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V Tech Solutions

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V Tech Solutions Reports & Reviews (118)

Victim Location 30054
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a call from a robot-sounding voice that said it was from V Tech (spelling?). They have renewed my antivirus software (I don't have any from them) and my credit card will show a $399 charge within 24 hours. I must call (203) 516-7380 within 24 hours if I don't want it. The computer-voice gave me a customer I.D. Which was too garbled to even begin to make out. I did not call.

Victim Location 45152
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a voicemail 11-26 12:34pm from Peter Patrick with Vtech Solutions calling about an anti-virus check and that if I didn't call back in 48 hours I would be charged $399. He told me to call back 213-338-4183, but the number that pulled up on the caller ID at that time was 303-168-4632.

Victim Location 43613
Type of a scam Tech Support

Was told I was going to be billed $399.00 unless I contacted them about Microsoft virus protection, they were very convincing in describing how my account with microsoft was going to be stopped unless I paid this..told them I didn't want/care about this protection and wanted to cancel it, they talked me into opening my computer to cancel this service and I proceeded to follow thier instructions and soon my computer was no longer operating under my control, they then wanted me to give info so they could "refund" my money through Western Union, I knew I was hoodwinked, I had a bad feeling all along about the call, but didn't follow my gut feeling as I should have, I know better, or so I thought, I didn't give them any info as I knew then I was being played, they then got beligerant with me, swearing, laughing, name calling, I ended up hanging up on them, my computer w[censored]d out, everything was gone...called a computer company and took it in to see if it can be restored....Please do not fall for these scams, I never thought this could/would happen to me, be careful, I now know it can happen to anyone....The only money I will loose is the money I have to pay to get my computer fixed, whatever that may be, and I might add all the stress and worry about what they have or don't have off my computer....please be careful...

Victim Location 64014
Type of a scam Phishing

They left a message on my phone that said they charged me $399 for a computer security service. I needed to call back within 24 to 48 hours or they would not be able to refund the money. I called back after a week as I was out of town. The person on the line indicated in a sort of way that they are connected with Windows. They first want you to get into your computer and then they will tell you how to get your money back. I asked where they got my info and what account they had charged me the $399 from, he said that it was my checking account through my debit! I checked the account while I was on the line and as I thought there was no charge they just want access to your computer to get your account info. This needs to be advertised so people do not do this. They also said if I did not let them help me It was illegal and I would be charged by and someone else.

Victim Location 53578
Type of a scam Phishing

Left this voicemail on internet phone voicemail: "Four hours you will see a charge from V Tech solution if you want to cancel the subscription and want a refund then please call on this number 1-203-590-7626. Cancellation should be done within the 48 hours upon receiving this confirmation call. Thank you. This is Charles Lewis customer relationship manager."

Victim Location 76903
Type of a scam Tech Support

Recorded on my answer machine .....Received call 10/1/2019. Informed antivirus security is being auto renewed by v tech solutions & $399 will be added to my account unless call to cancel within 24 hours. 203-484-3613

Victim Location 79109
Type of a scam Phishing

A female senior, received multiple robocalls from someone claiming to be from Vtech. The audio told me I need to call in the next 48 hours, and renew my subscription, or my account will be charged $399. She did not speak with a representative or give any information to the caller. She called BBB, and gave permission to publish her experience on Scam Tracker.

Victim Location 67204
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a robocall from a guy claiming to be from V Tech solutions telling me that if I did not want additional charges to come out of my account that I needed to go online and cancel with them. I never ordered anything from this company and when I called the company directly they know nothing about the phone calls. When I call the guy back at the number he called me from sometimes he does not answer as V Tech Solutions and asks me why I'm calling him.

Victim Location 49721
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

A Harris Parker, Customer Relationship Manager, called to tell us that our anti-virus had been updated. Our credit card was to show the fee of $399.00. If we wanted to cancel to do it within 48 hours by calling 1-210-556-1312. I called the number...a man with quite a heavy accent (& no, I’m not anti-any nationality) answered the call with a “Hello”...not even a business was named. He said he was Harris Fuller. To cancel I needed to open my computer to give him my information because it would have to be done by me on my computer. He just kept repeating the request about opening my computer so I eventually hung up my phone.


