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Government Grant

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Government Grant Reports & Reviews (503)

Victim Location 38106
Type of a scam Government Grant

I recd a call today at 1:15 PM and spoke to Steven Cotter (had an accent) & he told me he was going to give me a $9200 govt grant. This was a one time deal that I would not have to pay. I was instructed go to Walmart and purchase a card for $200 and give him the no. to activate the card. They will then put the $9200 in the gift card. He also said I would get the $200 back. I called the instead to verify information and was told this was a scam.

Victim Location 14206
Total money lost $1,300
Type of a scam Government Grant

A man called saying I had been selected to be given. A free government grant.mhe then had me go to a Walgreens where I bought iTunes cards and read him the confirmation letters off the cards. He then continually kept asking me for money to send me this supposed grant. After he asked me for another $1000 I decided that this was weird and asked for my money back. He then talked over me over and over trying to convince me to send another thousand dollars.mi refused and requested my money back. He then said that he could not refund me my money because it had been put into the grant and that only I could get the money but I could not get the money without paying the thousand dollars do the irs. I asked for his manager he said he was the manager then I asked to speak to the irs people and he said that irs does not deal with their customers so only he could talk to them. I was scammed out of $1300.

Victim Location 38834
Type of a scam Government Grant

I recd a call at 2:00 PM this afternoon from man (a foreigner) who stated I could receive $9000 Govt Grant because I was a Vietnam Vet & I was one of 1700 people entitled to the grant. I was instructed to go to Walgreens and purchase a INPUNE Gift Card for $230 and call him back at the 315 no. Then he would direct deposit the $9000 in my ckg acct today. I did not give him my information.

Victim Location 38016
Type of a scam Government Grant

I recd 3 calls previously regarding a Govt Grant. Today, at 3:45 PM, I spoke to Alan Diaz (he had an accent) ext. was 119. Alan stated I would receive a $7000 Govt Grant but I had to go to Walgreens & purchase an Apple ITune card for $280. Then I would have to give him the no. off the ITune card and then they would send me the Grant money. I called the BBB to check it out & was told this was a scam.

Victim Location 96051
Type of a scam Government Grant

They contacted me with a code to use at a western union which they said I was qualified for a 9000.00$ grant that I would not have to pay back. But I would have to by some type of card that would cost 200.00$ but I would receive this 200.00$ back when the transaction was complete which then my amount would be 9200.00$. They stated I qualified because I am homeless and this was a Obama care grant. The gentlemen gave me his name Michael King and his number 917-338-6020. I really could use this money but I am weary. I don't know if it's real. I did a reverse check on the number and it came up as a scam. So I am writing to you. He expects me to call him again on Monday at 1130 am where I am suppose to be at a Walgreens to complete this transaction. Should I ? It seems so real. Also gave me a code and new so much about me. Can you help me to find out if this is real?

Victim Location 38611
Type of a scam Government Grant

I recd a call at 3:00 PM today offering a govt grant for $7000. I spoke to a man and he asked for my grant approval number. A woman called earlier (before he did) and gave me #CH423. She told me they could send the money to my bank acct but I do not have an acct. Then she stated they could send the money thru Western Union but I did not have an ID; I lost the ID (driver's license) in a house fire 2 yrs ago. The man then said they could send me the $7000 and asked for my name and address; he told me it would be mailed within 2 or 3 days.

Victim Location 01020
Total money lost $1,300
Type of a scam Government Grant

I spoke with Emily by phone saying I was approved a 12,00000 grant by the government.She then told me the details in how to use the grant money,home improvements,vehicles,business or education.I said okay and was trans or connected to another male saying please send us $290 dollars for the processing fee. You need to get a Itune gift card, Then he redirect me to finanicail department requesting $900.89 dollars so be can put your grant into your bank. .So I got another gift card. Then he says you need to pay IRS $2198.00 dollars. I called FTC and report Scam but loss a lot of money..I had no idea about Government Grants and got scammed by phone and the FTC says money is gone and it was phoned in a different country.

Victim Location 38011
Type of a scam Government Grant

Computer voice, telling me that this was a call from the Gov Fed Grants Dept and that I needed to call to get information on the grant.

