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Government Grant

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Government Grant Reports & Reviews (643)

- Reynoldsburg, OH, USA • Jun 05, 2023

A person claiming to be a very good friend of mine on Facebook, via messenger, told me about a grant he received, saying I was eligible. He told me to give these people $500 as I was eligible for a $90,000 Urban Grant. Of course I didn’t give them any information, but my name, address and phone number are on the internet. My friend asked me if I had received any grant information from the the federal government. He was sure I would be able to receive this money. They asked for name, address, phone number, and a few more dumb things stating they were going to send all this information to the government. Of course you know the government already has my information. He said if I sent them $500 I would get $90,000. They asked for my full name which they already had via Facebook, my address, phone number, and how much money I made. When I told them this was a scam they became very angry. He said just to send the money and everything would be taken care of and he would send me information in the mail via Fed ex to sign papers to get the money. I blocked them both. I just want to make it known to everybody that the federal government will not ask you for money. They were very belligerent in the end when I kept asking them about scamming, I feel bad that I honestly thought this was my friend talking to me before I realized it was a scam.

- Saint Clair Shores, MI, USA • May 31, 2023

They offered my husband and I a government grant. Ex: If you applied with $500 you would get $25,000 delivered. You had to send them a list of details of your personal information. Name, address, phone number etc. AND a picture of yourself which was on of course our drivers license. So they have that information too.

They asked for the monies to be sent to them one of three ways, PayPal, Cashapp, And all types of Valid Gift Cards. If you went through PayPal like I did, you had to send it a certain way of payment type or they WERE NOT happy. The payment went through for one of our requests but PayPal put a hold on the other one. Thank you PayPal.

- Moorhead, MN, USA • May 25, 2023

One of my previous colleagues who has retired 4 years ago, texted me via Facebook, asked how am I doing, blah, blah. Then asked me if I heard about DHHS program, said she received $100,000 and I could, too. She referred me to “AGENT Dean Philips” from facebook. I searched “DHHS” in BBB, and confirmed this is a scam.

- Kennebunkport, ME, USA • May 20, 2023

I was hit up by a friend through Facebook about a grant called the SSA grant that is for anyone that can get a half a million dollars that I had to hit up an agent about the grant and when I spoke to a few friends about it they said scam.

- Newberry, SC, USA • May 18, 2023

Grant and Make payments for taxes and other fees.

- Ogden, UT, USA • May 17, 2023

My uncle told me about the PCG Federal Grant program. The agent's name was Agent Mary Smith. When I had some people that I work with contact through the same web address, they had a different Agent Mary Smith contact them.

- Hortense, GA, USA • May 16, 2023

I received a message from a cousin in MI, I live in GA, D**** **** asking me if I received my GGF package. I asked her what she was talking about. She said she receive $250k by Fed X a grant she didn't have to pay back. She said my name was mentioned. She sent me a link so I checked it out. I was told to purchase a $500 Apple Gift Card to send to them. I only had $400 so was told to go with that to get things started. So sent them $400 and said would send other $100 in a few days. I called Doris on the phone. She said she didn't send that to me. She was hacked on Face Book. Sending copies what they sent me and what I sent them. I have pictures of the card and receipt sent to them. Thank you for your service.

WARNING: There has been a scam going around on Facebook where accounts have been approaching individuals as “agents” of Global Greengrants Fund saying they can provide funding. These accounts are NOT in any way affiliated with Global Greengrants Fund, and they should be ignored and reported. As a reminder, we are an environmental and human rights nonprofit that gives small grants to activists recommended to us by a network of expert advisors. We are NOT a financial assistance program for individuals. Please remember to not give your personal or bank information to any solicitor on Facebook. If you are a victim to one of these scams, please notify the police and/or the FBI.

- O Fallon, MO, USA • May 16, 2023

On 4/14/23 I was told by someone I know that they saw my name on a list to receive a governmental grant. I was told to  Google chat and type to find out about the grant and I was asked to provide personally identifiable information. I provided my full name, address, telephone number, email address, disability status, and monthly income. I was given several options to pay a certain amount up front using a stream wallet gift card and receive money by check or cash. I chose the option to pay $2500 up front to receive the $50,000. I told them I would not have the money until next month and was told they would contact me everyday until I provided the money upfront. I was told they would deliver the money to my door within 24 hours once I paid. I was also told not to tell anyone.

- Sacramento, CA, USA • May 16, 2023

I was on facebook and thought my realtive contacted me on messenger and offer my an opportunity of life time to recieved 500000 dollars if I sent them money. Then another guy that goes by Ken Rechie got on and took over for my relative which whis account was hacked. Got me going and thought I was going to get the money but he kept on asking for more and more until my son and daughters stop me from doing it. They helped me to understand that I was scamed by calling my relative instead of messageing him. I lost alot of money.

- Danvers, MA, USA • May 15, 2023

The CNCS I think is using duplicated Facebook accounts to scam people into believing that they can get money just like your long lost friend did but it’s not really them it’s just a scam artist claiming to be them when you get approved large amount of money then they ask you to send $800. For delivery and $640. For security purposes don’t believe it nothing for nothing on line when they asked for money I didn’t feel right about it so I did some investigation on my own and I saw some shady fees being asked for


- Stowe, VT, USA • May 05, 2023

Person reached out from a friend via chat and stated she received a CSBG grant. I told her no. Yesterday I was recoveryi g from surgery and reached out. The person has the front / back of my drivers license, along with address. The said I was qualified for financial assistance. Then they send me a message that I have to given them $5,500 to release the funds. There site is on Facebook

- Worcester, MA, USA • May 03, 2023

Person texted claiming to be their cousin stated that they would send me $100,000 if I sent them $600. Claimed they were sending me a grant from the community foundation grant. Keeps calling me daily and texting me pictures of a fed-ex box and a picture of a grant. A man stating he is a government worker and they will fed-ex me $100,000 only if I send $600

- Mount Vernon, IL, USA • May 02, 2023


My name and phone number was chosen at random, I am one of 1,700 chosen to receive a free Grant of $9,000 that I don't have to pay back and can use it to pay off credit card debts, medical bills or similar things.
I was given an activation code number WO407 and to call the following number 1-202-930-3428..

