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Publishers Clearing House

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Publishers Clearing House Reports & Reviews (1651)

- Memphis, TN, USA • Jul 26, 2023

keep getting calls that I won a prize from publishing clearing house and to obtain my prize I have to pay taxes up front. I never heard of this. Its a scam! 

• Jul 25, 2023

I received a call from James Washington with Publisher's Clearinghouse. He says I won $8 million tax free, $5000 weekly for life and a new Mercedes Benz. He told me they would arrive in an hour to take me to the bank to deposit my winnings. He wanted $1499.21 in cards. He told me to buy the cards at CVS, Walmart or Meijers. He asked for a MoneyPak card. He said they are paper cards, not plastic. His number is 209-266-8796. He gave me a winning number and a claim number. He told me a lady he called had a heart attack she was so excited. He asked if I wanted to keep it private. He asked if I was married or lived alone. He had an accent, like someone who had a trach in his throat, he sounded like a robot, and I could barely understand him. He kept asking how long it would take me to drive to CVS and back, and when I said maybe an hour, he said he couldn't believe I didn't know how far it was.

• Jul 11, 2023

Scammer left a voicemail claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House and claiming that I won a prize and need to call them back at 914-429-7855. I did not call back.

• May 31, 2023

Caller has called numerous times saying they are with Publishing Clearinghouse and they are trying to reward $1 Million Dollars to the household. They instruct the household to go to Walmart and register with their information so that the Texas Government will know they won. Household reports they have not entered any sweepstakes or contest.

- Freeport, IL, USA • May 18, 2023

At 3:18 pm I answered an unidentified number and was told that I had won a cash pirze as well as a new car from Publisher's Clearing House that would be delivered within 1 hour of the phone call.

• May 04, 2023

Received a phone call from someone claiming to be Publisher's clearing house, stating I had won a substantial amount of money and a car. I needed to call 223-214-6946 Ext. 5 and ask for Albert Johnson. Then give Albert Johnson this code: EK775009858USWINNER. In order to receive my winnings, I would have to purchase a gift card and pay them.

- Custar, OH, USA • May 03, 2023

He said he was David Moore from Publishers Clearing House. and he was alerting me to the fact that the Patrol that usually delivers the prizes would be arriving soon. I had won the BIG prize $4,500,000.00 plus a 2023 Mercedes Sportscar. Also an upgrade up tp $7,000.00 a month as long as I live. Confirmation # is 5856332119 and his badge # was PCH59905US. On several occasions I tried to tell him this was a scam. He assured me that he was on the up and up. At one point he gave me a phone # 646-969-0300 and suggested I call it and ask for him. I said NO that would not work, because anybody could verify that if they were working with him. He said OK then ask for Robert Nelson. Next he wanted me to print out something from my computer. I told him I couldn't do that because my printer was out of ink. He had my E-mail address. He suggested I go to Wal-mart, Staples or several other places. I told him I was miles away from all of them. I told him It would take hours. He needed me to filll out a P 14 form. He asked me some questions. Was I a US citizen, was I Married. What kind of a car did I drive? I've forgotten what my next question was that I ask, but he hung up on me. You have my phone # if you have any more questions.

- Cleveland, OH, USA • Apr 25, 2023

I got a voicemail from someone named Daniel Lamb claiming to be Publishers Clearing House. They left a claim number of 95051. They said I would get $7000.00 a week. I haven't participated in PCH for years. They never said our names in the voicemail. They told us we would receive a notice in the mail.

- Wheeling, WV, USA

I recieved a call from Bill Youngkin with Publishers Clearing House claiming I won $19 million and a new car. Bill said I had to pay fro shipping and handling with three preepaid Visa cards and one prepaid AMerican Express card totaling $335.00. He said that when they deliver the check on of their lawyers would go to the bank with me. He asked if I wanted a check for all of the money at one time or if I wanted them to send me a check weeklyor monthly.

- Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Processing fee they said was for the $499 and that my winnings was being held at the federal reserves and that taxes had already been taken out

- Holland, OH, USA

He, the scammer, called my house phone and said I won second place in the PCH sweepstakes, and the prize patrol was in my state already waiting on me to go to Walmart and purchase a $500 secure spend gift card to cover 1% of the taxes (because they are covering 99% of the taxes). And I'm supposed to acquire this gift card and call them back at 585-628-1456 ext. 5 which is a direct link to the scammer who says his name is Dave Sayer.

