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Publishers Clearing House

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Publishers Clearing House Reports & Reviews (1651)

Was called and told I won but needed to get a prepaid Visa loaded with $250 to get my winnings
Mans name was David Anderson ID number 7204850 manager's name Peter Green

They called me and said I won $8.5 million dollars and a Lincoln. But wanted me to Fed Ex overnite $2900 for the taxes for the IRS before I could collect the prize. I knew that was a scam.

They keep contacting me on Facebook under the name Danny Combs. Telling me I won a pch grant.

I received a letter from publishers Clearing House informing me I had won $1,200,000.00. They wanted me to call a claims agent to advise me how to claim the prize winnings. They wanted me to supply an account number for deposit. OK because I could open a new account and not give my current account number. They said they would process the taxes (Social Security Number required) Thanks but no Thanks. I did NOT react to the offer.

I have recently been getting emails to alert me about winning the Publishers Clearing House of $3.5 million and a new Mercedes. All contact was by email and the PCH jackpot was mine but I had to contact them for verification. The number I was to call was 915-320-6088, not a number shown to be in connection with PCH. So I called and asked them how much this was going to cost me and I was told by Carl Miller nothing, but I would have to send several hundred dollars in advance for taxes on the winnings. He assured me it would seem like a small amount compared to what he was going to win and there were no alternatives to be able to avoid paying those advance taxes. So I refused to send the money and calls stopped.

I have had an on going text with someone claiming to be with started out as Danielle Iams. Then to a David . And now I have the CEO Andrew Goldberg. It has been off cause they want me to pay a delivery fee and open a local bank . Well I went on PCH scam alerts and got the rundown of how it really works . I'm going to post some pics and info of these people . Heads up people
Scam alert


I was contacted from a facebook friend through messenger but the friend had no idea someone was using her name and contact profile. It was as if I was talking to my friend trying to convince me that I was on the same list that she was on and had won money from Publishers Clearing House. She kept wanting me to check it out because she had won $150,000.00 and had received the money at her front door step. All I had to do was contact the Agent and download WhatsApp and create an account. I was to fill out name and address, phone number and choose the amount of money I wish to receive. Each amount of money comes with an acitivation fee for profile batch code number as it will be requested by the delivery team when they are ready to deliver winning money to prevent double claims.

You pay $1,000.00 and get $70,000.00, $1500.00 and get $150,000.00 all the way up to $33,000.00 and receive $1,000,000.00.

I told them that I had checked with PCH and they said they never charge any fees and if someone claimed to be them and charged that it is a scam. If I find out that my identity has been compromised through WhatsApp I will report it. I did not let it get past my address and phone number. I would not have gone far if they were not using my friends name in this scam. The only image I have is the correspondence back and forth and I screenshot those and then closed out the WhatsApp.

They said I won five million dollars and would have to register with the better business bureau in order to certify the check. It would be one thousand dollars to do that and they don't take cash or checks. I would have to get a vanilla gift card. As soon as I heard that, I hung up the phone.

I got a call from John Baker and JM Kingston from Publisher's Clearing House. They said they were located in Jamaica, NY. They both had accents. They told me I had won $7 million and a Mercedes. They kept me on the phone for over an hour and a half. They said they were authorized by the Better Business Bureau. They wanted $500, I said no. I finally broke down and bought a $20 Vanilla Gift Card and gave them the security number from the back.

I got a voicemail from Publisher's Clearing House telling me I had won $4 million. I was to call them back at 716-204-9039. I was to give them my banking information so they could deposit the check.


Three nights in a row between the hours of 11:30pm and 1:30am a robo call stating that I have won a prize and the claim number is 66119.


Was sent 3 checks, $25,000 each from Publishers Clearinghouse and was told to hold the money in my account. Then I was contacted by another organization who promised doubling my money, so I used the money from the checks I was sent to purchase gift cards and send them electronically. Now they are demanding the money back and scared me with a threat of jail time. Please let this be a warning to others.

I received a letter in the mail saying it was from Publishers Clearing House. It said I won 2nd place in a giveaway sponsored by Readers Digest, Mega millions and Multi-State Lottery Association for $350,000. It included a check for $4,950.00 for me to deposit to cover legal and administration fees.


A man by the name of David Fayer called saying he was with Publisher's Clearing House and said I won $850,000 for the day and $5,000 weekly for life and a new GMC pickup. He gave me award numbers and claim numbers, a check number and a prize number. He then needed $300 in a gift card for me to claim the prize. I told him my wife had the credit card and he could talk to her. Told him she would hang right up on him. I did not fall for this scam.

They keep calling claiming I won a luxury car and 1.5 million dollars and just have to purchase a 499.87 prepaid Visa card from either dollar general walgreens or CVS to recieve the car and money per wisconsin laws


A Michael Peterson called me and said I had won a prize and he needed my email to send the forms to me on how to claim. My email never received anything so when he called me back I told him to just mail the forms to me. Instead he ups them to a store I Galesburg, Illinois. When I call the ups store they do indeed have the forms and that they were fraudulent and this happens on a weekly basis. If u call the number he actually answers it.

I received a letter in the US mail with no return address, stamped from Canada post from Publishers Clearing House saying I have won $353,000 accompanied by a check for $4950.00. There is a security code to give them when I call them. it reads: "As required by Federal and state law, your information must be kept strictly confidential" and I am prohibited from talking to third parties. The letter is signed by CFO Ben Smith.


I received a voice message to return a call at the number listed above. When I returned the call, I didn't receive an answer. I received a phone call this morning from a man who says he's calling from PCH , to let me know I had won a 2021 Mercedes Benz plus 3 5 million dollars . He stated that I needed to show my DL, & for me to get a delivery card, meaning a gift card for $500

needed to get the vehicle. I then asked was this a scam. The caller then hung up

Call From Scammer Saying I Won The Sweep Stakes 3.5 Million And A New Mercedes Benz,But I Had To Pay $ 300 To Claim The Prize Taxes

I received two calls from Publisher Clearing House in the same day. I have to pay $5800 to win the $2.5 million and $5000 a week for life. He said my money will be deposited directly into the Wells Fargo bank account. 

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