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Publishers Clearing House

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Publishers Clearing House Reports & Reviews (1649)

- Bradford, IL, USA • Feb 02, 2024

He said i won 2nd place and they wanted to deliver

- Lima, OH, USA • Jan 29, 2024

When I answered the phone, I asked who was calling and he said Mr Gray. I told them to remove my number from their database. He asked if I wanted my prize. I told him no and hung up the phone.

• Jan 25, 2024

Man called today said his name was John Mahoney from PCH. He gave me a name of a Lawyer-Mary Allen-who was to "help me" with my 2 million dollar prize. I also was to get a navy blue 2024 S550 Mercedes. He gave me 3 different prize codes, and a raffle code. He then started wanting to "confirm" my information. As I started questioning him he started throwing out the personal information he had on me: My name and address. The address was from over 13 years ago. As I questioned him more he became verbally abusive and referenced my mothers private parts then hung up.

- Warren, MI, USA • Jan 11, 2024

Letter regarding winning publishers clearing house, and needed to deposit fake check

- Galion, OH, USA • Jan 05, 2024

I was woke up out of my sleep this guy said he was calling from publisher clearing house and that I won second place but they never heard back from me he gave me this information said his name was Dave Sayer I won 3.5 million and 5000 for the rest of my life then he asked me the name of my bank I lied and he said do you want it delivered private I said yes well he heard me ask for the IRS number he started to yell at me.

- Roanoke, VA, USA • Jan 03, 2024

Caller said they were with Publisher's Clearinghouse and I won $5000 a week for life or the big sweepstakes.  Wanted me to send $750

- Cincinnati, OH, USA • Jan 02, 2024

Wanted my account numbers in order to deposit a reward check into my bank account. I was also told I needed to send 300.00 in the past but this caller informed I did not but told me his name was Larry Hooper.

• Dec 13, 2023

This person is at it again! Only this time, I decided to take a closer look at things and then went one step further and kindly pointed out the errors. I even provided the original photo!
Mister PCH Prize Agent's Real Quiet Now...
Mister PCH Prize Agent's Real Quiet Now...
Mister PCH Prize Agent's Real Quiet Now...
Mister PCH Prize Agent's Real Quiet Now...
Mister PCH Prize Agent's Real Quiet Now...

- South Point, OH, USA • Dec 09, 2023

Peter Vancastle stated he was with Publisher's Clearing House and that I had won Second Place as an Awarded Winner for $1.5 million dollars. He stated they work with Wells Fargo and Chase Banks. Gave me IRS security code of *********01US; code *********5US; and SBC code *********8US. He wanted me to repeat these to him but I didn't, instead asked him why I needed these numbers. He kept stating that this wasn't a hoax and he could give me a web address where I could look up & see they had this money available. He then stated he needed to ask me some questions for the Winner Intake Form, (i.e. married, single, retired, home, apartment, etc.) I asked again what this had to do with anything. He stated again it was the Winner Intake Form that he had to fill out and they needed to know who was going to be here when they brought me a check. I told him he didn't sound legit, he once again said this wasn't a hoax, and I replied him saying that didn't give me convince me and that he would need to put this info in the mail and hung up. Please feel free to contact me if I can provide any further information on this matter. Thank you. ****** ******** *** ******** **** ***** ***** ****** **** ***** ************

• Dec 01, 2023

A few months back my FB got hacked because I saw a friend's story where they were talking about BC and thought surly this is legit, it's my homeboy. I could not have been more wrong. I foolishly gave away my info, including a picture of my ID. They got into my email and my FB. They even managed to scam and hack a few of my friends because they were messaging people on my friends list pretending to be me. Of course people thought it was me because there was a video on my story of me taking about stupid BC.

Long story short, thanks to FB and IG being connected, I was still able to post on my FB story to let people know what was actually going on. I can't tell you the number of times I reported my own account, had others report my account and sent it actual to FB, but I was relentless and by some miracle, was able to get back into my FB and my email.

However, the original friend who got hacked and the few that got hacked through my account were not able to get their accounts back. I don't know what or why I was able to, but I am thankful.

Needless to say, they're clever but they're desperate. Pay extremely close attention to they way the "speak" in text. The English is broken, punctuation is incorrect, the phone numbers are often traced back to Nigeria because they're using text apps like TextNow (I don't know if they use that one specially) where they can choose where the number comes from. Often times they will insist they're honest and hard working, claim they're a man of God and then ask, constantly if you're honest (I dealt with one in IG). If you accuse them of trying to scam you, they'll often get aggravated and extremely rude. If you play along with it, they'll reveal that there is, in fact, a catch - you must pay X amount to receive funds, unlock funds, etc. Once they get that payment from you, they will hit you with another fee, and then another. Each time the amount increases and the excuses become less believable.

