She told me she applied for money and got it. She took a picture of a gift card and sent it to my phone. She gave me a lists of grant money amounts that I could apply for. I wanted teh $100,000. I began paying them with gift cards, and I am out over $1100. I bought the gift cards at CVS. I did not notice a pad at checkout to sign. The clerk did not say anything either. Several times I I scratched off the security numbers and took pictures of the cards and sent them to them. They told me one of their truck drivers had an accident and he needed more money. Now he says I will get it today if I create a bank account online. I tried to create a a bank account online but the bank don't me not to bother as it was a scam. I have never spoken to them, everything is done through IM. One of them is Scott Angel. Two of the Apple cards I bought at the Cleveland and Oakland Park location were no good. The clerk could scan the card, but the card number inside doesn't match the card. I called CVS and was told because the inside card number and package card number don't match the cards aren't any good. I am homeless.

- Menasha, WI, USA • Jan 08, 2024

I thought I had contacted an old friend on Facebook, and while exchanging information she asked if I heard of GAFAmerican. She said that they helped her and if I qualified I could receive some money too. So I followed the link, filled out a questionnaire and was told that I qualified.I could receive the money in a form of a check or cash, which seemed weird to me. I was told I had to pay just for shipping by fed ex via  PayPal or money app or a gift card in the amount of $300. I paid. Later I was told I had to pay IRS the amount of $1500 first for a tax clearance certificate good for 3 years. I was really doubtful by then and started doing some checking. I found out that GAFAmerican doesn’t give money to individuals and does not have an agent named Bryan Smith. I reported this to the police department and blocked Byran from contacting me again.

- Houston, TX, USA • Dec 19, 2023

Naushad Kermally contacted from Instagram and gave me a link Facebook messenger link

to get grants he said he added donations of $100, 000.

He got all my info name, address, date of birth, salary, pictures of driver license front/ back etc.

Then asked to approve grant amount. Gradient Grant Money.

Here Is Your GRANT Detail Claim

Number (FB-225-7736)


BATCH NUMBER (FB-0281/544)

SERIAL NUMBER (99352748-2023)

Here Is The List Of The Amount You Are Qualified For:

You Pay $3000 For $50,000

You Pay $5000 For $100,000

You Pay $7500 For $150,000

You Pay $8000 For $200,000

You Pay $9500 For $300,000

You Pay $11,000 For $400,000

You Pay $12,000 For $500,000

You Pay $14,000 For $600,000

You Pay $15,500 For $700,000

You Pay $18,000 For $800,000

You Pay $20,000 For $900,000

You Pay $30,000 For $1,000,000

Now they continue to keep texting me.

I have screenshots of conversations if needed.

- Warwick, RI, USA • Dec 18, 2023

I was contacted by a woman Debbie flagg Miller on fb. She asked if i heard of the government grants that were being given and said my name was on the list. So i contacted William Barr. Checked it all out. I started sending gift card as payments. I finished paying him. He stated he was in Rhode Island for a week. So after i pd. Him off he was a half hour from my house and contacted me he was pulled over by customs and I need $1000. To get my package out. So i asked him to show me receipt of it. He stated they didn't give him one. But sent me a picture of him inside customs. I didn't believe him because he couldn't produce any paperwork. A month goes by and i started hearing that hes real. Hes been on the news he even showed me an idea. So i started watching videos and believing this was all real and true. Well last week on December 15th a received a check in the mail for $9500. . I asked him if it was from him and he persisted i go put it in the atm right then and there. I told him i would go to teller in am and he was more and more persistent. No teller. Atm only.. so my bf called the bank it came from only to find out it was a fraud check. I was told to send it back to bank. I made report with Ag's office and i had been to make report at warwick police station in September and will be going back to proceed with pictures of fraud check. The police department has never even bothered with this report in September but AG office told me to. Ive reported him on fb as well.

- Taunton, MA, USA • Dec 15, 2023

Had to get 4 Apple Gift Cards, and use a Bitcoin Machine

- Springfield, MO, USA • Dec 05, 2023

Someone I know said they received money from this company and received money and it was supposed to be apart of a grant program. I received a link through Messenger and reached out to the company. They followed up with me and asked me if I've ever applied for a grant. He walked me through the steps of filling it out on my phone. He asked for my phone number, my address, my name and my birth date. I asked for $30,000 in the grant. He said I would be approved for the grant. He also sent pictures of him putting money inside a box as they parked in front of Chase bank, and also putting the money inside of a FedEx truck. He asked me to purchase a visa gift card for $500 to pay for shipping and handling. I purchased the gift card and shared the information on a card through a picture. The next day he texted me and said I would get the money would be delivered in a few hours to my home. A few hours went by and I didn't receive the money. He then sent me a picture of the FedEx truck being stopped by the police. He also said I had to pay $1,0000 in taxes to the IRS. At this point I realized it was a scam and told him I didn't have that money to pay. I stopped answering texts from him and turned notifications off in Messenger.

