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Microsoft Reports & Reviews (642)

Victim Location 07052
Type of a scam Identity Theft

My computer locked up and the message said that Microsoft had locked it because of Viruses. It gave a "Microsoft" # to call. They said they would repair it (for $79 on my credit card). I fell for the scam and they proceeded to "clean" my computer. Halfway thru I stopped them. There was no charge to my card but I am afraid they stole my computer info. The phone # was 1-800-901-6142 (ext 2008 Kristy). Another # they gave me for the "tech" who did the repai was 1-855-222-7855 (Sam Foster).

Victim Location 63304
Type of a scam Tech Support

Yesterday (Oct. 13th, 2015) my husband tried to use his computer and he got a warning that it had been hacked. They showed a phone number for Microsoft 1-844-210-1348.

That same night a Microsoft tech I talked to said he would fix it for $199.

The second tech I spoke with said he was with Fix Us, Andy Matthews and said they would fix our computer for $299.

Victim Location 33436
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received call today 10/13/15 from a scammer. Caller Id read Harvard, his phone number was 617-495-5491 Male caller saying that was from Microsoft and needed to clean my computer error messages. Said that he was calling for Washington state. I started asking lots of questions and scammer just hung up on me.

Victim Location 75657
Type of a scam Phishing

A popup supposedly from Microsoft showed up and a woman's voice came on telling me I had a trojan virus and not to shop online until I called a number showed on screen. Not thinking, I called the number that I was told was in Antioch CA by a foreign voice that was breaking up badly. I hung up and immediately got 4 calls in a row from a 912 area code that left no message. I know no one in south Georgia, which is where 912 is. My friend cleared the popup and ran a scan with Microsoft Essentials Security and said there was no virus, that it was a scam to get money from me. (No money or any other information given.) Of course, the popup looked legitimate, with Microsoft logo on it and lists of viruses showing . This happened 9-25-15

Victim Location 33102
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a phone call from a man purportedly Harry Murphy from Microsoft wanting me to sit in front of my computer and follow his instructions so I could fix issues that they had detected. I said I would not do so because I do not know him or his true identity. He gave me anumber to call in Seattle with area code 206. I did not call, of course, and immediately checked in my internet where I see this has been reported repeatedly to the since 2012

Victim Location 85750
Type of a scam Tech Support

Consumer explained that she received a call from "Windows Computer" informing her that her computer was infected with a virus. She was asked to go sit infront of her computer and asked what she saw and when she informed the caller that she did not have a Windows computer the caller became upset and hung up. Consumer believes this could be a scam.

Victim Location 63077
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call from someone claiming they were Microsoft. They said they would tell me what the problem with my computer was if I did what they told me to. They wanted me to press down on the windows key on my keyboard and push R. They didn’t ask for any money, but were trying to access my computer. Finally when I told him I wasn't going to do anything with them, they hung.

Victim Location 44399
Type of a scam Tech Support

Consumers have received several calls from a business claiming to be Microsoft. Consumers did not provide any information, but wanted to report the telephone number to BBB.

Victim Location 48551
Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency



Victim Location 44035
Total money lost $305
Type of a scam Other

Got a call saying I needed to renew license for our Microsoft computer. Said that $350 was due in order to keep license from expiring . After providing information then speaking with my son, I discovered this was some type of scam.  I immediately contacted bank. to stop any credit being processed. I also filed a police report. 

Victim Location 86403
Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop up appeared on our computer screen when we turned it on "Debug malware error 895-system 32.exe failure." Please contact Microsoft technicians to rectify the issue. Provide helpline # 855-390-4349. Further checking indicated this is a scam designed to get you to pay them $199 (by credit card) to debug your computer, when in fact, there is no problem with the computer.

Victim Location 32082
Type of a scam Credit Cards

On Friday July 10 around 6:30pm est my wife *** was contacted by a company out of Buffalo NY saying that they from Microsoft and that there was errors on the computer.we are not real good on the computer and they tricked us and took over the computer without our consent. Then she turned turned us over to her manager. He showed on the computer all the errors and then tried to sell us protection for this problem. That is when I told him to get off my computer and he did. My wife said that she was going to call the police and the man hung up the phone. My wife then called the police and they said to turn off the computer and then reboot it and then run a security scan which was done. He then said to contact the credit bureaus. We wanted to contact you about this problem. Thanks, ***

Victim Location 96844
Type of a scam Tech Support

They want information about me and my computer.

Got a call back - 813-990-0958

Victim Location 23113
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call from someone who said that there was a virus on my computer that he needed to fix. I told him I did not own a computer, and hung up. 

Victim Location 08011
Type of a scam Tech Support

Someone who claims to be from Microsoft called to tell me there is a virus on my computer. The first time this happened, I was on computer and a pop-up claimed I had a virus to call a number. I, being a dummy, called the number. They took over my computer. As an after thought, it was amazing how they knew exactly where to go. They wanted $200 to fix it. I told them I would shut it down because I didn't have that kind of money. They were persistent. Next day, puter was fine. Now they are calling me and telling me to go to my puter and turn it on. I said no, not to call me again. They hung up even before I was finished calling. This also has happened to 2 other people I know. Pretty sure it's a scam.

Victim Location 45506
Total money lost $415.55
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received call from a company called Mircosoft stating needed to clean up computer. Only going to charge me 20.00 for a firewall protection, they seen my email account deleted my spam email and trash email, seen my bank account info and went through western union and stole 415.55 from me then tried to use moneygram and I went off of them. I have numbers they called from and they provide all fake. I was able to keep one of the email with the notification from western union

Victim Location 23229
Type of a scam Tech Support

Rec'd repeated calls from phone 1-212-851-3149 trying to gain fraudulent access to my personal computer

Victim Location 44614
Type of a scam Other

Was contacted by phone by Microsoft said there is a problem with my computer and they needed me to sign on to my computer so that they can repair it.

Victim Location 95688
Type of a scam Other

I have been getting many calls for the past 4 years from people saying that they are from Microsoft, wanting me to follow what they tell me to do on my computer. They want to turn on my computer and go step by step with them to repair fix or something. I have been asking them to stop calling me and to remove me from their list of calling and to this date 5/20/2015 at 4:15pm they called again and I asked them to stop calling and hung up on them. I have been trying to contact Microsoft and have them remove me from this calling and they seem to have no issues to fix this. I do not want to be harassed by whom ever this is anymore. Please someone help me to get this resolved. I think 4 years is long enough, even registering on the Do Not Call List and you still seem to get the calls, so I cant tell you where they are coming from.

Victim Location 35299
Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Tech Support

Called from Microsoft, people sounded like they were from India. One name was Chris Wilson, the other Ryan Wilson. They said she had viruses and they needed her name, the last four of her social security, her credit card info, etc. She could see they were in her computer doing stuff. She then got a message that she needed to update her computer. The computer is now locked and she would have pay money to unlock it; consumer was hysterical. Scammers called her back and she hung up the phone.

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