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Company Name Spoofing

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Company Name Spoofing Reports & Reviews (289)

Victim Location 32780
Type of a scam Phishing

Caller ID showed AT&T 800 customer service number. Caller claimed would reduce AT&T/Directv bill to $149 for 24 months if I paid $300 for 2 months of service via ebay gift card. Requested I purchase ebay gift card and call 888-588-9921 and pay the $300 via ebay gift card and give them promotion code DTV197-23B.

Victim Location 46123
Type of a scam Phishing

Consumer got something in the mail that said his warranty is about to run out. Consumer does not own a vehicle. The letter asked for consumer to call them.

Victim Location 27592
Type of a scam Phishing

Offering a promotion of Direct TV regular and all premium channels for $39.99/month for 2 years. No cancellation fees plus a Visa $100 gift card. All you have to do is purchase a $280 Amazon gift card to pay for the first 7 months of service, call the number they provide and give them the promo code they give you and the claim code on the back of the card. Direct TV verified they are not associated with amazon and do not have a promotion line this going on. I called the number to tell them I was aware it’s a scam and the person called me really nasty names and made very vulgar comments.

Victim Location 92253
Type of a scam Tech Support

We received about five or six calls yesterday. They have started again this morning. We haven't answered the calls, so our voice messages are building up. They claim to be Apple Support and "Apple" shows up as the caller ID. The message is that our iCloud has been hacked.

Victim Location 30153
Type of a scam Employment

I am out of work and have had to go on-line to fill out applications. I came across an administrative, "work from home" job from Envision Healthcare. I checked out their website. Finding an at home job is hard because most of them are scams. I looked for all the red flags. I didn't see anything. I accepted the job with a formal "employment offer letter". They asked me for no money. They were sending me a check for me to purchase the software and tools I needed in order to work from home. They sent my check via FedEx Express (next day service) I received the check and that was the first red flag, it looked plain...just odd. I took it to my bank to have them check it out. They called the bank the check was from and the routing number nor the account number was valid, it was a scam. I spent 3 precious days doing everything I needed to do to be employed, I wasted my copy paper and ink and my time. I'm glad I caught it when I did. Just beware

Victim Location 20019
Type of a scam Employment

I was ALMOST a victim of this employment scam. From beginning to end this lasted from Sun-Fri. I am currently unemployed and I listed my resume’ on and on Sunday. Monday, I received a text msg saying “Good Morning,This is Lilly G. Robinson from TCG Consulting Inc, your resume has been reviewed by our recruiting team for the Data Entry positon with a pay of $25 hourly. Kindly respond with YES if you are still interested?” Of course I responded yes. I was then instructed to download a app by google “Hangouts”. She was doing things step by step. She said through message she was waiting on me to go to the next steps. Upon completion of the download process, she provided me a email address and a interview verification code RCL-10. She asked me to let her know once I sent the email a message. I did let her know and I no longer received any other msgs via text.

I sent the email a professional msgs inquiring more information about the job. He asked for my email address in order to send me a detailed layout of the company, position, pay, hours, etc. I continued to show interest, he then asked me a series of 10 interview like questions (one of which included who do I bank with). He gave me a list of office equipment and said they would send a check to cover the cost. He asked the turnaround time for my bank to release money. I advised 24 hrs. He asked for my name, address, and phone#. After that he told me he would reach out to me on Thursday with an update if I got the job or not. I woke up early Thursday, he told me I got the job. He gave more details about how the employment process works. From receiving the check(Nextday shipping), deposit it, visit a private vendor to purchase a MacBook, all in one printer, scanner, and photocopier and someone come out to setup my work @ home office. He said I would meet with someone to fill out my w4 information. He sent me a tracking# for the check. It was at moment I decided to check the and see this was already reported.

