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- Lanark, IL, USA • Sep 13, 2023

I recently heard that Bed Bath & Beyond was having problems. Then Aug. 13th 2023 while on FaceBook I came across an ad for a shoe cabinet. I went to the website and reviewed the item along with cost of shipping/taxes. I made the purchase on my MasterCard for $31.98. I received an email with confirmation of my order later that day. I noticed that the amount charged to my creditcard was $32.62 on the following day. Today, Sept. 13th 2023 I received a package of USB cables from: SHIPPING CENTER, 21460 YELLOW BRICK RD, WALNUT CA 91789. When i googled the address a fraud website came up with the same M.O. as my experience. They've received various items from the same shipping address.

• Aug 07, 2023

A person hacked my friends email and asked me to send money to a friend of his who had cancer and it was their birthday. It sounded like my friend as that is how we communicate. He asked for 100 . He said his card wouldn't go through and he would pay me Monday. I sent it then said he wondered if I could send him 100 to his email as he wanted to forward it himself so the birthday guy could buy a tablet. I did it...I never thought I would fall for this but I did. I still have emails.i lost $200.

• Aug 06, 2023

The below order originally went missing in Honolulu. Several emails later the company claimed it packed and resent item.

[email protected] is the contact email.

Re: Re: Order Confirmed


[email protected] <[email protected]>

To:[email protected]

Tue, Jul 18 at 10:53 PM

Hi,Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long.your order has been packed and shipped and is being delivered to its destination.

your order has been shipped, your tracking number is:RG013539598CN

Please check through the website:

Have a good week.

Kind Regards

Customer Service Center

Wed Jul 19 10:53:27 CST 2023,"catawbapeach" <[email protected]>wrote:

I have written to you several times and still no chicken coop or still no refund. **** ** ************* * ** ***** ** ****** **** ******* ** *** **** ** ********* ***** *** **** ** ******** ** **** ************ ******************** ****** ************ ***** ****** ************ ***** ********* ** *** **** *** ********* ***** **** ***** ** **** ** ******* ************* ****** ***** ** **** ***** ******* ** ***** *** ****** ***** ***** ****** **** *** ***** ***** ******** * * ***** ******** ****** ***** ******* **** **** *** *** **** ******** * ******* ************ ********* * * ****** *** ******** ****** *** ******** ***** *** ***** ****** *** *** ********* **** **** ** ******* *** ** **** ** *** **** ** ******* *** **** * ***** ******** *********** ** *** **** *** ********* ** ********* ****** ******* ****************** ************* **** *** * *** ** **** ** **** ********** ******** ******** ** ************ ******* ******** **** ******** ********* **** **** ******** *** **** ******** ** ******** ** ************ ****** ** ****** ** **** ** ***** *** *** **** ** ********* ** ******* ** *** ************ ***** ************************* **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ***** ** ** **** * **** ** ********** ******** ******** ** ************ ******* ******** **** ******** ********* **** **** ******** *** **** ******** ** ******** ** ************ ****** ** ****** ** **** ** ***** *** *** **** ** ********* ** ******* ** *** ************ ********** ******** ******** ** ************ ******* ******* ** **** ******** ******** ********** ******** ********* *** ****** ******* ********** ******** ********* *** ****** ****** ** ****** ** ** **** * **** ** ********** ******** *** ******** ********** ******** *** ********** ********** ******** **** ***** ********** ******** **** ********* ********** ******** **** ********** ******** ****** ********** ******** **************************************************************************

• Jul 31, 2023

Scammer said if my husband made a donation of 20% to the church the church would pay 2 months of our car payment and our electric and gas bills to make sure they were up to date since we fell behind on them. The payment of bills have all since been returned on their end but, the $140.00 hasnt been returned to us via cashapp. 

