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Victim Location 98338
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I think I was a victim of the "Can you hear me?" phone scam. Caller claimed her headphones were not working properly. Offered a trip of a lifetime for a 75% discount.

I reminded them I was on the "do not call" list and hung up, but did say "yes?" twice in the conversation.

Victim Location 98136
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Can you hear me....

Victim Location 98532
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Just saw there was a new scam going around and thought i should report the number that called me today. they said their phone was messing up and asked can you hear me. It was a ladies voice and they did a good job covering up that it was a recording.

I haven't noticed anything wrong with my accounts yet but who knows....

Victim Location 97140
Type of a scam Phishing

I was called on my cell phone and the recording began with asking me a question do I'd answer "yes". They were talking about "the warranty that was expiring". It never said for what product, so I hung up immediately.

Victim Location 80922
Type of a scam Phishing

Say they are trying to deliver faxed package to you or someone you know via mailing address and they need your information.

Victim Location 34654
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I listed a table on Craigslist for sale. Received a text from the above # stating interest in "item" I sell on Craigslist often and responded that it was still available. "person" then proceeded to ask me for my name and address so they could send a cashier check for item. I questioned the method of payment and asked who/how would they get the table as I don't ship, they responded with "I will arrange for my mover to come and get it." Then went on to tell me that they would include the $$ for the mover in the cashier check and could they trust me to withdraw the funds to "pay the mover". This is WORD FOR WORD the scam that Craigslist warns you about. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PERSON/NUMBER. The "cashier check" is fake and you will be out the $,the item, and additional $$ you paid their "mover" who is in on it too. Wish I dared to arrange the whole thing and have the police waiting for them when they showed up to pick up the table. Lying, scamming thieves!!!

Victim Location 80007
Type of a scam Online Purchase

[email protected]

Thanks for the text and the interest you have for my puppies. I still have a male and female Yorkie puppies available and are ready for a new home. I have been looking for a home for them for a while now not only a home but forever home for them firstly let me tell you about them. They are both 13 weeks old, they are called Max and Liya. they are all registered with the following animal registration club that is Akc reg and are veterinary checked and vaccinated and have all health records till date and housing documents. I am not out to sell them, all i want is to give them out to a home or family that is able to spoil them with the love and care that they deserve, so all i need of you is to assure me you will take good care of them because i don't want to give my puppies out and discover that they are not handled with care. My reason for giving out these puppies is because i just relocated to Groveport, Ohio for my new job that has a very tight schedule that can't even allow me have time for my own self, i was not expecting my work to be this difficult so i relocated alongside with them. i have been here for a week and some days ago and i thought it wise it will be selfish for me to keep this puppies since i can't dedicate a single hour for them, so i decided to give them out for adoption only to good and loving homes. So you just need to assure me you will take good care of my puppies.

Hope you wont mind telling a little about your self , I will love to know this from you.

Are you married..?

Are you a christian..?

Have you adopted a puppy before..?

what makes you wiling to adopt my puppies..?

Will you take care of them both..?

Will you take them both or just one and Which of them ..?

How soon do you need them home.?

Are you a breeder..?

Do you think on breeding them..?

So if you can stand the chance of taking these puppies, you are going to pay is just the transportation fee of the puppies and that will cost you $240 for one and $310 for both. So please get back to me asap so that we can immediately proceed with the delivery arrangement of the puppies to you .

Thanks and waiting for your reply


Victim Location 70592
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received several phone calls and was told that IRS has filed lawsuit against me, than threatened me with arrest warrant. They have called three times in the month of September. I've hung up the phone every time as I know that they would sent me a letter if this was true.

Victim Location 54942
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I get so many scam calls from the IRS, collection agencies, U.S. govt. grant offers, etc.

Victim Location 35646
Type of a scam Government Grant

Say's that I was eligible for a federal government grant that would be tax free and was mine to use as I pleased.

The grant was for $9,000.00 dollars and I could get it put in my bank account or credit card or cash in hand at my closest Walgreens or CVS drug store and I needed to give them a tracking number before I could receive it and also pay $630.00 dollars . Thought I would let you know about it to let others know.

Victim Location 80236
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Prospective Client: Hello this is Morris, how are you doing today? i will like to book DJ for my daughter birthday please let me know if you are available for the DJ Services, Do you accept check or credit card without Paypal for the payment ?

My Response to Initial Email: I can do check credit card through Paypal or through Square

Prospective Clients Second Email: Thanks for getting back to me, good to hear this i am looking for April 22nd but i don't know maybe the date is open, if the date is open with you that would be okay, also what is your accurate cost for 4 hours service, would be held...........*** Denver CO, 80218, are you okay with the check for the payment, because my credit card does no go with the Paypal and square, looking forward to read from you soon

My Response: It will run $600 for the event. I can take Cash, Check or credit card prior to performance with signed service agreement. We take half down deposit in advance with the service agreement. PS: If your daughter has any specific songs she wants to definitely hear have her put together a list of a few and send them over by email prior to the event date.

