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Geek Squad

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Geek Squad Reports & Reviews (92)

• Apr 20, 2021

Victim Location 30286
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I got an email to download an invoice (not doing it) to upgrade or cancel for a subscription I haven't sign up for ordered or nothing for a amount of 299.90 and when I call that number they hang up on me.

• Apr 13, 2021

Victim Location 85212
Type of a scam Tech Support

The text msg was from the geek squad...I called about a renewed maintenance plan that I wanted to cancel or I’d be charged $299! They asked me to goto the App Store and download a quick support app it showed a name in the top corner! I hung up and called Best Buy they said it was a scam and not to call! The account # started with a 567#......Best Buy says the take over your computer or phone

• Apr 07, 2021

Victim Location 85716
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hello Below is a copy and paste of the email I received this morning. I have also included a screenshot in the image upload section.

I called the number a man answered. He did not offer his name. Answered the phone simply as "Geek Squad". To keep the story short I suspected phishing or social engineering right away. I explained that I have never used the service. I asked what Card was charged. He tried to transfer me to a team that "could discuss those details". I told him this seems like a scam and I would report it. Disconnected phone.

Order Ref Number: #BN48-219034663

Thank you for your order & payment!

Hello, Want to let you know that your Geekysquad annual subscription has been auto-renewed successfully. The amount of 248.90 USD will be auto-deducted from your account by end of today 7th April 2021. Your order reference number is #BN48-219034663.

For any sort of questions or if you want to cancel the above transaction then please call our number for instant help.

CALL FOR SUPPORT : ( 800 ) 221 3269


Product Details:

Geek Online Support (1 Year)

Payment Method:

Account Direct Debit

Delivery Method:



248.90 USD

For any support of help please call our number.

© Copyright 2021 - Geek Supports. All rights reserved.

• Mar 10, 2021

Was sent this email. Almost fell for the scam. called the 1800 number and was getting a vary bland or no responses to my questions from thick Indian accented man. Was convinced to let them gain access to my desktop but figured it out as soon as they started to ask financial questions. Turned off my computer to ensure he/they couldn't go any further.

Wish to inform you that, your Geek-squad Annual-Support has been Auto-Renewed successfully, and the amount 299.00 USD will be auto-debited from your account by Today (9th March, 2021). Order ID Number is:

You can feel free contact our Support Number, if you want to Cancel the above transaction. SUPPORT NUMBER: 800-815-6247


Product / Service Name:

Service / Support Duration:

Payment Method:

Delivery Medium:



( Geek squad )

1 Year

Direct Debit



CUSTOMER HELPLINE : 800-815-6247

• Feb 24, 2021

Victim Location 70006
Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller pretended to represent Best Buy Geek Squad. Told me I had a Geek Squad account which was about to expire. I did not recall having an account. Through subterfuge I was convinced to allow access to my computer desktop. They accessed my credit union account and faked a deposit of $4000 dollars which I was told I had to repay. They locked my computer and told me I had to pay $500 to get it unlocked. Once I realized this was all a scam, I hung up and unplugged my computer. I later learned there was no depost into my credit union account. They had copied my credit union account screen and faked a deposit in that amount from Chase Bank. They also convinced me to open a Western Union account to repay the fake $4000. I closed the credit union and Western Union accounts before they achieved access. Close call.

• Feb 10, 2021

Victim Location 35806
Type of a scam Tech Support

Sends email thanking me for an order I never ordered. States that my account is debited with 378 USD for the service protection on my laptop. I don't have one. States an invoice Series No:_____. Signed by a Jermaine Walsh.

• Feb 04, 2021

Victim Location 44231
Type of a scam Tech Support

My wife received an email from "Geek Squad" tech support for tech support service plan. The email stated the service plan would expire on 2/4/2021 and the cost would be auto debited to our account of $419. The last items we purchased from Best Buy were almost 18 years ago. I called the number listed and played along once they stated they needed to down load a cancellation form to my computer for a refund of the amount. While on the phone we checked our account and nothing had been debited, I asked if the form could be mailed and a refund check be sent, "Peter" stated that could not be dine because the form had to be completed online. At that time i stated this was a scam and i would be reporting this activity. I have blocked the phone number. I also spoke to Best Buy Customer service and explained there are bad actors out there using Best Buy Name and Logo to commit fraud. The Customer Service Rep stated to go on line and contact Best, but that was no help.

• Jan 19, 2021

Victim Location 78218
Type of a scam Tech Support

He told us that our "Geek Squad Antivirus Contract" has expired (did not have Geek squad antivirus in the first place), but he did know my name. He said if we do not fill out a "cancellation form", ~$200 would be taken out of my bank account. He had a heavy accent, but identified himself as "Max Wilson". We hung up pretty early in the call.

