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IRS Reports & Reviews (5055)

Victim Location 07726
Type of a scam Phishing

i received a voice message that said properity was under some type of state investigation to return call before an arrest or warrent was issued i called back right away 1st woman answered and said IRS knowing that IRS does not call yu with any matters when i started to question her she hung up second time recieved this man that was rude as *** asked me for my name n# he was hard to understand his so called english he kept mentiomimg someone elses name that he was looking for he ask for my # and i said to him you called me first so u have it all he kept saying was some 0ther name when i asked him what this company does his answer threw me said we are not working for terr0rist i got very angry and ask again what his company represents he refused to answer and kept telling me he was looking for this other name

Victim Location 78154
Type of a scam Tax Collection

On 11/13/17, I received a voice message from phone umber 202-996-5164 stating I am being sued by the IRS and I am to return a call to the number listed.

Victim Location 43035
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I got a phone call from "the IRS" they have foreign accents. They say derogatory things. Officer David Thomas and Officer David White.

Victim Location 52402
Type of a scam Identity Theft

I have gotten several calls today from the same no. telling me I am under criminal investigation under the IRS and to call this number. I never answer the phone when the number doesn't look familiar but this has been going on all day so I did pick up and listen to the recording. They told me to call that number and I did once and it was constantly busy!

Victim Location 86409
Type of a scam Tax Collection

The person calling stated that they were going to issue a warrant if she did not pay them money, they did not indicate an amount. They called back a few days later and stated they had issued a warrant for her arrest.

Victim Location 53209
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Caller indicated i owe back taxes and an arrest warrant has been issued.

Victim Location 68114
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I got a phone call stating the IRS is trying to get ahold of me for more information. If I do not give it to them they are going to sue me. I called the and they told me to contact this web site.

Victim Location 49441
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received this call at 20:30 this morning 10/12/17. We don’t answer the phone so the answering machine picked up and recorded. Stated it was IRS and we owed $ and to avoid being arrested to call Bob C Parker with the IRS.

Victim Location 85710
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Got a voice mail from two different (random) numbers. The voice mail threatened that they have arrest warrant from IRS. Never identified me, no name or whatever. Demanded having me call them back (425) 880-7895. Second number I did not save.

I am sure they change it daily anyway.

Recently I had a car accident and lots of other events so I also started receiving mail offers the cover my credit etc as well... which means that my personal information was sold to scammers.

I did not loose money or get involved. I just want to report this abuse because less careful people might get hurt by these scammers.


Victim Location 15025
Type of a scam Tax Collection

We receive daily calls at home from a recorded male's voice (from the IRS) that says we need to call 202-800-0042 so a warrant for our arrest will not be issued. He proceeds to say that the IRS is sueing us for tax fraud. My husband and I refuse to call that number. We know this is a scam. Any time the IRS needs to get hold of you, they send a certified letter or the Sheriff.

Victim Location 35171
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I keep getting calls from them saying I owe taxes. They even leave a message on my phone from a robot saying to get back in touch with them or they will put a warrant out for my arrest.

Victim Location 07030
Type of a scam Tax Collection

not even the sure the scam...but they are from the IRS

Victim Location 29651
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Said they were the IRS and was going to arrest my husband. They will be arresting him in 1 hour.

Victim Location 83660
Type of a scam Tax Collection

The phone message recording says, "The recorded message is to notify you that IRS have issued an arrest warrant against you. Right now you and your physical property both are being monitored and its very important that I do hear back from you as soon as possible before we proceed further in any legal manor. My direct call back number is 732-481-0132. Again the number is 732-481-0132. Thank you

The message is generic and doesn't identify any one person in the household.

Victim Location 63129
Type of a scam Government Grant

Lady with an Indian accent called, said I was eligible for a $9000 grant because I'd paid my taxes, had no bankruptcies, never been to jail, etc. When I told her I knew this was a scam, she hung up on me.

Victim Location 27405
Type of a scam Tax Collection


Victim Location 27052
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received 2 calls stating that I owe the IRS, threatening my family and me, if I don't call back. Never answered the phone they left messages.

Victim Location 55304
Type of a scam Tax Collection

We have been getting robo calls threatening us with a "lawsuit that has been filed" and that a "warrant has been issued" for the last year or so. It seems like they are on a cycle of like three weeks, though I can't be certain since I haven't made note. We had been harassed by a collection agency for a non-valid debt and I decided to practice my stress response in those calls, while making the calls very expensive for them. I thought I would do the same though I'm not calling an 800 number, at least the people I'm talking to aren't taking calls while I'm talking to them.

With the latest call, I determined to get as much information as I could and what I found out is;

1. Every person answering the phone has a very heavy Indian accent, so much so that when they have revealed information I wasn't always able to capture it and I called over 20 times on different numbers until they blocked all my numbers;

2. They have very specific information attached to the number where the message was left; name, address, birth date, last four off ssn which if the information I gave didn't match, they told me I committed an offense and a sheriff would be at my address in 30 to 45 minutes

3. This suggests they are computerized and the data they have was obtained in a data breach,

4. They are moderately disciplined, information tied to the last four of ssn's, I would presume the people answering the phone are working on a commission and if the phone number isn't in their database, they will find one that might work

5. The names are generic, like John Smith and very common

6. The "badge numbers" are gs and four digits, ie gs0000

7. There is always background noise like the person answering the phone is in a "boiler room" with lots of people doing the same thing

As with the collection agency that used to harass us, I use these calls to practice my stress response and these calls are stressful. I figure every minute they spend with me is a minute that person can't be scamming another person.

Victim Location 45690
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a call from 202-800-0042. An Indian woman said she was the IRS. She said she would issue an arrest warrant if I didn't give her $8000. She said they would garnish my wages. I told her to contact my attorney.

Victim Location 60121
Total money lost $10,000
Type of a scam Tax Collection


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