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Amazon Imposter

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Amazon Imposter Reports & Reviews (601)

Victim Location 95602
Type of a scam Phishing

This occurred 11/18/20 at approximately 2:10pm.

Scammer called my brother's wireless iphone, which showed the call was from "******* ****". This is not how my brother lists me in his contacts.

My brother answered the call, an automatic message said there was an Amazon purchase of $500+ on this number. He had option to confirm or deny by selecting #1. When he pressed 1, a Hispanic male voice said he was from Amazon. My brother said he wanted to cancel the order. The line was disconnected.

My brother and my wireless phones are on the same AT&T account. I reported this incident to AT&T wireless. AT&T said our account had not been accessed. I updated our pin on the account.

Victim Location 06281
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received a call stating that there were questions about a fraudulent purchase of over $400 on my Amazon card. It asked me to press one to speak to a representative. I hung up.

Victim Location 38133
Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email claiming to be from Amazon. It looked very real! It stated I had made two purchases, a TV and gaming console, total price $6,191.49, on It had my name on it, but had the purchases going to an address in a different state. It stated If I had not made the purchases to call the l number provided of 800 484-5729 to the “amazon fraud team” to report it. I made no purchases so I called and told them.  I was advised to provide the confirmation number from the email. Then he asked for my address. I stated I was not going to give that information. His response was he needed the address to look up the account. I gave him my address to prove i didn't make the purchase.   He kept asking for more, and eventually claimed he needed to verify my credit card information. I don’t have an amazon account so this is when I got suspicious and hung up. He keeps calling me back trying his best to get my CC information. This is a huge scam but the email looks so real.

Victim Location 44109
Type of a scam Online Purchase

6101.00 purchase told to contact fraud dept number 1-800-484-5729 Package was being sent to 403 Milltown Rd Wilmington, DE 19808. I did call number but could not understand them and did not answer the phone Amazon. Contacted Amazon directly and they did not have that order and informed me it was fraud sent info to Amazon.

Victim Location 98360
Type of a scam Identity Theft

They called my mother’s phone. Claimed there was a questionable charge to my mother’s Amazon account. Problem is my mother is in her 90’s and doesn’t have an Amazon account. They hung up when I told them that.

Victim Location 48235
Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email stating they were from Amazon. The email stated your online order with order ID # is successful. Thank you for your order. In this email it stated that I purchased a laptop and flat screen TV. They had my name but a different address. When I called the phone number in the email 844-257-7424 I was advised to provide the confirmation number. Then he asked for my email address. I stated I was not going to give that information. His response was he needed the email address to look up the account. I gave him my email address. He stated the account was from NY and what was my zip code. When I gave him my zip code he stated he will research and placed me on hold. After being on hold a few minutes the call dropped. This is when I knew this was a scam to get my information.

Victim Location 87111
Type of a scam Phishing

We got a call from someone claiming to be Amazon. They asked us if we had just made a $279 purchase. We said no, and they said that we may have been scammed. They then got us to log into our checking account online while they controlled the computer. They had us write down the available funds balance. Then they had us send an email to [email protected], trying to claim a refund of $279. Suddenly, an additional $7279.00 showed up in the 'available funds' section of our checking account, and they said we owed them $7,000. They had us go back and check the email, and there was a $7000 mistake. They again asked us for the money. We hung up and turned off our computer. We contacted our credit union, and we're ok; we've frozen the account, changed our login and we'll be getting new account numbers.

Victim Location 87801
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Phishing

(410) 304-5050 Amazon Customer Support Impersonation Scam

I ordered some Lego online for my grandson and I had an issue with the purchase. I googled and found a phone number for Amazon refund. I called the phone number (410) 304-5050 and they had me get over $2000.00 in gift cards. I had to scratch off the cards and read them the card numbers. They also asked for my bank card number.

Victim Location 11738
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a call from 888-280-4331 saying it was Amazon & that they were concerned with a purchase of an iPhone XR. They came on the line & asked if it was me (they had my name) & like an [censored] I said yes & they hung up. I think they recorded my "yes" response. I'm so pissed I said yes - i know better!! but it was an instant reflex :(

Victim Location 76305
Type of a scam Phishing

I got a call from someone claiming to be with Amazon. He insisted that he needed to know what kind of device I was using. I hung up.

Victim Location 61614
Total money lost $25
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received an email that was identified as "Customer Service." There was no company logo. The subject line read "Reminder: Successfully logged in from a different device. I opened the email. The Amazon logo was at the top of the message. The message read: We have suspended your orders and Amazon account because we detected unusual activity on it. You can unlock your account by logging in to your account and following the on-screen instructions. At the bottom of the email was a link that the email instructed that I used to log in to my account. It also read for me to follow the instructions in my account notifications to see what information I needed to provide. Because I suspected the email to be a scam, I went to my Amazon account via the app on my phone. I did not see anything suspicious with my account. Wanting to confirm that my account was okay, I did a google search on Get Human for a customer service number for Amazon and called it. I explained to the man who answered the phone (who had a very thick accent that if I had to guess was of someone from the country of India) that I had received an email regarding my account and I wanted to check and see if my account was okay. I gave him my name and when he supposedly looked at my account, he said that my account had been hacked by people from several states in the US and Russia and China. He said that in order to prove that I was not in any of the locations where the charges had been made I needed to buy a gift card so they could confirm my location with the store that I bought it from. I told him that I could not do it at that time, but he kept insisting that I had to take care of this urgently. He stayed on the phone while I went to the store to buy a 25 dollar gift card. He said that He needed to use the code on the card to correct my problem. While I was in the check out line, I pressed the area where there was a link at the top of the email that I was sent that revealed where the email had been sent from. What appeared was [email protected] I asked why the email did not have amazon on it and he said that they had a number of people who were working from different locations. I told him I thought he was scamming me. He said, ma'am, you called me.

