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Government Grant

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Government Grant Reports & Reviews (642)

• Aug 02, 2023

Ok I was referred by a family member Cindy *******( Cindy Muick/ to what was supposed to be a grant for the elderly. I should have know but wasn't expecting the sudden urge to purchase gift cards in the amt of 1000 dollars. Then my grant of 100000 would be delivered by FedEx within 24 hrs. When I sent them copies of the gift card they contacted me by messenger ( mind you she had changed her FB profile) and wasn't able to reach her. The family member who told me to search her on the new profile assured me she would answer me. profile.php?I'd=1000952491796808mibextid=LQQJ4d

- Memphis, TN, USA • Jul 28, 2023

A friend of mine recommended me to this guy Bernard Stevens to me on Facebook. I trusted my friend and he told me as a senior I would be eligible for a united way grant. I received Bernard info and I became skeptical when he told me that in order for me to get the grant money I would need to pay money. I decided to call my local and was told it was a scam.

• Jul 19, 2023

The scammer used the name and account of my old friend on messenger in facebook. Said she had gotten large amount of money from the government. Said she had gotten it delivered by Federal Express. She gave me a name to contact through messenger: Andrew Santors. Page show a picture of the man with a United States flag behind him.

He explained that it was a government program. He sent me a list of amounts I could choose from to give the delivery man and depending on the amount I gave I would get a certain amount in the package. For example, If I gave 750.00 I would get 55,000.

I told him I was not interested. He put my friend on messenger encourange me to go ahead and do it. To not miss the chance, that she had gotten a lot of money. At this, her English became very poor. I could tell it was not her writing.

I kept saying no. He offered to send money to my favorite charities. I stopped communicating.

I have saved most of the communication and pictures in his website on my phone.

I haven't talked to my friend, but I will.

Before this friend, another one had contacted me but the contact information was not good enough for me to be able to make contact.

• Jul 16, 2023

stated that if I send them a fully refundable deposit of $1500.00 the will give me $160,000.00 grant . delivered to my door. saying that it will not affect my SS benifits. I"m sure the bank will not cash the check. if It's legit, I'm all in for it. I'm a widow age 73. I need help and advice. Thank you

• Jul 13, 2023

They apparently offered a grant for emergency funds and was "approved" for $5,550. But had to go through a process screening to claim funds for a deposit. But its has been 3 weeks already and no payments. The organization is called Life in Research and Development. The main legit charity group is from Michigan, but this charity that I am conversing with is from Camarillo, CA.

• Jul 12, 2023

The scam was from small business association, grant money. I pay the amont they asked for by a agent i would get 350,000.00 for 1,500 dollars

• Jul 10, 2023

I mistakenly gave my full name and my email address, he asked for my internet provider the ID and password, but I said I didn't have one. The scammer message me back after I gave him my information and he claim that I was approved for the grant but didn't tell me how much. Then he told me I needed to send him 1,000 for the shipping fees, I told him I didn't have it right then so he kept asking other questions like, do I have PayPal. Then he kept asking if I could pay with a Apple card and to purchase one and take a picture of it and send that. He kept pressing on and on how I could send him the money and he needed it right then, and said the grant will expire in 2 days and it would go to a charity. I really got suspicious and stopped answering his questions, this happened on Saturday July 8, 2023. After I said no, I was sorry I couldn't do it, he asked for just 50.00 now and pay on the balance. He messaged me again on Sunday and I wouldn't answer back.

• Jul 06, 2023

I am receiving texts from Paul Stephen offering me a government grant. He said I could pay $250 and he would pay $250, so that I could get a $5000 grant. He wants me to go to the store and buy an Apple card and give him the code off the back of the card. He told me to text him when I get the card.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA • Jun 30, 2023

This guy sent something through Facebook Messenger, My winning money will be delivered to me by 10am today.  He wanted a picture ID of mine that was clear so they could attach it to a certificate.  I warned him if I could contact the on him.  He tells me that this is not a scam and that he is a Christian.  He instructed me to send $500.00 I would get $50,000.  I know this to be a scam.

- Columbus, OH, USA • Jun 28, 2023

My niece reached out to me through Facebook. She said she received a grant, she told me to contact Daniel Seale with DGHHS. He wants me to pay $3000 for a $150,000 grant from DHHS. We communicate thru messenger. I am getting messages from my niece and him. I told him that I would have to verify that she is legitimate. He is pushing me. At one time he was contacting me in all caps. I told him not to contact me in all caps, but to use proper case. I know all caps is screaming. He initially sent me an online application, which I couldn't complete. So he asked me the questions one by one and I answered them. He gave me a winning ticket number. He asked me to keep it secret until my claim was processed. he keeps saying" Do you understand?" He gave me some ID.