Victim Location 21222
Type of a scam Employment

I received a email for employment from Jeffrey Landry email address [email protected] and He started my name is Sarah Carlos which is a red flag for me, but goes on to tell me about a job opportunity for TCG in Alanta, GA. I looked up the company, it was legit. He or she goes on to tell me about the job and everything looks professional, then he or she will refer you to contact the hiring manager via Hangouts (Rowland Rennolls), email [email protected]

for a job briefing, interview and job description on Hangouts you go through the process your asked a series of questions which are included on your resume which they already have a copy of so your told that your information would be forwarded to his manager and you are to contact Rowland Rennolls the following morning at 8:30am for an update on your hiring status you are congratulated that you have got the job and he goes on to tell you about what equipment is needed for the job, where to purchase the equipment, when the company is going to send out a check to purchase the equipment,what bank your will (another flag for me), what vendor the company use and why they use this vendor" to install the apropriate software applications on the equipment. Equipment such as a MacBook all-in-one scanner and photocopier and he goes on to say the company will send a represetive to your location ( which would be your place of residence, since this suppose to be a work from home job) after all the equipment is set up for you to fill out your w2 and insurance information. Another red flag, for me so, I Google the company and called the number 1-888-824-8920 in Atlanta GA and soon as the recording come on it says we are not hiring, if you were contacted for employment it is a scam, please contact your local Authority your resume my have been stolen off of Career Builder or Indeed. Which is a huge problem when you're address is listed on you resume with other information, place of business etc. This is a scam!

Victim Location 29307
Total money lost $320
Type of a scam Phishing

Direct TV called me and said there is a promotional ad; told me to go buy a e-bay card and put $320.00 on a card. I am to call them after putting the money on the card. I called Direct TV back and I was told there is no promotional and was told I was scammed. I went back to CVS to get money back and was told CVS could not refund. CVS told me I had to go to ebay to get my money back. Called e-bay and was told in order to get my money back I would have to purchase something. I have the card and I can't money back.

Victim Location 10022
Type of a scam Phishing

After multiple, multiple, multiple phone calls insisting that I confirm if I have a 2015 "XXX" model car, they have now gone thru the US Postal Service.

I received( same day) TWO mailings( dated the same day) addressed correctly with all the info on the memos identical with one exception. They used 2 different Account ID numbers. They call their program " ENDURANCE".

My response on the calls ranged from me hanging up, answering no to all questions( & they hanging up, or a rude / foul response when I called this a scam. Not I'm submitting this "report".

Victim Location 30228
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Selling fake Ray bans sunglasses via Instagram.

Victim Location 36801
Type of a scam Phishing

Caller stated that the keeps calling them on different numbers asking for money.

Victim Location 30253
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called from the number 1-844-517-8655 and left a message that this was the windows security group and that my windows licenses had been compromised and to call 1-866-271-9516 to correct the problem. They asked me to run msconfig and look at the services that was running. I was told that some of the services had stopped and they needed to gain access in order to restart some of the services. I was told to give them access to my computer by running the command prompt and typing in to allow them access to my computer to fix the problem. I allowed them access and they told me that I had to pay in order for them to fix my computer. I said I would not pay and he told me that all my files would be wiped out and hung up. I discovered later that they had replaced my batch file with another batch file that said my licenses had expired and in order to fix the problem to call 1 815-388-8710. I called the number and was told that it could be fixed for 100.00.

