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- Chicago, IL, USA • Oct 03, 2023

I clicked on Apple Support link via my phone... because I had some erroneous apple charges... instantly guy with South East Asian Accent gets on the phone with bad connection and has another number call me.. then he proceeded with the ANYDEDSK app to have me scroll through my phone to try and help.. then it was obvious it was a scam when he wanted me to call a friend to access his account a two step verification process

On January 9, 2023 after receiving text about a problem with my Apple Account and suspicious activity I looked on internet and saw a site "Apple Customer Service 855-506-7781" I called the number. A man answered and said "Apple Support". After a few minutes the phone call ended and he called back using number 213-900-9652. He said someone was trying to steal my identity and he would help me. He had me download an app called HelpDesk. He then had me fill out my information from my text message, name etc. social security #, credit card. He asked if I had checked my bank account balance and did I use an online banking app? I told him I did not so he said no worries he could talk me through it; a row of foreign looking monies came up on my phone and he attempted to get me to click on one. I told him I didn't feel comfortable doing that and I would get someone else to help me and I hung up and I deleted the app. January 19, 2023 at 9:28 p.m. I received an email from Bank of America requesting a balance transfer of $25,500 from my VISA to US Bank Consumer Card ending in 1342. Same date at 9:37 pm I received an email from Bank of America Mastercard requesting a balance transfer of $9500 to Shop your way account ending in 6627 AND $18,500 balance transfer to US Bank Consumer Card ending in 1158. I IMMEDIATELY CALLED BANK OF AMERICA REPORTED THE FRAUD AND STOPPED THE TRANSFERS. I was told that they had received an audio request for the balance transfers at 9:21 pm. I have asked Bank of America to investigate but since I stopped the $53,500 bank transfers they would not be doing an investigation. As of this date January 27, 2023 the website is still on the internet. Yes I have made a police report. This may have started from Facebook Marketplace also. Thank you.

While on an Apple computer, it froze up and a popup came on saying it was from Apple Computer and we had to call this number (833-471-1923) so they could unlock the computer and prevent us from being hacked. My husband called and they informed him that all of his online banking, passwords and phonelines had been hacked. He told them that he didn't bank online only I did. They asked to speak to me. They wanted me to give them my banks toll free number and they would patch me into them so they could take care of everything. I told them, I would call the bank later because I didn't have the number in front of me. (testing to see his reaction) He then said, DON'T use any of your phone lines because they were already Hacked. He told me take my debit card and read the number off the back to him. Then I said, "how do I know you aren't the scammer? He started yelling, "What the hell", You do as I say or you will be hacked. Then he hung up. I clicked the popup off the computer and everything was fine. People beware.

I called a apple customer service number I found on a google search. They answered right away and pretended to be Apple customer service and told me my phone has been hacked and the hacker has all my credit card info and my bank account info and they need to get into my phone using Mydesk app and help me secure my credit card accounts and my bank account and in order to do this they need to verify my identity by me sending them dummy transactions from each of my credit cards and bank accounts. Once they receive the amounts they will reverse the charges and this will secure all my accounts. I fell for it. They stole a total of $1303. They took from my Chase checking, my wells Fargo credit card and my Bank of America credit card. Thank God all the other ones declined the transactions.

They stated they were

From Apple an had found suspicious activity on my iCloud account. I hung up at that.

They left me a 18 second voicemail.

“Please do not use your Apple devices until you speak with an Apple support representative in order to speak right now press one thank you…”

Robo call every 5 from a different number, impersonating apple, claiming my iTunes has been breached. It is a scam, they will steal your information and get into your iTunes.

Do not press 1, do not connect to the person.

The scammer claimed that I needed to update my apple payment method/info to pay a debt.

- Baton Rouge, LA, USA

I got an email saying I was charged $499 for iCloud storage that I definitely didn’t sign up for. The phone number is not associated with Apple.

- Herriman, UT, USA

I received an email stating that I purchased icloud 10TB storage upgrade at $569.85.

I have not made any purchase to icloud or apple for more storage.

I called the number 3 times and they wanted me to give them my name and apple ID.

When I questioned them, all 3 times they hung up on me.

