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Internal Revenue Service IRS - IMPOSTER

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Internal Revenue Service IRS - IMPOSTER Reports & Reviews (1058)

Victim Location 75115
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Called, said arrest warrant had been issued for me. All of my personal property, home, etc. are being monitored and will be seized. Asked to call back back phone hands up automatically.

Victim Location 13021
Total money lost $9,000
Type of a scam Tax Collection

A woman called saying they were from the IRS and had a warrant for my arrest. They demanded I pay $9000. I paid gift cards and there is no way to get it back.

Victim Location 96822
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I got a call from 814-436-3744 saying that I owed money to the IRS.  I know the IRS sends you a letter first.

Victim Location 12919
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a call 1-877-769-6956 ..called back and the man said he was from irs an gave me a case number.then he told me his name and that there was an arrest warrant at the court house in Washington DC . I have to pay 4,800 or the judge will sign the warrant. If I can not pay the whole thing I could pay 200.00 to show that I am innocent. They will send a rep to my house next day to give me the money back an show me where I went wrong on my taxes ...from year 2010 to 2016 .He wanted me to even borrow the money from someone . He said he was tapping my phone so he could hear what was being said . They would use it against me in court.He said that I left lines blank on my taxes an to prove that I did not do it on purpose . Send the 200.00 which I will get back till I could prove that I did not mean to do it.I even told him that I have stage 4 breast cancer an have no money.but I need to get 200.00 to prove that I'm innocent he kept saying that.He said that he knows I have money in my bank an I told him I have no money he did not believe me . I told him I am waiting for next month's disability that's when he said can't I borrow the money and I would get it back the next day to cancel the arrest warrant.

Victim Location 21214
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I keep receiving phone calls from different numbers claiming to be the IRS. The callers are always women with claiming to be an agent with the IRS. They states that I am being investigated for IRS fraud. Now they are calling saying that a warrant has been issued for my arrest for not complying to the phone calls

Victim Location 76301
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a called and the caller identified himself as an officer with the IRS. He stated that I owed the IRS $4850 and that if I didn't resolve the problem, a warrant would be issued for my arrest. He also stated that I could be facing up to $35,000 in legal fees and 3 years in an Alaskan penitentiary. This is the information that I have for you.

Name: Officer Jerry Williams

Badge Number: 0818

Case Number: 509209

Arrest Warrant Number: 009824

Phone Number used was 979-201-5877 and was out of Freeport, Texas

Victim Location 43207
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Message left on my cell phone from 219-215-5249 stating that I attempted to commit fraud on taxes. Also stating that a warrant had been issued for my arrest. Stating that I should call 219-215-5249. I have attempted to call this number several times. I get a recording stating that the number cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and call again. All of my taxes are current. I do not commit fraud.

Victim Location 45504
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a voice mail on 6.21.17 at 2 pm. A man said he was the IRS and he had a warrant out for my arrest. He told me to call him back at 1-609-201-0660.

Victim Location 76309
Type of a scam Tax Collection

My husband got an automated phone call from 662-214-8277 telling him that he had a warrant out for his arrest from the IRS. They said that all his assets were frozen, and he had to call the number to deal with it.

Victim Location 79553
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Called my number three times in one day saying this is the IRS there was going to be warrant issued for back taxes and call the above number so they could take care of this before the warrant issued

Victim Location 13844
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Phone Recording of Threat of Arrest due to IRS Debt. They demand a return of their call @ 844-568-2989 This phone call was Not returned.

Victim Location 14210
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I was working today revived about 3 phone call' s and a voicemail. So I accidently hit call when this man picked up the phone he didn't speak English well. He had told me he was from the IRS,that I didn't pay taxes that I was a cheater and a crimial. He also went on yelling at me telling me I would be arrested and serve 5 years in jail. He couldn't tell me my name or anything.He said my car ,house will be taken as well. This call shook me up. I didn't give him any information and you shouldn't either!

Victim Location 21206
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a RoboCall on my cell phone stating that I owed money to the IRS and needed to call 814-436-3676 or they would lock me up.

Victim Location 45601
Type of a scam Tax Collection

On June 14, 2017, I received a telephone call from 312 465 7469 claiming to be the IRS. A gentleman stated that I owed taxes and that the IRS could come after me if I did not contact them. I was told to call 1 201 365 2728. I then called the number and the line was busy. I tried calling several times. I have not heard back from the caller. I have been on disability since 1999.

Victim Location 11415
Type of a scam Tax Collection

The number called and left a voicemail in a computer-generated voice and threatened that the IRS has an arrest warrant out for me for fraud. I did NOT call back. This is a scam. Please make this known so people don't fall for this nonsense. Thank you.

Victim Location 76301
Type of a scam Tax Collection

It is a recorded message telling you the call is from the IRS fraud dept. And that it is the ut most urgency that you call them back at the number the left emeditly.

Victim Location 11377
Type of a scam Phishing

Hi they call and say that if you don't send the federal government some unspecified amount in unpaid taxes they (the feds) will immediately issue a warrant for your arrest. If they think you realize it's a scam then hang up. But if you play along they will ask you to send money to DC, and to an address which is very similar to the actual IRS address. BUT it's in the wrong state! The IRS is in PA NOT DC.

Hope this helps and keeps you safe.



Victim Location 76306
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Calling you, telling you they're about to show up at my home, arrest you because I defrauded my taxes and they said I owe $9000 and they're a warrant for my arrest. They say I'd better pay this money.

Victim Location 99224
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Man called, a live person. Not a recording. Didn't know he had a fiesty old lady on the phone. Said they were investigating me for tax fraud. I told him he was full of *** and hung up. I'm 80 and not in the mood.

Victim Location 76301
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Called me on my cellphone and told me that I had a warrant for my arrest for back taxes. This is the one and only time that I would be able to set up a payment plan. And not only would I have had to stay on the line with them while I drove to Wal-Mart to get a Government. Payment Voucher for $300 for the first payment of my payment plan, but I had to personally hold on to the voucher until an IRS agent personally came to get the voucher from me!!! Mind you I'm still at work and can't get off for another 30 minutes already!!! My boss was listening to this on speakerphone with me just so I get as much info I could for this site. The other option I had was to all the way to Washington D.C. Capitol Court house with a lawyer and plead my case there. And that my local IRS office could no longer help me out or except any kind of payment what so ever. They did however give me a case # and an extreme amount of past due taxes, and the unfortunately I could only get the females name which was Dawn Mercedes badge # IRM1693. But the main reason I was behind on my taxes is because for 5 years I filed my taxes wrong but they could not tell me how I filed them wrong at the same time.

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