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Geek Squad

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Geek Squad Reports & Reviews (165)

• Aug 12, 2021

Victim Location 07065
Type of a scam Tech Support

Email Address Scammers Used: (Order Invoice) [email protected]

The email says there’s a charge to auto-renew for another year of tech support from Geek Squad. You call an 800 number on the email to dispute/cancel the charge. The person who answers claims to get the refund they need to take control of your computer with an app called Quick Assist They claim they need to make sure your computer doesn’t have any viruses before they begin. They then instruct you to go to a form and complete your name, address, and name of your bank (which if I paid by a card they wouldn’t need that to do a refund.). There’s also a lot of background noise on the phone, which you typically don’t hear when speaking to a real customer service agent and they have zero customer service skills!

• Aug 10, 2021

Victim Location 01970
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received an email At 10:24 am With an Order ID # of 166GS-21183 stating my personal membership expires today. The 1 year membership will be automatically renewed for more information and cancelling call the 1330-667-5539 number. When I called, they said I needed to fill out a form to cancel. Scam.

• Aug 09, 2021

Victim Location 03109
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammer pretending to be with Geek Squad at Best Buy, with an “automatic renewal” for Norton Antivirus on my MacBook. I had to call a number to cancel the $549 subscription.

• Aug 09, 2021

Victim Location 35802
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I called up the 800 number on the email saying I had renewed my contract w Geek Squad (never had a contract w them). A man answered with an accent ‘hello?’ Me: ‘is this geek squad?’ ‘Oh yes it is.’ Me: I’ve got an email that says I have a renewal contract of $289.00, I’ve never ordered Geek squad. Him: we will be happy to cancel but you will need to fill out a cancellation form. What address shall we send it to? When pressed he did not seem to have any info on me except my phone number so I gave no info to him and told him I would be contacting

• Aug 05, 2021

Victim Location 80401
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was contacted with a notification that my membership in Geek Squad had been renewed. I was instructed to call the listed number with questions or to cancel. I called and was instructed to download Team Viewer and fill out a form with personal and banking information in order to get a refund. I was then asked to log into my bank account to confirm my refund. At this point I refused and the scammer threatened to freeze my computer and wipe out all of my data if I did not comply. I still refused and hung up and turned off my computer. The scammer rang back twice to try to complete the scam. That was two days ago and I have not suffered any loss yet but the scammer got my name, address, birth date, social security number and bank account number. The scammer used the Better Business Bureau and Geek Squad logos in part of their documentation.

• Aug 04, 2021

Victim Location 98274
Type of a scam Tech Support

autorenewal for usd 795

will be deducted today

from your account

for geek squad

for cancellation call on 86692 80752

• Aug 04, 2021

Victim Location 98023
Type of a scam Phishing

An attempt to get me to call a number about a bogus purchase and have my computer on at the time. Yeah, right.

• Aug 03, 2021

Victim Location 48855
Type of a scam Other

Dear Customer, your subscription with geeksquad for online support will be renew today and 499.99$ is about to debit from your account by today EOD

for assistance call 848 272-5181

if you call, lots of noise in background and they want you fill our information on line (banking) to cancel!

• Jul 27, 2021

Victim Location 73012
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received email requesting payment of $202.00 for "continued tech supoort" when I called the number I was advised for this "alleged" tech support...I advised we have never used their support....I was advised I will be billed.....I contacted the credit cards we use and had alerts as well as on my personal banking acct. Note we have "never" used Geek Squad" and will not use them in the future.

• Jul 27, 2021

Victim Location 04011
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Scammer emailed me today, July 27,2021 and said that I will automatically be charged $399 on the next day of July 28,202.

The email included the phone number if I wish to call to cancel. I looked up the company phone number of Geek Squad and it didn’t match. I immediately looked up on the website about Geek Squad scams and saw that this email was verbatim the scam.

• Jul 27, 2021

Victim Location 80231
Type of a scam Phishing

They sent email telling me my subscription auto-renewed, and to cancel it I had to call their 1-800 number. I do not have a subscription with them, so it would not be renewing.

