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Federal Government

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Federal Government Reports & Reviews (146)

• Jul 26, 2022

Victim Location 93313
Type of a scam Government Grant

An aquantis of my from Facebook and message me if I got his message the other day and I replied I didn't. He than said he just received $20,000 and when he signed for this money he saw my name next to his along with my Facebook profile pic.

I was curious and ask how do I get in touch with this person and he said he had his number and gave it to me. Well I called Kevin the agent, at 812-548-6075. When I called the number no one picked up. They did text message me to my number. I ask who was this and he said he saw my missed call and his name was Agent Kevin. I told him I am supposed to be on some list to win money. He replied do want to claim the grant? I went along and said yes.i asked him how much this was going to cost me he said nothing. Just a gift card for $500. Well I can't make that kind of money appear so fast. I ask the friend who got $20,000 if he could spot me the $500 and I will pay him back as soon as I got my money. He said yes he would do that but he only had $300.

I told him that I would have to pass. I spoke with Agent Kevin one more time how this all works. Kevin said your not spending any money we only need the card to verify your package? I don't understand. So once again I turned him down. Now either my friend is in on this or they are legit. Can you please investigate this matter? My friends name is **** ******* **** ******* **

• Jun 20, 2022

Victim Location 54304
Type of a scam Government Grant

This is the text that I received 6/19/22:

Hello, My name is Agent Dixon Scott I work for Federal Government department of The Small Business Administration (SBA) Grant Appeals Board, We remember your Screen name and phone number on our list.

This is to inform you that you are one of the lucky winners and you have won a prize money of Five Hundred Thousand dollars {$500,200.19USD} on the on going Small Business Administration (SBA) Grant Appeal Board Worldwide grant Please text back on 863 228 8775 to receive your money.

p.s. I don't know what he's referring to when he says "We remember your Screen name and phone number on our list".

• Dec 14, 2021

Victim Location 43207
Type of a scam Government Grant

About a month ago, my Facebook friend told me he got an $80,000 government grant, and he was buying a house. He told me to contact Agent Juanita Ramirez, in my Facebook Messenger. She texted me right away. She said my check for $4000 was waiting for me. She asked for a picture of my ID. I said I don't know how to send a picture. Then she demanded my Social Security number, which made me mad. I let it go, then yesterday, my childhood friend from Michigan contacted me through FB saying she had gotten a government grant and was tryig to decide what to do with her $90,000 cash grant. I contacted my initial FB friend, and asked for Juanita's contact info. I asked for an address, and she gave me an address in California. She gave me a number to text, somebody, maybe Mike Jackson. He explained that Fed Ex is asking for $350 to deliver the $100,000 in cash in a box. I think he wanted a gift card. He sent me a picture of an oversized cardbaord check. I'm on Social Security, and I don't have $350 to lose, especially at Christmas time.

Victim Location 53154
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received phone call about qualifying for a $9,000 grant (that I never applied for). Asked if I could get more information the FSA website, was told the “account” would assist me. I was given a grant ID and another phone number to call. I did not call second number. Hung up on caller. Received 2 phone calls immediately back. No voicemail left.

Victim Location 54703
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

The scammer calls and states they are with the federal government student loan forgiveness program. They ask who your loans are through and when you don’t tell them they hang up on you.

Victim Location 43223
Type of a scam Government Grant

My Facebook friend told me to send a message to David Williamson who works for the United States Government in the Grants department. He keeps sending me texts through Messenger. He says he will give me $90,000 if I paid him $1,000. He will send the check by Fedex within 3 hours after he received the money. His Facebook page has a picture of him and it says Grants in the background. He sent me a picture of a girl with a check. Now he says he wants $200. My wife died two years ago. I lost my home, and I am homeless, and he says he will give me some money, and I could really use it and I don;t know what else to do.

Victim Location 79508
Type of a scam Government Grant

They called my son and offered him a grant for $9,500. He must pay $300 to get registered...but when he got the grant money,the money would be included. Christy Johnson gave him this ID # GG2010. Deposit into your bank or receive thru Western Union.

Victim Location 85701
Type of a scam Government Grant

I need to report someone on the internet that has been asking for money they say they are with the united nations and the fed. Gov and that they are offering people money on Facebook they say that if you give them a $1000 that they will send a check for $50,000 and that the more money you send the more you get paid they said they were offering grants but then they said it was a lottery then they said they were legit but I am not so sure he said his name was Henry William with the fed gov an the UN and the number he was texting from was 1 760 387 0392 report please so no one else gets scammed Thank you

Victim Location 63105
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was just contacted about a "Personal Grant" for $9,000 that was being issued by the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009." My grant application # was ****** and I was asked to call this number to receive grant: ************* Appears too good to be true.

Type of a scam Other

The recording said that if I did not respond I would be facing charges from the federal government.

Victim Location 35474
Type of a scam COVID-19

***** ****** called my 86 year old grandmother from the “federal government” saying she had been approved for covid 19 assistance, all she had to do was pay a fee to get the money. He wanted her bank account information. She did not give him any information.

Victim Location 99518
Type of a scam Government Grant

Phony electronic voice stating I had received a government grant in the amount of $11,300 and to dial “1”. I didn’t.