• Jul 13, 2023

I received message from a friend/former co-worker, said she received lump sum from organization that helps elderly, disabled, told me to apply quickly. I was provived a link agent charlin james, i gave my full name, address,age,monthly income, sent copy of TX Dr license. I was told i qualified, send a 500 apple gift card quickly. That is when i stopped answering. Have permanently deactivated Facebook, messenger.

- Chicago, IL, USA • Jun 22, 2023

I saw on FB with Dick's Logo about Hyrdo Flask water bottles and coolers so i placed 3 separate orders 1 day apart and received a conformation number and then a tracking number saw it was from China then went to NY then Carolina PR keeps saying delivered to agent for final delivery. I've contacted them 2 times and no response. The confirmation looks like it came from Hyrdo Flask.

- Talking Rock, GA, USA • Jun 04, 2023

I would like to report two scammers on Facebook. I put some items on Face book a couple of days ago and also today. Today it was Joan Peters that was using the scam and wanted mt phone number which I gave to her and then she wanted to send me a code number and I refused. I told her to just call me. She still tried to get me to send a code but I refused.. Now I can't find the first person. I did let them send a code. After reading the info on your site , Glad I sent back the code #831412 on the messenger.

- Savannah, GA, USA • Jun 02, 2023

Zadoo/katidew has a platform on Facebook about there business

- Lockport, IL, USA • May 20, 2023

Ordered through Facebook, never got the order but was charged for the items plus shipping. Had a tracker number but information kept getting removed. When I reached out to their customer service, they told me I might have forgotten it was delivered. It was never delivered, their reply was fpr me to pay $16 for an additional shipping to get my items, even though I had paid shipping with the original order.

- Wichita Falls, TX, USA • Apr 06, 2023

pretended to be my cousin i hadn't talked with in a long time by contacting me on messenger

- New Haven, CT, USA • Apr 03, 2023

On appropriately March 21, my personal and business Facebook accounts were taken over by the Lily Collins hacker. Yesterday they charged $150 to my PayPal account for Facebook ads. I contacted PayPal to dispute the two $75 transactions. Trying to get help from Meta (i.e., Facebook) is futile.

- Belvidere, IL, USA • Mar 30, 2023


Order 1157

grarion Order Confirmed

If you have any questions about your order or need to contact grarion, please click to view order details or visit our store.

Check Order Detail

View our store

Order Summary( 5 )

2pcs Artificial Plant Decoration

one-size X 3

$14.97 USD

Black Solar Powered Integrated LED Pathway Light (Set of 12)

X 2

$13.00 USD

Subtotal $27.97 USD

Shipping $7.99 USD

Total $35.96 USD

Any question? Feel free to contact us.

We will do our best to provide you with a great shopping experience, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact [email protected]

Customer information

Contact information

Payment method

Credit Card-$35.96

Shipping address

Shipping method

Standard shipping-$7.99

I received 2 cheap pairs of jeggings, emailed them right away. Their reply was that they would give me a 10% refund, told them NO, their second reply was as follows:

On Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 09:54:43 PM CDT, t <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear customer,

Thanks for your support and concern on our store.

We feel very sorry that the product cant meet your expectations.

As the product is gotten from our suppliers, we have reflected this issue to them so that they could improve the quality of the products.

In order to show our sincere apology for this issue, we would like to issue a 10% refund to you without returning.

Is it acceptable for you?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a nice day.

Best regards,

My reply was:

NO to 10% refund. Either send the lights or give me a full refund and I will return the pants at my own cost - you will still be making a profit.

This is the last reply I got from them yesterday:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sorry for all the trouble caused to you.

We feel sorry that the product was sent wrong to you but we cant send you a replacement since there is something wrong with the warehouse system.

And it will take you more time waiting for the next one because there are too many orders waiting for handling.

As for this situation, could we suggest that we offer a 15% refund of the order total amount to you as a compensation and you can take this issue settled now. We think it would be a better solution which can save you more time.

