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Government Grant

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Government Grant Reports & Reviews (503)

Victim Location 97106
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Government Grant

They called me up and told me i had been chosen to receive a government grant. I was told since I never received a grant before that was one of the reasons why i was selected. They gave me a confirmation number with 2 letters and 3 numbers in it. The initial call was made to me by a google phone number from Washington DC the number was 202-618-1385. A man that goes by the name Melvin Lanister told me to go to Walmart and purchase 2 of the $100 dollar ITUNES cards he said is paying Walmart's fee for going through them for the money. He said I would receive 9,200 dollars. After i purchased the cards he asked me to scratch off the the gray strip on the back and read the codes off to him. then you call this other number 646-867-1360. when you call the second number he proceeds to tell you that another fee of $500 would have to be paid in order to receive the grant money. I hung up and knew I had been taken for $200 dollars. I'll never fall for another scam. Come to find out the government will never call you randomly and tell you you have been chosen for a grant.

Victim Location 47374
Total money lost $850
Type of a scam Government Grant

ok..there is several persons involved.erich glasgow..polee byran..ana dilma bustillos she has a facebook account she said they was grant watch.but grant watch does not know the names....they told me i could get a grant 180,000 for 850 they are playing games,i sent the money to polee bryan washington walmart to walmart....i asked if they would refund my money.....nothing..

Victim Location 95206
Type of a scam Government Grant

They wanted me to send $100 through Walmart, no paperwork because they have a contract with Walmart.

They said it was called a loyalty Grant from the Federal government.

Victim Location 14052
Type of a scam Government Grant

They will offer $9000 government grant and ask for credit card, debit card, or checking account information to wire the money. The initial call came in from 1-800-279-2417, and the caller gives an identification number which is used to " ACTIVATE" the grant when the grantee calls 209-203-1744. I questioned them vigorously and when they could not answer why they have a CA area code instead of a DC area code, the scammer hung up.

Victim Location 34759
Type of a scam Government Grant

Caller stated that we were eligible for a new government grant because our credit was good. We would get $7,000.00. We had to send her a Wal-Mart money or green dot card with $300.00 in it and we would get our money.

Victim Location 34209
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received phone call from number listed. After 3rd consecutive call in a 5 hour span answered and was told I was to receive a government grant of $9000 for not having a criminal record and paying taxes on time. Wanted a registration fee by purchasing $300 worth of gift cards and reading off the back of each cards #. Did that unfortunately and when asked for $400 to transfer to my bank I knew I was in trouble. So decided to look it up. I have other numbers as I had to call different branches in the "organization" and everyone freely gave me their names and extensions.

Victim Location 33701
Type of a scam Government Grant

I got a call on my cell phone saying I have been selected to receive a $9,000 Govt Grant. He gave me claim # & a phn # to call to register so I could get the grant. I was at Walmart & they told me to go & get two money cards, $100 each, for activation fee. I was assured that this fee is totally refundable. At that point I told them I wanted to check this out before I do anything. Each person I spoke to were foreigners & very hard to understand. Checked their website (, the site looks very professional. I was suspicious & decided to call to check further. I did not complete the money card transaction at Walmart. Caller told me not to let people know what the money was for.

Victim Location 66603
Type of a scam Government Grant

Promises 9700 worth of grant money that u dont have to pay back do to someting about taxes. But if u make them mad they curse at you. Says his name is Frank Miller. Says you have to purchase a 200 pay card in order to receive a money order through walmart.

Victim Location 06606
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by a scammer with an indian accent who said he has a Government Grant of $9000. for me. In order for me to receive it i would have to pay him $250 for the grant, and i would have to go to the nearest Walgreens and buy 2 itunes cards for $100 each which i did purchase. Then he said in order to get the loan, i would now have to go back and purchase another $500 in itunes cards. I told him i don't have $500 and i only have $100 he said okay, he would put the loan under his name in order for me to get the loan, andi have to pay him the rest when he receives the loan, now i am out of $300 because i believed him. I would not have been so quick to believe him, i only did because i was waiting for my school to contact me about a grant, so i thought he was authorized, because he called before my deadline. I felt ishould tell my story so other students would not fall for this scam, don‘t believe anything that sounds to good to be true, always investigate for yourself .

