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Company Name Spoofing

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Company Name Spoofing Reports & Reviews (289)

Victim Location 79938
Type of a scam Phishing

DirecTV upgrades

Victim Location 30076
Type of a scam Phishing

I was contacted by a number that showed up as Direct TV on my phone offering Promo discount of $62.50 per month for 2 years if I send them $250 up front with amazon gift card.

Victim Location 27705
Type of a scam Phishing

The lady said she was from AT&T, and she wanted to give us a $99 rebate for being a valued customer. She then wanted my account passcode. She had a heavy accent and there was alot of noise from other people talking in the background. When she talked there was alot of static and distortion over the line. She was hard to hear. I asked her many times to repeat herself. Thats when I told her I dont have a passcode and she said everyone has a passcode. I said i dont know what she is talking about. She then hung up. I contacted At&t to report the scam and they said this is a common scam where the caller spoofed the number to look like At&t. She assured me not to worry and informed me of several other types of scams. She said there were emails sent out about these scams to help warn the public.

Victim Location 33176
Total money lost $530
Type of a scam Phishing

Got a call saying that it was from Direct TV and they had a promotion going with Amazon which was part of a merger that if you prepaid 5 to 4 months on your account with an Amazon card you would get the premium channels at half the actual cost. Since I had 2 accounts the total amount came out to $530. Everything was script very well even the number they provided had the Direct TV recording. Spoke to several people so everything sounded legit.

Although I felt suspicious and called another number for Direct TV, they told me that they were not aware of that promotion, but would have to call back after Memorial weekend since the Sales Department was closed. All this happened during the holiday weekend so when I called on Tuesday is when it was confirmed that it was a scam. Direct TV was horrible transferring me from one department to another putting me on hold for over an hour. Now have to wait 72 hours while Amazon and Direct TV do their investigation.

Victim Location 98926
Type of a scam Phishing

They have called me five different times now. This is the third time I've told them no thank you and gotten hung up on. They are trying to get me to switch my car, health, and life insurance, over the phone and give all of my personal information over the phone. They say that they are from Colonial Insurance company but Colonial would never do that! I just thought I'd go ahead and report it finally! Thank you

Victim Location 30144
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Received a random text indicating that the ray ban website was having a 94% discount on all of their items. The website seemed legit because it looked and was setup exactly like the real ray bans website, but the sale was not realistic.

Victim Location 34476
Type of a scam Phishing

need to pay 2 months in advance to get your payments lower.

Victim Location 79903
Type of a scam Phishing

Durect rv pre pay through AMAZON Guest card

Victim Location 34758
Type of a scam Phishing

They will call from a 1-800 number claiming to be a Direct Tv representative and even transfer you to a supervisor. They speak fast and give you a lot of information and even confirmation codes and your own address which most people can find online for free. Don’t believe them and always double check with your actual service provider and the person who claims to sponsor in this case it would be the Amazon gift card if such a promotion is going on. In this case I knew it was bogus but wanted to see how far they would try to go. They even claim that they’ll give you a $100 visa card that you could use anywhere if you pay on the same day before the billing department closes at 10 PM.

Victim Location 30296
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I encountered a scammer claiming i won 2nd prize in publishers clearing house and needed to go get a i tunes card for 100.00 in order to claim my prize there is also on going threat that if i don't do this my prize will be forfeited

Victim Location 30344
Total money lost $75
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Unauthorized charged to my debit card, when I called to dispute it I was scammed into purchasing XBOX gift cards under the guise of this is the process by which to "refu d" my money. $50 was taken out of my account. When I called again to complain, ANOTHER employee opened a "Bit Coin" account in my name under the guise of "refunding" my money. Another $47 was attempted to be taken from my account.

Victim Location 36693
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

They sent an email stating my first shopping assignment would come in the mail the next day. The letter had instructions to deposit the included money order into my bank account and send $778 through western union to a “charity”. I was asked to write about my shopping experience and keep the remainding $200. I didn’t believe this one bit and found stories exactly like this online.

Victim Location 30537
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Utility

Called claiming to be Georgia Power saying that they are about to turn your power off, tells you to go to CVS and get a Greendot card but not to tell the cashier what it is for and to walk outside and give them the numbers off of it. When you call the number back the answer with Georgia Power. They will have access to your account number the amount due and adds an extra 200 dollars on for a fee saying the 200 will be credited back to your account.