• Dec 15, 2020

Scammer's phone +1 786-886-3775
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product
Initial means of contact Not applicable

Got email today stating my geek squad annual maintenance is ending today 12/15/20 and they will be charging me 299.00 for the annual fee! I have no geek squad account. Tried calling the number; of course no answer! Responded back to email that I will be reporting them and that they better not charge me of this bogus scam! Of course, in the email it says responding to them will not stop the charge!

Please get these criminals!

Got an e-mail:

Dear [email protected]
Thanks for your order. We have received your payment of $499.95.Thanks for renewing your subscription.
Payment method :- Auto Debit
Device :- 1
If you have any queries or wish to cancel the subscription , call us on
+1 315-820-9461 or +1 937-598-9579 or +1 919-728-1098

Billing Team



• Nov 23, 2020

On November 19, 2020, at about 10am EST - I called the Geek Squad technical support to ask that they not renew my membership, since I am being treated for Prostrate Cancer and could not afford it. Everything went well for a while, then the technical support person said I they would give me back the money that they had billed my checking account for, and also a rebated from last year since I do not use the computer for business. The amount was for $350.00 and he had control of my computer. The amount was ready to go into my checking account, and for some reason, when I typed in the amount it came out to $3, 500.00 instead and the technical guy started to panic and said he would lose his job. I told him to just change the amount, but he replied that he could not do that. He recommended I get four American Express gift cards each for $500.00 that I did after much running around. He stayed on my speaker cell phone for nearly 3 hours, I got the cards then read the numbers off to him, and never heard from him again. I am out $2, 000.00 that I can't afford. And the $3, 500 that was put into my account, was gone at end of day. This is a crime, I am a 75 year old Vietnam Veteran suffering from prostrate cancer, and expected to be treated better than this. The tech person who had the West Michigan phone number of 1-616-371-4550 and 1-616-647-3257 that he called from. Please help, I have also filed this complaint to the Michigan Attorney Generals Office.
my name is Arthur B. Fox, pittsburgh, PA.

• Nov 19, 2020

Victim Location 44403
Type of a scam Tech Support

Contacted by email for a 299.00 membership renewal for Geek Squad

When I called number to cancel it to me to website to cancel but my security popped up and said do not open site will take over computer

• Nov 06, 2020

Received email saying my free subscription for PC Computer World had expired and I am to be billed $149.99. I never had a subscription. I spoke with one person, "Mike" I believe from India - phone is out of Deerfield, Wisconsin. I had to interrupt my first call with them due to business, and they pursued me quite diligently to be able to put the moneys back into my account. This was far too complex - and strange -- to be a normal cancellation process. Companies never pursue someone so steadfastly to return money to an account. I called them back. When the phone was answered, there was no company name - just "hello". I told them I would report them to the Better Business Bureau. Beware!

• Nov 05, 2020

Victim Location 38103
Type of a scam Phishing

HI Jasmine Thanks For Renewing Our Services.


Jeff Cooper

Nov 2, 2020, 7:47 AM (3 days ago)

to me

Customer Support :-+1(352) 251-0254

Address :- 1632 Stringtown Rd, Grove City, OH 43123

Trsnsaction ID:- 3549JHWIU-9018331784

Dear Jasmine

Thanks For Making Geek-Squard 'Best Computer Support Company In East America.

Your Subscription With Geek Squad LLC Is Being Successfully Renewed For Next 3 Years.

Date:- 11/02/2020 , Time:- 09:30 AM EST

Order ID:- YGJHV9018331784

Subscription Details

Description Amount

Geek Squard Computer Suport (3 Year Licence) $ 199.99

Anti Virus $ 49.99

Email Support & Security $ 50.01

Total $ 299.99

Billing Information

Customer Name:- Jasmine Brown

Address:- 1917 Edward Cove Memphis TN 38107

The Amount WIll Be Auto-Debited From Your Account As you Choosed Auto-renewal Payment Method

Please Ignore The Message If You Are Aware Of The Charges

NOTE !! If You Don't With To Continue With The Services/Didn't Authorised This Charges Please Call Our

Billing Department within 72 hours to cancel the subscription and to claim for your money refund.

Thanks & Regards

Geek Squard LLC

1632 Stringtown Rd, Grove City, OH 43123

Billing department:- +1(352) 251-0254

Support Time:- 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM IST

This Email Is Sent To [email protected] As You have Subscribed To Our Newsletter & Services

Geek Squard LLC

1632 Stringtown Rd

Grove City Ohio 43123

United States />
I am a victim of identity theft so I did not provide any information to them.

I have copied the email but it dosn't show that it had logos of the geek squad on it. It has my name email, old address, and old phone number on the email.

I called the number and advised this was not me and they kept hanging up in my face when I explained it was fraudulent.

• Oct 29, 2020

Received via email - [censored] phishing - beware - don't call them, don't unsubscribe.