• Jul 26, 2021

Victim Location 36575
Type of a scam Tech Support

Recieved an email with a confirmation number from Geek squad saying I purchased computer protection in the amount of $197 plus $5 service tax and it also stated I was enrolled in auto renewal. Contacted someone that speaks broken English and a kid screaming in the background. Told him I didn’t sign up for a damn thing for Geek squad. So he asked if I wanted to cancel! Of course I said cancel and he said ok I’ll do it and hung up.

• Jul 26, 2021

Victim Location 38002
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an email from the Billing Team for Geek Squad (appeared to be) stating that my annual renewal was processing today. I called the number and a rep proceeded to take me through this cancellation process. I was asked to download TeamViewer which I thought was odd. Then he had me open this request form and add some generic information there. He was adamant about not being able to refund back to the credit or debit card. That's when everything went sideways and I became very uncomfortable because I didn't understand what was happening. He then said a link would be sent to my bank and I would have to open it. My bank is small and doesn't send messages through the account online. After no message, he quickly said there would be no charge and ended the call. I called back and got a different rep and I formed them that I would be reporting them as a scam. He said "and what are they going to do? What are you going to do? Nothing but lick my *****!".

• Jul 23, 2021

Victim Location 26554
Type of a scam Phishing

I received an e-mail informing me that my subscription was being automatically renewed for $249.99. I did buy a tv from Best Buy this summer, but I didn’t remember buying any service contracts. By checking online for the possibility of a Geek Squad scam, I found this site and that assured me it is a scam.

• Jul 19, 2021

Victim Location 07730
Type of a scam Phishing

Scammer sent an email referring to a transaction which didn't occur. Scammer said the transaction could only be canceled if they could access my computer.

• Jul 19, 2021

Victim Location 70117
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received an invoice email this AM from Geek Squad thanking me for my purchase. My order number is: *************** in the amount of $842.72. This email (invoice) states that the products have been shipped to my address through their preferred carrier. The invoice (email) further states that my checking account / card will be charged the $842.72 within 2-3 business days.

• Jul 16, 2021

Victim Location 33952
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

The scam was an invoice with the heading of Geek Squad sent to me by email with the message "thank you for ordering product with us", and the invoice listed order No: ******************* The invoice listed Defender Firewall and was for $468.75 I called Discover ID Protection that I have and they told me phone number was ******************** and gave me a correct number which I will not list or call. I've received 2 invoices like this in about 6 months. I did not make this order and as far as I know the firewall isn't compatible with my type of computer. I don't want anything to do with Geek Squad and will not make contact or acknowledge them.

• Jul 13, 2021

Victim Location 17257
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Dear [email protected],

Thank you for your purchase through GeekSquad. We are glad to inform you that your annual subscription with GeekSquad is auto-renewed. Here is the summary of your recent purchase:

Invoice Details:

Invoice ID: 25187ADTS16348

Invoice Date: 13th July 2021

Payment Method: Online

• Jun 29, 2021

Victim Location 48135
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received message below; I knew immediately that it was a scam. I called the contact number provided. I requested cancellation of debt. (Middle East) he hung up on me and I can’t connect with that number again. I contacted my bank as well.

• Jun 24, 2021

Victim Location 75762
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an email thanking me for renewing my service contract with Geek Squad. Since I have never had a contract, I was immediately suspicious. My concern increased when the email explained that my account would be charged over $400. No account exists. Please see the email as follows:

"Dear *****


Thank you for choosing Geek squad,

We are reaching out to remind you that your Geek squad Annual Maintenance Service is expiring on June, 24, 2021.

We would thank you for the completion of the 24-month maintenance plan.

We will auto-renew your plan and charge $ 493.97 against your account.

We understand that you are busy hence could not get through to you when we tried to contact you.

Geek squad

Grand Total: $ 493.97

Order ID: m3HT719-G737133

Customer ID: 3YGH21J 316785

If you have any query or you would like to cancel this subscription, please contact

our Customer Service +1 (737) 702-5092.

©? 2021 US Geek squad

Customer Service"

Please investigate.

Sincerely, *****

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Geek Squad Contacts

Address: 1307, East Geffer-son Lane, Suite 301 Los Angeles CA, USA 90091



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