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V Tech Solutions

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V Tech Solutions Reports & Reviews (118)

Scammer's phone 408-818-9061,
Country United States
Type of a scam Other
Initial means of contact Phone

I had a voice message from this phone number above stating they were from VTech Solutions and they needed to go over my subscription cancelation and if I did not give them a call back within 24 hours they would charge my credit card $238.45. So I gave them a call. The guy was nice at first but had a very heavy accent.. He said he could walk me thru the process of uninstalling the application from my computer. He wanted me to open Windows Defender. That is when I got a clue that he was a scammer... I told him that Windows Defender is a free app provided by Microsoft. He then asks me to type in in my address bar on google chrome. I did. at first it didnt open so i tried again, It then wanted me to type in a login passcode that the guy gave me, I did not type in the code. I told the guy it didnt work. I am writing all the things down onto paper for my own reference and telling the guy it still isnt working. He then had me type in so I did. That website is for Remote Support and Remote Control. I downloaded like the guy said I would need to do. but when he asked me for the Member ID and the Passcode that came once the download was complete, I again gave him the information, except I changed the passcode number , instead of giving him 33267 I gave him32268. He then said hold on and put me on hold. that is when i hung up and went to the McAfee website looking for their support information. I then google VTech Solutions and found this site. I sure the heck did not give him access to my computer at all. I told him that I purchased my laptop back in like 2012 and Windows Defender came with it and I never ordered any other type of software for my computer. He said he couldnt give me the last four numbers of the so called credit card that I had used.
Once I hung up the phone when he placed me on hold, he called back right away but i didnt answer, in fact he called 7 different times but I let it go to my voice mail. This scamming crap that people do now days is just wrong and not right at all. It makes it hard for people like me who live paycheck to paycheck .. You dont know who to trust anymore, I cant even trust certain family members because of this [censored] and because they have done shady [censored] not only to me but others as well- even though this family member is now clean and sober, I still dont trust them and dont think i ever could again. sad but true.


We got a call from VTech telling us that they were going to charge us $499 for some kind of virus protection and we never ordered it or asked for it we don't even use that on our computer and when I asked the guy what our name was and our account number he got rude and hung up is this really a scam or what this is ridiculous can't they do something about this these guys pulling this crap it's not right and telling us that we can't do anything at our bank that they won't help us and that is a bunch of bull because our bank will not let a charge go through that we didn't authorize and we certainly did not authorize this VTech company they call themselves or solutions. Thanks Melinda

- Phenix City, AL, USA

Scammer's phone 4087551461
Country United States
Victim Location AL 36867, USA
Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a voicemail to call another number back to cancel a subscription for my computer. It says to call back within 48 hours to avoid being charged. I called the number back and the guy wanted me to go to my computer to avoid being charged 499.99 for a service I never subscribed for. And when I refused he became rude and sprucing profanity.

- Ashland, WI, USA

Scammer's phone 1-786-687-5518
Country United States
Victim Location WI 54806, USA
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call informing me I was soon to be charged for a renewal of my “virus protection” plan in the sum of $499.99 to be billed to my credit card if I did not cancel within 48 hours of the message (caller phoned me at 1:45 pm yesterday April 8th). The robotic recording gave me the number 1-786-687-5518 to call. I tried this number twice this morning (between 8:30 and 8:45 only to get a recorded message about completing a survey question followed by the message to wait until the next available representative could take my call. This was repeated 4-5 times over the next 5-7 minutes then I got the message “good bye”. Obviously a scam but now I am nervous about getting charged the $499.99. Bottom line, I do not get my virus protection from VTech...I use a different plan.

- Vergennes, VT, USA

Scammer's phone 786-687-5552
Country United States
Victim Location VT 05491, USA
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call saying I was being charged $486 by Vtech and if I wanted to cancel I should call 786-687-5552 within the next 24 - 48 hours. I called the number and said this is not something I have ordered and do not want it. I was told I had already been charged for it and needed to go to my computer so they could remove it. I stayed my computer was not available and was asked when it would be available, they would call me back. This was a way for them to get access to my computer! I hung up on them and called consumer protection and then the Better Business Bureau. Now here I am wanting to let other people know of this scam! Stay safe, guard your information.


I received a call in the afternoon of 29 March 2021 (Monday) around 2:12 P.M., P.S.T., P.D.T. I couldn't catch the first of the taped message, but I concluded that they were trying to get me to "cancel a subscription" that I never took out. Plus, the call wanted me to "press 1" to "request a refund." I've gone through my programs & I don't recall having anything related to V Tech.

Scammer's phone ‭+1 (786) 687-5512‬
Country United States
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill
Initial means of contact Phone

I was contacted by Vtec solutions for a purchase that I had not attempted. The amount was $499 which is ridiculous and I was given 48 hours to decline. Truly a scam; be aware and do not give out your info.


