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Company Name Spoofing

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Company Name Spoofing Reports & Reviews (289)

Victim Location 83709
Type of a scam Phishing

"Sam" from "Direct TV" called to offer a super great deal. Got a bad feeling when he asked for my credit card info to get the promotion - told him I don't do it that way, to send the bill to my address. They said no, only can get the promotion paying over the phone. Called Direct TV after that and was told no one from there called me and there was no such promotion.

Victim Location 75033
Type of a scam Phishing

Discount in Direct TV Bill if I pay upfront today with Amazon Gift Card. $280 on the Amazon Card then call back to Direct TV at this number 1-888-295-2470 ext 1. If done today by 9pm est. I would receive a gift card of $100. This deal is a promotional advertisement deal for Amazon and they are providing grant monies to Direct TV on the lower billing of $69.99 to push the Amazon Card (promotional purposes)

Victim Location 33169
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Phishing

They contacted me through email with my account information and informed me that there was a new promotion

Victim Location 94403
Type of a scam Phishing

Automated phone call saying iCloud account has been hacked. Press one to speak to an operator. Pressed one and a man with an indian accent in a loud call center asked if I have a computer or laptop, I said yes. They said to turn it on. That's as far as it went. I stopped talking and they disconnected. Scary things was the caller ID says Apple Inc.

Victim Location 30309
Type of a scam Other

The business claims to be a and they do not help resolve issues between two businesses but instead they are a reverse Psych.

Just talking to them can be admission that their local businesses did not wrong.

They seem to be like a Foreign Military and everyone of them are really foreign or euro's.

They just don't help at all.

Really, this business is a reverse Psych.

Victim Location 30274
Type of a scam Employment

I received a text message offering a work from home opportunity with Intuit Inc. Online interview using gmail,or hangouts from Trisha Robert. The interviewer was Douglas Cifu. Interview questions were sent through hangouts. Then the offer came. $20 per hour to start then $25 per hour. Benefits health dental life insurance. No upfront fees but asked for bank account information. They will send a check that has to be deposited with a copy of deposit slip emailed. After 24 hours you withdrawn funds to purchase office equipment from a vendor they selected. I requested contact info for Intuit's hr department but was told I wouldn't need it. No indentifying information was requested for payroll purposes.

Victim Location 39540
Type of a scam Phishing

They leave a message that I need to call about my ATT phone account, when I called back it is a very convincing sounding AT&T call Center, but I am lead to pay my bill over the phone to pay an overdue bill, I know I have auto pay so I stop check my account and I have a 0 balance.

Victim Location 33301
Total money lost $3,000
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

GP Capital LLC contacted me thru LinkedIn offering a financing loan for the purchase of the property. The company is represented by a Mr. Patrick Grayson III and Mr. Kyle G. Lewellyn. I sent several documents and the sum of $3000 for a processing fee by wire transfer to bank with the promise from Mr. Lewellyn that as soon as processing fee is received loan amount would be wire transferred to my bank ( a matter of a couple days according to him). They do talk a good game and I really feel taken advantage of. They then requested a $10,000 fee for insurance as it is a new rule for international loans installed by the IMF according to them. I refused and asked them to send back my $3000.

To make long story short ( I do have all transcripts of email exchanges) never heard from them again. I have also filed a complaint on the FTC site

Victim Location 30038
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was contacted on my work phone number and told my loan application was approved for $2000,but was asked for my banking information and what date each month I'd like the loan fee of $60 taken out of my checking account,but to "Secure" the loan I would have to purchase $200 worth of STEAM CARDS at a local Wal-Mart store. I was given the name of a "supervisor" Mellory White, who didn't sound like a native speaker, like someone from Asia and given a Loan I.D. number. I advised her that I couldn't get to a WalMart from where I lived. I went to a WalMart and looked for the STEAM CARD, which turned out to be a gaming card for online games! I'm glad I didn't take the bait and buy them. This sounded too good to be true,so I investigated myself and glad I didn't buy these worthless gift cards!

Victim Location 06268
Type of a scam Phishing

Call from "Sean"/ "Simon" (both with accents) telling me about promo from Directv and Amazon. $59.99 for the next 24 months. But must prepay first 5 months using Amazon gift card = $300.00. Call into promotion billing department 888-994-1914 press 1 and use promo code of DTV-090-247 and pay using the Amazon Gift Card of $300.00. Then my bill for the next 19 months would be $59.99. I would also receive a $100.00 amazon gift cards if I paid it within 24 hours. They have all the correct information of my phone number, account number, what my current bill is, what I paid in the last 2 months. Then received phone call today from "Sean" asking if I was going to take advantage of this great promo. Called his bluff and he told me that different departments at Directv are not aware of all promos. I have contacted Directv about this twice.

