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Sweepstakes Reports & Reviews (123)

- High Point, NC, USA • Sep 19, 2023

The scammer said I had won money through publishers Clearing house. Gave me a badge number confirmation pin. He wanted my phone number because I blocked my number. Then towards the end of the call they wanted to know the name of my bank so they could put my bank on the back of my check. When I refuse this they hung up on me. I screenshotted the tag I was tagged in and his Facebook page. The name of the person I contacted had the same first name as the person that tagged me but a different last name.

- Palmer, TN, USA • Sep 15, 2023

Michael Benjamin said I had won 8.5 million from Publishers Clearing House, that I needed to send a money order for $700 to Merchants Bankers Vera Thomas. Before they would deliver my winning package.

- Oelwein, IA, USA • Sep 14, 2023

Claimed i won 18.5 million and 2023 Mercedes, from the Publisher Clearing House,and he was a investgator and said my prize wasnt claimed by me within 90days so there's a detention fee for them to release my check ,needed $280.00 to do that!

- Phoenix, AZ, USA • Sep 12, 2023

I won 2.5 million in publishers clearinghouse needed to purchase a MoneyPak card for 350.00 so they could enter into the briefcase when they deliver my prize.

- Boone, IA, USA • Sep 06, 2023

The guy's name was attorney David Maxwell he gave a claims number of 925us and a badge number of 840-9217. He claimed that the winnings were a $500,000 cashier's check $5,000 for life and a Mercedes-Benz. They sent an email using the name Barbara masche and she was going to be issuing the $5,000 a week. They tried to get money to send the money to me and they tried to tell me that I had to use the bank account that they were setting up for me to have the money deposited too.

• Aug 18, 2023

Voicemail stated that I had won 1 of top 3 prizes from entry filled out over 18 months ago. Sean Mitchell would be available at #3362522819 ext.440. Same as other post, Truck, 70" tv or 3 night stay. Go to Piedmont Pky address to listen to promotion and use Claim # TVM45-107. Must be a couple. We didn't go to Greensboro

• Aug 10, 2023

An individual that stated she was from Publishers clearing house, Mary, called me and stated that I had won $7.5 Million dollars and a 2023 Mercedes Benz. I was told all I needed to do was go to Dollar General and purchase a gift card for $500 and read off the information. I did get the gift card and gave her the information, after I did that she told me that I needed to apply for a loan to cover the insurance and fees for the winnings and vehicle. At that point, I knew I had been scammed and refused to do the loan and I called the Publishers clearing house phone line and ask if I had won or if they had record, they said no and she told me that is because it was a cancelled winning, the prior winner did not qualify for the winnings and it was reassigned to me. I told her to donate my winnings to a charity and not to call back again. I am out the $500, but it could have been worse.

• Aug 07, 2023

They said that a grant for senior citizens by applying through this entity They wanted you to purchase a Apple gift card in the amount of $550.00

• Aug 06, 2023

Online site used for in game items from counter strike global offensive. In games skins cost anywhere from 1$ to 100,000$. Basicly you put your skins in to pull out more skins. On this site however no matter how many skins you put in it would never give you anything out or tell you you have a balance amount. When you contact support its the individual running the site telling you to continue putting in more to have your balanced unlocked. In sum i put in 30 dollars worth of items. Not a huge loss but i would hate for someone else to put in more and loose a lot more than me . Note their is no business phone number associated so i inputted a random 1 variation to complete report.

• Jul 20, 2023

Email stating to be a person who won a $70 Powerball and wants to award cash to 20 individuals and email signifies that $150K has been selected for my phone number. Text Mr. Ronald the powerball agent at 860-280-8949 to claim winnings

• Jul 14, 2023

This company uses deceptive borderline illegal sales tactics. I am sure if they lie to potential customers in mail fliers they do worse when negotiating a deal. I received a mailer saying I had won $5000. I thought it was a scam so I called the number to confirm I had won. I went to the store still assuming it was a scam but for the chance at $5000 I had to make sure. Sure enough, scam. They said they would mail me a $5 dollar gift card but it doesn’t come close to compensating the time it took to drive out there.