Thank you for the completion of 1 year Defender Protection Plan. If you have any question or want to cancel this subscription Please call on our Toll-Free Number +1(888)604-0445

• Oct 20, 2020

Received this email today. did not reply, will not reply. never gave billing info and never had business with this company. wording sounds foreign ... scam no doubt and will monitor all my accounts for any suspicious billing. ... dead give away "Jeffer-son" and that name baaahaaaa from "Shameeka Meek" right... Americans are getting smarter and these scams are blatantly ridiculous. beware all ...!

From: Shameeka Meek
Subject: Renewal Successful
Date: October 20, 2020 at 11:30:11 AM CDT
To: Shameeka Meek

Dear Customer, .

We thank you for completing one year with PC World Geeks Squad team.

We have charged you $149.99 for the next 12 months subscription. We tried to contact you on your registered Phone number, Deduction of amount will appear on your bank account within 48 hours.

If you have any Question or Wish to cancel the Renewal, Please connect us on +1-888-335-2472 within 24 hrs.

Thank You

Donald Williams- Account Manager

Helpline no - +1-888-335-2472

GeeksPC Support LLC

1307, East Jeffer-son Lane , Suite 301

Los Angeles, CA, USA 90091

• Oct 15, 2020

My Name is Emma Dandridge, and I Want to File a complant against Geek Squad, they keep sendind me emails saying that I Have a Contract Renewal with them, I Have never had any dealing with Geek Squad period, and don't no anything at all about Geek Squad, and I am so tired of them sending email to my account, will you please help me because I never knew anything or heard of them, and how they got my email in the first place, I am a disable 78 Senior Citizen and my only income is Social Security and Recently had a Hip Replacement and healing from my Surgery. please help me. the email which is mine and it is [email protected] I want click on it because I don't no if they trying to get my information so I move it to Spam and don't open it. please help me. Thank you Emma Dandridge

• Oct 13, 2020

I called about an email I got that said I bought something that I didn't. Told me 19 min. wait but they will call me back if I want and I will not lose my place. An hour later I called back after telling 3 people my problem (none of them cared) I said this must be a fraudulent 20 mins. later they said it must be fake. I asked you aren't worried someone is using your name . Nope What kind of company are they. I will never shop there if that's the way they feel. ANTI-VIRUS
Tue, Oct 13 at 2:33 PM


Greetings From Geek Squad

Hello xxxx ,

Thank you for shopping with Geek Squad. You ordered “Norton Advanced” Total Protection with VPN & ID Theft Protection Plan (1 Year) for 5 devices.

Your account has been Pre-Authorized for the payment of $429.00, as per the E-Signature Contract signed by you at the time of registration.

We have noticed that your order was placed outside United States. If this wasn’t you kindly inform us by calling our toll-free @ +1 (866) 773-5176 to cancel the services within 24 hours.

For set up and installation kindly call our toll-free @ +1 (866) 773-5176

Your Order Details: -

Order ID # 774-7822-38693

Arriving: - Oct 14, 2020

Shipped From: -118, Walls Ave, Wilmington, Delaware, 19805

Next Due Date: - Oct 13, 2021

You can login to your account to view using the details mentioned below: -

Username: -

Password: -

Note: - Deduction of amount will appear on your account within 24 hours. If you have any question or wish to refund and cancel the renewal please call on our support number @ +1 (866) 773-5176.


Geek Squad

• Oct 13, 2020

Victim Location 92056
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received email 10/13/20 stating "You ordered "McAfee" Total Protection with VPN &ID Theft Protection Plan (1 year) for 5 devices. Your account has been pre-authorized for the payment of $429.00, as per the E-signature Contract signed by you at the time of registration. it also stated that the order was outside United States. If it wasn't me call toll free +1 (888) 350-7601 to cancel services within 24 hours. For setup and installation call our tool free @ +1 (888) 350-7601. Then Order details were given: Order ID#, Arriving Date, Shipped from, Next Due Date. It then stated you can login to your account to view using the details mentioned: my email address and a password. It also noted a deduction of amount will appear on your account within 24 hours. If you have any questions or wish to refund and cancel the renewal please call our support number @ +1 (888) 350-7601. Sincerely Geek Squad. Logo on email is not the Geek Squad logo. See attachment.

• Oct 12, 2020

Received this email: Your yearly subscription for your computer services has EXPIRED

Your account has been CHARGED $ 699.99 as for automatic renewal of our computer services.

If you wish to CANCEL your yearly subscription from our company call immediate your amount will be REFUNDED. CallNow +1(6197203186) for cancelation of your current plan you have charge

If you require any further assistance please do get in touch with us please call on this number +1(6197203186)
Assuring you the best customer services.
Have a great day ahead!

When I called them to find our who they were and why they were charging me when I haven't used Geek Squad for many years, they became rude and told me they will charge my account if I don't go online with them and cancel the account. Thanks to this website I figured they were scamming me.

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Address: 1307, East Geffer-son Lane, Suite 301 Los Angeles CA, USA 90091



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