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Publishers Clearing House

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Publishers Clearing House Reports & Reviews (1651)

Receive a phone call from 292-656-6757 supposedly from "Publisher Clearing House". I called the number back and spoke to a person with a foreign accent, I became wary that this is scam.

My mother received a phone call from someone claiming to be publishers clearing house saying she had won 12 million dollars and that they needed her to call an extension so they could deliver the check to her. I told her not to answer those people.

I got an automated message from Mr. Goldberg congratulating me on my Publisher's Clearing House win, for $5000 a week for life, and a gas card. My prize number is 85647 and I should call 346-262-4458 to claim my prize. I have had my identity stolen four times: once with Experian, Mt Carmel East, Central Ohio Medical, then I had a credit card stolen and used to purchase merch in FL which was sent overseas.

I received a check $4950 from Publisher's Clearing House for prize. The check is to cover legal administrative fees to the government. It is signed by Ted Wilson, Chief Financial Officer. The prize will be delivered to me when all of the fees have been met. I am to contact my claims manager before I deposit the check. it includes a telephone number and security code. The claims managers are Jim Green and Joyce Fisher. I am precluded from discussing the prize with thrid parties.


I got a message from a friend on Facebook who sent me to a site for winning money. Agent Morgan Smith, Online Claiming Agent, in Florida, device ID 048a5tc417e2ed79. He works for Publishers Clearing House. He says I've won money, sent me a list for me to choose how much I would like to win. I could get $5 million if I paid $50,000. He asked me if there were any stores around. He wants me to buy a $50 gift card to get $10,000 from Walgreens, Walmart or Dollar Store. He said the winnings would be delivered by Fed Ex. He told me to keep it from public. I gave him my mailing address and phone number. He is sending me IM through FB private messages.

A male contacted my mother by a landline stating that she was a winner of $650k. He advised that she should keep this private and confidential and not to tell anyone. However, to "claim" her prize, she needed to go to Walmart or Walgreens within 30 mins to an hour and get gift cards in the amount of $499. She received several calls from this subject asking if she had gone to Walmart or Walgreens yet; and in one he advised that the people bringing her money were trying to find her house. He stated that "they" and Steve Harvey had driven by and even spoke about the car/camper in her drive.

Michael ***** ** the alleged contact of a letter received on what looks like PCH letterhead. They sent a fake check marked.

Received a call today from someone who said I had won 5.5million and i needed to send some money through a vanilla gift card in order to register me through the state of Illinois in order for me to obtain my winnings. I was supposed to call them back today with the card numbers and I would have the millions deposited into my account on Wednesday. I was told to get 3 cards for $500 each and call back 402-235-8709 to get registered.

They asked if I had a checking or savings account and which bank i used. They did not get any account information from me.

Scammers pretended to be publishers clearing house with require winnings or ask for personal information and then try to access both accounts

Got a robot call telling me that I won 6 million and a new Lincoln car . I am supposed to call the number to claim my prize.

I get calls from James Peterson at Publisher's Clearing House all the time. He tells me I have won millions. My claim #4880105. He wants me to get a Walgreens gift card to pay the taxes.

Publishers Clearing House called about my prize. They asked me to go to CVS or Walgreens to a prepaid card for $375. Then I call them back so they can activate the card and they will put $15000 on the card. Then later today or tomorrow they will be out to my house with the grand prize of $750,000.

Individual called claiming to be with PCH and wanted the consumer to purchase 2 $500 gift cards to send to him before he could receive the money that was promised.

I haven't participated in PCH sweepstakes in decades. Last night my husband handed me and envelope with only a CA. postmark and a computer generated label with my name on it. There was no return address. Suspicious.
I opened it to find a check for $8155 and a photocopied letter with several high profile logos on it saying I won $2.5 million. Supposedly, this check was to cover insurance and attorneys fees. It mentions several other lottery games and Reader's Digest. The spelling is atrocious. I don't play these games but I know not one of those entities are affiliated in any way. It was signed by Richie Jenkins.
I took a look at the check and bad information jumped off the check IMMEDIATELY.
1) The maker of the check is an online prescription company.
2) The address to the company was wrong.
3) The routing number was incomplete and wrong.
4) It was written over 30 days ago.
5) The only true and correct information on this "check" is my name and address.
6) The check number at the top and at the bottom do not match.
7) And most importantly, any check I have ever received from a corporate entity has 2 parts-the check & the stub which contains advice of payment. This is not present.
Because of all of this, I didn't call the person named in the letter. What would be the point?
On Monday I intend to take the check to Wells Fargo and let them know that they are being used in a scam. I will also call the pharmaceutical co. and let them know that someone used a forged check with their name on it.
Scam Letter
Scam Letter
Scam Letter


Frank Morgan ID number009FM called and told me that I won the Publishers Clearing House grand praise of $2.8 million and a 2022 Mercedes Bends and all I need to do is pay the 1% tax that the state requires of $785. In the form of a gift card or cashiers check. I would need to go to a Walmart or Walgreens. He gave me a bunch of names and numbers: a lawyer, Mary Bell; UPS driver, David Sayer; package hold number 336 745 0953 USA; tracking number, 336 745 0973 USA; Claiming number 447 736 969 01 USA

John Miller

Badge # 90115pch

I received a letter from Publisher's Clearing House. The letter says to contact my claims manager before depositing the check into my checking account. The letter said to kep it strictly confidential, and I am precluded from discussing the winnings with a third party. I called and spoke to John Thompson. He had a heavy accent. I could not understand him very well. I deposited the check, and called him back. He told me to go to the bank and withdraw $4500. He said to make two envelopes and label them A and B and seal them up so they can't be opened. He said to send them overnight express to Lawrence *********, * ******* *******, Newark, NJ 07108. He said to take the envelope around to the side and put the envelopes into the mailer, then take it back to the counter and tell the clerk it's legal documents.


I got them same one. Didn't call the name on the letter.

I got a call from Publisher's Clearing House today. He said I had won $10,000 a week for life. I asked how much it would cost. He said he just wanted me to fill out a form to take delivery. I asked how I had been chosen as I don't enter. He said "You go shopping". He said his name was Mark Anderson. he said his number was 719-999-4341. My pkg number is 7193245US. He said he would be in till 8:30 pm.


Entered by Staff - LJ - 1-10-22

I answered a phone call on my landline yesterday which was Sunday from Publishers Clearing House. Callers name was John Washington. He said I won $2.5 million. He did not ask for money or personal information. He said he would call me back today at 9:00 A.M. It is past 9:00 and he has not called back. He gave me a call back number 641-298-8516. I did not call the number. I figured this was a scam. I get so many scam calls.

So I got a call today from publishers clearing House saying that I had registered two years ago which is a true story. They said I won second place and Won $1 million and in a pick up truck. In my stupidness I went and got two gift cards as they said which I should've known better but didn't do it. I ended up sutting down the call.

The phone number came from 737-477-6044. John Malone ext 6

The attorneys name was Barbara Edwards. The claim number was MT455703 US

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