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Geek Squad

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Geek Squad Reports & Reviews (285)

- Colts Neck, NJ, USA • Jul 16, 2024

I have received multiple attempts from this company. I called on first occurrence and told person I did not subscribe to this service. He was attempting to get my personal information to check my account, which I explained I did not have.

- Edison, NJ, USA • Apr 30, 2024

Geek squad sent me an receipt for service for anti virus for my computer. I do not own a computer or contacted them to agree for services.

- Detroit, MI, USA • Apr 17, 2024

Received invoice from fake Best Buy Geek Squad company congratulating me on my new 2 year service that they will be debiting my card for in the amount of $572.99. I called the number on the invoice and informed them I have never purchased any services from them and I would be reporting the incident to the fraud department of my bank. The rep then yelled at me, told me to do whatever I want, and hung up in my face. They would not confirm what financial information of mine they had, they actually tried to get personal financial information from me to "confirm" mu account. I reported the company to all of my financial institutions.

- Riverton, UT, USA • Mar 17, 2024

"Invoice Number Order ID: 833469663423430 Date : 29th February,2024 Customer Support :+1 818 539 0158 !!This is a Final Reminder!! This is an auto Debit and will appear in your account within 4 hours. Purchased Items Contact our Customer Support forRefund: +1 818 539 0158"

"Whether you are a fan of movies, TV shows, documentaries, or sports,

we have curated a diverse collection that caters to all your

entertainment needs.

We have partnered with renowned studios and content creators to bring

you the latest and greatest in the world of entertainment.

Furthermore, we have implemented personalized recommendations based on

your viewing history and preferences.

Our advanced algorithms analyze your past choices and suggest content

that we believe you will love."

- Albuquerque, NM, USA • Mar 01, 2024

This Scammer, or another one using Geek Squad's identity, has sent me an email confirming an annual "auto-renew" option and confirming payment of $585.00 for my Mac or Windows. I have never set up this type of account and have called our local Geek Squad who confirmed that these emails are not from them. If I am charged this amount I will be filing a police report as well.

- Arlington, VA, USA • Feb 04, 2024

Family member received a false invoice for approximately $417, for an alleged auto renewal subscription to Best Buy's IT support/services. No money was taken, and false invoice appeared to come from a personal gmail account. Email invited family member to call their number if they wanted to dispute the charge. Family member called, and was asked about the type of computer used, and which internet browser was being used. Family member hung up before more questions were asked.

- Aurora, CO, USA • Feb 02, 2024

Inv Id: #557049845463

Description: Total AV Ultimate Antivirus

Device: Mac & Windows

Tenure: 20 Months Service

Quantity: 2 (for 4 user)

Grand Total: $442.99

- Dothan, AL, USA • Dec 19, 2023

I received a scam email pretending to be the Best Buy Geek Squad Service claiming that my 1 year plan has expired and getting auto renewed for 3 years of subscription by charging amount $249.99 from debit card. The phone number in the email googles to: Shabby Productios LLC, 4060 500 W #6, Salt Lake City, UT 84123.

- Toledo, OH, USA • Dec 07, 2023

I keep getting emails with invoice #345970358135 stating that I owe $545.18. When I replied to the email telling them I don't have an account, they emailed me back stating "If I have any issues or I can cancel and take my auto debited amount call 815-315-0615. It has an order overview service GS-Tech 24 user 08PC lisence key nLy0GQmfjw2hCs5y. I have no idea what this is as for my auto debit it's with my bank

- Somerset, NJ, USA • Dec 06, 2023

I received an email from Geek Squad stating they successfully renewed my Device Care until the new expiration date. This was supposedly for 24/7 tech support. I called to cancel because I did not know this service. The man on the other end tried to get my phone contact and wanted to know what kind of computer I was on. I told him to cancel immediately, and he kept stalling and then became very angry. The man sounded like a person from India. I reported the scam to my place of employment to alert the tech department and have them warn others, check my bank accounts, and fill out this form. The man from Geek was named Matteo Graves, Customer support. The email address on the invoice was [email protected]. No address was on the invoice. Therefore, I do not know where the call originated from.

- Stamford, CT, USA • Dec 04, 2023

I keep receiving emails from someone impersonating Geek Squad, which I know is part of Best Buy. They claim that an auto-renewal has been set up and that I would be billed $448 for GSK Ultimate Antivirus software for Mac and Windows. I have never had this product. I have received this type of email 3 or 4 times. They all have come from people with different gmail addresses. I want to report this to warn others. I did not click on any links in the email. I am attaching a file with a screenshot of this fraudulent email.

- Hartford, CT, USA • Dec 01, 2023

I was attempting to update my internet accessibility while trying to update my internet info I received an online letter congratulating me for signing up for a plan with Geek Squad for $378.84 cost, which I never ordered. I called the company to cancel, and it was taking more than a half hour with forms being filled out, and the company ANYDESK.Com asking to gain access to my computer. We reached the point where they were about to ask for banking information when my daughter said, 'Hang up! It's

a scam! It should not take all that to cancel something you didn't order.

I called my banking institution to see if any charges were placed on my account. They reported none at the time. The bank disabled my online banking until I could get my computer checked out before any possible fraudulent behavior could take place.

The person I spoke with was Robert (mo last name) but an ID number (of which I did not write down)

Robert gained access to my computer and had me download info from Then I was given an online address: 1-557-694-069 and a cancellation #: *********.

After completing cancellation form I was given another number ***************-575.

I now have my online banking suspended until I can ensure that this scam has not captured all of my online information.

- Abiquiu, NM, USA • Nov 03, 2023

Received numerous emails and texts thanking me for renewing computer protection and that in few days my auto debit will be charged $495 for one year plan. I have no idea and called given

phone number (818)528-5424 to assist with any problem. They wanted me to log onto *************** to download a cancellation form - which I refused and instead demanded they email me ( since they had my email) the cancellation form. At that point they asked me to hang up and re call them so I could speak to the acct mgr . I threatened to report them to and immediately they said they’ll cancel from their end snd hung up.

- Shelton, CT, USA • Oct 18, 2023

Email said that I was going to be charged about $440 for malware products that was supposedly already on my computer. I called the number that was to be used to initiate a refund. That person wanted me to go to a website that began with BBB. After that it did ask me to download a file.

- North Ridgeville, OH, USA • Sep 20, 2023

He sent an email with an invoice attached for payment of a years subscription to the Geek Squad. I have checked all of my accounts and I have not seen this activity

- Cabin Creek, WV, USA • Sep 15, 2023

The email said that I had been renewed for a service that I didn’t sign up for. So when I told her that information she asked for my name and I gave it to her then she said it looks like you have been scammed from another country and I need you to download this app so that I can remote into your phone and fix the information. I used to work for an IT helpdesk, and I’m not a fool so I said no thank you hung up. But head up in an elderly person or someone that didn’t know what to look for in a scam. This could’ve been really bad.

• Aug 24, 2023

Received an email stating that 365.99 would auto deduct for my Geek Squad subscription.
Order Copy Invoice

• Aug 22, 2023

They emailed me stated that they are the geek squad, and I owe them $150.99. I never did business with geek squad. I fix my own electronics!!

• Aug 21, 2023

I keep getting emails from geek squad saying they are going to take money out of my bank account.

I have never used their service and have never given them my banking info.

- Monroe, MI, USA

An email came to me saying my subscription had been renewed

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