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Publishers Clearing House

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I received this text:


We are pleased to inform you that you are one of our lucky Winners On behalf of members and Staff of Publishers Clearing House, Association of North American lottery and provincial Sweepstakes we sincerely Congratulation you! On the grand prize Winnings of ($600.000.00USD) Six Hundred Thousand Dollars.We have many post winning services such as financial and legal advisers that can assist you Manage your winning. Your payment will be processed and must leave our office within five business days. Contact our branch office immediately and Reply “YES “ at (1-803-574-1935) and speak and Text Only to your Claim Agent Mr DENNIS CROWELL for Method of payment. Please discuss and advise your Agent the Most Convenient payment arrangement.Claim Department hours of Operations are Mon-Fri 9am-6pm.Sat-Sun 9am-3pm if you would like our Prize Patrol Van to Present your winnings with the Camera Crew to advertise you on TV and Local News Papers,Please advise your claim agent for Specified time frame for Media promotion.

Please Note.

You are required by the international Sweepstakes by law to pay towards! Customs Taxes and processing fees.Enclosed is your sponsorship Check to assist you with out of pocket expenses. Please contact your agent for further details. Clink on the link below too looks at the Current Winners.


A man told me that I won 900,000 dollars and a car. He tried to tell me I had to pay taxes to receive the money, he told me I needed a Vanilla gift card for 499 dollars to get the prize money and that I had to send it to him. I already knew about scams like this, but he harrassed me until I decided to wirte out everything he said and report him.

I got a notice that I won Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes and Steve Harvey is going to come deliver cars and the money next week to my house. Now they are asking us to send $700 in fees first, so I am questioning if it's legitimate.

Person Called me (Richard How-U.S. Badge# 117) to say I had won $23,000,000.00 and had a Wells Fargo phone # to verify my winnings. This is a scam. Publishers Clearing House will show up to surprise you at your door. Never give them money.

Some called me and toll me that I had just won two and half million dollars and a Mercedes Benz, then toll me to go and get to American Express gift cards for 500 @450 dollars I said shore. So I called the to ask if knew of any scams they toll me to not respond to it. please look out for this

My husband got a call yesterday form a foreigner, John Anderson, who told him he had won $1.8 million from Publisher's Clearing House. My husband had a hard time understanding him because of his accent. He told my husband to buy a $500 secure credit card, like Visa. He said we could have balloons like you've seen on TV. He said the crew is waiting in a hotel room in Columbus, Ohio. He said dignitaries and police would arrive at the house within an hour of him receiving the card. He said they would follow him to the bank. My husband kept talking to him. The man called a second time.

They start by contact you using someone's facebook info. If you know this person, you tend to think it' 's credible.

You are asked a few questions to see if you are eligible. Then they say you can win $100,000 or more by sending them $1000.

The every time your winnings are to be delivered they charge you another fee. This happens several times like $3000, $4500

$14,500 and up yo $27000. There is always some excuse why you get hit with these charges, When you complain you are referred

to a Transfer Official named Irene Godson who pretends to be a Christian. She has the ability to cut the last fee in half, but while she

does,she requests you buy gift cards or sometimes iPhones. She also tells you that part of the confirmation process is you have to

get your credit card information and your online access info. Then she funds the credit cards. but then turns around and has you buy

gift cards for her. Inthe end, she took money out off my checking account and made an external transfer to her cashier in California. I could tell by the last name that the money went to. I filed a police report and reported her to the IRS and other agencies.

A man called asking for me by name and told me I won 1 million dollars and a new Mercedes. He said that they were backed by the and sponsored by readers digest. He said that the reason my name was in the draw was that I was a senior who had paid my taxes and all my utilities on time and that they do this every year. when I told him I thought it was a scam he said no we just keep it hush as there are so many scams and we do not want scam companies catching on. When I continued to question him he hung up.

