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Hi Doug,

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received the below-referenced complaint from a consumer.

Complaint Case #: 124601

Consumer: Gregory Carlson

BBB takes no position as to the validity of the complaint. Our goal is to help you and the consumer resolve this issue in a mutually satisfactory manner.

In the interest of time and good customer relations, please respond to BBB by August 13, 2021. Your prompt response greatly enhances the chances for a successful resolution.

We encourage you to use our ONLINE COMPLAINT system to respond to this complaint. The following link will take you directly to this complaint and you will be able to enter your response directly on our website:************************************** If you are unable to respond using the Internet, then please respond in writing. We look forward to your prompt attention to this matter.

We look forward to your prompt attention to this matter.


Meghan (Cardenas) Brown

Complaint Specialist

BBB Complaint Department

This company claims to give you a bigger return in an investment if you start with a smaller amount. Claiming that they work for the BBB. Then they hack your Instagram and hold it hostage until you pay a 1200 activation fee (on top of the initial investment) for the ROI. All of this is false they just scam you out of your funds

"Mrs. *******" was a lead through the BBB system. She said she needed a new roof replacement. I went by the residence; we had done some research on the property and found that US Bank owned the property. I went to the address provided above. I did get up on the roof and part of it was missing. Mrs. ******* gave a previous address at *** ** ******** ****, LeGrange IL. The prior address was for sale and didn't belong to him. The email that was given: *********************. He told me he was going to pay for this by using a credit card. He also asked if I did painting. He sounded as if he were from India. He said that he was hearing impaired and that's why he was using the lead generator.

- Kihei, HI, USA

email said a customer submitted a complaint, and to click on the case number to review and reply

This person called from a Restricted number and said he worked for the BBB in Nevada and that I had won a sweepstakes prize of $2.5 million and a new car (I forgot what kind) from Winners International Sweepstakes and that I had declined the prize so he was trying to find out why and help me "claim" it. He needed to confirm my address to send me documents. I had not lived at the address he had on file in over 15 years. He said I entered for the prize, obviously not since they were working from an old list they bought. He said I needed to pay a processing fee to the company to claim the money, but that he, from the BBB, was here to help me. Even offered to send me a copy of the check I would receive. He had an accent (I don't know where from).

A "Don Molander" keeps calling my business from what he says is the "Better Business Beareau" Every time you call him back you go directly to his voicemail and then he will eventually call back. I have tried other options on the phone tree only to be sent to other peoples unprofessional voicemails. I have done research and it seems this same guy calls and asked people for money and it seems to be a scam. Is this person actually someone who works for BBB? Thanks in advance.


Guy called to follow up on recorded msg that I had won PCH Sweeps. Told him PCH doesn't call winners. Starts saying he's with BBB. Said to buy One Vanilla Visa card for $100 to verify with sponsor. He took $ off card by transfer to paypal acct. I repeatedly asked for # to confirm he was with BBB. Never answered only more spiel. Started asking to speak to supervisor or someone @ BBB to call me or give me # to call. Easter Sunday 7p start getting texts from someone saying he heard I wanted to talk to him. Had to ask 3x who he was, who said to contact me & finally says he's supervisor @ BBB. Immediately starts badgering me for $$ on another card to verify my prize. Told him I'd done that & 1st guy took. I had purchased another card less than $100 but refused to give code on back. Both badgered me another 3 days until 3rd person called. Said he was with BBB, 1st guy was being prosecuted for stealing, said 2nd guy was fugitive & put 4th guy on phone saying he was prosecutor. Prosecutor only repeated what 3rd guy said. 3rd gets back on phone & asks if I knew I won $2.5 million. Ok.

Then says I also won BMW & $1000 week for life. Sure. Next he tells me that taxes have to be taken care of before prize can be delivered. When I said I would not be buying anymore cards not would I pay taxes on anything I did not have in hand, he tells me he wants to check something & will call back. Gives me a passcode & says if anyone calls without passcode to hang up & block.

This is ongoing for 3 weeks & now saying he's sending a check of $5000 to cover taxes & that half or less is all he would need for tax payment. Calls daily now 3 to 10 times & texts the same or more. Out of town visiting & one morning starts calling @ 6am! When I don't answer he calls repeatedly upwards of 6x then starts texting. All day & last call was after 11p! Wants to know where I am at all times. Let him know it's none of his business when & where I go. Also that he can send checks but if expects me to cash or pay out from any check he might send that I would not be touching it until bank cleared 100%. Still trying to con me for more $$.

1st guy goes by Jamie Diamond but voice mail greeting says name is Peter something.