Victim Location 38128
Type of a scam Government Grant

Caller states that I have been approved for a Federal Government Grant and is requesting personal information to send my $9000. Caller became upset when I informed him that if he worked for the Federal Government, he should have all my personal information.

Victim Location 28401
Type of a scam Government Grant

They are creating fake profiles and saying they found you on a list for a government grant. This happened to me personally I thought it was my grandmother and it turned out it was not her. She sent me a link. I thought it was for a savings bond she had for me. They were asking for addresses and email etc. so you can claim your "winnings".

Victim Location 98665
Type of a scam Government Grant

Scammer copied my brother's facebook page and asked to reconnect with me saying he was having a stalker problem and needed to remove all his friends and start over. Once I connected with him again, he said he was looking to invest the grant money he just got ($100K) and asked how much I got. When I told him I didn't know anything about it, he sent me the link to another facebook page to some so-called Government Grant Agent named David Chris (picture attached but this may have been stolen also). Once connected with Government Agent David, he asked my full name to check their database. That's as far as I got before my instincts were telling me to connect with my brother via text message and he confirmed that his Facebook page had been hacked. My mom and other friends had the same spiel pulled on them. I immediately "unfriended" my fake brother and Agent David, blocked both of them and reported both of them to Facebook.

Victim Location 28306
Type of a scam Government Grant

A person called me and said I won a $7000.00 grant, he called me from 206-939-5207 and told me to text Steve Jackson at 206-317-1580. Then I was told in order to get the grant I had to go and get an ITunes card for a $100.00.I called the in Raleigh, NC and he told me to feel out this form.

Victim Location 44906
Type of a scam Government Grant

Foreigner called about Government grant address 915 Second Ave, Seattle WA 98176, phone number 254-647-0081, asked for Walmart credit card number, and last 4 digit of social security number. Every time they call use different phone number, call at different times of day, and repeatedly calls several time per day. Is there any way you can investigate them and stop them from calling us or anyone bc it is a scam.

Victim Location 99166
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was told by someone I know over facebook that they had received a federal grant and they wanted to let me know so I could get financial help. Well they linked me to a lady name Mary A. Debbie from texas and said she would help me. I answered a few harmless questions like my name my marital status etc. No bank account or ssn. But after I answered all the questions she proceeded to tell me I had to pay a "clearance fee" to receive this grant. But it had to be paid upfront. There was no way around this without payin upfront. She said she works at federal government grants. But she had no friends on her facebook page and only her cover picture and profile picture were the only photos she had. Her name is Mary A. Debbie and it says below it exactly how I entered it in the following text. (Anthony Mary A. Debbie)

Victim Location 30291
Type of a scam Government Grant

A private number called saying I was approved for a $7000 government grant. told me to call 559-342-0502 to get my grant. When I called Nicole Jones ext# 131 instructed me that i could do a transaction of $200 for validation and I would receive $7710 in return from the federal government tax free.

Victim Location 43469
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I have received numerous phone calls from people stating that I am eligible for government grants. They are requesting my bank account information to deposit funds. When calling back this phone number it states that the number cannot be connected. The number is(754) 284-0011. The phone number this last time came up to a Florida number. I believe it is a disposable phone being as though right after the number cannot be found. They refused to give me their information as far as the name of a company.

Victim Location 89101
Type of a scam Government Grant

Carolyn fro the scam said i was entitled to a $9,000 from government grant but have to pay $300.00 fee to get the money from money gram or western union

Victim Location 31206
Type of a scam Government Grant

Called and said I was eligible for a grant but I needed to send them 900.00.

Victim Location 65078
Type of a scam Government Grant

Jon Etphems Spencer called saying I won a 9,000 grant

but had to pay $250 cash

Used my maiden name, but I just got married

Saying since I didn't have bad credit and no criminal record that I qualified

Victim Location 54130
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call saying that I was to receive a grant in the amount of $9200. Grant approval number is RA167. I spoke to Jessica/Jesse and then to a "manager". I was to go to Western Union and wire $280 and I would immediately get my grant and the money I sent back. Jesse had an accent.

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