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Facebook Reports & Reviews (120)

Victim Location 62298
Type of a scam Identity Theft

My nephew, Kerry, who lives with me, has a facebook account. My other nephew's wife received a bogus message from Kerry, they were told that they received $150,000; they had to send $1200 to a particular website. (Annette DeBourge 618-954-8563 [email protected])

Victim Location 62255
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Jane Johnson contacted me on Facebook messenger saying I won 600,000.00 on a random Facebook drawing and to claim prize I had to buy 4 $100.00 I Tune cards and call them back . I actually googled Facebook support and got the same story from them that I did win, but the 4 I tunes cards would help verify my identity. This has to be a scam, why do I have to spend money to collect lottery winnings NOT

was supposed to call them back after purchasing my cards, not gonna happen

Victim Location 45214
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was on Facebook started yesterday at about 1:30pm  11-9-17, I finally stopped about 1pm this afternoon 11-10-17, the picture wouldn't upload and I went on Google to find the number for Facebook customer service. I found the number 1-877-250-5999 online and a man answered he said his name was Kevin, then he said Jeffrey and Keith, but when I would call it was the same man. He sounded like he had an arabian accent. When I called I told the man I couldn't upload my picture profile on Facebook. And he said that someone had hacked into my Facebook account and used my identity in Uruguay, Uganda, Colorado, Illinois and California. He said I was going to go to jail and be found guilty and he said I had to buy an I Tunes Card and give them the code and they would be able to protect my account from hackers and block them. He asked what did you spend, I said I didn't spend anything, and he asked what did Kevin ask you to do, and I said I shouldn't have to pay to upload pictures to Facebook and he hung up me. He hung up on me every time I called. I went to my bank to get an I Tunes Card and they told me it was a scam, and I told him that and he hung up on me. He has me my name, where I was from, what school I went to, he asked me for my date of birth. 

Victim Location 58078
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I have various business pages and have used the boost function to boost my postings. I have spent a lot of money in these and when I go to see who supposedly likes my page I got wierd names. After looking into each of those name they look like they may be real but 99% of them only post an updated profile picture and they all look like they were staged. You can’t tell me that EVERYONE only post an updated picture and that’s it? I have spent $100s in boosting

Victim Location 66720
Total money lost $50
Type of a scam Phishing

I called a number for Facebook that I found on google search engine as I was locked out of my account. The person said that I needed to go buy a $50- iTunes card and he would b able to get my account back up so I did but then he said I needed to buy 2 more for my phones because I had a virus that was spreading to everything He didn't do anything to help of course and I gave him the number on the iTunes card which he said was used to allow " teamviewer" into my account. . He got irate when I said I don't have the $ and I got really suspicious so I went into task manager and kept deleting his connection then I called ATT and they had a service for $15- a month that takes care of your computer when you have a virus or what ever your problem is so she was able to restore my account for me and my google email account.

When I tried calling the number back it was a time sharing business. I knew better but desperate and fell into a stupid spell! I have lonely friends on Facebook that have been scammed from men however I have my settings locked down tight. I now have 2 step verification on all my accounts.

Victim Location 29676
Type of a scam Tech Support

I am locked out of my Facebook account stating that I have malicious software on my computer however I do not. I have used several applications to scan my computer, not to mention that friends and family can log into their accounts using my computer. I also get the same message if I attempt to use my cell phone for this account. They are trying to force me to download software onto my personal computer.

Victim Location 54742
Type of a scam Government Grant

Facebook friend/gov grant scam

Victim Location 60506
Type of a scam Tech Support

I called thinking it was facebook tech support because I couldn't log in, and I ended up giving up my name, phone number, and state. I realized when the creep with an Indian accent said to "go too walmart and 11/7 and buy itunes card for verification 'baby'"

Victim Location 43528
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a text message by a lady saying she worked for Facebook and she was asked to get a hold of me by the CEO Mark. She said my name was one of the 10 lucky winners of $500,000,000.00. She was asking for a pic of me and a pic of my drivers license. She also said the fbi is aware of this promo going on. When I asked her if I was to call the fbi in Cali and in the same city as Facebook they would tell me yes they know about the promo. She told me yes but I Had to use a code so they could verify that it was a legit promo. She have the code and told me not to share it with anyone at all. Told her Ok I will check into it. Need less to say I can't call the fbi till Monday because today is Saturday and they are closed for the weekend. So come Monday I will be calling them. I just wanted to send this in in hopes that I could get info on rather or not this is a legit thing. If u could please let me know some thing If u can. Thank you much

Victim Location 70634
Total money lost $20
Type of a scam Tech Support

The people go by the names of Nick, Phill, and Peter. They claim to be facebook and charge people 10.00$ to fix their computers however they are really just scaming to get money from people and they never fix the issues on the computer. These people are jerks and can be very verbally abusive.

Victim Location 79424
Type of a scam Other

We were gone but came home and someone had left a message for me saying they were security and I needed to call 855-587-8441. When I called they said they were Facebook. I hung up because we do not even use Facebook and I felt like it was a scam. The person had a very heavy foreign accent.