- Taunton, MA, USA • Dec 03, 2023

Facebook Government Housing Grant, Told me to send Identification, Address, Spent money on Gift Cards, Put money into a Bitcoin ATM Machine, Winthrop Street Taunton Ma 02780, Machine took my $800.00 Cash all $20's in Bills, How can I get my money back

- Chicago, IL, USA • Dec 01, 2023

The website looks legitimate, as it is from the USPS, however, when clicking on the email notification to check the status of delivery, it is invaild.

- Mc Caskill, AR, USA • Nov 27, 2023

Each time they were to deliver the grant money, they asked me to send more gift cards. I finally just stopped sending gift cards to them and never received anything. This went on for several weeks. I should have known it was a scam from the start.

- Zanesville, OH, USA • Nov 25, 2023

I was contacted using messenger on Facebook. Scammer ask for fees to be paid with Apple or Steam gift cards. Each time grant money was to be delivered by FedEx, he would ask for more money for more fees. 

- Palm Bay, FL, USA • Nov 15, 2023

I was contacted on Facebook by someone I trusted as a friend. I was asked to buy gift cards (2500 dollars worth) for processing to receive 130,000 dollars grant not to be repaid. Instead of gc I sent personal check to an agent. Then after 2500 dollars, demands for more money to unlock code to receive grant. At this point, I said ENOUGH. I lost total of 5000 dollars.

• Nov 13, 2023

My husband was being scammed out of a $500 apple gift card, in exchange for a fedex package with $50,000 cash. The scammer used the name Agent James Moore. The scammer sent him a video of a makeshift fedex office with a package with my husband's name on the box. He said it was a free government grant, not to tell anyone until he received the money. He also posed as a friend on my husbands Facebook saying she was a recipient and that it was true and she sent her gift card and the $50,000. James told my husband to send him a copy of the receipt of the apple gift card and he would overnight the $50,000. He said only a gift card, as they didn't want to deal with a bank, as they are busy.

- Pella, IA, USA • Nov 13, 2023

Want to know if this is real or not.websites are. Benifits coverage .org. orthe benifits plan .com.

- Memphis, TN, USA • Nov 11, 2023

She contacted me on Facebook and said I could be able to get a grant for 50,000, as soon as I pay the $100 I would get the grant in an hour, I was curious but still listened. I did send the money to the cash app but for some reason it went to wrong person she tried to get me to send another $100 I told her I did not have it, I tried to get my money refunded but of course they never di

- Lancaster, OH, USA • Nov 07, 2023

I got a message from my "ex-sister-in-law" saying she had good news. She said she got $150,000.00 from the Lions Club International Foundation Program. She said my name was on the list too. I asked what she was going to do with the money, and she replied that she has plans. She gave me a link to contact Rick. But I'm not very good online. She keeps pressuring me to get hold of these people. She says it's legit. She said the money was delivered to her doorstep.

- Columbus, OH, USA • Nov 04, 2023

Marvin Green messaged me and asked if I knew I had won some money. He told me to contact Agent Eric James keeps messaging me. He asked for my name to see if I was on a list. Then at 4am, he told me I was on the winners list and I am eligible for a government grant of $250,000. asked for $1,000. These are some of the reasons you should pay the tax clearance and delivery fee because it exempts you from paying tax when you get the money. I told him I could not pay him. Then he asked how much I could pay. He said everything is backed up by the CIA. He said he's been working for 27 years and to comply with my words He said he is a Christian man who is just doing his job, he would never scam me. He said Fedex would deliver the money to me. He kept asking me if I was ready to pay the money now. Then Marvin Green comes back and keeps asking if I have talked to him yet. and whether I have gotten my money yet. He said the cash is real and he paid off his home. He said he was shocked when Fedex knocked on his door. He said he hates scams, and the bank told him the cash was real. He keeps asking if I got the money yet and "This not a hoax" He makes lots of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, no way does he work for the government.

- Dayton, OH, USA • Oct 24, 2023

Received correspondence from Agent Tillerson. Claiming that the consumer can received $20 million if they sent in $5000 in order to receive it.

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