While he was working on it, he insisted that I stay in the parking lot of the store where I bought the card. He was able to tell me exactly where I was. While he was working on the problem he asked me if I had checked my bank account to see if there were any problems with it. Even as I was checking my account, I questioned whether or not he was able to see what I was doing or detect what my password was.

While he was working on my account I was receiving emails from Amazon regarding a sign in from a new device, a one time password and change in my password. I asked him about the emails and he told me that it was him working on my account and that's why I was receiving those emails.

He supposedly was able to correct the the problem with the charges made in the US, but the code would not work for the ones outside the country. He then said that I needed to buy two more cards for 100 dollars each to correct the problem with the charges made from China and Russia. When I told him I did not have the money to do that, he suggested I use my credit card. When I said I did not have enough money on my credit card, he suggested that I go to the bank and get a debit card. When I told him I would not do that he got angry. I told him that he could just close my account. He said that until this problem was resolved he could not close my account. I asked what exactly was he doing with the account. He said securing it against further hacking activity. I said if he closed my account, there would be no more danger of that. He couldn't give me a good reason for not closing my account. We argued; then he transferred my call to another man with the same sort of thick accent. When the second man could not answer my questions to my satisfaction, I asked to be sent to a manager. The third man had the same sort of accent. His explanation for why my account could not be canceled was that my account was frozen and would remain that way until he had the codes from the gift cards to open the account. When I continued to refuse to buy the cards, he told me that my account would no longer be frozen in 24 hours and the bad guys would be able to get into my account again. When I still refused and asked him what other options we had, he said that he was authorized to put my account on hold for up to 15 days. He said he would put it on hold 9 days but I would have to He gave me his name and a telephone number and told me to make sure just to call him when I got the cards. He said his name was Walter Cooper and his phone number was 360-722-5065. He said I could also use the toll free number I had called him on 833-528-0919 and use extension 70. He said I needed to get 2 two hundred dollar gift cards. When I asked why the amount went up, he said that if he told me 100 dollars and it did not work then I would get angry because I would then have to get cards for 200 dollars. He added that the call was being recorded and he did not want to get fired because he gave me misinformation.

A week later, before I attempted to call him back, I used my app to confirm with Amazon that this was a legitimate transaction. The customer service lady that I spoke with told me that there was never anything wrong with my account and that the call I had made to them must have been diverted directly to the people who scammed me. There was no record of the call I had with the three men in their system.

Got an email that says I ordered 6,000+ dollars of stuff from amazon. But I didnt get an answer from the number that was left to call. I've checked my amazon account but those purchases were not on there.


Victim Location 84093
Type of a scam Phishing

I get a call from this New Jersey number, they claim to be Amazon, give me an Amazon order number and tell me an order was placed using my account for over $1000 and they thought it looked suspicious so they were calling me. It was a recorded message, asking me to hit 1 to connect with an agent. I did, they go thru the "problem" - an order for an iPhone over $1000 that looked suspicious. They then confirmed my name and as I'm about to say something they hang up. I've been scammed. I confirmed my full name and they had they number, so they were able to tie my name to my number.

Victim Location 75165
Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email 10-24-2020. It stated I had purchased two watches, total price, $5600, on

I called the number provided and told them I had not made this purchase. I also checked my account and there was no such order. I had not been alerted by my debit card account that I had made this purchase.

They told me I had been hacked and I would need to purchase “ cards” from my local businesses to protect myself from hackers.

I told them I was not going to purchase any cards and I was reporting this incident to Washington DC to a federal agency.

They disconnected the call.

Victim Location 96817
Type of a scam Phishing

I got a scam call from (903) 743-3125 which I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number. I let it go to a message on my recorder which said to call (980) 265-3371 because I was being charged $279.99 to Amazon, and to cancel the order at Amazon Customer Service at that number. When I called that number to ask what the $279.99 was for, the guy who answered with a lot of chatter in the background, he said I ordered Amazon on my computer. I told him I don't have a computer so I couldn't have ordered it. Then he said I ordered on my laptop. I told him that I don't have a laptop either so to just cancel it. He was speechless and I hung up. (It's true that I don't have a computer or laptop because I'm technologically impaired. I never know what button to press?) If I need airline reservations to be made on-line, I tell my daughter to do it for me.

Victim Location 90807
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The text included my full name.

I am the Amazon Prime week winner. I won this MacBook Pro. Respond to link.

I did not open text. I did not reply. I will delete and block. I found others on the internet describing this scam warning.

Victim Location 44107
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a message on my answering machine from someone saying they were with Amazon. The phone number was 754-231-8082. They are taking $529 out of my checking account. I don't use Amazon. I did not answer the call or call the number back.

Victim Location 06483
Total money lost $700
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

They told me I was hacked. but I was scammed by these people supposedly working for Amazon. They told me they were going to pay me $600 and instead took $700 and deposited into cash app where then where went to bit coin. I cannot retrieve the money. If there’s anyway I can get my money back I would deeply appreciate a answer thank you.

Victim Location 32514
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received an email from what seemed to be Amazon. I called the number on the email and that’s when everything started going crazy. He wanted us to go to Publix and get 2 ebay cards so that he could link them to something. While he waited for the us to get to the store, I called the Amazon number on my account. They told me to hang up with them and we did.

Victim Location 33619
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a voicemail from someone claiming to be from Amazon Prime saying they were gonna take $199 from my bank account. They gave a different number to call back. When I called a man answered and I told him there must be a mistake I don't use Amazon he hung up. When I called right back the same man answered and I told him again I needed the account corrected because I don't shop Amazon he once again immediately hung up.

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