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Government Grant

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Government Grant Reports & Reviews (502)

Victim Location 97420
Type of a scam Government Grant

Someone called me saying I was chosen out of 1500 people to get 9000.00 all I had to do was send 250.00 to get it. SCAM!

Victim Location 27332
Type of a scam Government Grant

The person that kept calling me name was Aaron Carter (if that is his real name)

He will call you everyday to let you know that you have been approved for a grant loan and tell you when you have applied for one. He will begin to give you two options. Either direct deposit or check come in the mail 10-12 business days. If you go by check then he will ask if you have at least $3.00 to cover shipping and handling. If you go by direct deposit, he would ask you if you have 4 or 5 dollars on your card to make sure your card is correct. Once you give him permission to get your information that is on your card, then he will perceive to withdraw money from your account.

Victim Location 45120
Type of a scam Government Grant

My husband received the first call on 5-8-17 around 11:40a.m. from 323-208-0249 on the caller ID it showed up as Washington DC. They told him that he had been picked out of the database somewhere for the government grant he said he was qualified for it because he doesn't have a criminal record. He said his name was Alex Brown. He said you are eligible for a $14,000 grant from the government and he said you don't have to pay it back and you can use it for whatever you wanted. He said he could use the money for anything he wanted, but if he bought anything illegal or done anything illegal they would take the money and call the proper authorities, he said this was confidential. He told him we didn't have any money, what he wanted was for us to get $100 go to store and load money on an I-Tune card to call him once we had the card, and he told him that he would have the $14,000 within 5-10 minutes, my husband has a debit card. He gave him a debit card number. We went to a store and called him three times, he asked if we had bought the card yet, and I asked him are we supposed to put the money on the card, and he said yes. We came home and he called again and he was telling my husband that he was going to take money out of his pocket and put it on my husband's card. They told him to just go home and wait for him to call, and he just called about an hour ago (about 2:30pm). Then the man told my husband to get $100 to put on his debit card, and my husband kept telling him I don't have any money, I don't have any money. He told him once he got that arranged to call him back. 

Victim Location 84067
Type of a scam Government Grant

I qualified for a government grant of $7000.00 I was suspicious of the Iranian accent and asked where the company was located? The man said, Washington. I asked Washington where? The man hung up. IF IT DOSESENT SOUND RIGHT, ASK

Victim Location 43460
Type of a scam Government Grant

Got call regarding a $9200 grant and instructed to sent them money through Walmart

Victim Location 26415
Type of a scam Government Grant

Called me and told me they were with the government and that they had a grant for me of $9500 and that I would have to go to Walmart and get a card to pay them the processing fee of $350 and then I would get my grant.

Victim Location 44121
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a messenger communication on Facebook that I thought was my friend. He stated he received a Government Grant $15,000 for $300 that was the lowest price. Funds were to be sent by Moneygram to Ana Yanet Soto in Los Angeles, CA. I am also receiving text messages. I kind of figured it was a scam. Did not seem logical. I did not send any money. The communication started April 18, 2017.

Victim Location 96817
Type of a scam Government Grant

This guy David Miller called my phone from (202) 810-5895

 and said, that I was chosen as one of 170000 other people that is to be given a 9000$ grant free no need to pay back I can use it for me school open a business anything I want all I had the do is register myself with the federal reserve bank of New York get a PIN number go to Walmart and call me when your there and make a wire transfer 250$ to me . My husband asked me to ask David Miller to wire the transfer of 9000$ to Walmart and I'll have Walmart send your 250$ he said no we cannot do it that way

Victim Location 43015
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a telephone call last week from a gentleman asking for my name and that I entitled to a grant fund from the United States government for grant money totaling $9,000.00. I said that this is a scam. He stated that if you think this is a scam then hang up. I figured I would play along with this gentleman. He stated that he would transfer me to a supervisor who stated the same thing as the first caller. I was to go to Walgreens or Walmart to put money on a card. At that time I told the caller that I worked at Walmart and that we didn't have those types of cards. He said I didn't say Walmart, I said Rite Aid, Walgreens or Dollar General. He then hung up the phone. (His name was Gary Wilson, GG2097 is a number that I was given as my account number).

