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Amazon Imposter

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Amazon Imposter Reports & Reviews (1046)

• Aug 11, 2021

Victim Location 01056
Type of a scam Other

My elderly friend got a call from this number. They said they were from Amazon, and calling from Seattle, WA. They wanted to verify that I had purchased a computer for $300.00. She also wanted me to get in front of the computer to connect me with the accounting department to verify my purchase. I gave her a false name, she said she "found" it on the list.

• Aug 11, 2021

Victim Location 11784
Type of a scam Phishing

fraud order from for Gaming Laptop for $1329.00. Order is sent to Charzest Floyd, 2265 Perry Blvd., Atlanta Georgia,30318.

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• Aug 09, 2021

$80 have been removed off my cash app card I would like to have it back I didn't sign up for no subscription and I don't know anything about this thing so I would like my money back

• Aug 09, 2021

Type of a scam Phishing

Text message: Ama'zon has temporarily restricted your access due to multiple failed login attempts. See to fix.

Victim Location 46356
Type of a scam Phishing

I am positive this call was made with a computer-generated phone number. The call was a robot voice saying there was an unauthorized purchase on my amazon account and I needed to press "1" or stay on the line to reach a customer service representative. I pressed "1" fully expecting a scam. Once I heard the person on the other line say "this is amazon, how can I help you?" I knew it was a scam for sure. I said to the person on the other end of the phone "I know this is a scam, remove my number from your system now", there was silence for 5 seconds then they hung up. That action confirmed that it was indeed a scam, otherwise, they would have tried to do more, as well as they should have known my name. The best part... I don't have a current Amazon account!

Victim Location 98661
Type of a scam Phishing

The recording said he was "Daniel from Amazon". Noticed an unusual purchase over $1000 for a iphone. I knew this was a scam but he said to press 2 to report and it was just the same recording again. If I bought a real iPhone I would have a heart attack and probably bought the scam.

Victim Location 60175
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They left a message that $1100.00 would be charged to my Amazon account unless I "pressed 2". I don't even have an Amazon account.

Victim Location 39360
Type of a scam Phishing

Claiming I had ordered something from Amazon and needed my information. Haven’t placed an order with Amazon at all and don’t have a Amazon account.

Victim Location 38058
Type of a scam Phishing

Received 4 phone calls on my landline saying they were calling me about a suspicious charge on my Amazon account in the amount of 700 and some odd dollars. It was the same amount each time. The last numbers on my caller ID were from numbers of residents who live her and have the same 901 area code and prefix. BEWARE!.

Victim Location 38138
Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email that appeared to be a confirmation from Amazon that an item was purchased and being delivered to an address that is not my address plus they used my maiden name which was a huge alert for me along with the purchase amount with the amount remaining due. I absolutely did not call the number or respond to the email and I will also report this to Amazon.

Victim Location 42420
Type of a scam Phishing

Received missed call voicemail on mobile from so called Amazon to warn me of online purchase of a laptop from Ohio. Fee in voicemail stated $375 apprx charged to my account. that same morning. Asking if I placed the order. Told them to get on COMPUTER , I was told to follow the following dictated steps to protect my store card. I asked how o could change my account # and told to follow the steps he’d walk me through. I did twice and at end no success on his end. He was assuring me to take my time completing his steps, yet he was stressed it was taking so limgcc BC as we did it about 3-4?times until he realized I was using mobile device instead of computer keyboard The site I kept ending at from his directions was some kind of software site I think. Can’t recall exactly now. I asked for his number and name to rush home and call him back. I asked him to repeat his name as foreign accent prevented me from clearly interpreting, so he spelled it. His name was Dwayne (can’t recall last name)? Phone number he gave me changed 3-4 times as I was writing it down. I said good bye. Ivv B was immediately warmed by family members it was a scam as AMAZON NEVER CALLS to report fraudulent use of card associated with account. Fortunately I was not able to get further directions his scam would ONLY WIRK ON COMPUTER KEYPAD. BECAUSE HE he had not yet asked for personal data. Close call.

Victim Location 60083
Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email to say I can expect a delivery I ordered from Amazon soon of an IPhone and earbuds . If I have my questions please call them at a number provided, 863-250-0885. The fake order number was included and an fake address to be delivered to.

Victim Location 06790
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Claimed to be from Amazon. Said charges were made from our account

that looked suspicious. Person wanted me to go on our computer.

I called Amazon and was told they don’t contact customers by phone and this was probably a scam.

Scammer's phone Not sure
Scammer's website N/A
Scammer's address N/A
Scammer's email N/A
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Text message

I was alerted that bstnbkscom had charged 19.99 to my cash app and I haven't used my card in 3 days so I contacted cash app support who said untill the payments complete they can't do anything about it . I have 3 children and only had 50$ to last me 2 weeks and they took half of that im very upset hope something is done and our money is returned thanks.

