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IRS Reports & Reviews (5041)

Victim Location 43235
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I'm 88 years old. I got a recorded message from an aggressive woman who said she was with the IRS Investigation Team, serious mistakes on my return, if I did not return the call I would be arrested by the local police.I was to call back 315-232-8169.

Victim Location 76308
Type of a scam Tax Collection

pay money or arrest warrent

Victim Location 79107
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Some man with a foreign accident called my home phone and left me a message. The message said he was with the IRS and that I had back taxes owing. He wanted me to call them back to take care of before being arrested. I did not call them back, I knew it was a scam. I let the of Amarillo know instead.

Victim Location 35811
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I answered a call yesterday with a recording in poor syntax telling me the caller represented the IRS. “We look at your tax and find serious felony on your ‘rap’. You must call (number) immediately to make arrangement to send money. We send local cop to arrest you unless you call us and pay us.”

The number showed as Plandome Manor, New York and it was 513-303-8288. 

Victim Location 43229
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I got a recorded message saying I would be arrested tomorrow because I hadn't paid my taxes. The area code is Seattle, WA.

Victim Location 89107
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They called and claimed that I willingly frauded my taxes and said i need to pay over $5000 or i will be sent to prison for 5 years.

Victim Location 37379
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Repeated phone calls with only number left on voice mail. I finally got tired of the phone calls and answered one to see who it was they claimed to be the IRS and said they needed my name and social security number to verify their information and I said no sir you're not the IRS does not calm tact people by phone he said he needed my information right away or I was going to jail and I told him he was not getting it over the telephone I knew how to contact the IRS that's when he called me an F'ng B and hung up.

Victim Location 76131
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I knew it was a scam.

Victim Location 78148
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Robocall from NY stating the IRS has a warrant against me and will arrest if I don't return the call

Victim Location 35023
Type of a scam Other

The scammer left a voice mail on my husband's phone claiming to be with the IRS & he needed to contact them immediately, that they had 4 warrants for his arrest and local authorities would be on their way to take him to jail if he didn't call them today. We knew it was a scam so he called the phone # 1-215-709-1213 & someone with a very heavy accent answered but besides being with the IRS we couldn't understand anything else he said because of his accent plus a lot of background noise and static. I fear that someone will fall for this and be taken for alot of money. Thank you!

Victim Location 79106
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They have called my home phone twice about IRS collections, the first # is 516-303-8289 the second # 215-709-1211. I have not responded to either one just trying to share the information .

Victim Location 43213
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Both my father and I have received calls on our home phones as well as our cell phones within the last week, from someone claiming to be the IRS and that this is the last opportunity before we are arrested due to either a fraud against our identity, or for the one on my home phone, back taxes. Three of the four calls were on Ohio phone numbers. Three of the four times they left a message and told us to call back. I called back (from a business line that had not been called) just to see what they would say, and the person answered the phone and said only, hello. Only when I said they had left a message did they say they were the IRS.

Victim Location 79109
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a call from 215-709-1211 stating I owe the IRS money and if I don't pay I will go to jail.

Victim Location 06770
Type of a scam Tax Collection

This person calls and leaves an automated message and you can actually call back the number they call from. When i told them to take me off their list because i was reporting them the guy told me he was going to [censored] me and then my kids!

Victim Location 44511
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I got a robo call. The message said it was from the Federal Court, and that I could be arrested. It went on do not disregard this message.

Victim Location 76351
Type of a scam Tax Collection

It was a recording telling me to call them back because it was the IRS and there is 4 allegations being filed against me. When I called the number they identified their self as an IRS tax agent. I asked them to do not call me and he said that a police officer will come to my house.

Victim Location 43232
Type of a scam Tax Collection

trying to get me to buy gift cards to pay unpaid taxes acting like they are the IRS 

Victim Location 76308
Type of a scam Tax Collection

A message left on my answering machine claimed to be from the investigation unit of the IRS. Instruction was to call back within 24 hours of the local police would arrest me. The message also indicated there are four charges listed against me in court. No names were used. It was a female voice.

Victim Location 44004
Type of a scam Debt Collections

It was supposedly a call by the IRS stating that if I didn’t get in touch with him at the number I provided that they would it was my second notice the marshals would be in touch to arrest me for you to contact lawyer of all the debt that I owe you have no clue about I didn’t appreciate the way they stated everything but I am trying to let them know I did not call them at all

Victim Location 71111
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I answered a phone call to our office in Bossier City. Caller immediately started talking, saying The IRS has filed a lawsuit against your company for delinquent taxes. Please call this number immediately: 510-737-6484. We do not owe any taxes. I hung up immediately. This is an obvious scam. The IRS does not make such calls. Our office will not call this number, but the should know about it.

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