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Amazon Imposter

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Amazon Imposter Reports & Reviews (601)

Victim Location 68405
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Got a call (saying they were from Amazon) asking if I had purchased a $145 iTunes gift card through them; they left a message so I called back. I had my Visa account and iTunes account pulled up on my laptop before I called them back to make sure this was legit. I saw no unusual activity so figured this was a scam. They asked for my name. I then said I'm looking at my accounts and see nothing unusual; when did this transaction occur? They hung up right away. I couldn't even understand the person on the other end.

Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email with logo and name from Constant Contact. However the email is using They were advising me that my billing information needed verification or my order would be cancelled.

- I don't believe that Amazon notifies using constant Contact

- email didn't jive with Amazon emails

- I don't have an account with Amazon

- I didn't place any orders with Amazon either

Victim Location 16401
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received an e-mail from someone claiming to be from Amazon stating I ordered some things that came to $6102.69. It said if I didn't order this to call this number 1-855-470-1534. I called to let them know I did not order this. They said I had to get a game stop Walmart card for $500.00 and stay on the phone until I got the card. I felt it was a scam. I told them my phone was dying and called FTC to confirm. They said it sounded like a scam. They did not receive any money!

Victim Location 83686
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Caller claimed to be Amazon and asked if she spent $77.99 recording gave number to call if not authorized girl stated they needed to fill out a refund request form, said I needed to lock card temporarily, so I agreed. She transferred me to someone who was foreign and I could not understand and he wanted a lot of info, including a card # and asked if I had another card that they could draw from, I said no and my screen show $971.75 was just charged from my bank. I asked what that was for and he said that it is to get Western Union to authorize a refund. He would not give me a direct number but he didn't give it and then said "It's quitting time, we will have wrap this up tomorrow, we will call you back tomorrow". I knew then it was not right and asked his name and he said "Marvin Edwards". I called credit card company but charge was over limit, then they issued a new card and cancelled that one

Victim Location 29349
Type of a scam Phishing

I was sent an email concerning my Amazon account. It read:

Hello Amazon customer

We have faced some problems with your account, so please update your account details. If you do not update your account within 24 hours(from opening this email) will be officially permanently disabled.


We hope to see you again soon.

When I tried to copy and paste, the copy was a bunch of random letters and numbers.

Victim Location 95424
Type of a scam Phishing

James white called said I ordered a iphone for 797.00. Wanted access to my user name n password n my IP address that Iog into from so he culd Fix the security problem he stated i ordered the phone n he was confirming i told him to delete my acct n thst i did not order it. He called again the next day n completely forgot he called b4

I could hear alot of people in background. Trying to get ur cc info off ur acct.. big big scam i hung up.

Victim Location 37087
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received an EMail on 9/8/2019 with an Amazon logo informing me that I had purchased a laptop computer for approximately $1700. The message included a phone number and a statement that if I did not purchase the item I could call this number. I did call and the person answering stated that an Amazon credit card had been opened in my name and that I had purchased approximately $4700 in merchandise including the laptop. I informed him that we had not opened an Amazon credit card account nor purchased the items. He then attempted to sell protection for $470, which we declined. At this point we became suspicious and so informed him. Unfortunately, he did gain access to our computer and was able to erase the original EMail sent. We've contacted Amazon and their representative stated no items were ordered and that we would have to contact Chase to get information about a credit card. Chase wanted Social Security numbers which we declined to provide. Amazon seems unconcerned about damage to their reputation or the use of their logo. We will not order from them again.

Victim Location 83704
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a voice message saying that I need to call the number to confirm my order with Amazon for 97.99. The big problem is I have no account with them and when I called they wanted my information I told them “no” then they said they couldn’t give that information out without my information, I was then asked if I had a computer told them “no” and I was told “have a nice day” and hung up on

Victim Location 08638
Total money lost $457
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I called Amazon Prime to cancel my account with them, a guy name Jardon got on the phone to help me get my refund he claimed he could not get it back on the credit card and before I knew it , he got my Mac card number and had went in my bank account and took out two transactions, one though western union for 457.00 and another one for 250.00 when I seen what he was doing he put back 250.00, but the bank stopped him from going in my account anymore, then he wanted me to give him my credit card information, saying he would put the money back on my card. There are several of them Trevor Rabb, Sam Martin, Keven Bush, and a Andre Bush I seen all these names when they supposedly was trying to put my money back. They did this though my cell phone. They are called Market A Plus but they use Amazon. I seen part of a address when so I looked it up on the google map it gave a address of 247 Mint Street Edapalaiyam, Park Town Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600003 India. Their are several phone numbers 920 777 0362; 877-255-3608, 888-280 -4331. I hope this keeps anyone else from getting stick because I am hurting right now that was my bill money they took.

Victim Location 29673
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

My name: this is Liz at Amazon! You are selected to pocket $100 prize for sharing your experience! Write YES for more info! :]

I removed my name, but this is the screenshot of the text message I received. I attempted to call the phone number the message came from, but does not exist! I’m not sure what/how/why I got this message or how she knew my name and phone number! Because I didn’t reply, I’m not sure what she would have asked for!