Victim Location 95008
Total money lost $1,500
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had a amazon email saying that I owed 1500.00 for a computer. So, I called the number and was told I had to file a complaint so I did what hem told me to do and I wound up paying 1500.00 anyway.

It was my fault believing him that I would be payed back....but that was wrong. His number is 4022623534 18053072194

The two names were Brandon and Mike.from amazon

Victim Location 21146
Type of a scam Phishing

From: Amazon. com

Sent: Wed, Jul 21, 2021 10:35 am

Subject: Important Notice: Your Amazon order ID=D21-937034-3426253

Hello Customer,

Due to a problem with the payment method you provided, we couldn’t charge your account for your order (#D21-937034-3426253).

We may attempt to reprocess payment for your order in a few days using the payment method you provided.

Please go to the following page to make sure that the payment information for your account is correct, and so that we have a valid payment method for your future orders: digital/your-account/order- summary html?orderID=D21-937034- 3426253

A charge can be declined for a variety of reasons. If you used a credit or debit card for your order, please contact the bank that issued your card for more information on why the charge was declined.

If we don't receive payment from you within the next 3 day(s), your order will be cancelled.

If you have any questions, go to: help/customer/contact-us/

Note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

Thank you for shopping at

We look forward to seeing you again soon, Customer Service

This is the email I received.

Victim Location 38134
Type of a scam Phishing

A phone number (901-386-1919) came in on my father-in-law's house phone saying that a large purchase on his Amazon account was put through and that if he had not made the purchase that he needed to speak to a representative. First off, my father in law is 89 years old and does not own a computer let alone an Amazon account. I have been working from home and helping him with these calls and I connected with the person and told them that I knew this was a scam and the person, to my amusement, tried arguing with me. So when I said to just ship the items if he was certain that my father-in-law had an Amazon account that is when he ended the phone call.

A side note that gives the scammers away is that a popping sound is heard on the phone just before I am connected to a live person.

Victim Location 53226
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Credit Cards

The scammer claimed to be an employee named Nick Richard, who worked for Amazon. I initially picked up the phone with a local 414 number that said "Home and Garden" on my Spectrum TV screen. Then I got a message saying that there was a discrepancy on my Amazon account. I was then redirected to the 206-415-2034 phone number in Seattle, Washington.

The scammer then called back frequently between July 21st-23rd (2021) saying that he needed to check my identity by ordering an Amazon Gift Card. There were promises to remove the $500 Amazon Gift Card charge on my Chase credit card account. However, once the scammer got the pin number of the Amazon Gift Card and I confronted them about the scam by Friday afternoon on July 23rd, the 205-415-2034 Seattle phone number was disconnected about 2 hours later when I tried to call back. This scammer also said they were originally from the Philippines or had family members from there at some point. There were also other voices on the phone or in the background, so this person wasn't operating alone.

I was even given an Amazon case number of 212516319. This may be a Seattle, Washington or Philippines Amazon Gift Card scam. However, it was hard to tell where the phone numbers were directly coming from since they often change on my Spectrum TV screen. Although the scammer spoke English, they had a very thick foreign accent. I no longer see these trolling phone calls, since the 206-415-2034 Seattle, Washington phone number was discontinued or is no longer in service.

Currently, my Amazon Gift Card charge of $500 on my Chase credit card has been removed and is in review. However, Amazon Gift Cards are non-refundable so I may have to pay for the gift card charge at some point within the next 35 days.

Victim Location 94103
Type of a scam Phishing

I was contacted by 1-802-552-4433 very early in the morning, and they left a voicemail saying I needed to confirm a purchase, but did not say what the purchase was.

I called the number, and the phone directory picked up saying "Thank you for calling Amazon Department", and then I pressed 3 to speak to an "Amazon Executive". I thought, wow, Jeff Bezos?

The man that picked up sounded of Indian descent, and he asked me if I purchased and iPhone. I asked him how he knew which account to look at, as I had looked at my Amazon order history and nothing out of the ordinary was listed.

I said I did not purchase the iPhone, and asked why the purchase was not on my order history. Without missing a beat, he said it was.

I hung up, dialed the number again. "Thank you for calling Amazon Department", pressed 3 to speak to the "Amazon Executive". The same man answered. I asked who he was, where in Amazon did he work. He stated it was not Amazon. I shared "Your phone system says this is Amazon when you call" He said it was not Amazon and to stop calling.

Victim Location 31021
Total money lost $2,935
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was contacted under false pretenses for a product purchased in my name and a Facebook pay was used to swindle money from my account.

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