Victim Location 33309
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Government Grant

My Facebook friend texted me saying she got a grant and I should get one too. She told me to call an agent. She says she's a Federal agent through the Federal Government, Dept of Homeland Security. I was offered a $150,000.00 grant. She told me I couldn't tell anybody about it. I paid $300 Walmart to Walmart. The police department wouldn't take a report on the case said I was just out of the money. They need to know more about cybercrime and take reports about it when someone comes in it's very important that people know about this.

Victim Location 43232
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Government Grant

My Facebook friend Linda, texted me saying she got a grant and I should get one too. She told me to call an agent. I called Heather. She says she's Federal agent through the Federal Government, Dept of Homeland Security. I was offered a $150,000.00 grant. She told me I couldn't tell anybody about it. I paid her $300 with a Walmart to Walmart card. After I paid her she wanted more money. Then I asked for a tracking number, and because she wouldn't give it to me, I wouldn't give her any more money. She got mad at me because I was asking too many questions.

Victim Location 95835
Type of a scam Government Grant

A friend received a message in facebook from a friend who said to call this number to receive a free grant from the GREEN ENERGY GRANT PROGRAM and WCABG Program. I searched on internet and found the exact wording from an already posted scam. To receive the grant you have to give some personal information by text and buy a Nordstrom cash card for payment. No loss of money here. Here is their phone number and fake agent's name, 917 732 5235, Agent Richard Dennis and 720 419 3779, Agent Smith Dennis

Victim Location 62812
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by one of my friends thru messenger and they told me to contact this person thru messenger and say I want to apply, I'd and was told that i could receive government grant of 50 thousand all i had to do was send 1thousand, i said no you are a scam, and the person said assuredly its 100% true. I didn't send any money.

Victim Location 47989
Total money lost $2,500
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by an ex-minister's wife concerning a Government Grant that I could get for $1000. She did it and got $70,000. I went to Walmart and asked about the cards, where they were. The girl that I talked to said it was a scam and not to do it. I thought if the minister's wife did it, then it would be okay. I started buying the cards like they said, but I would not give them the information on my phone account, which is in my brother's name, nor my bank account information. I sent copies of the cards to a David C Damschenn who worked for the Federal Government. Some worked, and the ones that didn't, I had to buy more. There was something about them sending me a phone and resending it to another address, that I did not do because of the phone account. Every time I turned around, I had to pay for something more, like a clearance fee for the money or something else pertaining to it. The guy kept telling me that I would not have to pay anything else and I would get my money the next day. Supposedly the FBI stopped them because I had not paid all my bills, more money spent. After spending about $2500, I was to get a car and $100,000. He kept insisting that I applied for a car, which I did not, but he would not just let me get my $80,000 that I had originally asked for and not the car which I don't need. I had to pay $400 clearance fee on the car, not letting me just get the money, but telling me that I signed for a car, and I did not, then they got stopped because I did not do the phone thing so my money was held up, plus the car again. They wanted me to either give them the information on the phone account, or go and buy 3 IPhones, send them to an address that they give you, then I would get what I was entitled to. I did not have the money to buy the phones, nor was I giving them the phone information. I did end up with another guy, Mike, that gave me the same runaround as the first guy did, but I told him the same thing, that I did not have the money to pay anything more or buy anything. He kept telling me that I would not have to pay anything more, the car was paid for and I would get my money. After he kept pressuring me by telling me that I needed to find a way to get the money, like borrow it from someone, which I was not doing, so that I could get the car and money, I finally said that I was done and they could cancel me. When I did send the card pictures, they went to a David Ballinger. When I asked who he was, "Mike" told me that this was an e-mail where the cards went to. I ended up losing $2500, and almost bank rupted myself to the point of not being able to pay my bills. That is what I kept telling them I needed the money for, but they kept pushing me to pay more, so I am done.

Victim Location 21206
Type of a scam Government Grant

Two former coworkers told me about the program and that they benefited from it. I didn't believe it because there's a delivery fee associated supposedly grant money. They claim it's not a scam but it just doesn't sit right with me. They asked for your name, date of birth, nationality, income, lastly what you need the money for.

Victim Location 48161
Type of a scam Government Grant

I recieved a call from 'laura watson' he called herself ext447. Proceeded to say that the federal government was giving 9000.00 to 1700 people every 6 months for being basically good citizens. The money would be coming from a federal bank in new york, there were 3 ways to collect my money; bank acct, money gram,or western union, all i had too do was go to kroger purchase an electronic voucher for 200.00 and a manager would contact me to follow through with transactions. She gave me an id#cr143. Of course i kneew it was a scam, my mother is a great teacher-thanxs mom, so the minute the lady wanted my bank info-i knew, i could here my moms voice with cautious people-U NEVER PAY FOR A GRANT FROM GOVERNMENT, OR ANYONE HENCE THE WORD GRANT. thanxs b aware!!

Victim Location 43302
Type of a scam Government Grant

I got a call today from Michael w/a slight accent. He said he was with the Federal Government. He said I qualified for a $9000 grant because I pay my taxes on time and have never been in jail, just an upstanding citizen. He asked how I intended to use it, he implied it was to do good, like self-improvement. He wanted me to pay $240 to avoid paying the state taxes. He told me to go to Kroger and buy an eBay card or NetSpend. He's called back multiple times since then. His associate is Stephanie Johnson. She had no accent at all, she sounded young like a college kid trying to make some money, like she thinks Michael is real and she has a real job. She said she was Michael's administrative assistant, and that I would be working directly with Michael.

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