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IRS Reports & Reviews (5066)

Victim Location 98539
Type of a scam Tax Collection

IRS is filing a lawsuit against me. Asked me to call a number. I knew it was a scam because the IRS would contact you in writing if that is the case.

Victim Location 37151
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Got a recorded phone call from a Houston phone number that I was being "sued" by the IRS and the message included a phone number to call. I reported it to the IRS and but an internet search indicated that this number had been reported repeatedly to the government yet it's still operational. So what's the point of wasting time reporting this stuff if nothing is done?

Victim Location 29726
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Consumer states that the message left on his answering service stated to Call IRS @ 253-655-4448 tp pay taxes owed. Consumer stated he did not call back because he knew it was not real.

Victim Location 03449
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I am receiving calls on my cell phone from 347-321-9773 and the message left was a recording from a Lauren advising me that I needed to call the IRS. It appears I have an issue with a past IRS filing. I know this is a scam and wanted to report it. It leaves messages and its getting annoying because the messages takes up space in my voicemail.

Victim Location 06447
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Phone called me and said

This is your final notice.. The irs is filing a lawsuit against you. Please call this number to find out the the details 276-644-0458

Victim Location 28636
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Consumer received call from "IRS" stating that there is a warrant out for her arrest for non-payment of taxes.

Consumer was instructed to call number if she wanted to avoid the long process of collection.

Victim Location 84157
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a phone call by ways of a international number 40 49032680 (Romania), leaves an automated voicemail stating this is your final chance as the IRS has filed a lawsuit against you. Leaves a phone number to call back of: 404.903.2680.

Victim Location 43512
Type of a scam Tax Collection

8/18/2015 Bedford New York 914-205-4493 IRS lawsuit both calls had recorded messages to call back for information on the pending lawsuits

8/18/2015 Albany New York 518-478-2357 IRS lawsuit same as above

I tracked the numbers on reverse phone number look up and added these numbers to my land phone number block.

Victim Location 06096
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Message was left stating it was the IRS and this was my formal warning. Stated they were filing a lawsuit against me and to call 646-401-0272. Because I had heard of this before, I did not return the call.

Victim Location 84081
Type of a scam Tax Collection

gentleman called threatening to arrest me if i hung up the phone or didn't pay them $6,000 dollars. told me that my passport has been blocked, froze our SS numbers if we didn't pay now. The phone number came up as Haiti number. He gave a name and badge number to try and scare me even further.

Victim Location 84060
Type of a scam Tax Collection

They said we were being sued by the IRS and that we needed to call this number 1-678-855-7324.

Victim Location 84036
Type of a scam Tax Collection

received phone call 434-322-0009 (Alberta,VA) was caller ID. I do not answer unknown phone numbers. Voice message said it was the an "official" phone call from IRS, it's was filing a lawsuit against me, to get more information about the case file, to call immediately 434-322-0009. it was a computer generated voice.

Victim Location 31404
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I have received three call in the last week from different entities claiming to represent the IRS and that I owe money and I need to get in contact with them because the IRS is going to bring a lawsuit against me. The numbers they have called from are 614-212-5298, 330-433-5987

Victim Location 84036
Type of a scam Tax Collection

The same phone number has called me 3 different times today with an automated message stating that I owe the IRS back taxes. Since I know this to be inaccurate I know it is a scam. Phone number is 509-872-5498. When I google the number it already pops up with scam in the title.

Victim Location 84604
Type of a scam Tax Collection

The phone msg. I was being sued by the IRS and needed to call a sap.

Victim Location 11220
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a call on my cell phone from what was clearly a call center in India - the caller told me that she is calling from the IRS and needs me to send in a settlement or I can go to jail. When I asked where she was calling from she said IRS overseas. I knew immediately it was a scam and told her that the IRS doesn't call from a 347 area code.

Victim Location 57189
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Had an automated phone call saying to return the phone call because the IRS was filing a law suit against me. I called back and got a heavily accented gentleman saying "IRS, what is your social security number" I said, "I'm not giving you that" He answered, "I need to look up your file" which I answered that he should be able to do by my phone number since he called me first. He hung up on me, so, now being angry (I know this a scam) I call back and get "IRS, you are speaking to agent Davidson" he looks up my "file" by my phone number and asks if I am Mrs. Johnson. (I've had my phone over 13 years) then I finally ask him, Why are you doing this? We both know that this is a scam and you really aren't the IRS and shouldn't you be ashamed of yourself? He claimed he WAS the IRS and his badge number was IRS79053. I finally hung up.

Victim Location 37919
Type of a scam Tax Collection

On November 20, 2015 at 10:15 AM David Grey (937-249-9069) called to say I owed the IRS $5420; he said he was calling Washington, DC. He stated that if I don't send the money someone would come & arrest her within 45 minutes. I kept questioning him for information as to why I did not receive any correspondence from the IRS. He said it was an enforcement action. I did not send.

Victim Location 84321
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Phone call sayimg the IRS is giving me final notice of a lawsuit against me

Victim Location 37136
Type of a scam Tax Collection

This was a recording,this is an offical call from tne IRS .I hung up since i received that same call on yesterday from a different number.This call came from a 202 number.

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