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Vehicle Services Division

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Vehicle Services Division Reports & Reviews (134)

- Mankato, MN, USA • Mar 01, 2024

Consumer received letter in the mail noting that they needed to contact Mark Smith at Vehicle Services Division in regards to their vehicle service contract. Noted short time to get back to them before it was too late.

- Belleville, MI, USA • Feb 27, 2024

I have several letters from 'vehicle services division' and above phone number requesting me to sign a $199.00 check and send to them. There is no return address and no address on inside of letters. Also, there is no address or information that i can find on them online. The only thing online is all the scams from them!

- Tacoma, WA, USA • Feb 26, 2024

The scammer knew my name, address, and my vehicle and claimed that my warranty was expired and I needed to call with my mileage and vin to activate my “Vehicle Service Contract”.

• Feb 23, 2024

Von Mumpsviren ist nur ein humanpathogener Serotyp bekannt. Nach einer WHO-unterstützten Nomenklatur von 2012 werden Mumpsviren in die Genotypen A bis N eingeteilt, wobei die customer service number +1 805 301 7042 einzelnen Genotypen geografisch unterschiedlich verbreitet sind: Die Genotypen A, C, D, G und H werden im Wesentlichen in der westlichen Hemisphäre beobachtet, die Genotypen B, F, I, J/K und L vor allem im asiatischen und pazifischen Raum. In Deutschland sind Mumps-Erkrankungen in den letzten Jahren vor allem durch den Genotyp G verursacht worden, dessen Auftreten weltweit zunimmt.

- Seattle, WA, USA • Feb 22, 2024

Vehicle Services Division

Private & Confidential



CALL BY: 02/29/2024

Final Notice





ATTENTION: ******* ***** Please call 1-800-205-2841 with VIN and current mileage before 02/29/2024.

Our records indicate that you have not contacted us regarding the vehicle service contract on your vehicle.

You are receiving this notice because your factory warranty has expired or may be about to expire.

By neglecting to activate your coverage you will be at risk of being financially liable for any and all repairs after your factory warranty expires. However, you still may have time left to activate coverage on your vehicle before it's too late. Final acceptance is subject to your ability to meet eligibility requirements.

This may be our only attempt to contact you about activating your Vehicle Service Contract.

We reserve the right to revoke your eligibility for service coverage if you do not meet our criteria. Call within 5 days to ensure eligibility.


Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson

Program Coordinator


Operating Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm PST, Closed Saturday

Please Call 1-800-205-2841

Se Habla Español 1-800-250-5716

- Denver, CO, USA • Feb 21, 2024

I received a non-descriptive letter in the mail from a person who identified himself as Richard Thomas, Program Coordinator at Vehicle Services Division Private & Confidential. The scammer stated my vehicle warranty was expired or about to expire, and that I needed to contact them at (800) 851-0673 regarding my service contract. It also asked me to provide my VIN number and current mileage before 03/17/2023. The letter did not provide a business name, address, or email, and the envelope did not have a return address. Although this was my first notice, it was marked Final Notice. The notice included a customer ID number for me. The business operating hours were listed as Monday - Friday, 7:00 am-8:pm CST, and Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm.

- Mount Vernon, WA, USA • Feb 21, 2024

I got the 3rd letter so i called to see, person on the phone was med jason, very nice , and talked forever about personal life, then said to renew i would be charged 4500 at 75 dollars a month, bit i was skeptical so i said i would call back, next morning i looked up the number and all the information said it was a scam, then today 02/21/2024 just got another letter by mail signed, sincerely steven wilson proga coordinator

- Saint Helens, OR, USA • Feb 16, 2024

I received several written notifications that the “vehicle coverage” for my vehicle “may be expiring or may have already expired.”

When I called to enquire when I asked questions the answers were vague and then they proceeded to tell me I needed to pay now or would not have another opportunity to have my vehicle covered. They said things like , will end up with huge service bills, they don’t care if we get the service, they were just here for me. There is literally no other information about what is being offered.

- Troy, MI, USA • Jan 26, 2024

Got a postal mail with letter and bank cheque like voucher - registration fee voucher of 199$.

Letter started the vehicle warranty is expiring and need to call urgently . I didn’t call or contact as I know it’s scam

- Chesterfield, NJ, USA • Jan 24, 2024

They don't identity themselves with any company name, email nor address. This one is signed by Andrew Taylor, Program Coordinator. And also a phone number to call: 1-877-205-9492.

It's about our home car, not even under my name as if I was the owner and saying that the guarantee has expired and that if I neglect to activate, I am taking a risk, bla bla bla.

They say that they reserve the right to revoke my eligibility for service. But the true is that we have no business dealing with such person.

- Citrus Heights, CA, USA • Jan 09, 2024

The letter was from someone named Steve Wilson, and he wanted the vin of my car and the mileage. It says that I will no longer have coverage if I don’t

- Summit, NJ, USA • Jan 08, 2024

Mail declares that my automotive insurance may be interrupted and asks to call 888-413-6075

- Lone Tree, CO, USA • Dec 30, 2023

Threatening letter requesting me to call by 1/5/24 about a new vehicle I purchased. They’re claiming that my factory warranty is going to expire. I just purchased my new vehicle 2 weeks ago.

- Thornton, CO, USA • Oct 26, 2023

I purchased a used car from a person about a month ago in Maryland. I had since registered the title and the car in another state, Colorado. I have no idea of how this scammer found out that I have this car. They must have a way of monitoring official records of the various states.

• Oct 19, 2023

Keep on sending letters to my address stating I need to renew my warranty coverage before it expires. I've received around 10 to 15 letters from these fonnys in the past 2 years.
Important Document

• Dec 16, 2023

I received, essentially, the same letter. different phone number. Reported it to the Better Business Bureau. Confirmed with my car salesman this letter did not come from their dealership and is to be assumed as a scam. Confirmed the phone number to be scam too.

- Grants Pass, OR, USA • Sep 27, 2023

Received three letters saying that I haven't activated my coverage (Vehicle Service Contract) for my 2020 Chrysler 300c (which I do not own). Signed Mark Smith

- Jersey City, NJ, USA • Sep 12, 2023

Vehicle Services Division- VIN Request. Letter in mail

• Aug 19, 2023

They have my name, address, vehicle and model.
Also I gave them the vin, miles and my license number
Vehicle Services Division

• Aug 17, 2023

Received letter in the mail. The program coordinator was listed as Richard Thomas. Additional phone number for Spanish was (800) 813-6261.

• Aug 17, 2023

Letter saying I need to call them immediately for a service contract on my vehicle.

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