Victim Location 20707
Type of a scam Phishing

Received an email from a Peggy Doyle, offering a work from home job, doing service evaluations for various company's. First assignment being Walmart Money center. Then 7 days later received a priority mail letter with cashier's check from Security First Credit Union. Remitter: Christian Abimael Rodriguez. Looks very authentic. website and business address is the actual Infosurv Research Company. When called the 888 published web site phone number, the lady in charge of marketing said it was a scam that repeats every 18 months. No Brian Anthony has ever worked there. They are a legitimate market research company.

Victim Location 94541
Type of a scam Phishing

Hispanic male called posing as William Blase Jr. (who is a real employee of AT&T) HR Rep for AT&T with an open position in telecommunications. He was calling from a Los Angeles number. The details provided sounded very disreputable. The man was talking about the current person in the position with big breasts and butt, and about her flaunting if for the boss, and I believe he mentioned blow jobs at least twice. He asked me to send him pictures if myself in different interview outfits.

Victim Location 30068
Type of a scam Phishing

Caller says he from the BBB and that I have won a $10 million prize. Then asks if he has my correct address (He did), and then asks if they can come out and if there is anyone else home with me. I said yes, but also asked him for a phone number so I could him back. He gave me the number 876-575-1175, which I been unable to check out as yet BBB. (Now after 5pm local time). I will call local BBB when they open tomorrow.

Victim Location 28412
Total money lost $350
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received two calls from this number on September 9th but did not answer either. Called again on October 25th and said they were from Directv and that they were running a promotion that...if I paid 5 months of my Directv bill in advance, at half rate of $69.90/mo or a total one time payment of $350 then my two year contract would be $69.90 per month from months 6 to 24. This was a short term promotion and I had to have a Amazon Gift Card for $350 sent in by 9 PM that night to qualify. They gave me a different number to call in to the "Directv promotion department". That number is 888-580-4895 Extension #1. Since they had information about my Directv service and used Directv naming conventions (e.g., NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL Ice Time, etc.) they sounded valid...and I bit. I hope this scammer gets caught and the FBI brings criminal charges for wire fraud. Triggers I should have seen coming: Gift Card, had to send in by 9 PM that night, and--did not call Directv to verify.

Victim Location 75002
Total money lost $303
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call with a caller ID of 800-531-5000. The person (male) had an Indonesian or similar accent. I was not sure if the "Promo offer" was legit so, later I called this number and it indeed was AT&T/ DirectV. The offer was to retain existing DirectV customers after the AT&T merger by presenting a discount amount of 69.99 including HBO, Showtime and Cinemax if it was prepaid for 4 months then a monthly balance of 69.99 for 2 years without contract would be billed after the 4 months. The trick was they stated this promotion was being sponsored by Amazon and the prepay amount must be submitted by purchasing a prepaid Amazon card. I was to contact billing at 888-340-8812 with the claim code from the Amazon card. I was given a payment reference number and told I would receive an emailed confirmation within 24 hours. No confirmation and the card was redeemed. SCAM...I contacted DirectV to verify that there was no offer of the sort. I have filed a fraud report with my bank on the purchase of the Amazon Card and will have to await the determination. Boy do I feel stupid now.

I'm suspicious it is an inside job because the same voice is very similar to the person who would call with a courtesy check after we had an in home service completed.

Victim Location 30260
Total money lost $125
Type of a scam Phishing

Price offered on internet for TV and Internet package is not real. You call in for the one TV Internet package for your zip code. You quickly are told a much higher price. You are asked what you want then offered a group of channel at a lower price if you give up 3 of the 4 TV receiver offered. You are told you will receive the channel you talked about at 69.00 plus tax plus free installation. 30 days to cancel. You get the cheapest package they have instead of channels offered.When you find out you don't have what they offered you can change to get the advertized deal, can't get receiver boxes you trade, and can't get out of deal unless you mess up your credit or sue.

