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Government Grant

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Government Grant Reports & Reviews (642)

I was contacted on facebook Messenger from, who I thought was my friend. We sent messages back and fourth and then she asked me if I had received any money from the family grant fund. She told me had . I asked what type of grant. She said it was a government grant to help pay bills and to help retirees. I asked if she needed to apply for this. She said yes and sent me a link to Agent John. So like a fool, I contacted him. He sent me an application requiring my name, address, mother's name, birthdate, place of birth, email, and monthy income. Like a fool I filled it out and sent it back. He then asked for $1,000 to cover the cost of taxes, delivery fees, etc. By this time I was messaging who I though was my friend asking my friend questions but it was really the scammer.

Do not answer any messages from a friend telling you about a family grant from the government or from an Agent John.

The scammer has my personal informatiion but luckly I didn't give out any bank account information.

- Pierce City, MO, USA

Have got several Robo calls all different numbers ************ ************ the last left a voicemail message saying something about deposting money into my account press 1 which I never. The number was **** ********

- Cleveland, OH, USA

A man has called me claiming I am eligible for a $9,000 grant but I first need to pay $200. He instructed me to buy eBay cards in denominations of $25 and/or $100 and then call him back afterwards. I called instead.

- Long Beach, CA, USA

The person pretends to be your friend off of there instagram page. And if you trust your friends and know they dont do nothing bad. Your going to take there word they did this and got this type of money back. So I did because that person knew stuff about me and my friend no one else did so I really thought I was talking to my friend. But low and behold it wasn't her. The person took me for $1,000. Thinking I'm able to get this money to help get a house for my Autistic boys in these trying days. And this happens. People taking advantage of people like me that needs the help or trying to get ahead. It's sad there's people out there like this. Pleas try and catch these people so we all can get justice.

i was approached on Facebook from deanna gentle...she said she got grant and i can get im so stupid to fall for this i sent full name address.. genter of birth.. marital status.. cell i have credit card do i own or rent..whats my income.. how i prefered to get paid cash or check...please god tell me this isnt going to get me in trouble and i got scammed..he said i would get contacted by email to be sure im a human and that address is [email protected] was his email address and his number is 512-360-8658..please contact me on if i got scammed or not

I got a call yesterday from a man calling himself Michael. He had an accent. He said he was offering me a $9000 government grant. He told me to get an electonic card for $200. He suggested a Google Play card or an eBay card. He said I would not lose anything because the grant would then be $9,200. He said in order for the grant money to be released from Money Gram through their office in New York, he needed $200. He said they were choosing people at random who had no criminal records. I drove to Walmart, and he was on the phone with me. I told him I don't have $200 to buy the Google Playcard. He was trying to talk over me, he said he would be on the phone with me during the whole transaction. He kept saying I needed to buy the card. I said I have 3 kids, barely making it, I can't buy a card for $200. I told him the most I could spend on a card was $50, and that wouldnt be till Friday.

- Amarillo, TX, USA

A person left a message on my cell phone telling me they could help me take care of my student loans. They could make sure they got paid. I am 70 years old and have never had a student loan. I was to call back 844-765-1459. I did not call them back. Several other elderly in my community have gotten the call too. At least once a day. I reported this to the BBB.

I received a call from someone with a male voice claiming to be from the Government and said I had qualified for a $18K Government Grant. Then that person put me on hold and the next person came to the phone and said I just needed to give them a deposit before they could send my check. I hung up on them, thought it was fishy and called the BBB. They confirmed it was a scam. I didn't loose any money.

- Sandusky, OH, USA

(Entered by Cleveland, Ohio staff, LST, on 08/18/20.)


I received an instant message (via Messenger) saying I could get $4500 free grant money - if I first paid $800. The message included reference to an attorney, Kathy Lewis, and mentioned going to Walmart to purchase GreenDot money cards. The message appeared to come from a friend (not named Kathy Lewis). Fortunately, I called my friend and they had no idea what I was talking about.

I answered a call on my cell phone. Caller stated a got a $1000 government grant for Covid 19 and being unemployed. I also am getting the grant for being a loyal citizen to the government. Callers name was Nathan Williams. He did not mention paying for the grant. He asked for my zip code and age. The phone number in my caller ID was 430-545-8537. He gave me phone number to call back 202-743-5428. I did not call the number back.