2nd guy goes by David Smith

3rd guy used John Davis General Manager @ BBB

2nd card info given to John davis & within 20 minute span 6 charges made leaving less than $5 on card. When confronted he says not him but corporate in Las Vegas trying to confirm my prize. Was online looking @ card activity & 3 charges were to EZETOP.COM. Further research shows this is a site used to 'top up' minutes on someone else's phone. Other charges sent direct to one phone line.

Received an email stating thank you for submitting a scam tracker report. Stated needed more information regarding the scam I reported and to click on links to take a 5 min survey. The survey is to help determine demographic targeted for scams and also assist law enforcement and government officials for preventio strategies.. States if I have any questions to contact Melissa Trumpower [email protected].

I live in Midland, Michigan and I received a call this morning from (supposedly) the Eddy, TX BBB (254-323-0755) telling me that I have money coming from a lottery win - that I had been informed of earlier (SCAM??) by phone. If this is real I have great need for the winnings but they said i need the taxes paid first and that sent up a HUGE red flag. Could you please check out the for me and , if it is a scam, SHUT THEM DOWN!

You sent

2 hours ago

Thank You


BBB Waco/Centroplex


about an hour ago

Those are classic signs of a scam. No legitimate lottery or prize-awarding organization would ask for money up front. BBB does not award prizes or contact consumers to tell the they’ve won prizes from another organization. I will share this information internally and would also encourage you to file a scam report at

Report a Scam | BBB Scam Tracker | Better Business Bureau

- Apex, NC, USA

The number above has called me on my business number multiple times and, after several attempts went unanswered, sent a text message with the following message:

Hello... this is Erik from BBB, Please kindly get back to my wife Rebecca now at [email protected] if you can do a cleaning job with my family. Please email now because we really needed the cleaning service .she would wait to hear from you in email.Thanks

- Tucson, AZ, USA

Someone called claiming to the from the Better Business Bureau stating that my social security was being defrauded and he wanted to help me. He called himself agent Adrian Brown. He asked for two Walmart gift cards $200 each. He texted me yesterday to call him immediately, immediately was spelled wrong.

Caller claimed to be BBB. Called asking very specific information about our business and if/when we were intending to move. Answered a few questions, then they became more specific. Once I told the caller I would be unable to answer any more of his questions, he continued to call back to our office.

- Ben Wheeler, TX, USA

This email was received and the individual called the BBB to report it. She didn't open the email but reported it to BBB in Tyler TX. She sees "BBB has recorded the said reclamation....", case# 975452448

Received an email from someone using our CEO's name asking me to buy Google Play Cards. Wanted me to buy 5 of them in $100 value denominations, then asked to Scratch off the code panel and attach them in a return email and to keep a receipt for proper documentation and reimbursement purposes. Email had a misspelling in it.

- Raleigh, NC, USA

text received from scammer as follows:

"Good morning remember as I told you yesterday it was supposed to be $50 yesterday but remember once it passed over yesterday it's going to be $100 so if you have the $100 this morning we will be delivering mostly of the cash to you today so let me know what's going on Jeff Stevenson Mulder Lynda Monroe"

- Little Rock, AR, USA

I got this email: A complaint has recently been filed with the Better Business Board that involves you. While the complaint is listed against a specific organization, your name was included as a witness to the reported events.

An investigation has been opened regarding this matter and this email has been sent in the hopes that we may take a few minutes of your time to discuss this issue further.

The Case Number is: IL526SR90

Full details including contact information can be found in the active case report which can be accessed here: Please take a moment to review the case. The assigned case worker will contact you in the next 48 hours to discuss this investigation further.

Thank you for your time.

Better Business Board Investigative Unit

- Rock Springs, WY, USA

Email sent to me stating that there's been a BBB complaint filed using me as a witness. Left a case number, IL990SR50, and stated that someone will contact me in 48 hours. Over the weekend.

- Tucson, AZ, USA

Received a call this morning and let the answer machine pick it up. Caller identified as with the BBB and stated that there was an amount of money "found" for me and that I was to call the given number, toll free 680-666-1178. I guess further instructions would be given to me at that time. I continually get these kinds of phone calls and am really tired of it.

I hope you can stop these people from doing harm to any one.

- Millry, AL, USA

He called me said he was Frank Rose with the Better Business Bureau. And he had a prize check that I had won and he was investing the number that had called me before. Before I got a call and I told that man where to go. I new it was a scam. And I told this man the same thing. I then wanted to report it to the BBB. And this is what that lady told me to do was tell my story. Please people don't fall for these scams.

Also he told me that he had mailed forms to me but I never got them.

- Granite City, IL, USA

Received this email from what looked like the BBB. I called in to respond but the customer service person said that the number was not like any number the BBB uses: It was: 9754524486. Am sending in via email the fraudulent email I received.

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