They will also insist that you send the money via cashapp as BitCoin. They will make you go through CashApps verification process and then screen shot everything so they can "walk you through the process". They may also try to call you or send you a verification code. This is done through google voice and the code that gets sent to you will allow them into your google account.

Do yourselves a favor and block them. Report the accounts and block them. Do not entertain them and do not give out your info because they can and they will lock you out of everything and there's a good chance you won't get it back.

I have more screen shots, but I can only upload so many. I hope this helps!
These Scammers are Getting Desperate
These Scammers are Getting Desperate
These Scammers are Getting Desperate
These Scammers are Getting Desperate
These Scammers are Getting Desperate
These Scammers are Getting Desperate
These Scammers are Getting Desperate
These Scammers are Getting Desperate
These Scammers are Getting Desperate
These Scammers are Getting Desperate
These Scammers are Getting Desperate

• Dec 01, 2023

More screen shots of different conversations I've entertained for this exact reason.

- Toledo, OH, USA • Nov 29, 2023

Contacted me stating pch code 4711 is grand prize winner of $18.5M plus Mercedes SUV. Provided package#, seriel#, confim #. Multiple phone calls. Needs add'l info at tomorrow date.

- Mountain Grove, MO, USA • Nov 14, 2023

The first time he called he said he was from Publishers clearing house and I stated that I do not do business with them and I hung up.  He called again and I told him that I was not talking to him and I hung up the phone.  He called back the third time and he said he had a package coming to me.  I said I do not and that I was going to report him to the and it was a Jamaican call.  I could hardly understand him.  After  I told him I would report him he said Do not do that. So the call ended and he did not call anymore. 

• Sep 27, 2023

the scammer told me he had a cheque for me from Publishing Clearing House at this point I hung up

• Aug 23, 2023

John Jenkins from Publishes Clearing House left a message on my phone. Looked at website so no, I'm not calling back. Thanks BBB!

• Aug 22, 2023

We had won 4.5 million, $7000 a week and a 2023 Mercedes-Benz car. He said his name was John Cooper, badge # PCH108. Our winning # was 86539779908. He had me write all this info down. We were to go to CVS and get a green back scratch off card for $300. That’s when I told him this was a scam and hung up. I had a call from the same guy Friday but told him I wasn't interested. He tried to call back once but I didn't answer.

- Las Cruces, NM, USA • Aug 18, 2023

Publisher Clearing House Sweepstakes Call from James Peterson

• Aug 06, 2023

I did not respond to this at all. Letter black and white photocopy, no return address on envelope phone number area code Ontario Canada, mailed from Oklahoma City OK with a stamp not a machine. Letter dated JUNLY 28TH just like that. One other grammar error in letter. States partners are AG Ins, Walmart, Mega Millions, JC Penney, Readers Digest. Phone number 705-854-0408. Check from Citizens Bank Miami FL for an account The Trustees of Reservations Boston MA for $6,900. My prize would be $2,500,000. Signer of letter Richie Jenkins. Signer of check D Russell. Good luck, these people need to be stopped!! Thank you!

• Aug 06, 2023

9144297855 seems to be a call center claiming to be from PCH , and returned call on phone number 5165156774 , ask for personal data and income verification, such as net worth , how much house is wort, an how much in saving ,bank account and employment history

- Memphis, TN, USA • Jul 26, 2023

keep getting calls that I won a prize from publishing clearing house and to obtain my prize I have to pay taxes up front. I never heard of this. Its a scam! 

• Jul 25, 2023

I received a call from James Washington with Publisher's Clearinghouse. He says I won $8 million tax free, $5000 weekly for life and a new Mercedes Benz. He told me they would arrive in an hour to take me to the bank to deposit my winnings. He wanted $1499.21 in cards. He told me to buy the cards at CVS, Walmart or Meijers. He asked for a MoneyPak card. He said they are paper cards, not plastic. His number is 209-266-8796. He gave me a winning number and a claim number. He told me a lady he called had a heart attack she was so excited. He asked if I wanted to keep it private. He asked if I was married or lived alone. He had an accent, like someone who had a trach in his throat, he sounded like a robot, and I could barely understand him. He kept asking how long it would take me to drive to CVS and back, and when I said maybe an hour, he said he couldn't believe I didn't know how far it was.

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