Victim Location 59404
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Left message that someone had made purchase on my amazon account of a gift card and that the address it was going to was different than the one on my account and order originated from New York which triggered a lock down of my account. They needed to send me a form to stop the purchase but needed to remotely access my computer.

Victim Location 70815
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I got an email from someone (info above is from the email I received) who claimed I placed an order at Amazon for a phone and camera. The address where it was to be delivered was:

Mike Coleman


BUFFALO, NY 14223-1726

United States

I did not place this order and Amazon said the email was not from them and their security people are looking into this.

Victim Location 30906
Total money lost $250
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I got on the internet for the first time I got on Amazon for the first time I placed an order for the Amazon Fire stick I received the order I proceeded to hook up the fire stick I called the number listed in the firestick pamphlet called it and contacted a person named Sam at 866-871-6777 extension 1001 he transfers me to a Allan Frank same phone number extension 0 0 3 4 he claimed my email has been hacked 8 red flags orders had been placed on my Amazon account that I had not ordered he sent me to Walmart where I purchased $250 worth of steam cards gave him the codes off of it he in turn sent me a text message crediting $1,100 to my Visa debit card which he claimed was $500 too much and I needed to go back to Walmart and purchase three Google Play cards which luckily I could not purchase because I did not have the funds in my account I did not get the firestick working until I contacted by way of chat who use my phone number instead of my email and got my firestick working I'm expecting a call from mr. Frank in the morning wanting my information to give him $500 back I was told by Amazon not to take the phone call I hope this does not cause any more trouble

Victim Location 70065
Type of a scam Employment

I applied for an Amazon job on Indeed. I checked my email a few days later and notice an email from Amazon Inc. The position is for the Virtual Customer Service at Amazon. I'm given a selection of dates to conduct an interview through email. Never heard of this method before but thought nothing of it. The emailed interview arrived the next day, Memorial Day, and had two sections to complete, Section A and Section B. The questions did not ask for any personal information. I was only asked about different job situations relating to customer service questions. On the third day, I received another email explaining I was selected for the next round and to complete an assessment. The assessment would determine any value I would bring and also enlighten me about job duties. The third email also explained the requirements for webinar training. The requirements for the training included front and back copy of driver's license, how do you intend to receive pay, Postpaid carrier account information with cellphone companies (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint), and your physical address (No Physical Address). After receiving the third email, I thought nothing of it responded by email with a copy of driver's license, direct deposit information, and my address. I received a forth email on the same day. The forth email was strange and was requesting the name of my bank, the type of credit card I was using, and if I was able to go to the store at any moment in time to purchase anything with it. It was then, I finally realized this was a scam. I quickly contacted my bank and the placed an alert with all the credit agencies. Due to interacting with the scammed email, I will also conduct malware/virus scans on my personal computer. There were no links or attachments to click on within any of the sent emails.

Because I use gmail, all I notice was Amazon Inc. I reopened the email and took a detailed look at the email address and discovered it to be [email protected] I also took a closer look at the proposed web address, https:/_/ The Underscore used between the two forward slashes is not a proper web address. I failed to examine the entire email properly. Was only thinking about supporting my family and getting a job offer. I sadly let my guard down. Had I took a closer look at those two things after receiving the first email. I would have had known it to be a scam. After applying for over 20 jobs in the Greater New Orleans area and getting turned down for almost all of them, I was in need of anything decent I could get my hands on quickly.

Victim Location 19124
Total money lost $50
Type of a scam Tech Support

My Amazon accout was locked. They asked me for an expiration date to a card I no longer had. So the sent me a code to my email address to make sure it was me. Then the told me they had to reset my account but I had to get a Google play card that would be refundable. So when I returned with the cards. They said the cards were invalid and I had to go get two more cards. When I asked to speak to a supervisor they hung up on me!

Victim Location 63011
Type of a scam Phishing

Called and said we bought an Amazon gift card.

Victim Location 62920
Type of a scam Employment

Continues to call leaving a VM saying to apply at retail and earn $27 dollars an hour from home.

Victim Location 23607
Type of a scam Employment

Had my resume on a few different job boards & received multiple pre-approved job offers by email claiming to be from Amazon Corporate. 2 different men's names with same offer appeared in 2 days, next step says to forward resume and contact HR. Be aware! Confirmed with Amazon Corporate who does not have these "employees" on file.

Victim Location 91006
Type of a scam Employment

Voicemail state that Amazon looking for at-home workers that pays $27 an hour. Just need to go to their site for more information. I never went to site personally. I believe they try to get you to pay like other amazon scams

Victim Location 97116
Type of a scam Phishing

They send you emails presenting themselves as Amazon offering rewards for surveys...I started one and then stopped but within hours I was buried in junk mail for ED, Mystics...all sorts of junk,

The opt out on the site is suspicious - it makes you enter your email to unsubscribe...

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