Victim Location 43015
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call on my cell phone from a man with a heavy middle eastern accent (India?) saying that I would receive $7,800.00 from the Federal Grant Department if I called a phone number he provided with an approval number. 702-983-8652 Ext. 104 (Sharon) approval # TK-257 When I called, I spoke to a woman, again, with a very heavy middle eastern accent and from what I could hear in the background, it sounded as if she was in a call center with many other people on phones as well. It was, honestly, difficult to understand her because of her accent. I don't believe she spoke English very well either. After several minutes of not understand most of what she said, she finally made it clear that she wanted me to go to my local Walmart(money gram) with $250 and to call her back and she would give me instructions with what type of credit/debit/gift card to buy. I immediately started searching for info on scams like this and wound up here looking at other complaints that seemed quite a bit alike. If you're reading this, don't fall for it. I've not heard of any REAL Government Grant that you had to pay to receive. And if you represent any scam tracking or legal enforcement agency, please track these people down and stop them. Thank you.

Victim Location 01854
Type of a scam Government Grant

They had called me and told me that i was selected to recieve $7,000 in grant money that i would not have to pay taxes for . Told me i qualified because i was low income and had no criminal record. After about 15 minutes of instruction he told me i would have to pay $200 that would be reembersed for a card fee . When i him i did not have the 200 he got nasty and started calling me all types of names and told me to get off my lazy *** and go work.

Victim Location 14510
Type of a scam Government Grant

People with foreign accents call to inform me that the U.S. Government has selected me to receive a free grant for being a good, law abiding, tax paying citezen. I tell them to remove my phone number, and I get calls from different numbers. I tell them to send me a check, and they say O.K. and hang up. They keep harassing us.

Victim Location 78387
Type of a scam Government Grant

People call me about 5 times a day telling me that I have a government grant with the amount of $9000.00, but that I need to go to a Family Dollar and send them $295.00 in order for them to send me the check.

When I tell them that I have no money and for them to deduct it from the $9,000, they hang up.

This has been going on for about a month.

Victim Location 28382
Type of a scam Government Grant

Spoke with a foreign accent. Lady's name was Mary. She said, "Every year the US Government conducted a demographic survey and they only chose 1,500 people across the US. I had been chosen since I had paid my taxes on time, no outstanding bills, and had not filed bankruptcy in the past year. This was the first time the US Government selected me in my lifetime. The gov't was giving me $7,000 dollars and all I had to tell her was where did I want the money sent...She then told me several stores, (I couldn't understand all the store names due to her accent) Walmart, CVS, etc. Knowing this made no sense, I would repeat back to her what she said to me as if I was making sure I understood her. She kept asking me did I understand how I had been selected. Anytime she asked me a question about the information she had shared with me, I would then ask her to repeat it for me. So she gave me a confirmation number and a phone number for me to call to speak with a senior representative to claim my grant money I had won. Once off the phone, I was looking up the BBB number to call and report this scam, when my phone rang and she was calling back to see if I had called the senior representative to claim my grant. I told her no. I had not had time. She inquired about if I had anymore questions and did I understand why I had received this grant. I assured her I understood everything. WOW...What a SCAM!!!!

Victim Location 47408
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Same scammer as my last filed complaint except with a new phone number from a different state. This time the caller knew my address and was immediately aggressive. Refused to provide name of ID number and claimed there was no supervisor present to speak with. I called the number back from a different phone and was immediately sent to a full voice mailbox belonging to an Arthur Hansa.

Victim Location 70774
Type of a scam Government Grant

Said I would receive $9000 grant but I would have to get a $250 registration card from Walmart, Cvs, dollar general are a number of other places

Victim Location 78022
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a phone call from 830-406-3443 was told I qualified for a government grant of 9000$ was given money tracking number WK1102 and a name of Steven Brown ext 1016. Sounded good at first did not give them any info they had my basic information already name, number, address. Mr. Brown told me to call 646-598-3340 and give them tracking number and his name. When I called the above number I spoke to a man giving the name David Bell eat 100501202, again I gave him no info but my first and last name and he had the rest. Mr Bell told me all I needed to do was go to a Walmart or Western Union but take 100$ to purchase a card. I was told not to do anything before calling him back to the 646 number and ext he gave me. This is where it sounded real funny to me so I blocked both numbers and contacted BBB.

Victim Location 62084
Type of a scam Government Grant

"Calvin" from the Federal Grant Department called twice saying that I have an unclaimed grant of $9000 from the federal government and I have to give them information in order to set up payment of those funds.

Victim Location 97217
Type of a scam Government Grant

Someone contacted me and said I was awarded a government grant for $9000. They asked for my bank card# and $280. This is a scam.

Victim Location 83642
Type of a scam Government Grant

ID number DJ 407, William Haze called me to day there was a Grant for me, $7,000 under my name

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