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Company Name Spoofing

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Company Name Spoofing Reports & Reviews (289)

Victim Location 70510
Type of a scam Phishing

I received call showing at&t on my id caller.they said my acount was suspended.they asked for last 4 of social security and passcode. I gave it to them because i thought it was att. I was then disconnected.I called the same att number back and they told me it was a scam.

Victim Location 30076
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call/ voicemail from "Anna Maddox" who claims she works for SunTrust Banks as the Senior Fraud Investigator. She called me from a personal number, which SunTrust has never done, and claims there was fraudulent activity on my card and to call back to confirm my account information and so on. I have received these calls before, from SunTrust, and it's always an automated voice, this was an actual person. So I searched her name online, and found a fake LinkedIn account:

I then called SunTrust Customer Service and had them search the phone number and name, and neither of them exist in their system and he assured me that it was a fake/ scam caller!!! Please help so no one actually gives them their information! Luckily I was smart to check!

What I don't understand is how they got my phone number and knew that I was a SunTrust banker!!!

Victim Location 30606
Type of a scam Employment

It sounds like the perfect job: work at home, make thousands of dollars a month, and have a career with famous corporation. But this new twist on an employment scam is fooling victims into paying hundreds of dollars for a job at Amazon that doesn’t exist. Reports to BBB Scam Tracker about this con have increased steadily this summer.

How the Scam Works

You receive a voicemail message inviting you to apply for a job at Amazon. Allegedly, the online retailer is hiring dozens of people to list products online, post reviews, and do other website work. The position pays well – targets report anything from $20/hour to $6,000/month – and you can work from home. Scammers use the names Amazon Cash Website(s),, and

You are excited about the opportunity, so you fill out an application online. But there’s a problem! According to BBB Scam Tracker reports, new employees have to purchase a $200 “enrollment kit” before they can start work. If you pay up, the scammer will vanish. You will be out the money, and the new job never materializes.

How to spot a job scam:

· Be cautious of any job that asks you to share personal information or hand over money. Scammers will often use the guise of running a credit check, setting up direct deposit, or paying for training.

· Check the business's website. Scammers frequently post jobs using the names of real companies such as Amazon to lend legitimacy to their cons. Check on the business's website for the position and/or call to confirm.

· Work at home at your own pace. Always be wary of work from home opportunities that are riddled with testimonials. Often the suggestion of real success is misleading. Suggesting that few hours and limited work will make one successful is a red flag.

· If a job looks suspicious, search for it online. If the result comes up in other cities with the exact same job post, it is likely a scam. In this scam, a designated number of jobs are available and applicants need to act quickly. This high-pressure tactic is another red flag.

Victim Location 30009
Type of a scam Phishing

scammer used an email and posed as the owner of the company I work for. The email asked for my cell. I responded with my cell number before I realized it was a scam.

See Below:

Lynne , Got a moment? Give me your personal cell number to text you as I need you to complete a task for me.

Victim Location 30252
Type of a scam Phishing

I went on google and type in amazon phone number. The number 888 289 4331 was provide. I called and a guy named Nathan answer, i told him I was checking on a claim i submitted 2wks ago. He asked for my name, email, order #. He began to ask me what type of item was it. I asked why can't he see it on my account. He then asked for my address. I gave him the wrong address and he didn't noticed it was wrong. Put me on hold, i called back on from another line while still remaining on hold and he answered. I asked for his employee id # and he stated he wasn't allowed to give it out.

Victim Location 92102
Type of a scam Phishing

Said I was to receive $99 credit for customer loyalty. Asked for my account PIN. I declined. He gave me a confirmation number and said I would see the $99 credit on my next billed.

Victim Location 29832
Type of a scam Phishing

this person keeps call me acting like he is calling me from DirecTV and i know he is not from DirecTV because he is making think he will lower my bill with DirecTV and DirecTV will not lower your bill so i know he is a fraud please stop this scam!!

