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Blossom Flower Delivery

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Blossom Flower Delivery Reports & Reviews (86)

• 12 h ago

They never return my money on my debit card after my order was canceled. I called no answer. I'm so upset. I'm on a fixed income. The flowers were for my sister Birthday

• Apr 21, 2021

Victim Location 18072
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers to be delivered to a co-worker from a group (whom which I collected money from to send the arrangement) Order placed: April 14, 2021 with scheduled delivery date of 4/16/2021. I receive email confirmation immediately with an order number and utilized the phone number the following day to update an address error and modify the sending message. I spoke with an agent to walked me through the process to make the appropriate updates. Order was not receive on scheduled date 4/16/2019 (Friday). After work on 4/19/2021 (Monday) there was still no record of receipt. I called the same number and selected option 2 (existing orders) and received the message this number is no longer in service and got disconnected. I immediately starting "Googling "this company and realized this is a common (and recent) occurrence for this company. I called a second time and selected option 1 (new orders) and was able to speak to a representative after approximately a 10 minute wait. I began the conversation by stating I was aware of their suspicious business practices and wanted to my money refunded immediately. I also requested the attendant remain on the line with me in fear they would put me on hold and disconnect me (as stated in previous complaints). The attendant remained on the line for the duration of the conversation and after stating many reasons for the failed delivery, she agreed to issue a request for cancellation/refund email, which I confirmed I received the email prior to hanging up. I was promised a refund in 1-6 business, but since the company had lost my trust, I proceeded to call my bank to dispute the charge and request a new card. I am happy to report a refund was posted to my account the following day (4/20/2021). I am not sure of the status of this company because I did not give them a chance to "scam" me. There are several customers who have had their money taken, delayed /non-existent deliveries, and low quality products. My experience appeared to be following a similar pattern and I was too nervous to give the benefit of the doubt. I would never recommend this company or use them again.

DO NOT USE: Ordered flowers yesterday to be delivered yesterday; receive message at 10 last night, not able to deliver. Tried three times to call company this morning. Got hung up on and transferred to nowhere. There is a pending charge on my credit card. I believe this business is a scam, and seeing now that there are many others who have had the same experience. I will be challenging the charge. Go local.

• Apr 12, 2021

They are horrible. Never got the flowers. And never got refunded. Total scam. I lost $85.00. They don't respond, don't answer phone. They hang up on you. The say they do not have managers. The whole experience was awful! They sent me messages saying the order was delayed 2 days in a row. They insisted that they had to have the recipients phone number. It was a gift, I am not giving random people my friends and families phone numbers. AWFUL! HORRIBLE! DO TRUST THEM!

• Apr 12, 2021

Scammer's phone 8774147903
Scammer's website
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

I ordered a same day delivery of tulips for my daughter's birthday on April 9, 2021 and they messaged me telling me that the ordered had been delayed. April 10, 2021, I got another message about the order being delayed again. Then they told me that they had to have the recipients phone number. I told them that I wasn't giving out my daughter's number. They hung up on me. It is notarized 12, 2021 and I have no flowers and they have not refunded me.

• Apr 06, 2021

Victim Location 14559
Total money lost $50
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Unfortunately I had the same issue a lot of other people have had. I ordered flowers and they were not delivered. I called the "customer service" number and I didn't get a person until i said i wanted to order something. It was a person with a foreign accent. When I started asking for detailed answers they hung up on me. This is disgusting. These people are evil. Like all scammers are obviously. I ordered birthday flowers for my mother who has been in isolation for over a year now because of the pandemic. I hope these people go straight to HELL.

• Apr 03, 2021

I ordered flowers for my mothers 91st birthday. On the day of her birthday they sent me a message telling me that they couldn’t deliver to that area. They had 3 days to let me know and they didn’t. Their customer service is horrible.

• Mar 31, 2021

DO NOT use this service! I ordered a specific flower bouquet for the first anniversary of my friend's mother's passing. They promised same day delivery with "minor substitutions," and instead of the bouquet I selected (many varied flowers and colors, called Life of the Party) they delivered a dozen red roses a full day late. I tried reaching out to them on the day the flowers should have been delivered and the following day to no avail. One customer service rep I talked to said they were "looking into what happened" then stopped answering before hanging up after ~10 minutes. A second customer service rep was very polite and apologetic, but when I followed up with a third rep via email, they blamed Covid and their "substitution policy." They offered me 10 dollars back from my 60 dollar order, and claimed that substituting the full bouquet with a dozen roses was within their substitution policy, even though it clearly was not equal in cost, shape, size, color, or feel. I have never been one to complain about these things, as I understand that human error and mistakes happen. However, my experience was not human error. This is a company wide disregard for customer satisfaction, and duty to deliver the products that were paid for. It's especially egregious to take advantage of customers who are often looking to send sympathy flowers. This company is a scam and I will yell about it to everyone as often as I can. Do not give this company your money.

• Mar 29, 2021

Victim Location 01453
Total money lost $65
Type of a scam Online Purchase

BUYER BEWARE!!! SCAM! My elderly parents ordered flowers to be delivered to my home after my surgery. The flowers were never delivered. Both my parents and myself dialed the phone number listed on their website and waited over 20 minutes only to have a man with a foreign accent hang up on us. I was finally contacted in response to an online chat and was told that the order was canceled and my dad's credit card would be credited. I asked for a cancellation confirmation number only to be told that its the same number as the original order. I asked for their physical location and the woman mispronounced the name of the city. I asked for the street address and she responded, "Main Street"; I asked for the street number and was told, "123". There is no business at the location she provided. This scam takes advantage of kind people who are only trying to send flowers to loved ones. THIS BUSINESS IS A SCAM AND NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY.