Another INDIAN scam. The woman who speaks is American, but if you jiggle a call back, you will hear a boiler room with Bongs and nignogs speaking English with thick Indian accents. I pray that cows will fly over you and drop wet dung into your open mouths.


Vtech 1-786-5512. A Robocall scam. The callers are all Indian by the sound of their [***] voices. The criminals running this want you to call them back and finagle you out of personal financial info. Typical of the illegal Indian technical services flooding the electronic media. Thank you Indian Hindus, I pray some cows will fly over your home and drop dung onto your faces.

Received a call Tuesday, 03/09/2021 at 12:02 Central Time on my landline from VTech Solutions via robot naming me as customer ID 7210W and that they would be charging me $499.99 for renewal of my antivirus security. If I want to cancel I must call (786) 687-5488. Right. Area code 786 is located in Southern Florida.


I received a similar call today. The caller ID was 'Pittsburg Steelers'.

I received a call from V Tech Solutions and told to call 786-687-5488 to cancel this account or I would be charged. I dont have an account with V tech Solutions and when I call that number its a busy signal

just received cold call to say they charged me $499 for renewal; have no subscription with V Tech; number calling was 786-687-5524; i know it is a scam; just passing this along so maybe V Tech can look into this further; sorry they are using your good name.

- Covington, VA, USA

Scammer's phone 17866875524
Scammer's address VA, USA
Country United States
Victim Location VA 24426, USA
Type of a scam Tech Support

they called said i owe 499.85 for maintenance services on computer have not had any services from them they trying to collect money for a service they never provided its a scam needs stopped

- Moline, MI, USA

Scammer's phone 786-687-5476
Scammer's address MI, USA
Country United States
Victim Location MI 49335, USA
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call from V-Tech solutions stating that I owe $399.40 for an order I allegedly place. I have 48 hours after this notification on February 18 @ 1:48 p.m. to call 776-687-5476 to cancel. I am not going to call because I don't trust this. Will I really be charged if I Ido nothing?


So, these people are professional scammers. They told me that I owed 499 from v-tech which I never used. They called me yesterday saying that something is wrong with my computer. They told my patient that same thing and got about 20,000 out of her. Unfortunately these scammers are hard to trace so if they take your money there is nothing no one can do about it. So, it is best to avoid unknown numbers.

Received a voicemail from a robot saying will charge $299 for covet antivirus and if I don't cancel this within 48 hours I will be charged. We do not have their software and they do not have our information.

I received a possible spam call, did not answer and received this VM.
“24 hours you will see a charge from the tech solution if you want to cancel this subscription and want to refund then please call on this number 1-925-529-3662 cancellation should be done within the 48 hours upon receiving this confirmation call thank you this is Shelby Thomas customer relationship manager…”
I called back and was told I would have to be in front of my computer to provide my computer ID information when I told him that I didn’t know what account this was or which computer I would have to login from he told me all computers. When I asked him from for a timeframe of this account being initiated he was frustrated and told me that I needed to call back when I’m in front of my computer and hung up on me when I called back two more times I received the voicemail and no answer.


Type of a scam Tech Support

These people called and left s voicemail and when i called them back they never answered with the business name. When i asked how they got my number they would not tell me all they kept saying is that i need to get to my computer off i want a refund. I said don’t you need a card or something and the guy said no that he could give me a refund through my computer. I said no and then he hung up on me. I called back 5 times and all those times he hung up on me. And never have met his name or the business name

Received a call this morning on my cell phone-showed Spam Risk so I didn't answer. Computer generated voice left a message saying that I would see a charge within 24 hours from V Tech Solutions and if I want to cancel the subscription and want to refund, please call 1-202-855-9677. It continued that cancellation should be done within the 48 hours upon receiving this confirmation call. Mine also gave a name-Sean Wilson, customer relationship manager. I've never even heard of these people.


Received a robo call saying that VTech would charge my account in 24 hours. If I want a refund or to cancel, I should call 202-217-6099 within 48 hours.. At the end they said "this is Peter William, Customer Relationship Manager" Riiiigghtt! I figured it was a scam and left VTech a VM about it. Seems they are not answering their phones despite calling during business hours. Wondering if they are being inundated with these calls.


I received the same exact call this morning. Although I haven't tried calling back.

I received a message on my answering machine 12/16/20 from #317-520-1583 stating that the message was from Vtech anit-virus security and that Vtech Solutions had renewed my 1 year subscription for $249.99. If I did not want to renew I was to call 1-317-520-1583 to cancel, otherwise it would be showing up (but did not say on which card). Definitely a robot call/voice.
Instead of calling I used Google to investigate. Found y'all. Reporting this.

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