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IRS Reports & Reviews (5066)

Victim Location 65049
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They called with a recorded message that states that their is an IRS law suit against me and that I needed to call them back at 805-291-4910. I did not call them back, but instead I am reporting it to the here.

Victim Location 63069
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They left a message on my phone stating me to get back with them that they were the IRS and that I fraudulently filed my taxes even though I had H&R Block file my taxes and they had issued a warrant to be arrested for fraudulently filing my taxes they gave me the choice to either give them $2078 and some change Today I can make a payment and if I refused to make that payment someone would pick me up and throw me into the federal court system until I could get a lawyer to represent me I couldn’t really understand them they were definitely foreign voices and I get them on the phone long enough to drive down to H&R Block to see what was going on then informed me that it was a scam that the IRS would never call me they would send me a letter and they wouldn’t demand without first give me notice and a chance to negotiate so it was very upsetting because there are threatening to put me in a prison for five years and I don’t know that much about the IRS or income taxes I always have H&R Block to you my income taxes I’ve never had a problem before and just wanna let you know it’s a horrible experience I almost paid them thank God H&R Block was right down the street and they give me the information that they did I just want to give you this phone number so maybe you could spare somebody else’s experience I have a voicemail on my phone still where they’d left a message starting a warrant had been issued for my arrest

Victim Location 43314
Type of a scam Tax Collection

We keep getting robo calls from the IRS. We have tried to notify you of previous issues last 6 months it is considered an intentional fraud 701-552-4713. that she before we download your case into the court house. I called them back. He said I owe taxes in 2016. I said I don't. I only make $6000 a year. I'm on disability. He asked "What kind of disability". I said none of your business. he said there's nothing wrong with your taxes. I said then don't call me anymore. He was a foreigner. You could hardly hear them there were so many of them talking in the background.

Yesterday I got another robo call, when I said I would call the police they hung up.

Victim Location 43213
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They called and left a voicemail message claiming to be the IRS. I called back, they asked for my name and then they asked for my social security number and date of birth. When I refused to give it to them they said we cannot help you and hung up.

Victim Location 65624
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They claimed that there was a case filed against us for fraud according to them. We have received 8 phone calls at least within the last four days. They are calling on both the landline and the cell phone.

Victim Location 68134
Type of a scam Tax Collection

This number called and said they were officers from the IRS and demanded money or for me to get a criminal attorney. Upon further research of the number it is not an IRS number.

Victim Location 01095
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call on my cellphone from a strange number. When I answered it, they claimed to be the IRS, and told me that If I did not pay them in 24 hours, I would face fines and jail time.

Victim Location 18707
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They tell you they are from the IRS and there is 4 serious allegations against you and you need to contact them within 24 hour or you will be arrested and jailed.

Victim Location 50320
Type of a scam Debt Collections

This number called and said they were from the IRS ,

Victim Location 32514
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Hiding something from IRS that needed to be fixed. I hung up the phone.

Victim Location 34473
Type of a scam Phishing

Asked questions to where the answer should be yes or ok, was suspicious but they cought me off guard with a question and I said yes. As soon as I said yes they hung up

Victim Location 63108
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received two phone calls, one yesterday and one today. They said that I owed money and if I didn't pay, that there would be criminal charges against me. They said that this was the second attempt.

Victim Location 43103
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I got a robo call from a woman, she left a vm asking me to call back. She was calling about my tax form and several allegations had been made against me, and if I didn't call back an arrest would be made. The second call was from a foreign man who said he was from the IRS. I asked for his name, He said he would transfer me to his supervisor. I couldn't understand him. He said he would send the police. I asked which one, and he hung up.

Victim Location 65203
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Left voicemail that they were from the IRS and I have serious charges against me. I did not get a complete call back number, and when I went back to search for the number it was gone.

Victim Location 65757
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I got a call from this number saying they were from the US government. They first called me, I called back and it was a random man talking. I then called them back again and still just a random person and I said I did not have any dealings with the IRS and they told me to disregard the call then. I then got another call from this number this morning saying they were from the IRS and that I needed to pay something before any legal issues happened. I knew this wasn't the IRS due to the fact that the IRS does not call a person like this.

Victim Location 28027
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Caller was very nasty asking for my information about money to the irs asked for my checking and routing number he was cussing at me and i had them on speaker and my babies were in the car and the were crying he told me i was issued a warrant

Victim Location 35758
Type of a scam Tax Collection

IRS final notice. I had a phone call to call this number 6469680230.

Victim Location 65802
Type of a scam Tax Collection

We received a phone call from the "IRS" and he wanted my personal information. I purposely told him a different name and he said that he couldn't discuss that information despite the fact that he had just given me her address.

Victim Location 52317
Type of a scam Identity Theft

This is the message they leave on the phone repeatedly. I have typed it verbatim (including the bad grammar).

Call us to inform us that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. To get more information about this case file please call immediately on our department number at 202-506-9720. I repeat it is 202-506-9720. Thank you.

Victim Location 46825
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Copy of Voicemail Transcript:

Lawsuit against you and arrest and has been released on your name to get more information about this case final and restore and from federal database. Please call immediately after this is a recording that our headquarters number that is 786-735-5594. I repeat 786-735-5594 Internal Revenue Service agent is waiting for your call back.

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