• Mar 22, 2021

Victim Location 92563
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered flowers through this company after I was informed that they were located in Mt.!

Paid $65 for what supposed to be a 1 foot tall green plant and carnation flower mixed arrangement.

When said arrangement did not show up the next day to my recipient, I had to call only to be hung up on.

After waiting 20 minutes in a customer que, just before closing, I was informed that they did not have the plants available to complete the order that day, it will be delivered the next day~!

Following day.. I witnessed the delivery of said arrangement via Skype!!!!! My beautiful plant/flower description and picture was just 4 little potted plants pushed into a silver metal tub surrounded by some straggled moss... No pink carnations, the plants looked like they cost 3$ from Home Depot!! I asked my recipient the name of the florist in Mt, It was a completely different florist. I called them and they informed me that this Blossom Flower Delivery company called and was the rudest company she had ever tried to work with~

I was informed that they are not in Mt, but in Los Angels, Ca. AND that the BFD company ordered the smallest and cheapest plant only arrangement and only wanted to pay her 50$ for it!!!! This BFD company will lure you in with pretty pictures, but there is no customer service... only liars! BTW seeing what I got from the local Mt florist... I won't be using them again either!!!

I was taken advantage of. Money taken under false advertisement. And received a inferior product. Stay away from this company!!!!

• Mar 15, 2021

Victim Location 84025
Total money lost $68.21
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Just read the reviews of this company. When trying to cancel my order, I got two individuals who immediately hung up on me when I said I'd like to cancel my order. I finally talked to someone a third time (after sitting on hold for 10 mins) and they claimed it got cancelled but I have yet to receive an email confirmation. From all the other complaints and reviews, I'm surprised they haven't been shut down already.

• Mar 15, 2021

Victim Location 08816
Total money lost $80.48
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered flowers to be delivered today. They were never ordered.

• Mar 08, 2021

I just called them to ask about my order and they hung up on me. I called back and the number won't accept my call! TOTAL SCAM!

• Mar 08, 2021

Ordered bouquet on Saturday March 6, 2021, with a guarantee that they would arrive at the hospital by the end of that day. It's now Monday March 8,2021 and still no flowers have been delivered. I'm mad a myself for trusting someone who SOUNDED genuine! Pretty bad you can't even order flowers anymore without some low life lying and stealing from you! Another reassurance not to order online ever again!

• Mar 04, 2021

Victim Location 61546
Total money lost $54
Type of a scam Online Purchase

ordered bouquet but no way to track it. No customer service number. My bank account was immediately charged but no bouquet.

• Mar 01, 2021

Victim Location 94086
Total money lost $139
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have placed an order for the same day flower delivery on 2/11 in Aspen CO

the flowers were still not delivered as of today (3/1/21)

I called and emailed multiple times and all the representatives keep telling me they will look into it, but still, no one can tell me what happened and if the flowers were or will ever be delivered

at this point Im just asking them to refund the money (140$) and no one is responding

• Feb 26, 2021

Absolutely appalling. I ordered 2 days in advance and the woman taking the order was incomprehensible. I specifically ordered a blue and white arrangement. On the day of delivery I had to chase it at 4pm in the afternoon and when it showed up it was purple. I complained and 2 days later got a response offering me an insulting $5 credit. They also kept getting my name wrong in correspondence. PATHETIC son all counts. DO NOT USE.

• Feb 22, 2021

Victim Location 56069
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I got a call from Scott Smith saying he ordered flowers from Other Bloosoms, because on the internet they claimed to deliver flowers in Montgomery MN. When his order didn't arrive. This company told Scott that I was the filling florist and that "my" truck broke down and they had no idea where the order was. A they had no right to give my business name to their customer. B. I have never spoken to anyone at this business ever. C. I do not accept orders from online order takers. I verify the floral store before I do business with them. D. I don't have a truck. Scott called me to tell me they put the blame on me. This is fraudulant information I received no order from this company and yet they gave the name of my floral shop and my number to this customer. Scott cancelled the transaction with his credit card company but called to tell me and I explained I had never heard of this company before, nor did I take any order for his delivery.

• Feb 14, 2021

It's a SCAMM... Be careful! Don't purchase here. They don't own their mistakes. I purchase an over $100 bouquet, and they never deliver it. They never send me a notification/confirmation of delivery or a picture of proof of the delivery. They had the number of the person who would receive the bouquet, but they never called. I even pay extra to be delivered the same day. Now they don't want to reimburse my money. I call that stealing. Watch out! They will steal your money.

Terrible customer service! I ordered flowers for my daughter to be delivered on Friday, Feb. 5, 2021, to celebrate that date as an important anniversary for her. But Blossom Flower Delivery emailed that day: "Hello we apologize that we are not able to deliver your order in a timely manner. We would like to inform you that we will be rescheduling the delivery of your order on Saturday Feb 6 as we had unexpected supplies shortage from last week. But we are expecting fresh batch coming in on that day." However, the flowers were not delivered that Saturday, nor that Sunday, but not until Monday Feb. 8 -- three days late. What if it had been a funeral or wedding and the flowers arrived three days late? NEVER use this schlock company.

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