- East Saint Louis, IL, USA

I received call and an automatic recording said that my wife  Delores Collins was the winner of $18 million. I  called the number back and I was told I was the winner of the $18,000,0000. I would receive $5,000 every week and Mercedes Benz SUV 2023. I Was also told that it would be $1,000,000 for tax. That they would contact the IRS and US Treasury Dept. to take out the taxes. I was told the patrol team was at 3101 Constitution Drive, Springfield, IL 62702. He also mentioned that the taxes would be deducted at 9.5%. He also asked for banking information which we did not provide. Then he proceeded to tell me that we would be responsible for the taxes. He gave me information to reach back out at the Publisher's Clearing House if our call got disconnected : ******* ******** (4711) and (M.J058). We called the Publishers' Clearing House and they confirmed it was a scam and said they never call the winners under no circumstances. 

Received a call from a James Peterson saying won Publisher clearing house. 2.5 million,an a Mercedes
Gave me some confirmation number an repeated it back to him. He said car was being delivered today and started verifying my address, I hung up

- East Saint Louis, IL, USA

We received phone calls from him saying we won the PCH.  He was a smooth talker.  He told me to send him some money orders and a money pack card.  We have been scammed out of $2,000.00.  

called and said that I won the publishers clearing house and that I need to go get giftcards to pay for tax and shipping of cash and car.

- West Brookfield, MA, USA

Received a phone message regarding winning $2.5 million and $5000 for 6 months

Claimed to be Dave Sayers

Asked age and if working details followed with some questions concerning debt

Said winnings via check would be to be sent Fed Ex via 2 day service

Asked for Banking information for transferring funds

Then asked for 1% Tax registration fee of $3500

Noted: did not asked for mailing or shipping address details; $3500 is not 1% of any calculation on funds

Said would see if he could find sponsor for the fee and would call back again

- Nottingham, MD, USA

He told me to sell my car, which I did. Deposit the money into my checking account, which I did and when the money became available make a cashier check for 4000 to Tyees Lezy on 2.23.23.

- Oregon, OH, USA

A man called and said I won 3rd place in Publisher's Clearing House because I paid my bills on time and I my shopping at the supermarket. He then started to ask questions, one being what the name of my bank was. When I refused he tried to flirt with me. I asked where he what city he was in and he said California. I told him I knew it was a scam and told him I would not give him any info.

- Belfair, WA, USA

Scammer called around 2:00 p,,m, today 2/10/23 and claimed to be publishers clearing house "PCH" and said I won 8 million dollars and a new car which was going to be delivered to me today .I then called him on being a fraud and that PCH tells everybody they don't contact winners on the phone he got indignant then hung up .

Someone tried to scam me today (02-15-2023) as I was called around 11:15am from the number 412-501-3685 informing me that it was Publisher's Clearing House. The man had a country accent and sounded completely unprofessional. He stated that his name was Mr. Mike Henry, and that I had won $7,000 a week for life. He told me that he was 59 years of age and had been with Publisher's Clearing House for 22 years. He told me that they were giving away $2.1 million dollars and needed me to go open up a bank account so that they could transfer it in weekly increments. Yet, he told me that they were going to deliver it that same day to my home. He never asked me for my home address. He asked me if I dealt with Wells Fargo or a Credit Union. He also told me that the winning number was #369471. He informed me that the claim's agent to the public was Miss Debra Hollins. He told me that the person in charge of delivery was Andy Goldberg (Goldberb). He told me that the general managers of PCH were Shane Malcom and Patricia Patterson. He told me to call him back at 516-900-0846 when I was back home from opening up an account.

So, I went to my daughter's house to see if it was legitimate. She called both numbers back (412-501-3685 and 516-900-0846) from her own phone and both had a recording that stated that the text numbers could not be reached at the time.

About 2 minutes later, she received a call that said SPAM on her phone, but it was from the same location as those numbers. So, she picked it up. The same man that had been Mr. Mike Henry earlier, in which I had been speaking to, answered. She asked him what company he was from since she had received a call from that number. She acted like she had received a call from him. The man asked her what her name was. She told him Lisa, and didn't give a last name. He replied that his name was Mr. Baker (he had changed his name all of a sudden) and that he was from Publisher's Clearing House calling because she had won. She told him that he was a fraud and a scam and to take her number off of the list, and he responded with, "Ditto," and hung up on her.

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