Victim Location 74129
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was on Facebook's site.Readers said to call this number.There are several numbers that they used.5595409195.They are all from India.They care very computer savvy.They promised to help me& say don't worry we will fix it for you.They have you to download their app...showing you the problem...after a while they say the only solution is to go to CVS or Dollar General & get a $200,500 of $1,000 gift card & give them the numbers then they can bypass Facebook since I'm blocked & then that would restore my Facebook Marketplace acct. get back on Facebook Marketplace.,They really seem to tell you what the problem is.Only to scam you out of your mony.Then when you call them back...They don't answer o r Will keep hanging up on you.Then they will call back to say the card is bad can u get 2 more..Then they will call u back asking did u get a refund & give them your acct for a try to get more money...Do not take a chance...They are harden criminals!!!!

Victim Location 33140
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Tech Support

They threatened to lock my laptop and delete all of my files after I asked for a refund for their tech support.

They are criminals who should be locked up. I paid them with an iTunes gift card and on a PayPal card. They said they didn't accept credit cards.

Victim Location 33140
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Tech Support

They call you tell you your computer is infected log into a rescue site and say they fixed your issue. Then they request payment via apple iTunes gift card. Then they call you to try to say the business is closing and they will refund money if you accept payment from your bank which I refused. So they corrupted my files and laptop so I had to hire another repair company to retrieve my files and use my laptop. They continue to call they advertised on Google Under Lenovo Tech support.

Victim Location 49012
Total money lost $4,000
Type of a scam Tech Support

Was on computer when Internet locked, piercing alarm sound, and pop-up screen from Software Solutions stating on 02/28/2017 though July 2016 was a different error problem; otherwise same verbage:

This site says…


Error: Virus – Trojan Backdoor Hijack #365838d7f814fa5

IP: Browser: Chrome ISP: TDS Telecom

Please call computer system technician immediately on: 855.235.8214

Please do not ignore this safety alert. Your Microsoft System Has Been Compromised. If you close this page calling us, your computer access will be disabled to prevent further damage and your data from being stolen.

Unfortunately I clicked Okay button instead of X and so froze all of my computer, not just Internet. I was frazzled already from something else, plus suffer from mental illness (anything to excuse my stupidity begun July 2016). I called the number and calm Indian (Asian) male voice (always been male voices but never same name, always first names), asked problem, said was Microsoft product provider and support partner, gave me what looked like legitimate website at time (though now it has running line warning of scams at top), so I allowed access, especially because I couldn't power off my computer or get the darn alarm off (forgot how to access volume). I clicked it off, pulled up error log, pointed out some problem (I'm clueless), did stuff to clear it.

Asked about my virus protection. I'd just moved after my husband's death, couldn't find software and husband had been in charge of all that. He convinced me (and my mother with whom I live) to purchase life-time virus protection at reduced cost for seniors of $399. Only accept debit. (Much later saw they had charged full price $529). Very professional, soothing all my screaming instincts about scams, posting on desktop shortcuts to vetch support, receipt, etc. Initially all links worked and I didn't try again until several months later at which time all were deactivated.

In October 2016 was contacted by them, and tech guided me to check error log myself and when I listed what there, was extremely concerned and requested permission to access computer to fix major security problem, explaining he had called because just such a breach had been occurring, so sorry, and so he wanted to refund my initial deposit and then allow me evaluate a new program. He knew $399 amount (not what actually had been taken but this amount was on supposed receipt he could access from my desktop), knew my security number given by company. Long story short, despite instincts otherwise, led by nose to type in $399 despite not wanting to do so. He had me check my bank account to determine if refund showed as deposit (I can't believe I actually did it) and it showed $3,999 added to my total (oh, he had had me check my deposit first so I could see difference and then again).

