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- Dania, FL, USA

I got an email witih a ZIP attachment that says


Department of Consumer Affairs

Dear Business owner:

We are formally informing you of a claim filed against your company with the

Your company has a period of 10 business days from the receipt of this notification, to respond to the claim. The response must contain a final rebuttal and be no more than 10 pages in totality.

The full compliant filed as well as the response form have been attached to this email. Due to the privacy of the claim the file is password protected. The password is the complaint reference number found on the subject of the email.

Your reply must be sent to us as instructed within the reply form. If we have not received an answer within the allotted time the claim will awarded to the party filing the claim and they may take further legal action if they choose to do so, depending on the severity of the claim.

Waiting for your reply,


- Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA

Caller ID showed "Akron BBB" and the phone # 1-330-564-2493; a recorded voice complimented me on my excellent credit record, and advised me I was eligible for a reduction in my MasterCard interest Rate. I knew the BBB doesn't offer this type of service, so I am reporting the incident so other more uninformed (or more gullible) victims might be warned.

- Brenham, TX, USA

Called and asked if my name was _____ when I said yes he said he was Gary with the BBB and he was calling to help me clear up a BBB claim against me. Did I have time to talk, I said no, he said no? I said no, I have someone at my desk across from me. He said he would call back, I said no, I would call him back to give me his number ( which I had from my caller ID) he stated his name was Gary and the line went dead. I blocked his number. The telephone was 518-745-9009 out of Glen Falls New York.

As far as if they were scamming an individual or business, I’m assuming business since he said he was with the BBB but my work phone lines was directed to my cell phone at the time of the call.

Company Name: BBB

Name of Person: Benjamin Green

Badge #: BG1998

Phone: 513-909-8657 (But they called from Jamaica).

Details: Winning large sum of money, Free car, Free insurance for three years and free gas for three years.

I will also inform the IRS in detail of the conversation.

- Smithville, TX, USA

one call saying they will charge my account $499 to renew my computer service.

The second call says they are the BBB and will disconnect me from the first caller and put me on their no call list. They wanted me to

be in front of my computer with it on so they can connect .

I did not believe them.

Received a call from someone stating that they were from the BBB of Austin, Tx. they were calling to say that the microsoft license that she has was fraudulent and was trying to give her a refund for $249. They said she purchased the software 2 years ago.

- Ocala, FL, USA

person called my home phone and identified himself as Michael Jones from BBB. said I was due a refund and they were sending it to me. He gave me a computer license # and told me how to look it up and I would access the info necessary to get my refund of $499.00. He had me type first CMD then enter on the icon screen and then he told me where to find the number he gave me. In the mean time, I asked what BBB he was calling from and he said Austin ,Tx 78754 I kept asking how I was going to get my money and he kept saying we don't ask personal information and the form would tell me. ( now I know I have never paid for security and certainly not 499.00. I also know the BBB does not give refunds.) I was trying to get more info from him. First he told me it would be and check and later in the conversation he said I would have my money in 15 minutes. I asked how can you mail me a check in 15 min. He said it goes on your credit card or your bank account, which ever I want. At that point I told him he was changing things too much and I was uncomfortable and said good bye. called tx BBB and she gave me this site. he said I bought this 1-2 years ago and it was either Microsoft,windows or visa. He had my first name and the number he gave me was correct for my computer.

To Dale Welsh Sep 14 at 8:08 AM

Dear Dale Welsh,

Thank you for submitting a scam report to BBB Scam Tracker. As one of our more than 100,000 Citizen Heroes, your report has helped the (BBB) educate consumers about how to avoid scams.

We are reaching out to you because we need your help. BBB is working with the FINRA Foundation and Stanford University on a research project that aims to glean new information about why certain people are targeted for scams. The goal is to use this information to craft better interventions for safeguarding people against fraud.

The survey (link below) will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

The thanks you for taking the time to report a scam and for filling out our survey. Together, in partnership with Citizen Heroes like you, we can stop scammers from preying on others.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Melissa Trumpower at [email protected].

If you no longer want to receive emails for this survey, please click


Melissa Trumpower

Executive Director

BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust

Council of ScamPulse.coms, Inc.

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- Birmingham, AL, USA

The scammers posed as the BBB through an employment search; then referred me to another affiliate of the organization. The affiliate was seeking hire for a personal assistant and went so far as to creating a contract to hire document. The scammer sent a cashiers check and wanted a large sum of money sent via wire transfers.

- Orlando, FL, USA

Posing as BBB representative

He asked to speak with the “owner” of the company. The Helpline reached out to me – and I advised they can clarify that we are not “owned” by a specific individual, and to try to obtain any order/information possible, so we can help direct him to accurate contacts for his needs.

He declined to then give any details, and never gave his name – stating “let me try something else – and I’ll call back at a different #...”

Below is a quick white pages search from the calling #... certainly not the BBB.

Guessing a spam/scam call – but wanted to send a heads-up… We have call captured if need… thx!

- Chicago, IL, USA

Scammer David William badge# 0091 stated he was the Sr. Accountant with the BBB and case was given to him to notify elderly consumer of winnings with Publisher's Clearing House. Call was taken by Sr's daughter. David stated she won 938K & money will be fedexed to residence & to pay $100 fee for fedex delivery upon arrival.

- Pensacola, FL, USA

Said had refund of $249 due from from a complaint; asked for credit card # to refund; said to go online and go to BBB website to claim refund then gave credit card # on phone and computer; called credit card company on another phone while scammer still on phone and scammer attempted to take $100.00; scammer locked up computer after refusing to give the scammer personal bank info

An Indian middleastern accent male mostly call repesent windows tech support call wantting to get into your computer so they can return money for a refund. This last one called June 5 at 430 PM central time saying he was with the Better Bussiniess Buear

- Effingham, IL, USA

This person, David Freeman called me saying he was with the BBB. He said that I had won: 2018 Mercedes, and $925,000 cash. He was going to deliver it today.

- Wichita, KS, USA

I received a call from a lady claiming to be with the BBB. She said they had sent him a couple letters, quoted my PO Box and wanted to see if I was planning to renew my Accreditation for $399. I asked her if she was in the Wichita office and she replied that she was calling from California. I told her that seems strange for someone from the BBB in California to be calling since I am a business owner in Kansas. I ended up calling the local Wichita office and was able to confirm that this was a scam call.

I got a call this morning from a man saying he was Don with BBB and needed to speak with the owner of the business. I am not a business, I am a private citizen. So I hung up on the man. I called BBB and they advised me they have no one by the name of Don working for them. It was a scam.

- Lubbock, TX, USA

I received a call from a person stating they were affiliated with the BBB and needed to update my information. They confirmed my name and asked for the last four of my SS#.

The "BBB" company called our Sales Department asking for our CEO by his full name to discuss customer inquiries on our company. Anyone who'm would associate at all with my company's president would have his direct line or wouldn't call him by his full name.

Caller identified as *** ***. ***.

Caller said that he was with the BBB and he was investigating a company that had taken $100 from me in a tech support scam. He wanted to return my money on behalf of the BBB, but he needed me to give him access to my computer. I refused and he became irate.

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