- Dorchester, MA, USA • Jun 23, 2023

Charles Kendig, lawyer, representing health and human services. Someone I thought I knew recommended I get in touch with this person, who got her 100,000 dollars from a program that helps people financially. I texted this person at 1am and he says I need to fill out forms, so he can get the money to me at my home address. I said I would get back to him this afternoon. Luckily, I came to my senses this morning.

• Jun 21, 2023

Was contacted through friends messenger account to apply for grant and couldn’t find any information about the program

- Robeline, LA, USA • Jun 15, 2023

Received a DM from Facebook messenger friend Pam **** ******* to contact Craig **** about a SBA grant up to $500,000 for $5,500 in prepaid cards. Went on SBA and Facebook to look for grants then gave them copy of drivers license, and address and they know I draw social security. SBA needs to protect that website.

- Ponca City, OK, USA • Jun 15, 2023

Suppose to be a grant for people who need financial help .you pay so much to get so much. .i paid 300 to get 5000 then came back 200 to fedex for delivery. Then truck and money stolen had to pay another 100 then came back said 150 to fed ex for delivery. Still no grant and paid no more. Now they are saying 50 instead of 150 then my grant will be delivered. Mainly messages came thru messenger and i paid with a google play card this has been going on for almost a month. I quit talking to her tired of lies and promises with no grant I think her name is a lie also. She goes by CLAIRE D CRONIN SHE SAYS SHE WORKS WITH THE GOVERNMENT. I DOUT I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE SCAMMED BY HER

- Appleton, WI, USA • Jun 13, 2023

In facebook messenger, I got a message (supposedly) from my Aunt. She asked if I heard about CSBG? I said no, as I never heard of it. "She" then sent me a link to apply. It was great for her. I started to give info about myself and my husband, but then he wanted money to pay for delivery fees, etc. I was told I would be sent a big amount of money for community service help. I told him no thanks. I checked with my aunt and my aunt never sent anything!! She doesn't know how this happened.

- Goose Creek, SC, USA • Jun 10, 2023


- Amherst, VA, USA • Jun 07, 2023

they hacked a friend of mine and sent me a web site for the grant. they now have my full name ,date of birth , email address, phone number, address ans salary. They said my name was on a list for a grant and needed this info for me to recieve this grant.

- Fergus Falls, MN, USA • Jun 06, 2023

Standing he was a government organization for grant. That I need to send him money card over the phone. So I can get my grant money sent to me. Telling me not to say anything about this or people will get there throat cut. I sounds like it wasn't real but he convinced me. I sent him the money then said I need to send more money. Hope you can get to the bottom of this guy. Say is name is Ronald Corner works for the government

- Oshkosh, WI, USA • Jun 06, 2023

A message from my aunt I recently spoke to messaged me from a new account referring me to an agent for a NCG grant. It was an impersonator of impersonator of NCG Agent Debra G. Wymet that contacted me through Facebook Marketplace. I was a lucky winner of $200,000.00. I was only expected to get a gift card for $1000 to pay them so I could receive my funds. I believe they then planned to use the activation code on the back to claim the money

- Reynoldsburg, OH, USA • Jun 05, 2023

A person claiming to be a very good friend of mine on Facebook, via messenger, told me about a grant he received, saying I was eligible. He told me to give these people $500 as I was eligible for a $90,000 Urban Grant. Of course I didn’t give them any information, but my name, address and phone number are on the internet. My friend asked me if I had received any grant information from the the federal government. He was sure I would be able to receive this money. They asked for name, address, phone number, and a few more dumb things stating they were going to send all this information to the government. Of course you know the government already has my information. He said if I sent them $500 I would get $90,000. They asked for my full name which they already had via Facebook, my address, phone number, and how much money I made. When I told them this was a scam they became very angry. He said just to send the money and everything would be taken care of and he would send me information in the mail via Fed ex to sign papers to get the money. I blocked them both. I just want to make it known to everybody that the federal government will not ask you for money. They were very belligerent in the end when I kept asking them about scamming, I feel bad that I honestly thought this was my friend talking to me before I realized it was a scam.

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