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Vehicle Services Division

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Vehicle Services Division Reports & Reviews (136)

Yesterday I received 2 different notifications from this company in the mail. There were 2 different phone numbers given for me to call, both already mentioned on this website. They both said to contact them immediately to activate coverage on a car I bought last week. One notice said the factory warranty had expired. They both gave the wrong year for the car, so I immediately started investigating. I was ready to call them, but decided to look them up on Internet first, thank goodness. The information is all here about their scamming. Don't be fooled or fall for their scam!


Stupid scam this is the second one
Response to this notice requested


Fake factory warranty letter. No email, address listed. No company logo.


Vehicle service division
Response to this notice


They played dumb from the very beginning asking me for all my info...right so I asked well you should double check just so you know who your really wanting to talk to cause I could be the wrong person that your interested in. Then I hung up.


Received a letter from "Richard Thomas" from "Vehicles Service Division" at 800-873-6215 re a warranty expiring on a car that I don't own. I suspect they want me to call the number to inquire whether someone was using my identity to obtain a car loan.

Oh, and helpfully, they speak Spanish.


Ima go with I think they do for $500 Bob lol. If you go to the bottom of the scam letter it says "Se Habla Español" but who knows if they can actually speak it. Scammers and liars need to burn in hell

I've received numerous voicemails and this is the 2nd letter I received. My mother died in 2020 & I have since moved up to SF from LA. I don't own a car so there's clearly no warranty. I phoned 'him' back and as soon as I told him I didn't own a car and why is he scamming people he immediately hung up.


I’ve been getting non stop phone calls and the return phone number provided is a number that is disconnected. This letter is fake. My Pontiac is a car that is from a company that is no longer and definitely does not have a factory warranty it’s a 2008 Pontiac g5 that has so many defects that wouldn’t be covered by anyone
It’s to the point I get up to 5 calls a day. Now letters
Factory warranty will expire


I just got this in the mail if it helps any it the same number

I started receiving phone messages about my car warranty expiring and to call and take care of it right away. Then I started receiving postal mail. They had it addressed to me and it looked official from a dealership. It said I would be financially responsible for all repairs if I neglect to pay to keep the factory warranty valid.

It would have made me check but the only problem is that I don't have a vehicle.


June 19,2022,
I been receiving these letters from different Program Coordinators, James Winters and Mark Smith to name a few. the first letter said I need to call by May 10, 2022, but know I the new letter said I need to call before June 21. I am a person that don't trust anyone especially if they send letters without return address or other information. I just bought my car, and I don't know how this people got my information from, but I am not sending, calling, or give them my personal information to them. I want to find out about this company went to and people are comments are not good about this company. Just be careful who you are giving your information to, there are bad people out there that wants to make easy money or destroyed you.


Throw these away in the garbage. Your vehicle warranty has nothing to do with these people. They never even include the company name, and you should never be giving strangers your personal information. DO NOT even call them. Call your own dealer if you really want to know about your warranty.


Received letter in the mail claiming that my vehicle service plan is going to expire and the number has to be called - gives an 888 phone number. Asks for VIN and mileage. They hung up when I mentioned what my car is and I know they don't offer service plans for them anymore and also when I mentioned the BBB. No address or other contact given.


A "James Winters" contacted me about a jeep that i dont own that i had been looking at to buy. It was a 2018 model but they keep trying to contact me about a 2020 jeep. DO NOT attempt to even reach out to this person. they will ask for your private information and will attempt to get into your bank information to scam you out of money. key note, if the factory warranty is going to expire the company that sold you the vehicle will call you directly to let you know. not send you a letter.


These people truly are dumb and shameless. This is my first letter and I instantly saw scam from the very first line... Their spelling/grammar correct seems to be working but the creativity and it right dinner attempt is just mind boggling. DO NOT RESPOND TO THESE PEOPLE FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER!
Super dumb


I just received a letter today about the coverage on my car service warranty if it's real I need have my car running again so I can take my daughter and her grandmother to their doctor's appointment and grocery shopping is this letter a scam
Response notice
Response notice
Response notice


They have a new number, but still the same mail.


Trying to obtain credit card payment to extend your vehicle Warranty coverage
Under their eligibily terms
Basically telling you you MUST obtain their services or you will be held financially responsible for all future vehicle repairs.
I dont and have not had a vehicle under warranty at all since 1997
Expiration of  your vehicleswarranty


Postal mail response requested to obtain service contract . Wanting credit card payment
Program coordinator: James Winter
No address or contact email
Deadline posted for may 9th 2022
States by neglecting if this notice you will be held financially responsible for vehicle repairs. Final acceptance of this offer is subject to your ability to meet eligibility requirements . 888 582-6670
Program coordinator : James Winters.
Vehicle Warranty expired/must activate vehicle  service contract
Vehicle Warranty expired/must activate vehicle  service contract


This letter states that you have not contacted them regarding your coverage on your vehicle and to send your VIN & Mileage to them or your warrantee will expire and to call this number: 888.582.6870. No return address, no website or email. Just a name Mark Smith/Program Coordinator. (I had to put my email as the scammer’s email, because it would not go through without it).

Never do business based on a letter that has no clear company name, no address, no email.

This scammer buys city sales records of new vehicles and mass mails letters, changing the phone number and name of the "writer". My letter was signed Richard Thomas, and we all know that name was simply made up.

My car is only a few months old and I just received his first misleading letter.

If you want extended warranties or service contracts, please talk to your dealer (who presumably has been in business and will be in business for a while.

These sketchy service contract sellers can legally close their operation after three months, leaving you with... your money gone bye bye.
Making you believe you have to buy a service contract for your car
Making you believe you have to buy a service contract for your car

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