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Government Grant

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Government Grant Reports & Reviews (503)

Victim Location 44104
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call on my cell phone today. Caller ID showed Seattle WA. Nathan White phone number 206-693-4385 Ext 122. Offer a Federal Government Grant. Once in a lifetime grant for $7000. Activation number AL4371. They wanted me to go to an iTune Store and purchase an iTunes card for $200. I could hear a room full of people talking in the background. Phone Bank. Made me leery . I did not send any money.

Victim Location 99206
Type of a scam Government Grant

Caller explains I was randomly chosen to receive a $9,000 grant from a federal agency in Washington, DC. I needed to make a deposit with Federal Bank of N.Y. at a local Walgreens or WalMart by purchaing a card in the amount of $200.00. Upon receiving that amount the bank would then release $9200 to the "randomly chosen" victim. Or, give them my bank account numbers and they would make a direct deposit to my bank account. They have called on my cell phone under many phone numbers including "Unknown". I have received as many as 6 to 7 calls a day.

Victim Location 44001
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was on Facebook. I received a messenger from someone I thought was my hairdresser. I later contacted her and her Facebook account got hacked. Received a message asking how I was doing. She said check into this Grant offer I got money. $100,000. $2000 upfront fees. I was advised to go thru agent Elizabeth Ann Lewis. i was told to friend her and she will help me. I contacted my bank and sent the funds. I contacted my bank and told them what happened. i explained everything to my bank. I don't have an address or phone number. They gave me an account number to deposit the money. After I sent the money I received one long text message. I think my phone number was on the application. They wanted more money for security etc. I also reported it to the police.

Victim Location 39350
Type of a scam Government Grant

They called and said I received a government grant for 9200 dollars. They called restricted. The call was for paying taxes on time and not getting into any trouble. They gave me the number to call 3152033887 and to follow directions.

Victim Location 44108
Type of a scam Government Grant

I have been receiving calls to my cell phone offering a $9000 Government Grant. Told me to go to different drug stores. Rite Aid Walgreens or Wal Mart. Go to a manager and put $200 a debit or pre paid card.I told them I don't have that kind of money. She asked me if I had a friend or family member that could lend me $200. I told her I didn't. She gave me her name Alana Jasper. 202-780-9623 X 1177. I did not call back. I did not send. My daughter had told me last month this is a scam.

Victim Location 43014
Type of a scam Government Grant

I get multiple calls daily they harass you and want to give you grant money, I have asked them repeatedly not to call me but it continues. All numbers are always restricted. I don't give them the time of day so I don't know all the details but this has to stop!

Victim Location 49017
Type of a scam Government Grant

I got a call about a "Government Grant." The one from yesterday was from a Michigan number (616-765-4666) but claimed to call from Washington. The number that I am reporting is from the Washington area code, in order to make it more legit. Both callers had an Indian accent and claimed to be calling about a $9,000.00 grant that I was awarded for not being in trouble with the law. I let the first one speak to get some information about how they work. I was given a claim number and told to call a second individual (202-670-5421) from the "Senior Accounting Office" who instructed me to go to Walmart and buy an activation card for $100.00 for the Federal Reserve Bank. He said that once I activated the card, the $100.00 would be refunded together with the $9,000.00. A Google search showed that the number is from a VoIP phone, which is a residential phone number connected to a computer. The second guy was very rude and pushy, trying to convince me to go to Walmart. Once I got the information on how they work, I hung up on him and posted it to Facebook so my friends would be aware of the scam and share the information with others.

Victim Location 29640
Type of a scam Government Grant

Been awarded a government grant. Give out 3.6 million dollars a year to low income people. Go to Walgreens and deposit two cards, put $100.00 on each card. After getting cards call the Dept. of Treasure -202-813-0907, Kevin Parker, Manager ext # 1108. ID Number 02546. Address is 1500 Pennsylvania Ave., north Western, Washing DC 20201. I will get 8,000.00 in grants and get my 200.00 I put into the cards back. I did not participate in this scam.

Victim Location 79606
Type of a scam Government Grant

The caller said that I was eligible for grant but I had to send two hundred dollars to get the money.

Victim Location 79606
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was told i am eligible for a government grant but first I have to purchase a two hundred dollar itunes card and send the caller money through western union.

Victim Location 47424
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by phone and was given a call back number 425-245-5109. I was then told to get an Iphone card with $250 on it so they could ativate my grant and I would get the $250 back plus the grant of $7800 plus and extra $1050. That was when a bunch of red flags went up.