Victim Location 75054
Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by this company through my student email account. The lady that came into contact with me is Faith Maxwel and she claims to be the HR Manager/Consultant of Corestaff Services. Since they contacted me through my student email address, I thought it was a legitimate thing. They emailed me saying that they were looking for hardworking and dedicated students to employ and how it would just be a part time job and they would only need a couple hours of my time per week. She said I would be paid $350 a week. I was interested so I emailed them back. She then proceeded to ask for all my information such as name, DOB, mailing address, phone #, and occupation. I gave her all the necessary information and she then responded back that due to a high amount of applicants, that I would not be interviewed and I would just be given the position immediately. I thought that was a strange thing to say but I did not do anything about it. The next day when I tried to email her back, I kept getting error messages from my Microsoft Outlook saying that my messages couldn't be delivered (weird right?). After this, I kept getting texts from Ms. Maxwell with instructions on what to do next. She said they were going to send me a check to cover my first assignment and first week wages. When I received the check, it was for about $2000! I immediately thought this was suspicious and a scam. I contacted Ms. Maxwel telling her I am not longer interested in the job offer. She stopped contacting me but yesterday (8/6/2018) I received another check for about $2000. I really do believe this was a scam and they contact young college students to fall for their scams. The checks were issued to my name and they were from credit unions. I have no idea what this money is coming from. It could be illegal money from all I know.

Victim Location 30263
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Credit Cards

They took money out of my cash app account and it posted to a PNC Bank. I called 1-866-965-6697 to get help resolving my issue and they instructed me to go and buy a google play card for $100 and they took that money from me and told me in order to get my money back I had to go buy another card for $200. In order to get my $600 back that they already took.

Victim Location 30016
Type of a scam Phishing

Got email from scammer, it said I had bought a google play card for almost $100. Checked my bank account and paypal, both had no charges or pending charges from Sam's Club. It really wants me to dispute the charges, "soon" it said. Not sure who the shipping recipent is though. Pretty sure this is a phishing scam trying to get me to click on something.

Victim Location 29150
Type of a scam Phishing

A call from a number I associated with ATT and Direct TV. Offered me a promotional rate of $69.99 for three years giving me the same channels I have now that I am paying $179.00 for currently. All I have to do is buy an Amazon gift card for $280 which would be for the amount of 4 months of service for Direct TV. Realizing that this was way too good to be true, I googled this while he was on the phone and found it was indeed a scam. He kept saying this was a time sensitive promotion. I hung up.

Victim Location 30143
Type of a scam Phishing

Job offer

Make money being a Kroger secret shopper...

They email you back with the name Andrew Beck with directions using these two email addresses

[email protected]

[email protected]

Victim Location 29832
Type of a scam Phishing

this is not DirecTV calling it is a scam artiest doing a Phishing scam acting like they are DirecTV name and phone number he tells me he is going to lower my bill down when he say that i don`t give them a chance to do nothing else i just hang up because i know DirecTV is not going to lower the bill so then i know it is a scam.

Victim Location 30168
Type of a scam Phishing

Amazon cash website calling to offer work from home using and being paid by Amazon. Hourly wage from $17 / hr. I was requested to go to website where a picture of Jeff Bezos the Amazon logo behind him popped up. Details requesting home work appeared on the right side of the screen, indicating suspicious activity. I went to to see if this was a scam, and it is.

Victim Location 30096
Type of a scam Government Grant

The scammer calls saying you are being rewarded with a government grant and ask you to provide your personal information, I didn't think it all the way through before verifying some of my info. They will also ask you to go to walgreens or whatever drugstore nearby to get a prepaid card or gift card for registration. I knew to hang up once they asked to call my bank on my behalf and asked for my debit card info. I wish I had hung up sooner now I have to close my account, open a brand new one, and get a whole new debit card because of this. Please be careful.

Victim Location 30087
Type of a scam Employment

I received a text message from 1 708-872-8902 (Illinois area code), Amanda Rodriguez/stating that a Customer Service Rep/Administrative Assistant position was available at the Adecco Group, the job is work from home ,and if I am interested let them know. They advised me to go to Google Hangouts for an interview via chat. The interview was with Rob James ([email protected]) Online Hiring Manager. After a brief explanation about what the company does and the duties of the position, he asked me a series of interview questions. He explained that the pay was $35 hr and $20 for training with a great benefits package available after 1 month of employment. He told me that I was being offered the position. He proceeded to ask for my name, address, phone #, bank name, gmails and other emails: To enable his secretary to enlist them into the Company's Register for proper documentation. A check was to mailed to me via Fed Ex to buy everything I needed to set up my office.[ Free Apple laptop with a fast internet connection. * All in One Printer, Scanner, Fax and Photocopier Machine. * BS 1 Accounting software * Microsoft Office and Microsoft Operating Systems ( Service Packs 2 ) * Peach Tree premium 2014 US Patent Single Users Pack * Mini-Office Stationary,and a time tracker software]. After asking my Bank name and how I wish to be paid he stated: The means of payment accepted by the Vendor's is via Cash deposit into the Vendor's bank account,or Money Transfer Service (even though I stated I wanted Direct Deposit). He stated that I would be receiving the check before weeks' end. I was to log into Google Hangouts every morning to speak with my trainer and let them know when the check was deposited into my bank. When I told him, "it all sounded to good to be true"/he simply stated we're not asking for your bank account number only the name. I did not go back to Google Hangouts the next day and I simply ignored any communication from the Adecco Group and any of their repersentatives. Beware this is a SCAM big time.