Victim Location 45693
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I was contacted thru Facebook by Mary James who asked me to befriend her. She told me I was picked by Facebook to receive a $600,000 in winnings. She wrote, hello, I am Mary from the Facebook head office. i was authorized to pass some information to you thru your Facebook account. but before I proceed I would like to know if you have heard about our ongoing Facebook promo 2017 and have any of our staff contacted you about your winnings. So i will connect you with CEO himself, Mr. Mark so that he can help you claim you winnings and guide you through while you confirm this information in order to forward it down to his office. What is your name, gmail and phone number so that i can forward it down to his office. Okay good and you can also contact him on his office mail [email protected] Kindly reply to your email now, sir. The CEO has left you a text now on your hangout. I went to the hangout and there was a picture of zukerbarc, I guess that was him. She wrote kindly reply to your hangout now, okay? You have been contacted on your gmail account, so kindly reply to your gmail okay? Go to your hangout, go and check it. I get a text that I should call 1 913 214 1517. They told me the package would be delivered today by Fed Ex but it did not come.

This morning, the Fed Ex office person will contact me to deliver the check. Fed Ex driver was on route. Got called by Fed Ex said the check is official.I called the Fed Ex guy and he said there was a glitch with the financial institution and I would need to give him $800 within 3 days or the offer will be removed. The documentation they showed me shows the presidential seal and official looking government documents. I contacted the number they gave me and the guy there does wood working and has gotten several calls. I did try to call Facebook through Google and it sounded like it was in Indonesia.

Victim Location 49442
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a text message with only "Hello "

Response (from me) "who is this "

Several minutes pass and received a picture stating that she was with Facebook and needed info about my page.

I stopped communication at this point.

Victim Location 63033
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Said you can receive a Facebook grant. Cassandra Dorothy said she received a grant for $40,000. The agent's name was Donna Kelly. Asked for a bunch of personal information about myself. They already had my name.

Victim Location 29691
Type of a scam Phishing

I have a face book account and for the past few days I have been harassed by "friends" whom, I suspect, have been hacked. They urged me to contact a Stephanie Yvette George, who claims to be a Harvard Lawyer. It is, supposedly, to collect government funds, tax free, in exchange for my sending her a hunk of my own money! Having heard of such scams by Today Show's Jeff Rossen, I was on the watch for such things. Ms. George appears to be in cahoots with a Deborah Bearden West.

Victim Location 67207
Type of a scam Tech Support

I just tried to access Fcebook from my desk top computer. I was on it less than an hour ago. It was fine. Facebook wanted me to log in again, and then will not let me on. Says I have malicious viruses, and I need to download THEIR virus protection. Of course I won't. I'm not going to, because my computer is fine. I'm a nut about keeping it clean. I did a full scan after a fresh update. I don't have any viruses. I'll have to use my phone until this is resolved I guess. I don't download anything....ever. I'm not having any luck resolving this issue.

Victim Location 76112
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The email appeared in my inbox on April 28,2017, It said that I had won a million dollars which I knew was a scam. I found a # to call on line, there is a # to contact on the email that was sent. I called and the name that was given me was Ryan Martin at ext 117. He wanted information from the email but I couldn't find it at that time. This person had a real heavy accent and kept trying to reassure me it was real. He waited for about 15 minutes till I told him I'd call him back. I looked on line for Face Book scams and sure enough it was one of the top 5 scams. I contacted and they told me to fill out this form.

Victim Location 64075
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

The CEO of Facebook is contacting people and saying they won 850,000,000 dollars and they are asking you to pay 650.00 to receive this money by wire. His name is Thomas Williams

Victim Location 38556
Type of a scam Identity Theft

facebook is a scam, they lure you in with just your email, then after a day or so, they lock you out and demand that you give them more info, like a phone number, "they say its to identify you", but its not ... its just so they can gather more info about you than you want to share with them. .. then in a few more days they completely lock you out and demand a government photo id, they say its to identify you to make sure its you. .. its not its to gather your information and photo. .. they use no other means to contact you, like trying to reach you by email exc... its an information gathering scam. ... they have no way of contacting them, and you cant get into your account to delete it. its you have to comply or they keep your info. ... its a scam. .. and i want them stopped. ... i broke no rules and did nothing wrong, they locked me out while i was using facebook ... and they do other people like that too.. im not the only one. ... other sites connect to facebook, and take your info and use it, like your pic exc.. and share it on the internet to tell everyone online who you are. .. i gave them nothing but others do. ..BEWARE !! "its funny the bbb rates it so high, if you look at the reviews theres only 1 positive review and 189 bad reviews"

Victim Location 45638
Total money lost $120
Type of a scam Tech Support

I recently could not access Facebook. I called a friend to see if he would look up a telephone number for Facebook so I could talk to someone. I called 650 543 4800. I spoke to someone on the phone and they said they hold on one moment and I was connected to a gentleman name Joseph. Joseph stated for my problem to be corrected they would need $100.00 to correct the problem. I told him I did not do electronic banking. He stated they also took cash cards, any sort of prepaid card would work. I told Joseph that I would contact him after I purchased two $50.00 ITune cards. I called Joseph at 844 992 9994, which Joseph had provided me, Joseph took the numbers of the ITunes cards over the telephone and said to give him a few moments to work on the Facebook and that he would call me back. I never received a call back and my Facebook Page has not been corrected.

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