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Unknown Reports & Reviews (1285)

Victim Location 98366
Type of a scam Phishing

Reminded me of the "yes" scam going on but they spoke in French. The only word I understood was "oui" Thought it could have been my son calling as he is stationed overseas. At this time, haven't noticed any changes in credit cards or bills. I'm not sure if they were out for money or what but just seemed fishy.

Victim Location 60901
Type of a scam Tax Collection

caller leaves a message stating there is an arrest warrant for me and my property is being monitored to return the call right away. states they are from the i r s.

Victim Location 48307
Type of a scam Phishing

Asked for you repeat the company name and then asked "is that correct"

Victim Location 91801
Type of a scam Phishing

the caller called out my first name over the phone, after i reply the word "yes", the caller hung-up the phone right away, i think this is a "yes" scam

Victim Location 16002
Type of a scam Phishing

I have received calls 2 days in a row from a "Joe" using two different agencies he was representing. He stated he was on a recorded line and asked if I could hear him. I have heard of the potential scam where they are trying to record you saying yes. I did not says yes but asked a question who was he with again. Both time I was hung up immediately. I called both numbers back and it gets an auto recording. One option is to have name removed from do not call list and the other option is to speak with a customer representative. I tried the customer rep option and it said all reps were busy and to email [email protected]

Victim Location 90045
Type of a scam Phishing

Caller tried to say my name to which I responded, "Yes?", but he immediately hung up. I called the number back several times but it went straight to a recording saying the mailbox is full. I'm concerned that this could very well be the scam that's going around, where the caller makes you say the word "Yes" to record it, then use it as proof of your consent for charges you didn't purchase. The call just happened so I wouldn't know if I were a victim of this scam so for now I'm only able to report the phone number of the caller.

Victim Location 85730
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call from the above listed number, which I think is the "Can you hear me?" phone scam. She said "Hi, this is Brook calling with (inaudible) on a recorded phone line, can you hear me okay?"

Victim Location 44319
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Recording says "Please say yes if you want to learn more about retractable awnings" then hangs up. When you call back, the recording says Hello and thank you for calling, if you'd like to be placed on a do not call list for the number that called you, please press 1 now."

Victim Location 44410
Type of a scam Other

Automated phone call asking questions trying to record my responses

Victim Location 44240
Type of a scam Identity Theft

States they are calling from the IRS needing thousands of dollars sent to them via Western Union to avoid jail time

Victim Location 64429
Type of a scam Phishing

Phone caller asked if I could hear him.

Victim Location 80241
Type of a scam Tax Collection

This woman has called me for the past four years right around tax time. She claims to be a person who has been givien my personal business matter for handling and states that I need her to call me right away. She never describes who she works for or what it's regarding she gives the phone number listed above and gives this extension to dial 1246366. I have called back years past and she told me I had a warrant for my arrest. Feeling panicked I went to my local sheriffs office and they confirmed I have no such warrant. This is very frustrating and embarrassing as she calls people I haven't talked to in years.

Victim Location 06484
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

This was a robocall that sounded like a real person. It went through the "can you hear me now?" type thing and mentioned having trouble with their headset. I didn't realize what it was until I'd unfortunately already said yes to one of the questions. Once I realized it was automated I hung up and looked up the number to find others had reported a similar issue with the number and read multiple articles about the scam.

Victim Location 91911
Type of a scam Phishing

Called and asked if I was the homeowner and I said "yes" (I was expecting a home improvement call) and now I'm worrying that they recorded the "yes" and will try to scam me in some way.

Victim Location 48118
Type of a scam Phishing

Note that all calls were made from the 734 area code but that they looked like a local call because no area code showed up in the caller ID. Also note that my phone number is registered on the “Do not call list.” I did report this to TXXXX ZXX of the xxxxx Sheriff’s Office.

The first call was when I was expecting a call from the hospital and fell for the “can you hear me” to which I replied “Yes”. That call was at 12:39pm on 4/3/2017, caller ID 648-6062, from a person who called himself ‘Joe’ and asked “can you hear me”, when it dawned on me that I had fell for the “can you hear me” scam I had read about I hung up. I was upset with myself for falling for something I was warned against and tried calling the number back and could not believe it when Joe answered. I explained why I called him back and told him about the scam. He said no he was reading from a script and was calling because my number had been given to find more information and did anyone in the house have mobility issues. I replied no and hung up.

Second call 7:21pm 4/3/2017 caller ID 245-9531 from the same person. I asked if this was Joe, he finally said yes and he was pitching something else. I hung up.

Third call 9:21am 4/5/2017 caller ID 245-9579 “Hi this is Brook I’m calling on a recorded line can you hear me OK?” I responded “no” “hello” and they hung up. I called Txxx of the xxxx Sheriff’s office and let her know about the call.

4th call 3:54pm 4/5/2017 caller ID 245-9583 “Hi, this is Joe and this line is being recorded how are you today”? me “this call has been reported to the Washtenaw County Sheriff” they hung up - I called the number back - music played then Joe came on saying the call was being recorded and ask how I was doing? I replied that this was the FBI calling and asked for their real name, no answer, I than said this is the FBI calling from the residents and what is your real name and what company are you representing – they hung up!

Victim Location 99352
Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Answered cell, there was a pause after answering and about to hang up but a voice said said, "oh, sorry...can you hear me now, I had a problem with my headset. Because you stayed at one of our..." and I asked to be on the no call list, and it was then I realized it was a not a "live" call. It had authentic sound quality like a live call. Like a dummy I answered...and I know better, but was in a hurry. It appeared to be a local call...I don't usually answer unknown numbers. Damn.

Victim Location 68144
Type of a scam Phishing

phone call with, "Oh, so sorry. I'm having trouble with my headset" I stupidly said "yes" when she said hello for the second time.

Victim Location 34243
Type of a scam Phishing

I have been receiving calls from telephone number (408) 740-8753 for the past two weeks. I normally just ignore thre call. Today on the 4th call from this number I decided to answer. The person on the other end was quiet at first then he said "Hello" and I responded with "Yes". He didn't say anything after that. i said hello a couple more times and decided to hang up... Now I'm concerned this was a Scam..

Victim Location 70461
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a call from a person saying, "This is Josh with customer service. Can you hear me okay? You have been selected....." I hung up. Concerned it is related to the reported scams where the caller records your voice saying "yes" and then charges accounts with your recorded "permission".

Victim Location 72756
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Called and stated they were my credit card company and needed to talk to me (recording said to press 1 to speak with someone) so i pressed 1 to tell them they weren't my credit card company because i dont have one and to loose my number.

When I asked how they got my info the guy started saying RRRRR to speak over me and would not answer my questions. I would not give him personal info.

I called the number back to see if i could get ino on who called me. I received the same treatment same thing except this time the guy tried to tell me I owned the credit card company $200 and wouldnt tell me who i owe it to and how he knows who i am because we didnt verify any info. and I didnt give any.

Called a 3rd time to get him to loose my info and it went to voice mail name on the voicemail is cory brand.

The number will be blocked on my cell phone. I do not wish to hear from this guy again and he needs to be stopped before someone is scammed out of real money.

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