I told them that I did not order anything and that they needed to remove the order immediately. The customer service rep said that this is not a joke and someone is using your icloud info and you need to remember your apple ID so that they can look into the server and they will not remove the order until I give them the information. The she hung up the phone.

Please see the copied email below:

iCloud Details

2 hours ago at 10:09 AM


Billing Summary

31th August 2021



Your Payment of 569.85 for yourjiCloudborder has been Processed.

It may take upto 2-4 Hours for the transaction to show in your account.



Instructions for delivery.

You do not have any special instructions for the delivery .


Unit price



jiCloudb10TB Storage Upgrade










The charge will appear as”jiCloudb”'

Did not place the order? Contact Us 813866935754088662


I received a call from Apple saying they are charging my account for 2 handheld computer devices for 1499.42. It said if I have any questions to press 1. Each time I tell them that I don't have an apple account, and they just hang up on me.

- Cypress, TX, USA

Text received:

“ Apple is giving away 20 FREE Apple iPhone and iPad this month! ____(my name), you are 1 of the winners! Verify your info here

We received 11 calls on 02-24-21 and 10 on 02-25-21. It is a recording from Olivia saying she is with Apple Support and our account has been compromised and to dial number 1 to speak to a representative. The first few I just hung up on but when it continued so many times a day, I dialed 1. A man came on the line and I asked if he would take this number off of their list because we had no Apple products in the house. He said that someone had stolen our identity and he would need access to our computer to fix the problem. I told him there was no computer in the house either and was no reason for them to keep calling us. He hung up on me. The calls continued so I pushed 1 again and got someone else. I asked them to remove our number from their calling list because we had no Apple products or computer and he said okay. BUT, the calls kept coming. I pushed 1 one more time and got the same guy that hung up on me. He did it again. I know this is a scam and not Apple.

- Andrews, TX, USA

Press one to connect with Apple support advisor press two to listen to this message again or if you wish to call instead of those later please call us on our toll-free number 315-232-8257 thank you…”

- Indianapolis, IN, USA

Unsolicited call from someone claiming someone had gotten into my iCloud, they put me on hold for next available representative and I hung up and blocked the number on my cellphone.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

Over the course of the past 2 days, I have received more than 30 phone calls from various phone numbers sometimes as frequent as every 5-10 minutes. A recorded message (female electronic voice) states "we have noticed your Apple I-pod (sounds like saying I-crod) account has been breeched; before using any apple devices press "1" to connect to Apple Support Advisor or press "2" to listen to this message again or if you'd like to contact us later, call us at our toll free number **************.

I have listed all the numbers that have shown up on my caller ID above in the "Scammer Phone" section. It is a different number each time. Usually, the name on the caller ID is "unavailable", however, on a few occasions, names have been associated with the numbers.

I do not own any Apple products. I have not answered any of these calls and do not intend to, so I do not know if you are eventually asked to give any personal information or money.

- Green Bay, WI, USA

caller said my apple account was hacked.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

They would call vmevery 13 minutes exactly for hours at a time from slightly different phone numbers each time so you cannot block the calls. If you answer it is a robot woman voice saying there is fraud activity in your Apple cloud account. I do not have and never have had an apple account of any kind. If you reject call or it goes to voice-mail the robot message still plays without realizing it is voice-mail. It asks for your Apple password to be entered.

- Vermilion, OH, USA

Entered by Staff - LJ -1-11-21

Last Saturday January 9th we received over thirty robocalls from Apple. They left messages on our home answering machine. My wife picked up one of the calls. The message stated our Apple account was breached. We do not have an Apple account. To speak with an Apple representative press one or call toll free number 315-232-8257. We did not call the number back. Our caller ID always shows a different phone number. 440-967-8560, 440-967-4513, 440-967-4927.

I have been receiving many robocall messages on my cell phone from Apple. They always call from a different number. 800-854-3680, 877-412-7758, 777-586-2076 & 877-586-4760. I block the numbers and they call right back from another number. When I answer they are from Apple. Calling regarding fraudulent activity on my Apple i Cloud account. I don't have Apple. I pressed number one to speak with a representative. A man name Paul came on the line. He asked if I had family overseas. I said to take me off the list. They call right back.

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