Victim Location 60459
Type of a scam Employment

I was received an email that my resume has been approved. I have been applying to a lot of jobs so I assumed this was a great news. It told me to contact this fella name James Middleton on Google hang out. Once I did - He explained that I would be job briefed about the position, If interested then I would be interviewed. Which occured. Then He said the next step would be to contact the team and discussed my answers since this was going to be a remote job. He also said the following day I had to be online at a certain time to message him to get a follow up on the position. I was assuming this was a test to the remote job and being punchality. I get up bright and early due to the time zone differences ( it was earlier than usual) I waited online for him about 45 minutes. He didn't respond. About an hour later- I tried again. He responded and said congrats that they were offereing me a job. All of that converstation started to move fast. I was a bit skeptical so I asked if I could take the weekend to think about it. Gathering up informations and questions I should ask. I came back today ( Tuesday 6.12.18) I messaged him again asking if he was around that If I could ask a few questions. He repsonded and when I asked in depth questions- he immediately blocked me. I found that strange. I went ahead and went on the website and decided to take their phone nymber to contact them - since the website did look legit. I called them which became a really weird recording " This is TCG COnsult, Sorry nobody is avivable to take your call.. THIS IS A SCAM.. If you would like to leave SCAM! a message youre more than welcome to. If you would like to speak with John press 1 and there was a list." It was just really weird experience. I am glad I trused my guts and wanted to make a report just in case there was someone else that is in this situation.

Victim Location 95062
Type of a scam Employment

Received an email offer to be a "mystery shopper" at CVS. They mailed me a cashier's check from MidSouth Community FCU in Macon, GA for $1850 and instructions (see jpg "Survey Retail Consultant). The company Wallace and Assoc Inc is not listed online and there is no phone number for it. I believe this may be a phishing scam.

Follow up text messages from "Phil Hughley, Client Services Representative, (C)2018 MS Personnel Agency" from (312) 535-3472.

Could depositing the check and sending a photo of gift cards lead to ID theft - or might this group already be stealing my info?

Victim Location 32208
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Phishing

Someone from direct tv contacted me by phone twice. They knew all the services I had with DTV. They explained that Amazon was supporting the promotion to pay for 4 months of service for $300.00 with the gift card. Amazon would send me gift card in 2 days for 100.00. I would only pay Direct TV $75.00 a month through 2020. I thought it was strange but after they knew so much about my account I thought it was legitimate. I’m a senior citizen and feel very violated. Buyer beware!

Victim Location 74036
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

These people run an employment ad on They state you can make $500 per week by letting them use your vehicle to attach their advertisements to. I was notified that I had been selected by an email from someone named Zella James. She then asks how long you plan on participating and if you use your vehicle every day. Then she responds by stating your first check is on the mail, but instead of $500 it is $3100. You are instructed to deposit the check and withdraw your $500 when the check posts. Then in a couple of days you are to withdraw the remaining funds to pay the “artists” that will be coming to install the advertisements. The check comes priority mail from Ruth Clother Toung’s #3655 - 5262 Turbeville Hwy - Turbeville, SC 29162. USPS Tracking number 9405 5126 9935 0103 0794 97. The check is from Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. 111 Wall Street New York, NY 10005 - Citibank N.A., New York.

Victim Location 30046
Type of a scam Phishing

After signing up for Google my business, I received a call about my listing claiming to be from google. They asked if that was the name of my business, I answered, "Yes." they hung up. When I tried to call the number back, the call could not be completed. I believe this was a scam, recording me saying "Yes."

I'm not sure how to protect myself now that this has happened.

Victim Location 71646
Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

Nancy Poff sent me an email offering $400/week to advertise Budwiser on my car. I agreed. I received a $1900.22 check from the McLane and Merritt Law firm, Michael from Budwiser texting me and a return address from California. With no paperwork with the Budwiser logo, I was confused who I was dealing with. I looked up the "Budwiser Ad Scam" on the internet and found that the checks are fake and will bounce. I texted Michael from Budwiser that I decline further participation in the program and returned the check to McLane and Merritt.

Victim Location 30044
Total money lost $7,000
Type of a scam Phishing

They call and ask for gift cards after they deposit large amounts in your account to refund them overpayment

Victim Location 29673
Type of a scam Phishing

They called saying he was direct tv tried to get me to give them $300 to pay for 6 months in advance dropping my bill down to $49.99 then in 2-3 business days they were going to send a $200 visa gift card. Said they would also fix out tv I told them I needed a confirmation that they were going to do what they said took them an hour to text me with it they had all our information so I’m guessing they are hacking into direct tv because they had my address my phone number my account number thy even used the same phone number.

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