I'm horrified and he's barking in distressed tones about what I've done to him since this was from his supervisor's personal account and what was he going to do, he was going to lose his job, and I'm yelling over top him I hadn't wanted to do it, why had he made it. Then he tells me to stop yelling at him and I tell to stop yelling at me. He becomes all humble and downcast.

Long story made short, I continued to [censored]ic ways despite everything telling me not to and ended up wiring money via WalMart money order and then went to Walgreen's to do Western Union, all while having to him at certain number to verify what I was doing. I actually called my bank to verify it wasn't a scam even though I'm sending it to some other name through Monaco. Yeah, how could I be so stupid, I don't know. Guilt works on me.

He's supposed to call me next day and doesn't. By that point, bank account shows never had been original deposit of $3,999, of course, and I've lost more than that entire amount. Feeling so utterly stupid, I compounded error and never contacted bank though did send complaint BBB who said company not with them and could do nothing. (However there is a site with a link to BBB with A+ accreditation.)

I also emailed support of Vtechgeek about situation with names and phone number given. Was called the next day and told no one hired by them, etc. He tried to sell me additional protection for some type somehow not covered in initial purchase for $199 (one year) or $299 (two years). I did not do so. Stupidly, I asked this guy to check my computer for safety. I was so weary that even though I saw him using free site, I just let him continue without my observing since the scan still running.

Later returned, my computer was locked, wouldn't accept my password. Took to computer store who discovered a lot of Chinese characters and also learned scam had basis in China as well as India.

In addition, tech had completely wiped my computer of ALL personal files--word documents, pictures, etc. At least I had back up for part of it.

A couple weeks later contacted by another rep about fact that certain security updates (supposedly these were done every month) not being downloaded and he needed to check to determine reason not happening.

Despite my screaming at him and slamming down phone (broke it), I've been called six-plus times since about same problem, last one just yesterday. Then today comes this new pop-up screen, etc.

Victim Location 15823
Type of a scam Tech Support

I had an error message pop up on my computer screen and was not able to do anything on my computer until I called above 877 number. This was Aug 6, 2016, at that time I had to purchase a plan to protect my computer. Last week, this same message came up on my computer again. I called the number again, and since the protection plan did not work, I would be reimbursed the original $300 plus plan and had to purchase the new and improved plan for $499. I was to be reimbursed before the new plan was deducted, but that has not happened. I was deducted for the new plan the next day, and now a week later, I have still not been reimbursed and when I try to call the 877 number, I get that the person is unavailable, and a series of beeps, and the line goes dead.


Victim Location 91710
Total money lost $639.99
Type of a scam Tech Support

: This company operates a scam, by lying and claiming that they are authorized by Microsoft to repair your computer. Yesterday morning I was online and my browser was frozen. An error message popped up with a phone number stating that I must call them immediately or I would lose my data and there was a virus attacking my personal information. I called the number and the person asked what the issue was. My computer was completely frozen. Then he asked to take remote control of the computer in order to conduct repairs. I asked who he worked for and he said VTech Geek Support Solutions and he said he is authorized by Microsoft to make the repairs. He showed me a list viruses that was attacking my system and said that my McAfee was inadequate. He also asked how old I was and if I'm very computer savvy and replied not at all. Then he offered me three payment options. one for a one time fix of 249.99 and a 199.99 for a 5 year subscription and 299.99 for a lifetime coverage. I tried to say I will call him back but he insisted this need to be taken care of immediately so I opted for the lifetime coverage. He said I needed to give him a check number and give him my account number but I wouldn't and took my Master card instead total 639.99. Then technicians completed the so called repairs. Then the technician was very eager to have me do a "cloud" contract with VTech Geek Support and get my signature. I signed the agreement since with them to charge my credit card for the payment. It is a scam. They find people they can hack into, freeze their computers and then offer to repair it.

Desired Settlement: I would like a complete, total refund, since I was lied to and signed the "cloud" contract based upon the false claim by VTech Software Solutions and I that nowhere is it stated that this is a lifetime contract and they took advantage of a 54 year old man.

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