Victim Location 27545
Type of a scam Phishing

On 5/7/18 at 10:27 am, I received a text message in reference to my resume that is on the INDEED website saying that I was qualified for an interview for a Data Entry/Administrative position paying $25 per hr. Then I went through a series of interview questions with a Brad Locke on Google-hangout. He asked for my banking information in order to send me a direct deposit for material needed for the job and payroll. I refused to give him my bank information. I inquired about an official in-person interview with a representative of the company. He said, no problem, that could be arranges. I got suspicious and called the company that Brad Locke said he was representing, TCG Consulting, Inc. at 1-888-824-8920 and a recording advised that TCG Consulting was not hiring and this was a SCAM. On 5/9/18 at 10:00 am I received a FedEx package with a check in the amount of $3,950.00 and a letter on plain paper with instructions to email my full name to Latoya Jackson, [email protected] the payroll officer in order to get authorization to deposit the check, otherwise it would not be honored by their bank. The check was issued by Cardinal Commerce 8100 Tyler Blvd. Mentor, OH 44060. Brad Locke, said that this check is provided to purchase equipment needed for the job.

This all happend over a 2 day period with no official screening or hiring documents. The check looks legitimate but I will not deposit it. A desperate person might deposit this check and then the scammer will have their banking information. I would appreciate it if someone from would contact me in regards to this SCAM. Thank you.

Victim Location 45426
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received a letter, identified as "Vehicle Service Department / Vehicle Document / Alert Notice" and a "Repair invoice Enclosed". It's a request to call this company (not identified) and they said my car's factory warranty will expire and there is an invoice with a lot of services. There is no identification of the company, it seems like the real Vehicle Service Department. The envelope has a drawing that mimics a government seal. Letter is attached. And the Make of the vehicle listed for me is a GMC which Iv'e never owned a GMC.

Victim Location 30030
Type of a scam Phishing

I don't know if this is a legit email or not. I did not click on the link. The email was sent to my job email address.

The body of the email says that a complaint was recently filed and that my name was included as a witness to the reported

event. It further says an investigation has been opened regarding this matter and the email was sent in hopes that we may take a few minutes of

your time to discuss this matter further. For full details its says to contact the web address which I wrote above. It also provides a CASE NUMBER: HD187b253.

Victim Location 06890
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call on my cell phone which is our number on file with DirecTV. The caller stated that DirecTV and Ebay were offering a promotion: If I prepaid 5 months of our bill using an EBay card (that could be obtained at Walgreens, CVS or 7-11) we would lower our monthly bill for the next two years to $69.99 a month. They would also add premium channels for free that included HBO, CMAX, SHO, ENC, Stars, etc. and all without a contract and could be cancelled anytime after the prepaid 5 months was up. The EBay cards don't come in amounts to cover the $350 needed (max was $200). I was told to be eligible, I would need to call the 888-560-7561 number and give the "Combined Billing ATT & DirecTV people our Promotion Code that they supplied. The caller had my cell phone, DirecTV account number and address. They stated that Ebay was subsidizing the offer to promote their cards and DirecTV wanted to reward loyal customers by lowering our bill and offering the premium channels given the rise of Netflix, HULU and UTube TV.

Victim Location 92277
Type of a scam Phishing

Called saying I was receiving a promotional opportunity with directv.

Victim Location 23605
Type of a scam Employment

I recieved a text message from "Diann Wilson" asking if I was still interested in a data entry/ Administrative Assistant position paying $25 per hour. I was instructed to contact "Mr. Morris" on google hangouts for a job briefing and interview. I played along to the messages on google hangouts minding the red flags in the corresonding email about the job. The email stated that I have to relocate to Atlanta, GA to work from home. When I asked about it, Morris said that I did not have to relocate. I instantly began to google the company. There are two companies with the title TCG Consulting inc. One of which had the same address as in the email. I called the number on that site and left a voicemail asking to verify the company and hiring resources.

I needed more evidence, so instead of searching the company name scams, I entered the gmail address into google and the first thing that showed up is a alert on the with the same email and persons name using a different company as the employer. They said that i will recieve a check in the mail and im suppose to deposit it and send a screenshot of the deposit confirmation. Once the funds are in my account i have to request office materials from a specific vendor. Huge RED Flag!! Why send money in the mail if I have to only use it at their choice vendor? And why do I have to send a shot of my deposit receipt. It was sketchy enough for me. Be on your guard. This posting is on zip recruiter, glassdoor, indeed and careerbuilder.

Victim Location 10022
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

They send you an urgent notice saying that you are behind and you need to act quickly and it’s about an automobile repair insurance or something. They sent it to my wife and she doesn’t even have a car.

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