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Amazon Imposter

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Amazon Imposter Reports & Reviews (577)

Victim Location 73003
Type of a scam Phishing

Email states my account has been suspended and I need to update my payment information.

Victim Location 90045
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I haven’t clicked on the link, but also as someone who orders a lot from Amazon I’ve never seen this number. I also don’t have the specific name they’re referring to me as on my amazon packages or account.

Victim Location 32506
Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call and they left a message saying they already debited my account for $299 for my Amazon Prime account which I know is $99. If I wanted my account to be credited I would need to call them back. When I called back a man told me I would need to be in front of my computer to have the money credited to my account. I asked the man his name and he said his name was Donald Trump. I then told him nothing had been debited from my account and that I believed he was being untruthful he then said I'm busy and hung up. Now they have my phone number and I wish I would have never called him back.

Victim Location 44026
Type of a scam Phishing

I answered a suspicious call on my home phone. The caller stated they were with Amazon. He said you have a phone here for $900. I told him I don't have an Amazon account. I did not order a phone. He told me to go onto my computer to do something. I don't know what. I got back and told him I would call the police. He had asked my name. My caller ID showed 209-488-1843.

Victim Location 21045
Type of a scam Phishing

I’ve been getting random text messages about a delivery coming from Amazon, but I don’t have anything coming from amazon. I know I don’t have anything expect because I’ve only ordered from amazon twice and received both orders already! I expect that the link that they’ve provided in the text message is a way to get all your information! Be aware!!

Victim Location 83706
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received a text message wanting me to approve/accept an amazon order - I deleted the text when I was addressed as “mate”?

This morning I received another text stating my Amazon delivery of 4 items will be delivered To my address on Jan 27,2020 by 8:00 pm!

I have deleted that text as well! SPAM!!

Victim Location 31069
Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email from Amazon stating my payment info needed to be updated to pay for my Amazon Prime account . I don't have a PRIME account! The email address is close to an Amazon address but I don't think it is real. The email also has an attachment. I didn't open it either. The email looks so real but at the bottom of the page, the address doesn't look like the real Amazon invoices that I have received.

Victim Location 23805
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a scam because they wanted me to purchase gift card totaling $500.00 each then take picture of the card then send it to them.

Could not use any other type of monetary value to purchase vehicle.

Victim Location 48661
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Received a phone call supposedly from Amazon, stating that they had an order for an Iphone XR worth $799, due to be delivered in

Dayton, OH. If I didn't order it, I was to call Amazon Billing and Fraud Protection at (910) 387-0865. I went online to check my orders, of course there was no such item. I did not call the number.

Victim Location 04426
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received an automated call from and entity identifying themselves "Amazon" stating an iphone had been purchased by my account from another location for more than $500. I was told to call 1-888-285-9612 to verify or dispute the charge.

I contacted amazon through my account and there is no such charge. I didn't call the 888 number

Victim Location 48081
Total money lost $700
Type of a scam Tech Support

I contacted amazon on a phone number located on chrome. I had a bad/broken delivery. I wanted the problem resolved. Two different technicians told me they needed to control my computer to get enough information to make corrections

They both said they worked for amazon. Within an hour over 700 dollars was taken from my account using my debit cards. Two cards because the second person said my main card didn't work. They billed on Amazon, on paypal and bought gift cards from western union. Western union told me the money went to Nigeria. they have all the info from my computer and I received calls, and emails alerting me to fraudulent activity. The phone number I called was reached from my phone. Likely by them. They had full access to my computer and phone. They used a program to copy my computer programs. The bank said the FBI would be told, but what about other victims. And, no I'm not crazy. It does sound like I'm an [censored], but I'm not. Well maybe.

Victim Location 14228
Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

I received an email claiming to be from Amazon stating there was a problem with my account & it would be locked if I didn't respond through the link they provided. I know never to do that & I contacted Amazon customer service directly , had no trouble signing in & they told me there was no problem with my account. They had me forward them a copy of the email to [email protected]

Victim Location 68154
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Received phone call stating it was Amazon and that a $450.00 charge was being attempted and that I should press "1" if valid charge and press "2" if not a valid charge. We know we have initiated no such charge. Tried to contact Amazon to ask if it was a scam but had no luck contacting anyone who could help. In the past Amazon has not made such confirmation calls (and we have been active purchasers). This is the second call in the past 7 days.

Victim Location 23851
Type of a scam Other

Received a call stating it was Amazon and I had suspicious activity on my account. In order to work on this problem I must be at a computer. I was not convenient to a computer so I told him to call me back after 6 PM. In the meantime I contacted Amazon and there were no calls documented about this. This person did call me at 6:01 PM but I told him I did not have time to talk. As of 8 PM I have not heard from him.


**For more information on Customer Support scams visit

Victim Location 83714
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Man called and said he was from Amazon and asked if I had ordered an I-Phone XR to have shipped to Iowa and did I know anyone there and I said "No" so he wanted me to download a website called "" and fill out the information to get my money back but I told him "NO" and that I would personally call Amazon to talk to them about it and he didn't want me to hang up but did anyway.

Victim Location 11362
Type of a scam Phishing

It was an automated recording asking if I processed an Amazon order today. If yes - press 1.

I did not place an order and there was no indication of an order on my amazon account.

Victim Location 68405
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Got a call (saying they were from Amazon) asking if I had purchased a $145 iTunes gift card through them; they left a message so I called back. I had my Visa account and iTunes account pulled up on my laptop before I called them back to make sure this was legit. I saw no unusual activity so figured this was a scam. They asked for my name. I then said I'm looking at my accounts and see nothing unusual; when did this transaction occur? They hung up right away. I couldn't even understand the person on the other end.

Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email with logo and name from Constant Contact. However the email is using They were advising me that my billing information needed verification or my order would be cancelled.

- I don't believe that Amazon notifies using constant Contact

- email didn't jive with Amazon emails

- I don't have an account with Amazon

- I didn't place any orders with Amazon either

Victim Location 16401
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received an e-mail from someone claiming to be from Amazon stating I ordered some things that came to $6102.69. It said if I didn't order this to call this number 1-855-470-1534. I called to let them know I did not order this. They said I had to get a game stop Walmart card for $500.00 and stay on the phone until I got the card. I felt it was a scam. I told them my phone was dying and called FTC to confirm. They said it sounded like a scam. They did not receive any money!

Victim Location 83686
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Caller claimed to be Amazon and asked if she spent $77.99 recording gave number to call if not authorized girl stated they needed to fill out a refund request form, said I needed to lock card temporarily, so I agreed. She transferred me to someone who was foreign and I could not understand and he wanted a lot of info, including a card # and asked if I had another card that they could draw from, I said no and my screen show $971.75 was just charged from my bank. I asked what that was for and he said that it is to get Western Union to authorize a refund. He would not give me a direct number but he didn't give it and then said "It's quitting time, we will have wrap this up tomorrow, we will call you back tomorrow". I knew then it was not right and asked his name and he said "Marvin Edwards". I called credit card company but charge was over limit, then they issued a new card and cancelled that one

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