Victim Location 31826
Total money lost $282
Type of a scam Phishing

Receive a call from people who stated that they where DIrect T.V. and the had a promotion on cable, phone and wifi. I gave them my information over the phone because i was already looking for some new cable so i jumped at the offer

Victim Location 23015
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Other

I got a text with my name, Directv account number and a promotional code of MoneyPak, to my personal phone. The telephone number it came from is 855-840-8826. It said that MoneyPak was sponsoring a promotion to get a discount off our bill. We called the number and we get the directv AT&T advertisement for a minute or so and a man answers the phone and introduces himself. He then tells us about the offer and that we need to purchase a MoneyPak card and put $300.00 for the offer of 1/2 price service for the remainder of our contract. We then received an email from Directv stating that they received the $300.00 and had some more promotions in it. The next day when we checked our Directv account the money was not posted so we called back. After the man transferred me back to the man I originally talked to he stated that it would take 24 to 48 hours for it to post. We thought it sounded funny we looked online for the Directv customer service number and called them. They said it was a scam and there was nothing they could do. So here I am out $300.00.

Victim Location 77346
Type of a scam Employment

This is the information they sent me. However when I called they informed me to reply to the email but there was not point of contact. I called the actual company and spoke with Mr. Doulgerakis who informed me that he made a police report and that this was a scam.

Please read email:


It is my pleasure to inform you that after careful consideration, an extensive research and necessary checks done, you have been selected to become an administrative assistant at Doulgerakis Consulting Engineers Inc. Statistics show that a resume or an interview does not guarantee success, especially in the information technology field. However, you will undergo a 90-day probationary period to ensure you possess and improve on the knowledge, skills and abilities required to do your job satisfactorily. Like we informed you in a previous email, we intend to open a new office of our firm in your city. Due to some logistical issues, adjustments have been made to our arrival and start updates. Our arrival date is scheduled for November 9, 2017 when we shall be meeting. The downtown office will open officially on November 13, 2017 after which you will be presented with an employment contract, orientation and training will follow afterwards.

This position comes with a basic starting weekly salary of $1,200 US [Salaries are paid bi-weekly i.e. $2,400 every 2 weeks]; a 2-week vacation period with pay is also allowed annually and increases with length of period with company; and other benefits include:

-Medical insurance

-Dental insurance

-Visual insurance and

-Combined profit sharing (bonuses) at the end of each year.

Working hours are 9am to 5pm, Mondays through Fridays.

Your job will officially be starting before we leave Georgia; which means you will be coordinating assigned duties as expected from home till our arrival in the city, and help where necessary so as to make our transitioning easier. Hence, you will already be receiving your weekly salary payment as soon as you start and complete tasks assigned you as stipulated in previous email communications.

A laptop will be sent to you; provided to enhance efficiency in carrying out your duties as well as a compact disc containing the company's brochure and a software. Appropriate information needed will be made available to you for these as we will have you review/survey the office location when the agent handling it has concluded its final setup; the address will be made known to you when the agent must have completed the process and we have a complete and confirmed location. Do note that you will be required to make a report of tasks assigned to you on or before November 10, 2017. You will be informed of all other tasks you'll be assigned in the coming weeks.

We will also be sending funds for you to co-ordinate the accommodation (hotel) and ground transportation not only for my arrival but for other delegates attending the opening ceremony of the new office as well. Usually funds are sent via a bank wire, a check, direct deposit or a company card provided to you. Re-confirmation is needed of the information listed below to have our departments mail out the laptop and other materials you'd need for your tasks and duties to you:

• Full legal name

• Name of Present employer (if any)

• Detailed mailing address with zip code included

• Your direct contact phone number.

Please provide the above listed information as it is important in order to proceed. Further instructions on how we would proceed will be communicated to you via email. If there is need for any further clarification about this email please do contact us as a call was put through to you from our office for a brief discussion, but we couldn't reach you. However your response to this confirmation email is required to proceed and provide you with your employment offer letter.

Again, we are glad to have you on our team and look forward to a great working relationship as together we hope to take our company to greater feats.


Human Resources

Doulgerakis Consulting Engineers Inc.

400 Abbey Ct ||Alpharetta, GA || 30004

(888) 578-6665

Victim Location 41080
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from 859-898-2703 claiming that I would be eligible for free HBO with my direct TV. I do have direct TV. I called Direct TV and they confirmed they do NOT have this offer going on. The caller did not ask for my credit card information or anything. But i did want to warn others that this is going on. I confirmed this is not legit by speaking to Direct TV themselves.

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