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Dept CA #42

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Dept CA #42 Reports & Reviews (247)

- San Diego, CA, USA

Scammer's address PO BOX 5108, Chino, CA 91708, USA
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Victim Location CA 92122, USA
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Received a package I didn't order from the following return address:


DEPT CA #42142

PO BOX 5108

CHINO CA 91708-5108

It contains a Universal Car Holder, which is actually a cell phone suction thing for the car. I didn't order it, and google searches seem to show it as a scam of either identity theft or someone looking for an address to have other packages dropped off that they can come pick up.


On 5-21-2020 I received a package I DID NOT order. It's 2 packages of mask filters sent from Dept. #42 P.O. Box 5108 Chino California 91708-5108.


Check the tracking number, see if you order ANYTHING on PayPal that corresponds to that number. If you did and it's not what you ordered then this is part of a HUGE PayPal scam. If you didn't order, probably someone else ordered something even more expensive, so this company got their money and PayPal won't give the person who ordered their money back because it shows it was delivered.

If you have the time and energy fight. Don't get rid of the package, report the return address if provided to assist in tying things together. We won't get anyone to work on this stuff unless we all work with the right people. I paid with PayPal and was told by another person that was scammed that he couldn't get his money back until he filed with the FBI. Use this website:

We received a package with a box of rubber gloves with Chinese writing on it. I did not order these gloves. What should I do?


I just received a “supposed” super charged UV-C. NO company name on box, NO instructions or packing slip. Cannot find any info as to my placing an order though I remember seeing and thinking about. I see that BBB does not approve!
Anyone know more?


I received one of these so called "supposed" super charged UV-C. I thought from they way they talked about this product that it would light up and show where ever there are areas in house that need anti bacterial cleaning. Doesn't show you anything, no return address, no instructions nothing. On top of this along came a second one of the exact type. This is a total scam and I will be reporting it as such. BEWARE EVERYONE!

I received also some black masks on May 18th 2020. The return label says Dept. CA #42
Dept. CA. # 42142. PO Box 5108 Chino, CA. 91708-5108. Over the top of the next label underneath that had no return address, but it has a phone number +13142829402 ext. 72046 and some Chinese writing on it too .


I just got these face mask from Dept#42. And I didn’t order them . Not sure how or why I got them. Very concern on how they got my address. And how or who going to pay for them? I’m not .


I got the same exact package. They are black counterfeit masks from China and they come from a 3rd party Amazon. I bought them on Amazon April 11th 2020, just received them May 18th . Nothing much you can do about it. The masks ad picture on Amazon was taken down and saying it was being sold as fraud by "MayKid "but is still there to read the reviews on this product.

I just received an email today from FedEx that says my package from Dept. CA #42 is on its way and I do not recall ordering anything so I did a search for Dept. CA #42 and this site showed up? What should I do? Has anyone's credit cards, bank accounts or Paypal been compromised?


Scammer's phone ?
Scammer's website ?
Scammer's address po box 5108 chino ca 91708-5108
Scammer's email dont have one
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Not applicable

was sent throw away face masks that I did not order


+13142829402 ext. 72046 many third party people are using this address but products are sent to them from china

I got the same thing today! Throw away masks I did not order... what does this mean?

I received a package on 5/10/2020 from Dept CA#42
13725 Pipeline Ave
Chino, CA 91710

There was no invoice. I’ve contacted the Better Business Bureau to file a claim. I am also going to check my PayPal account to see if there are any fraudulent activities. My credit cards are fine at the moment.


Okay I realized that I did buy these black masks through Amazon which the seller was using fraud masks from made in China under the name brand of AIDIER. The same # 42, and they are a rip off that was being sold on Amazon as another company. There are several middlemen selling on Amazon and elsewhere. These masks are made in china and then shipped to the USA the seller who we paid. My postal label has the USA on top of the China label. check under your label. There is a phone number on it and you can look this phone number up on line.

I have now received two packages of what I believe are simple face masks from DEPT CA #42. (I am not sure the quality or that they are really face masks because once I realized that it was nothing I ordered, I shoved them back in the packaging and set them aside.). There was no paperwork included to indicate who, what, or why they sent to me. I have checked my Paypal, bank accounts, and credit cards and so far have not seen any unexpected charges. I am waiting for the “shoe to drop” and find myself in a mess. After reading the messages about similar experiences I am headed to the post office and the police to report this later today.


Received a package yesterday with the same return address. Has disposable masks in it. Writing on the package is Asian, not sure which. I've checked my banking info, nothing weird. Yet. Going to put it in a ziplock bag just in case I need to turn it over.


we received on 5-4-2020 about 50 surgical mask from the Department Ca # 42, Chino, ca which we did not order, they were packed just in plastic, it looks like they came from China, someone put a label over another label. it was send from China on April 10, 2020.
Not sure what to do with it.


Hang on to them. I got two of the black masks and extra gray filters which i ordered from Amazon just before Amazon got wind that these were not made by AIDIER company . The fraud people that were selling this mask were using Aidier and photos to send them back in March and April. Go to this page

I received a suspicious package on April 28,2020 from:

Dept CA #42
Dept  CA #42142
PO Box 5108
Chino, CA 91708-5108

I received an unusual package of 2 plastic bags of multiple blue elastic ribbon-like fabrics approximately 100 pieces each pack, with a strong chemical odor like kerosene. Amidst of COVID-19 outbreak, I am very concerned that the contents of the package might be infected with the virus or toxic chemicals and harmful substances that may be hazardous or detrimental to health. I reported it immediately to the local police and I was advised not to send the item back because it could be a form of criminal scheme. I was also told that I should ignore a phone call related to the package delivery. Do not confirm that you had received a package. The police told me to just throw the package in the garbage.

Be careful everyone! There are a lot of crooks everywhere!


Did you report it to the US Postal Service, or USPS Postal Inspectors?

- Winter Park, FL, USA

Scammer's address 13725 Pipeline Avenue, Chino, CA 91710, USA
Country United States
Victim Location FL 32792, USA
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a package with a product I have never ordered, and I’m not even sure what it is. It looks like a comforter, but it’s not big enough to fit a bed. It only has a return address with the above listed information, no invoice, and no ability to find out where it came from. I am seeing other things have been shipped to people in order to create fake customers and give themselves a good review. My information is supposed to be legally confidential. This is concerning.

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Unit 14 on 25th floor of block 1, Tak Fung Industrial centre no .168 Texaco road ,Tsuen Wan new territories(Logistics warehouse) HK, XIANGGANG 999077, CHINA



This website was reported to be associated with Dept CA #42.


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