- High Point, NC, USA • Jun 22, 2023

Scammer called using phone number (336)7386645. He claimed his name was James Hill and he was from Publishers Clearing House. He identified my address, saying I won 6.9 million dollars and a 2023 Ford Yukon. He tried to instruct me to go to a grocery store and take out 2 gift cards for 500 dollars each and call the phone number (929)6070693 to give him the codes on the gift cards. The scammer had an Indian accent but tried to make it sound Midwestern. When the scammer realized I knew it was a scam he hung up. The phone number with the 929 area code was called to verify it was the same scammer, and he hung up when he realized it was me.

- Carnesville, GA, USA • Jun 20, 2023

Keeps calling my husband saying he won a mercades benz and 15 million plus 5,000 a week for life but we have to give him 5,000 before he can bring us the money and car

- Gainesville, GA, USA • Jun 15, 2023

11:55a.m. I received a phone call on my mobile phone from a "Stacey Young" at 706.290.1075, who said he was the Package Director with American Cash Rewards. He gave me his badge# 75701, a P.C.N. 011552635703U.S. A PIN# 535622, and a tracking# 246801268. The Cash Reward van would be at my door at 3:30pm to present my check for $2.5 million and a 2023 BMW. "David White" called at 11:59 a.m. Caller ID had him listed in Rome, GA. He was the Program Director, calling from "Nevada" at 725.800.2376. He asked me to transfer the program cost from my bank, which was $7749 in taxes, but for me, they decreased the taxes to $ 599.00. I told them I had to have their email to receive the money so they game me the email-- [email protected] and it has a woman's picture to identify it. The program was called "Set 4 Life" and I would receive $ 2500 every 3 months for the rest of my life. I hung up saying I would transfer $ 100, because that was all I had left in my my grocery account. They called me back 32 times after I told them that it was a scam. This morning they have called 3 times before 0647 a.m.

- Vicksburg, MS, USA • Jun 07, 2023

Sent a email to my Gmail account saying that I have won a prize for $1500 and in order to get it I had to play first 50 dollars and then as soon as the transaction was supposed to take place they asked for another 150 dollars stating that the prize had multiplied to 3000 dollars and I needed to post another 200 dollars to receive the prize

- Diberville, MS, USA • May 23, 2023

A card was sent in the mail for me to call and collect my free Visa card and called and they wanted a credit card number to transfer the funds to and to get a payment for the one time activation fee but I told him to cancel and hung the phone up

• May 23, 2023

Victim was phoned several times from (260)296-3903 and identified as Publisher's Clearinghouse. The names were Deborah Holland and Dave Sawyer. Promised the victim $5K a week and a new car, if he sent them $1000 via gift cards. Victim sent $700 via gift cards. Was contacted again asking for a wire transfer of over 22,000. The bank declined this. Victim then sent check for same amount which was also denied by bank.

- Phoenix, AZ, USA • May 22, 2023

Fake contest and a reward

- Greensboro, NC, USA • May 13, 2023

He sad have I ever heard of publishers clearing house and said I have I was not going to say yes to none of his questions and he ask me if I have ever been contacted and I said I have and he ask what I said I called BBFP he ask me what happened with that and I said to him why are you worried about what happened with that if you are a publisher clearing house representative you should what to ask if I’m interested in getting supposedly my 135.000$ pluse a cash bonus of 10.000$ and got upset and told I’m not interested in this and he told me to suck his you know what his Di- k and told him to tell his moms to do it and he kept calling me back so I block him and contacted you all he used the name Michael Williams and the # he was calling from was 580-366-2677

- San Marcos, CA, USA • May 12, 2023

The scammer attempted to give away a supposed "free cello", claiming it was stored in Maine and asked for my home address when I expressed interest. They also used a supposed email from a moving company, JC Movers, but I highly doubt it was a real email judging by the following sentences at the end of the quote.

"You are required to get back to us by choosing your preferred Shipping plan and also select your preferred payment option from the list of options below: Zelle, Cashapp, Apply Pay"

For reference, the email used to possibly pose as the moving company was [email protected]

In the initial email where I expressed interest, the scammer used three of the four same pictures as they did when the flier was posted.

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