(I sent over a service contract attached via PDF download in the email)

Prospective Client response: Thanks for your honest and understanding, I am okay with the cost of $600 for 4 hours does that include processing fee + tax i will give you $50 for your business tips i would need you to do me little favor cause i have a little issue with the payment of the event planing management for the event planing the manager told me he didn't have a credit card machine so i will need you to do me the favor to add her fee together with your fee she has to receive $2700 for the booking of the event planing

My final response: The $600 covers all fees associated with the event, If you want to add in a tip that is fine. I cannot pay out another person through my credit card processor, nor will I overpay myself to then pay someone out of my own pocket. There is a danger that payment may not be processed correctly and if that happens it would be easier for me to eat a performance cost that cost me time and then try and recover the fees after rather than try and recover both the fees for my time and also extra money that I spent out of my own pocket to pay another person as well. This would put me in too vulnerable of a position in terms of both financial terms and tax liability as well. There is also no reason for this in this day and age. Even home based businesses can easily sign up to get paid through SQUARE at or Paypal at or many other payment portals or credit card processing services within minutes. So between now and next week she can easily be taking credit card payments.

I get about 15 of these a month. People say the same things over and over all the time... it's always either a photographer, a venue or an event planner that somehow cannot take credit card payments. I find that very hard to believe since most payments these days are credit card transactions. So if they aren't processing credit card payments then they really aren't in a real business or they need to quickly step it up. I will gladly help her set up her own credit card processing solution rather than keep enabling her to stay in the dark ages.

One of my design clients after years of Paypal payments becoming banned from using Paypal to collect money or use it to to pay through Paypal so I had to set up an account with Square and was paid $1600 to do his website design the same day I set up the account. So there is absolutely no reason she cannot do the same.

If Square or Paypal does not work for her I also have a friend that works for a Credit Card processing company that will be glad to meet with her to get her set up so long as she meets certain requirements for processing per month, which it sounds like she probably does if this one fee is $2700.

ADDITIONAL SIDE NOTE: I constantly get both text messages and emails like these all the time so I sort of knew this was coming but I cannot simply accuse everyone of trying to scam me or I won't stay in business long since I would be also turning away actual concerned customers that have legitimate questions about whether or not I accept credit cards but all the fake ones usually start similarly and by the end are trying to say they need me to "Do Them a Favor" and usually say something like I cannot talk to you by phone as I have a hearing disability, or I am in the hospital so cannot talk by phone or cannot meet etc... Most likely these people are targeting anyone in the entertainment business or the wedding business IE DJs (like myself) Photographers, Make Up Artists, Event Planners, Florists, etc.

Victim Location 77379
Type of a scam Other

Importart Message Regarding Your IRS Data. Immediate Action Required

Today at 3:26 AM


Message body


Dear Tax-payer,

We are reaching out to you in regards to your E-Filing, from the previous year and current year.Our system indicates you have made some changes in your record

and we will like you to Kindly follow the given instructions in order to comply with our new sytem requirements.To avoid future difficulty with Internal Revenue Services.

By filling out the Taxpayer's information that only you and The Internal Revenue Services know, you can feel even more secure with your yearly Refund, knowing all System information is Up-to-date.

To Proceed, Please find attached HTML Web Page.

See Attached for HTML Web Page

Download and Save it to your Device Desktop

Go to Device Desktop to open the HTML Web Page

Continue by Filling your Information

The Internal Revenue Services shall follow-up on Update once submitted, Your Update is Important to us, to avoid any kind of delay with your e-Filing/refund.

The Internal Revenue Service will never share taxpayers personal information with third party.


Internal Revenue Service

Victim Location 27028
Type of a scam Other

People using different vehicles going through Davie County, North Carolina knocking on doors during December 2015. A man holds up a can of Glade, says he is selling Glade OR they pretend to be Kirby vacuum salespeople. There are three men and one woman (driver). Reported vehicles include a blue van, a white van and a purple van. The local police have stopped them and found they have no business license and nothing for sale in the vehicle. One person reported the same people broke into her home last year. They also walk around outside homes while one person knocks on the door. Most citizens have been refusing to let them in and many have called the police. When police are called, the people in the van flee. Another person did let them in and they vacuumed her mattress in a bedroom while the two others stole items from the living room. Many incidents have been discussed on Facebook and citizens are warning each other of the scammers. This happened the same time in 2014 when residents are likely to have expensive gifts under the Christmas trees in homes. These door to door scammers have also been asking women if they are home alone.

Victim Location 40486
Type of a scam Employment

This email has been sent to college students at Eastern Kentucky University via their school email addresses.

Victim Location 99510
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Calling that I won 1.7 million dollars. asking if I am at home and delivery address. I said I do not give that information over the phone and they hung up on me. I called them back to see what business if was. no answer no name of company just wanted me to leave a message and I did not. They called me back and said I won 2.7 million. I said you already told me I won 1.7. earlier. I told them I think this is a scam and they said if I could reach you I would kill you. The call came from Jamaica.

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