We have tried our best to apply more for you since you're our most important customer, please take our proposal into consideration. And we promise to refund you in 24 hours once getting your confirmation.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Have a nice day



[email protected]</[email protected]>

• Mar 10, 2023

Original post advertised to win a car for solving puzzle. After providing an answer, person claimed they would give a prize of cash if $50 was paid first. The person claimed to be from IFC UBSOFT. He then provided steps that included I provide cash to receive the prize money. When I questioned why I had to pay to receive a prize, he claimed it was an “investment.” He became pushy in asking for my information on how I wanted to complete the transactions.
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- Hickory, NC, USA • Mar 06, 2023

This person stole my Facebook account and has been sending messages to all contacts to scam money out of them under this company's name. Then he asked for $100 for my Facebook account back.

- Henrietta, NY, USA • Feb 28, 2023

Royfo advertised on FaceBook. Their description for one item I ordered said it was cotton and picture showed dress fabric with pattern. Dress arrived. Fabric had no pattern and no cotton. It is synthetic. No label for place of manufacture, no label for fiber content. This is in violation of Title 15 of the US Code and the Textile Fibers Identification Act. Second item ordered was a pants and shirt outfit. Description said it was cotton/linen and I ordered it in dark blue. What I received is cotton only and is bright blue. FaceBook page says that this business is located at 1038 N. Highland Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA I have a screen shot of the FaceBook page. It is attached. Advertising for this company says that garments are made in Georgia. They are not from the US state of Georgia or the Republic of Georgia. Items were sent from China through Portugal to a fulfillment center in New Jersey. Fraud all around. I would like my money back.

• Feb 26, 2023

Presents as Facebook user to my acct.So sick of this...

• Feb 14, 2023

I had posted an add-on Facebook private group page looking for a gas tank for a motorcycle and scammer W****** [censored] messaged me and stated he had one and sent pictures and I even had him turn the tank over and verify tag on item and then gained my trust, he sent me an email to send thru Zelle and I paid him 250.00, he contacted me few days later and needed 100.00 to pay shipping and sent a different email to use to pay for shipping. He then sent me a receipt and tracking number, three hours later the shipper contacted me and said they placed a hold on the shipping, they requested a refundable 250 insurance fee, I went to their web page and talked to a rep there on their website chat, very rude, and I never have seen money and I contacted my bank and Zelle, and they say I am out the money. I researched this person on Facebook and has 9 profile pages and won't respond to me. What can I do.

• Jan 22, 2023

I saw this ad on Facebook about sneakers, so i ordered 2 different pairs of them, 2 weeks later i received a package in the mail. When i opened it up what i found inside was GARBAGE, there were, 2 exactly the same shoes, they were nothing at ALL of what i have oredered, they were grapped up in plastic ( did not come in a box ) and the send was not the company i have ordered from ( i ordered from istylemall ) and the sender name was JANE, yes, just plain JANE, i looked inside the package to see if i could find a number to call to complaint and there was nothing. These 2 pairs of shoes are of sooooooooooo low quality, chinese made and they should not cost more than $10 a pair. I tried to contact iStylemall but in their website, the ONLY way of contacting them is thru EMAIL, yes, there is NO phone number or any other means of contact. So i did send them 5 emails in 1 week and until this day NO RESPONSE.

So i contacted my credit card company and filled a complaint, they told me they will try their best to get me my money back,

I will contact Facebook to see if they would take responsabilty for this scam, since iStylemall advertises on Facebook

I hope you can help me resolve this issue or maybe WARN other people about this scam.

Thanks !

• Dec 28, 2022

Came from my account after he hacked my phone came from someone who was in Dublin irland. Still fight with netspend to refund all rest of my money $589.00 still owed

• Dec 23, 2022

Someone by the name of Kimberley Saunthers messaged me on FB messinger and said Mark Zukerberg ceo Facebook selected me to win $1M U.S on some lottery draw. She asked me to send her some ID. I'm sure she intends to use it for a scam. She slam said I must not tell anyone about this or my I won't get my check. Security and safety reasons.

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