- Columbus, OH, USA

Everything is through FB. Brenda Ann Phillips contacted me through IM, offering me a $9000 grant. She told me to buy a $100 gift card from Walmart. Then they would put the grant money on the card.

The name of this person is John Newton and he asked for 800 dollars into 100 a piece Walmart cards for 25,000 phone number is 501-904-9671 he trying to get another 2500 hundred from me today after he told me yesterday my money would be here since 9am this morning

A friend received a text message through messenger on how to apply for government grant money. How she received grant money to help with her financial needs. A website was sent with the grant information and a person of contact name and phone number. A call was made and a message was left. Shortly a text message was received on the phone with the government grant website. Went into website and only basic information was asked. Shortly after that a text message was received that application was received. Next day received a text message stating application had been approved for a grant. Grant money options were given to chose from. At that point the grant person was asking for a claim and processing fee to be paid before grant can be processed. Then grant money would be received within 48 hours.

For example if you asked to receive $30,000,00 in grant money you would need to pay $500.00 up front. Questions were asked to the grant site as to what the upfront money covered. According to the grant site person was to pay for taxes up front and to cover claim fee. A question was asked to grant site as to why was only $500.00 needed to be paid to receive )30,000.00 if taxes on that amount would be about $4,000.00+. Grant site replied and said that they work with the IRS and if claim fee is paid they have a % which is reduced value other than paying it yourself. They protect the welfare of the citizens of America. At that point text messages have been received from the grant site to try to finalize the process for the grant.

- Columbus, GA, USA

I have been contacted several times on Facebook through my contacts list by people who’ve had their profile picture hijacked.

The perpetrators are trying to get you to commit to a “federal grant” called the “ home care and family support grant”.

I’ve researched the grant and it (doesn’t exist) on web site.

Cave’at Emptor.

Link was sent to me by a friend in messanger

- Olympia, WA, USA

Suspected Scam.

Please see the screenshot of the email I received. I did not click on the "Confirm your eligibility" link in the email.

I did a Google search for the address included at the bottom of the email (113 Cherry St, Seattle, WA, 98104). It is listed as a virtual address and virtual office. I did a Google search for, and nothing was displayed in the results list. This looks like a scam, but I cannot fully determine this.

- Collinsville, IL, USA

I was just contacted by an old friend on Facebook Messenger who was informing me about a grant called the EESA Grant. She told me that I could qualify but I'd have to pay 1% of what they sent me. I knew this wasn't her, so I looked up on here to see what this was and found out that not only did her page get hacked, but I was being scammed

- Kansas City, MO, USA

i was told i was approve for a 9,950 grant. i was told to send 3 separate $100, google play gift cards.

i sent the i purchased cards and gave the man mike johnson, extention 109 the information to take registration fees. when that transaction was complete he told me i would need to send another $300 to activate the transaction numbers, at that time i told him i wanted, to stop the process, and he told me i would have to send another $300 to cancel the 3 transaction. he refused to send me my money back and i was not allowed to speak to anyone else. i was unaware of this being a scam until he continued to ask me for more money. i felt uneasy and demamnded my money back numerous times without success.

I got a phone call claiming that my name had been selected to a $9,000 federal money that didn't have to be repaid at all. Took as much information as I was curious and wondering why I had that money from the government. They had asked me if I wanted the money directly deposited or as a money order. I told them a money order and I then had to pick it up it was waiting for me. But once I got there and realized that they had to get $200.00 for the card at Walgreens I then realized it was a scam and called the police and then contacted the BBB. The callers was definitely not from America.

- Baltimore, MD, USA

I have been getting messages from my Neice via Messenger. She told me about the grant money and how you have to pay a fee for up to $20,000.00. Some fees are as high as $1,500.00. I started getting suspicous when the gentleman told me to go to Walmart and get a Steam card and don't tell anyone why I was getting it. Then in his text messages it just seemed a bit suspicous. He told me I was approved and gave me a Account number, Batch number. Via messenger I asked my neice to call me and she kept giving me the run around, which is not like her. Then there was some things that was being said that didn't make sense. People do your research, double check anything that ask you for money up front. It's a sad world, people don't have anything better to do then SCAM other people.

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