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Government Grant

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Government Grant Reports & Reviews (503)

Victim Location 29341
Type of a scam Government Grant

US Government Tyant Dept. 164379 Claim number. Sally stated that I needed to go to WalMart and get a West Union and send application fee for 250.00. Call them back when I have done this. Did not do this.

Victim Location 31520
Type of a scam Government Grant

called stated they had over $40,000 to give out in Government grants, told consumer he had name, address and last 4 of social security number and wanted his Driver's license number.

Victim Location 79416
Type of a scam Government Grant

I keep getting a call from 206-472-6003 saying that I have a government grant that does not have to be paid back. I don't believe this and keep telling them I think it is a scam and if it is not for them to mail me the information. They just keep calling back.

Victim Location 97132
Type of a scam Government Grant

A call is received from an 800 number indicating the federal government has selected you for a federal grant.

Victim Location 98647
Type of a scam Government Grant

told me i had been given a government grant because i had a clean record and paid my bills on time. told me to call this number when we hung up #360-795-1128

Victim Location 48092
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Some man Martin Votiur and girl before and said federal government granted me a money and offered me different amount but to get that I need to provide with credit card number or bank account to pay fee

Also they were calling me with unowned number and when I asked the to give me call back number they gave me two different numbers also the know all my personal information

Victim Location 30909
Total money lost $5,000
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a text message saying I had been selected to receive a government grant for $150, 000 with a bonus of $15,000. I have been sending money to them for over a year. I have sent about $5000 during this time but never receiving anything. I gave them my checking account and routing number for them to deposit the funds. They wanted all the information to my account. My online login information for my account as well.

I have sent wire transfers and cashier's check to Nigeria and South Carolina. I finally realized that this wasn't right when they asked me for my income. Boy do I feel like booboo the fool!

Victim Location 31211
Type of a scam Government Grant

They call and call back to back from the same number today the previous time forward from different numbers and all they're saying is that I was chosen to receive a grant or something like that for over $10,000 I was selected because I didn't have visit Texas and somebody survey or something and they ask my address or to have an address to have a name then at the end I asked for the last 4 digits of my social and I just don't understand and I just don't seem correct to me or if it seems suspicious to me also they claim it's tax free and I can use it for it just for paying off I have to use it for non illegal stuff like paying my bills and stuff like that

Victim Location 23503
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Ask if I had checking account... I told them no... then wanted me to get a VIsa Card that they could load money on...

The reason I was eligible for this grant was because I paid my bills on time when I told them I wasn't spending money to get that and also my Husband got on the phone they hung up on me

Victim Location 29625
Type of a scam Government Grant

Officer [email protected] e-mailed and stated if you are currently working part time, widow, disabled, retired, or a tax paying person support grant from the federal government. Home Care and Family Support Grant worth $100,000.00. You can used the grant for anything, buy a new car, etc. do not have to repay money. will give grant in 24 hours. Will have fees to pay if you receive grant.

Victim Location 40505
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

They called my cell phone said I had been chosen to receive $9800.from the government. They gave me a number to call back after I went to Wal-Mart .I was suppose to buy a $ gram.this was just a deposit and I would get it back when I got the $9800.He said the check would be on Federal Reserve bank of New York. After asking for the banks phone number 4times they hung up. But they have called back two days in a roll.And they have my name, address and phone number.

Victim Location 78538
Type of a scam Government Grant

Callers had personal information of mine. They keep calling my phone from different numbers they have a

Accent. They say I was qualified for a goverment grant

Victim Location 16148
Total money lost $555
Type of a scam Government Grant

Customer received a call stating that she was selected to receive a grant for $15,000. she would just need to go to Walgreens and purchase a I-Tunes card for $555. for the taxes and processing fees.

Victim Location 79423
Type of a scam Government Grant

I keep getting calls from 202-365-4596, saying that I have won a Government Grant but must send money in order to get it.

Victim Location 43528
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received phone call (numerous through out the day, same number) stating that my social security number has been flagged and I have been approved for a federal government grant in the amount of $9,000 and all I have to do is confirm my social security number and bank account number and they'll wire transfer it to me. I asked to be taken off their "list". Man with a foreign accent, very hard to understand and it was from a call center with people talking extremely loud in the background. He hung up on me and not even 5 minutes later, I get another call from the same number with the same offer...different guy. I've now blocked their number.

Victim Location 83672
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received 2 separate phone calls from 2 different people both with heavy foreign accents. I was told I was chosen to receive a Federally funded grant for $9000.+

I had difficulty understanding either of them. One told me F--- you and hung up.

Victim Location 72015
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call from a gentleman named Marshall Johnson on my cell phone (which is registered on the do not call list) regarding a free, one-time, government grant in the amount of $5000.00. He gave me my name, address, city/state/zip and email address for me to verify that they had the right person. He then asked my age, if I worked or was self employed or retired, and if I was single/widowed or "happily" married. As I played along, he then gave me an ID number and a phone number (202) 684-8235 to call my transition office, David Arora, who would help me secure my funds in cash today. I was to go to my local Wal-Mart and call the number and get Mr. Arora on the phone who would then walk me through what I needed to do, and Wal-Mart would then give me $5000 in cash that was mine to spend in any way I wanted. Only 1500 people had been chosen as US citizens to take advantage of this grant and as a grant, it would never have to be repaid. Wow!! Hung up and blocked the caller.

Victim Location 05478
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call saying that I was being awarded a Government Grant of $9,000. He said I had to pay $199.00 for a security valture state code. His name was *** ***. He called it the Obama Grant. He had a very heavy foreign accent.

Victim Location 08046
Type of a scam Government Grant

On 9/26/2016, Caller (Simon from tel# (800) 804-8172 spoke either an Asian or India tone while introducing themselves with American names and surnames. Caller explains that I have been chosen out of 1,300 people to receive a government grant of $9,000, but I must call the verification approval office tel# (855) 523-0533 (Martin Freeman) who immediately asked if I would like the grant in cash or direct deposited. Cash means you must go to Walmart to buy a $250.00 gift card to certify and register with the government proving that I am the rightful person receiving the grant. After purchasing the card, I must call them back giving them the number on the card, and they will give me a special code number relevant to my grant.

Victim Location 85282
Type of a scam Government Grant

On Sept. 22 I got a call from +12021258254 and it was a woman and she had told me that I had received a grant for $11,000+ and knew all my information. She then directed me to two numbers to call 13153203021 and 13608245019. I called and they told me I had to go to a grocery store, CVS, or a Walgreens. They said when I get there to purchase some sort of Apple iTunes card and then set up my account. I felt uncomfortable because it sounded fishy so I did not go through with it. I looked it up and it is indeed a scam and they are still going strong. I would like to report this scam and also would like to know how they found out all of my contact information.

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