Victim Location 72501
Type of a scam Government Grant

Said I qualified for a government grant of $7000. because I paid my bills on time, never filed bankruptcy, and was not a convicted felon. I could choose where to pick up the money, Walmart, Walgreens, they would use western union to send it. The person I was to contact is James Reed at 253-287-3358 contact #LM125. I did not contact.

Victim Location 48033
Type of a scam Phishing

they stated i was selected to receive 5000 dollars and did i want to know why. they ask if i was the person, i said yes. i did not answer when they asked if i wanted to know why i was selected. i said no and that i could not hear them . i hung up. i redialed the number above and it said it was not in service.

Victim Location 01501
Type of a scam Government Grant

They called and said I qualified for a government grant of $9,000 and asked for my bank account number. They also said they could Transfer it to Walmart or Walgreen's. I did not give out my information, I hung up. They did not have a chance to ask me for money.

Victim Location 30025
Type of a scam Government Grant

consumer found ad on facebook and contacted them about advertised grant, which was for $9,000.


Wanted $250 upfront

Victim Location 79414
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a phone call yesterday saying that since I am a student I have been awarded a Government Grant but I must call 202-643-0732, The Federal Government Grant Department and they will tell me how much money I need to send in order to receive my grant. I told them I did not have any money and I hung up.

Victim Location 29609
Type of a scam Government Grant

People that pay their bills on time the government has 17,000 grants that they will send to people. One of 17,000 people that they give to. Call senior financial advisor 206-596-0959 with confirmation FT787. Called it back they hung up on me. Did not ask for money or banking information.

Victim Location 76645
Total money lost $280
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was told by Aaron parker that I would be receive 9,200 dollars from the government stating that

I have no criminal background.

I have paid my taxes on time and that's the reason why I was selected to receive this money. "Parker" said "you can get your money just by using the $30 so I did and he never replied back to me, so sarah Williams stated that I will be getting my money back and that Parker will get in trouble and that i will get my 30 dollars back all I had to do is pay $250,so i did. Williams said that I would get back 9,480 in total and that I wouldn't be paying nothing as I paid the 250 and she suggested that I call and talk to another woman. Christiana White said that the money has been moved to their Bank (Federal Reserve Bank in NYC) and in order for me to receive my money, because I don't have a bank account with them. I will have to pay 750 fee and white will release my money to my banking account. "Now im not too happy". I was telling her that it didn't make any sense that I'm constantly paying,but not receiving anything which White keeps replying that it's not a "scam", but if it's true would the (government at least notified me that I would be receiving this amount of money?) Williams claim the 250 is a tax adorable pay and that in order for them to send it I had to pay that amount so that when it is transferred to my account the government want find me with a tax fee. I didn't realize this was a scam until I bought iTunes cards,but it was already too late. I understand that i want get my money back,but if this can help someone else than so be it.

Victim Location 72032
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a call saying I was randomly chosen to receive a government grant of $9,740. Gave me a conformation code and told me to call another number within 10 minutes to verify my info. I called they asked a few questions. I had trouble understanding them, I started asking them questions which mad them angry then they cursed me and said he would tape my mother and daughter and they hung up on me

Victim Location 29526
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a message from a friend on Messenger (I now believe this was not my real friend but someone posing as my friend. This person could not call me or could not answer some personal information) saying he had just received $60,000 in federal government housing grant money. He gave me a link to an attorney that absolutely looked legit. I then sent a text to this "attorney" *** *** saying I could really use a housing grant as I'm disabled and have a low income. He then asked some questions which unfortunately I answered. Fortunately, he didn't ask for my SSN. He then said he would sent this info to the Federal Grant department for approval. Within 5 minutes I received a text from a different number (703-947-0406) that said "This is agent John from Federal Government free help grant. We have gone through your information. You are eligible to get the grant. Talk to your lawyer. Will let you know the next step". Then the lawyer said "Congratulations". How much money do you want? Then he listed amounts from $40,000 to $200,000. Only catch was I had to pay a fee ($1000 for $9,000 to $2500 for $200,000). He made a point to say the money wasn't for him but for a third party (FedEx to make the delivery). He kept asking how much money I wanted and I questioned if this was a scam. Of course he said absolutely not that this was completely legal. I called the Atty General *** ***l's office listed online and of course they said they do not offer government grants and this was most definitely a scam. I also called the FBI and reported it to them. I worry about my friend because the Messenger messages were not from him so I don't know how they got access to his account (showing his facebook picture when the message arrived). Obviously, I did not fall for this and told them I was reporting them to several agencies.

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