- Doniphan, MO, USA

My girlfriend's Facebook account was hacked, but I didn't realize it. I received a message on Facebook messenger that provided a link that said it was governmental grant that I could receive. When I clicked on the link it asked me to provide personally identifiable information, including my bank account information. My bank contacted me and let me know there were fraudulent charges appearing on my account from The first was $10.99 , the second $32.95, and the third $15.19.

- Lincoln, AL, USA

I was told that I was on a list of winners and I was to contact him by using a link that he provided and I got skeptical when the link didn’t work and I went to messenger to contact him and I didn’t think he was being truthful about the so called government grant he was trying to get me to believe it was legit and told me I was approved for a grant and when he sent me the information I was told I had to 500 for 30000 and he asked if I had cash app pay pal or Zelle and I didn’t have anyone of them and he wanted me to get to a store and purchase steam for 100 and make sure I get receipt and to take a picture of the front and back of the cards and to scratch the back of the card and then I asked him if he was scamming me out of my hard earned money and then he told me to be patient and I believe I was very patient with him and when he asked me when I was going to the store and I told him not until daylight and he told me goodbye so no I didn’t lose my money I just want everyone to know that he is trying to scam you out of your hard earned money also his name is sheldo Silva so please don’t fall for his scam

- Columbus, OH, USA

I got an instant message from my sister's Facebook. She said she got a grant from the Worker's Federation. She said to text Nancy Smith. I did. She said I was eligible for a government grant which I would not have to pay back. Nancy called me a winner, and told me to buy an Apple Gift Card for $500, and scratch the security number from the back, and send her a picture of it front and back, which I did. I bought the card at Dollar General. Then she said I was eligible for more money and to buy another Apple gift card for $200. I returned to Dollar General, and bought the second card. I took pictures of the card front and back, but heard nothing from her. Then she said there was no money on either card. I was freaking out. She told me if I couldn't take a picture and send it I could email it to [email protected] or [email protected]. She got mad and asked why I was sending her pictures of cards with no money on them. Then she sent me a picture of my house and asked if that is where I lived. She said a FedEx driver would be delivering the money to my door. My "sister" told me Nancy is a saint. My "sister" said she had a busted eardrum and her doctor didn't want her talking to people so I couldn't talk to her. I was messaging my sister, and Nancy and Angela at the same time and they were all telling me the same thing, that the cards weren't activated or the store made a mistake. My aid called Apple and they said they would transfer the money from the card to my Apple account if there is any money left on the card. I told her I was calling Better Business Bureau. I'm on disability and now I have to borrow money from other people to pay my rent.

- Columbus, OH, USA

I got a text from a friend on messenger, I don't believe it was her. The text reads: "The US Small Business Administration is an independent federal agency that works to assist and protect the interest of American small businesses. We administer our programs through district offices throughout the United States and provide additional services through a network of resource partners. All SBA programs and services are extended to the public on a non-discriminatory basis." Then it lists Relief Payments amounts from $2,000 - $12,000, with fees ranging from $100 - $2000. It goes on to say: "Note 1: This program don't require co-signers, it's designed to help less privilege as palliative measure to cushion effect of covid-19 during this lockdown. Note 2:   Applicant can receive payment through Cashapp, Paypal or Walmart to Walmart." It's signed by a Director and a Relief Payment Coordinator. And my "friend" texted "choose from the list".

- The Villages, FL, USA

I wanted to travel to Canyon de Chelly National Park in Arizona.

I goggled Canyon de Chelly and the first item that came up was "" and it mentioned lodging reservations. I navigated through and could only request a reservation. The only places shown was a Thunderbird Lodge and a Best Western; I selected the Best western. The next day I received a call to confirm my reservation. The lady said it would cost more than the Best Western was showing. I hesitated, but made the reservation anyway.

Then I started thinking about the whole system afterward, and the next day, and how I was deceived by their reservation system with their shady dealings.

1. The business name is National Park Reservations. Their website looks official and leads you to believe they are the official National Parks system.

2. There was no National Park Lodges like their website leads you to believe. They are motels.

3. They don't give you the reservation on-line, but call you the next day pressuring you to make the reservation and charging 10% for a deposit that is non-refundable.

4. They charge a great deal more for the reservation, which was about $150/day. I later called the same Best Western hotel and got a quote of $105/day for the same days.

5. I called them the following day or two and said I was tricked by their whole system, and that I wanted my money back. I said that they deceived me, took advantage of me, and probably take advantage of other old people like me. They just kept saying 'did you read the terms, did you accept the terms'. They kept saying that over and over, not caring about my position. They wouldn't let me talk to a supervisor at first, but finally relented. The supervisor called me the next day and had the same schtick, 'did you read the terms, did you accept the terms' 'did you read the terms, did you accept the terms ''did you read the terms, did you accept the terms'. The pressure was unrelenting. They would not refund my deposit.

Their "National Park Reservations" is a scam and needs to be stopped. Stop deceiving people into thinking they are actually the government National Park Service. And stop the pressure techniques. And when confronted with doubt, stop the "gotcha" routine.

He was qualified for a $50,000.00 grant, for his service in the Army. He would have to pay $500.00 for them to do the paperwork. Facebook

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