Victim Location 96813
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Letter came in that looked like it was from a government agency and they can reduce our mortgage. Called 877-614-5241 and they wouldn't tell me who they were until I gave them my financial information.

Victim Location 44125
Type of a scam Government Grant

I have applied for government grants online. I have been receiving calls to my cell phone. Caller with an accent is offering a $9000. Then they called back and stated it was $9800. I was accepted out of 1500 people in the US. I was randomly selected. I don't have to pay it back. I spoke with three different people. They all had accents. This threw up a red flag. Wanted me to pay $300. It was like a holding fee until money went through. They gave me phone number to call them 202-642-2172. I was given confirmation number MK135. Wanted me to bring the $300 with me to the check cashing place. It was a deposit to get the process going. I told them there was an Ace check cashing by my home that had Money Gram. I did not send any money.

Victim Location 32205
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a call from a man saying my name and phone number had been selected to receive a $9000 Government Grant. No repayment, no fee to receive. Was told a check could be mailed to my home, direct deposited into my bank or I could pick it up at Walmart. I refused to give him my address or bank info and said I would pick it up at Walmart. He told me it would be there in 1 hour. After several hours I went to Walmart and filled out the necessary paperwork and was told there was no money and they couldn't give me that amount even if there was. The ID only shows up as Private caller (no number) and I have no call back number. They continue to call even though I have told them I'm on to them and to stop calling.

Victim Location 48125
Type of a scam Government Grant

Male on call stated I qualify for a gov grant of $10,000. Said that I wasn't interested and to be taken off their phone list, which he said no. Hung up after that.

Victim Location 44108
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call today on my cell phone offering a $9000 Government Grant. Once a year offer. Contact is Sherry White 929-341-0254 X121. She instructed me to get an Apple iTunes card for $200. Told me to go to Rite Aid or any other store. I called my father and he told me to call the They also gave me phone number 315-320-6170. My caller ID showed 206-596-0715 Washington. I did not get an iTunes card. Sent no money

Victim Location 44136
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call on my cell phone yesterday offering a $9000 Government Grant. The callers name was Harry Patel. The caller had an accent. Wanted me to pay $250. Go to the bank and get $250 and then Go to WalMart or Walgreens. Purchase iTunes card. This is the only way I could get the money. I would receive $9000 plus the $250 back. Call them from the parking lot. I knew right away it was a scam. Another person his manager Kevin Brown called. He told me to purchase. He gave me his phone number 202-836-7904 X1107. Another number showed on my caller ID 209-976-7364. Kevin Brown told me not to tell anyone. He told me the grant was coming from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.. I did not send any money. I am reporting the call.. I played along with them A friend of mine received this type of call about six weeks ago. I told her it was a scam. $700 fee to receive grant. She did not send any money.

Victim Location 76691
Type of a scam Government Grant

Called saying I qualified for 7000.00 grant from government one time for home repair ECT.then wanted 250.00 for security deposit on Western Union they were going to send.

Victim Location 40419
Type of a scam Government Grant

A man named Henry Williams called me and said for me to call them back because I was available for a $9,200 dollar grant and that i would need to go get an i Tune re loadable card put $200 on the card and they would load the other 9,200 on the card.

Victim Location 02124
Type of a scam Government Grant

that the government issue me a grant money for 9,400 dollars and that I have to register in order to receive the money in the amount of $250 but will be refunded with the grant amount, the agent I name is jerry Thompson from martin California extension 210 I just would like to know if it's legitament

Victim Location 62858
Type of a scam Government Grant

Called me said I was chosen to get government grant for 9000 had to call this number to receive grant money called said to get apple iTunes card and load 250.00 dollars on it before I could receive grant

Victim Location 44104
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call on my cell phone today. Caller ID showed Seattle WA. Nathan White phone number 206-693-4385 Ext 122. Offer a Federal Government Grant. Once in a lifetime grant for $7000. Activation number AL4371. They wanted me to go to an iTune Store and purchase an iTunes card for $200. I could hear a room full of people talking in the background. Phone Bank. Made me leery . I did not send any money.

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