Victim Location 94002
Type of a scam Phishing

Received call today, August 2, with caller ID DirecTV 1-800-531-5000 (which is DirecTV's legitimate customer service number). The caller stated that they were calling longstanding DirecTV customers with bills over $90 a month and offering them deals that would reduce their monthly rate because they recently had been losing too many valuable customers. He said he would reduce my monthly bill to $62 and he gave me a detailed list of the programming packages this would include. He went over the details several times and asked me questions to ensure I understood what was being offered. He then said he needed to transfer me to a supervisor who would give me a promotion code that would get me my discount.

After a short wait, the supervisor came on, went over the deal again, said that I would have to commit to DirecTV for 2 years and stated that I needed to pay 4 months up front to get the deal and then I would be billed monthly as normal at the new rate. He also stated that if I committed to the deal by 9PM my local time, I would receive a $100 prepaid Visa card that I could spend anywhere. At the end he finally told me that DirecTV and ATT were holding a joint promotion with Amazon and that the first 4 month payment must be done with a $250 gift card and he listed several locations where I could purchase the gift card. . He asked me if I was familiar with Amazon and stressed that Amazon was joining in on this promotion to promote their gift cards, and they would be subsidizing my DirecTV discount. He said that I needed to purchase a physical gift card rather than order one online from Amazon, because the online order may not go through in time to meet the 9PM Visa deadline. He gave me a number to call back on when I had the gift card 1-888-391-7562 and a promotion code DTV037942. He made sure I repeated both of these back to him. He stressed again that I would only get the $100 Visa card if I called the 888 number by 9PM, but that the offer for my reduced monthly bill was good until August 10. He asked me if I would be following through with this offer.

Both guys I talked to were extremely professional and seemed to cover all the bases a legitimate DirecTV sales person would. It was rather scary how good they were. They both had non-American accents. To me, they sounded Filipino. While I would love such an offer to be true, I am a total skeptic and double and triple checked up on their offer, which was a scam, and thus did not proceed any farther.

Victim Location 30102
Type of a scam Employment

My phone did not ring it was a voicemail stating that my resume was found by amazon to be an at home employee reviewing products and sending out products. Amaxon doesnt use other forms to employ

Victim Location 92105
Total money lost $250
Type of a scam Phishing

AT&T impersonators (Indian accent) offer a very tempting bundle package of TV, Internet and Phone services for 24 months at $83.33 per month. They want the first three months ($250) paid up front using an Amazon gift card, which needs to be purchased. They claim Amazon wants to promote their gift cards in connection with this AT&T offer. In addition, if you pay the same day, they will send a $100 Visa gift card to me to be used however I want. The phone call came the day after I was looking online at AT&T's latest offers. The offers were for new customers only. Since I was an existing customer, I would have to call AT& T. So the timing of their call made it seem legitimate. Once I purchased the gift card, I called the number indicated, gave them the scratched off Claim Code, and they gave me a Confirmation Code. Since the code was a little hazy, they then wanted to take a pic of the card, and return it via their text message. After their text message didn't come for a few minutes, I began to suspect something might not be right. AT&T Customer Service confirmed it was a fraud. Thanks to a previous article on the site, I quickly informed Amazon. They are currently looking into trying to disable the gift card. Should know in a couple days.

Victim Location 30114
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was contacted by text that I had received my loan. When I called talked to Eric and he told me I had to get a $100. Google card when I purchased the card then it went to I had to have a $150. Card to receive my money by MoneyGram because they couldn't deposit it into my account. After I refused to purchase another card Eric refused to take any of my calls

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