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Government Grant

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Government Grant Reports & Reviews (502)

Victim Location 79423
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a phone call that I had won a government grant in the amount of $9,700 and I needed to go to Walgreens and put $200 on a card and call them back.

Victim Location 95401
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received call 9/22/17 @3:27pm

Scammer left message to call back and claim free grant money you are not required to pay back. Upon calling the scammer back a male answered the line saying his name was Mark from the federal grant department, again he explained I had been selected for a government grant, prior to me mentioning any personal information. I was then placed on hold to be transferred when the call dropped. I tried calling back and was hung up on by a woman.

Victim Location 48127
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Thay is that i was going to give me money because i was a good person to the government because i pay my bills on time

Victim Location 75247
Type of a scam Government Grant

they wanted $250 for a verification fee because the grant was over $7000 and going to a different state

Victim Location 36921
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call saying was from the government. They said I was chosen for a grant of 9000.00 that I did not have to pay back. Thought was very suspicious so I hung up.

Victim Location 95670
Type of a scam Government Grant

They called and said that I qualified for a government grant in the amount of 9,200.00. Only 2 ways of getting it was to give them my checking account information or buying Wal-Mart credit cards.

Victim Location 35801
Type of a scam Government Grant

received a call at work from someone that did not speak good English stating I had been selected by the government for a grant to help with school. She stated I could choose where I wanted to get my money from ( Walmart, Kroger, Western Union). She gave me a confirmation number AR405 and a number to her boss of 202-854-9681. She asked that I not hang up while she got her boss on the phone. I hung up and see called back. Someone in the office picked up and told them I was not available at the time, she cursed the employee and hung up.

Victim Location 25508
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by telephone and this foreign speaking lady told me that the government randomly picks 16 indivuals each year for government grants in the amount of $7900 dollars and that I had been chosen because I had no prior arrests or filed for bankruptcy and for that reason I was to receive a federal grant and how did I want it by check, cashiers check,, or by direct deposit, or by mail and she gave me a code of somekind to validate the federal grant and told me to be sure to give it to the case manager that handles the grant money and she gave me a phone number to the federal grant case manager and it was 360-203-0368 and also the number that she called from was an invalied number and it was 202-147-5555. I didn't follow thru with it because I felt that it sounded to good to be true nobody is going to give you $7900 dollars, they have continued to call and call and I just hang up and refused to answer the call. I didn't receive anything because I didn't go that far, I didn't call that number I was afraid to so I just let it go.

Victim Location 78935
Type of a scam Government Grant

***Scam*** Calling people saying they are from the US federal Grants department. When he asked for me to pay $250 at a Western Union i said, so you want to scam me out or $250 and he said watch your mouth and hung up on me. I called back and told the guy that answered the phone that ya'll are a bunch of scamming Camel jockey's,,,,,he said F-you and hung i get a busy signal when i try and call back...

Victim Location 79603
Type of a scam Government Grant

i have been getting alot of calls all day from this ranging from debt help to federal grants

Victim Location 33513
Type of a scam Government Grant

Call said I was chosen to receive a grant I didn't have pay back I was given an id number and phone number to call before I go western union or Walmart to pick up cash this is number I suppose to call5858000848 didn't bother to call look like a scam

Victim Location 95691
Type of a scam Government Grant

This guy called me stating I am eligible to receive a 907,000.00 dollar grant. I am able to receive this because I have been a good citizen. I told the guy I knew this was a scam and to never call me again.

Victim Location 72712
Type of a scam Government Grant

They keep calling me telling me I have been chossen to receive a grant that I never need pay back. Always over $5000. I tell them I'm not interested but they call back up to 5 times a day.Today I recived an text asking if I wanted them to stop n I replyed stop. He called right after.

Victim Location 28665
Type of a scam Government Grant

caller keeps calling from same number 779-748-6589, saying the government has money, but they need information to send it. Will never give a name of the caller, and when asked who he wanted to speak to he said "Jennifer". When asked how they got the number, they said father gave him the number (father is deceased)

Victim Location 01854
Type of a scam Government Grant

Money given because I pay my bills and do not have criminal record.

Victim Location 97739
Type of a scam Government Grant

Kept wanting me to say "Yes" by asking "Can you hear me?", "Do you understand?" and other questions answerable by yes or no.

Victim Location 15235
Type of a scam Government Grant

Typical government grant scam 9k in winnings

Victim Location 32811
Total money lost $1,440
Type of a scam Government Grant

Contacted on 8/15/2017 by male informing me I was chosen for a $9200 grant because I was a Florida resident. Was given the confirmation number of TR255. Was told to go to any money gram location to pick up money because I didn't choose direct deposit. Next day was told by a Stephanie Williams that I would have to pay $250 in steam cards gave her all the numbers from cards and was connected to jack brown who in turned said I needed to pay $370 for half money right then or $740 to get all I chose $370 in stream cards then next that wouldn't work so 370 more and I can get money was given two numbers to pick up money 27865262 and 32851152 so girl at money store said there weren't enough numbers so next jack says that I need to pay 450 for insurance so I buy more stream cards so next comes Mike hunter who now says I can't get the money till I show them five years of tax returns or settle my tax Debt for 560 more steam cards and at this point I'm broke and embarrassed because they just broke me and now I'm mad as hell and if I can't get my money back stop them from doing this to anyone else. I am in the process of opening me a business ess and I was so happy that this came right on time but it's a NIGHTMARE and I'm too embarrassed to tell or ask family for help.

Victim Location 45601
Type of a scam Government Grant

Today, August 17, 2017, I received a telephone call from 202 695 7816 a gentleman who stated I had won federal grant money in the amount of $9,700.00. I was given an additional telephone number of 845 350-0432. I had two options, I could with Western Union and have the money delivered to my home. I asked what was the catch and he said no catch. I would have to go to Walmart, Kroger and get a Steam Registration Card which would be free to me in the amount $200.00. I was told to call him back and I would get a code and what information I needed to receive the money through Western Union. I stated I could not give the $200.00 but he said we are not taking the $200.00. I explained I did not have a vehicle to go to Kroger or the money so he stated when I did to call him back. I then called the number and was given a code D00080882. I was to call again and, which I did, and a gentleman named Allen asked for the code. I was asked to get the Steam Registration Card and give them a call back. I was told I would receive the money within two days.

Victim Location 97106
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Government Grant

They called me up and told me i had been chosen to receive a government grant. I was told since I never received a grant before that was one of the reasons why i was selected. They gave me a confirmation number with 2 letters and 3 numbers in it. The initial call was made to me by a google phone number from Washington DC the number was 202-618-1385. A man that goes by the name Melvin Lanister told me to go to Walmart and purchase 2 of the $100 dollar ITUNES cards he said is paying Walmart's fee for going through them for the money. He said I would receive 9,200 dollars. After i purchased the cards he asked me to scratch off the the gray strip on the back and read the codes off to him. then you call this other number 646-867-1360. when you call the second number he proceeds to tell you that another fee of $500 would have to be paid in order to receive the grant money. I hung up and knew I had been taken for $200 dollars. I'll never fall for another scam. Come to find out the government will never call you randomly and tell you you have been chosen for a grant.

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