******* ** *** ***** * ** - 9-12-22

I answered a call last Saturday claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House. It was a man. He did not give his name. I have had similar calls. He sad I won $25 million. He wanted $550 upfront. He gave a line about the US Government. Every state has border patrol. Something to that nature. He insisted that I have the money in my checking account. I told him I don't have money in my checking account. He said I could have you arrested for fraud. Wanted me to go to Walmart and get a prepaid credit card. He said that they were on the way to my house to deliver the $25 million. I knew the entire time it was a scam. He became nasty when I told him it is a scam. I hung up on him. He called right back he said you don't hang up on me. I think this is the number that called me. 876-823-9553.

I received a phone call today from Michael Mason with Publisher's Clearing House. His ID number is 75709PD. He said I won $5.5 million and a 2022 sky blue Mercedes Benz. He told me to go to the closest store, either Walmart, Kroger, Rite Aid, CVS or Family Dollar. He said once I got there to call him at 740-449-8563 and I would upload to my card $955 to pay the state regulation fee 588319773EL. He asked for 3 forms of ID from me, driver's license, utility bill, and proof of bank account. He said he was a Christian and he would not lie to me. He told me the Lord had blessed me. He was foreign and had a Middle Eastern accent. He's called back 11 times, but I am not answering.


The caller called my husband on his cell, she knew my husband by his first Name. She claimed that she was from Publishers Clearing House and that Terry Bradshaw was in the vehicle with her, and that they were coming from Alexanderia, Louisiana. My husband was told to make sure that his wife had a nice dress on for when they arrived to our home.

I got a call at 11:32 p.m. last night, 8-30-22 claiming I had won several million dollars from Publishers Clearing House and I needed to call a number to verify, this morning 8-31-22 I called the number on my caller ID and left a message, they called back & when confronted of them scamming, they hung up.

I've been receiving calls from Publisher's Clearing House, two men who did not sound foreign. One called himself Frank. I had won $2.5 million and a Mercedes Benz in the color of my choice. He asked for an $800 insurance fee. He told me I could pay with a bank account or a gift card. He said I could purchase the gift card from Walgreens or CVS. He said something about blessings from God. I knew I did not have to pay to win a prize. They wanted to send the money to my bank account so I could pay the fees.

I received a phone call that I have won a prize from The Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes. $2.5 million dollars and a 2022 Mercedes Benz S550. The caller identified themselves as John Mahoney badge 00461. He told me atty Mary Allen would be delivering my prize today with the PBC team. He gave me package code #00232373, Raphel ticket # 52169OH, and conference code 56263019. He said all I needed was a valid ID at the time of delivery. He then said due to their affiliation with the I needed to state my name for recording purposes. I asked him if he knew my name and he said yes. I asked him to state my name and address first. He then told me to go **** ** ****** ******* *** ****** ** **** **** ** ** *** ****** *** **** ** *** ***** ** **** ***


Received a check ($7,000) by mail. Was told to take the check to my bank then call 6046499048 and 9058708968.

Phone call from 903-415-5249 stating I had won Publishers Clearing House but needed to send them $500 on a Visa vanilla gift Card. The person stated their name was Andy Goldberg.

Call from Publisher's Clearing House, saying my check is at Bank of America. He said I had won $.5 million and a Mercedes Benz. He said it would be delivered on Thursday if I paid the revenue insurance money to pay the taxes. He is asking for $1255. He had an accent. He said my prayers had been answered, and that he was a man of God. When he gave me a ticket number, I knew it wasn't right, as I hadn't played anything.

Unsolicited call claiming to be representative from PCH. Claiming I won car and money but they need $1,000.00 to process. I hung up on them after that.

Publishers clearing House cause my brother to commit suicide because the people he was dealing with or from Nigeria and hooked him And scammed him and made him think he was profiting while paying out also and put him in such a bind and he lost his child from it from Debt and constant contacts with him and wouldn’t leave him alone,eventually. He was in denial that the company was just a scam and he couldn’t sit free of them. And I’m sure this is happening to many others as I continue to see publishing clearinghouse everywhere and I saw it today in my emails under some ad company and living social in Chattanooga is where I saw it primarily


They said they would be at my house Friday July 26, 2022. Then continue to say they needed to receive 3500 to cover registration and Vermont Taxes. He was going to send me an Email. Said he would call me to give me the telephone number and someone from Publishers Clearinghouse tomorrow when he calls back.

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