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Amazon Imposter

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Amazon Imposter Reports & Reviews (1046)

• Oct 25, 2021

Victim Location 45036
Total money lost $423
Type of a scam Tech Support

I tried to call amazon about a package marked delivered but was not delivered. The person on the phone told me I needed to verify my account but then had $423 from me. I stayed on the phone for hours trying to get my money back and they only sent $120 back. It sounds like the money I got back was also part of their scam against other people and my refund came from them. I have made a dispute with my bank. This was a very convincing scammer, I totally believed it was amazon

• Oct 21, 2021

Victim Location 59102
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received a FAKE notification of a NON-EXISTENT Amazon purchase:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for shopping with us. Your ordered Samsung Flat Screen 82-Inch QLED 8K Q900 Series Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR has been placed successfully, you can track your order with the help of Order Invoice No provided in this mail. Go through the given details below.

Your order details are:

Order Invoice No: HB65-PP35

Item: Samsung Smart TV

Item NO: VX54PP163S32

Date: 21 October 2021

Order total: $3967 (Including tax and shipping charge)

For any suggestion or help, call us at our helpline number.

Helpline No: +1 – 833 – 668 – 0549

Call Timing: Timing 10 am to 6 pm PST, Kindly ignore if already confirmed.

Thank you for shopping with us,


• Oct 21, 2021

Victim Location 83709
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was notified that I had a pending 700$ charge on Amazon and she was verifying the charge. I hung up and called Amazon as it was a scam call.

• Oct 20, 2021

Victim Location 53105
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received a phone call showing that Amazon was calling. I answered the phone and receivec a robocall stating there was a charge of $729.00 going to my Amazon account and to press 1 to talk to a representative, which I did. During this conversation the representative wanted information about me and wanted to open my account by using password ANYDESK, which would give them access to my account. I told the representative I was going to call Amazon directly to discuss this, I was in my account and found no suspicious activity

on my account. I informed the representative of this and she said they were holding the charge back and that is why it is not showing on my account. During this call I heard many people in the background talking on phones, almost making difficult to hear the representative. As I continued to tell her I was going to call Amazon directly she then gave me a number to reach Amazon, 262-479-5755. During this time my husband looked up this number and it was a number for Any Desk company, which is a phishing sight. If they had gotten into my Amazon account they would have had access to my entire computer system and all the information on my computer. I called Amazon directly and made a report to them, they gurantied my account was secure and advised me to make a report to the Federal Trade Commission, which I did. A few days later this company called me again but I did not pick up. Just want to report this phishing scam that is happening with accounts and bogus charges that are claimed to be on your accounts.

• Oct 19, 2021

Victim Location 44057
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received a call earlier today from 440-426-0547 (Geauga Lake area) claiming to be with Amazon saying "someone in the Dayton area is trying to use my banking info for approx $1300 to purchase an iphone with my Amazon account". I told them there is no other user of my account. They never revealed any of my personal information details; they kept wanting me to verify the details which I would not. It started to feel this was a very strange call so I began to threaten I would call Amazon and let them know that the person was an imposter and could not use my information and I would sue Amazon for this. These scammers call every day, sometimes multiple times a day, with a different purchase that an anonymous person is trying to use my account with Amazon.

My second call of today was from 440-428-8633 which is a spoofed number from a business called K G Tool and I know of no reason to have that business call my phone. The business name actually showed up on my phone screen. When I answered they started another dialogue that someone was trying to use my Amazon account to make another electronic purchase of a high dollar amount. So far I have never listened long enough to have them tell me how I can pay them to stop this activity. I keep hanging up before they get to that part.

If you get any call from Amazon about anything regarding your account, always be certain you know where your credit or debit card is and that nobody else can use it. If you use it, keep track of what is charged and from where it was purchased. Also note when your purchase is received. This helps to protect yourself from the scammers activity. Never go buy a prepaid card or money card when told to do so by another person over the phone who just may be a scammer. This is not how a well-known business, a large company like Amazon, or a small business owner, will do business. Please contact your to report this activity: get names and phone numbers to call them back, never make a hasty commitment (tell them you have to talk to someone else before making this decision). Ask them for a way you can contact them in 24 hours so you have time to check out the details they provide you. Just because the business name is a real business does not mean they are a real representative of that business.

If you have fallen for any scam, report it to the local authorities, a police report could be helpful.

• Oct 17, 2021

Victim Location 80503
Type of a scam Phishing

Recording says:

Amazon account from Daton,Ohio. There is a dispute on this charge please press 1 to talk with our Amazon customer care representative.

We received 10 calls in 10 mins.

• Oct 14, 2021

Victim Location 44122
Type of a scam Phishing

I keep getting calls on my landline that My Amazon account has been hacked. I wanted to report the call. It is a robocall. Suspicious activity on my Amazon account. $1491 charged to my account. Wanted me to call back phone number 888-679-2053. I did not call back. Instructed me to press number one. I did not press any numbers.

• Oct 13, 2021

Victim Location 77521
Type of a scam Other

They claim they are Amazon customer support

• Oct 13, 2021

Victim Location 46805
Type of a scam Phishing

I would like to make you aware I had a scam attempt by individuals who claimed to be from Amazon. I had an email message that someone was attempting to get into my account and a telephone call. The call came from 206-582-6055.

• Oct 13, 2021

Victim Location 95123
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Nearly every time I make a purchase on Amazon I will get a scam call about a week later asking me to confirm and authorize a very large purchase - usually for electronic equipment or a cell phone. The amounts are generally north of $850 and as high as $2,200. The automated call says if you do NOT authorize this charge to press 1. Well I got that call on Oct 11, 2021 !! And there is NO way I am pressing any button as I believe pressing ANY button will likely result in my authorization of the charge.

• Oct 10, 2021

Victim Location 91381
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Called to inform me that I had a fraudulent purchase on my account. Someone had tried to purchase a IPhone 11 on my account. Talked to a live person who wanted me to open my amazon app on my phone and asked what I was using, iphone or Samsung. I decided to end the conversation with person and investigated myself.

I opened my amazon account and chatted with agent and found no fraud on my account.

• Oct 08, 2021

Victim Location 21222
Type of a scam Debt Collections

caller claimed to be Amazon and they said that I owe $400.00

• Oct 06, 2021

Victim Location 89149
Type of a scam Credit Cards

The last two days I have received multiple phone calls on my cellphone. Each time a recorded message came on confirming a $400.00 (then $700.00) charge had been made on my Amazon account. Then I am told to wait while I am transferred to another number. Classical music is played (Chopin). Then I wait....but then I became afraid they are some how able to trace my real account to my phone or something so I hang up. I have not actually talked to anyone real yet. I have checked my Amazon account multiple times to make sure everything is ok and nothing has changed. So...not sure what they are trying to accomplish.

• Oct 05, 2021

Victim Location 87109
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received a phone call this morning saying my credit card was charged 400 dollars for I phone and Mac book Products from Amazon which is shipping from Massachusetts. When the call was transferred to a male who didn't speak very good English said fraud division. When asked which company he worked for the phone call ended.

• Oct 04, 2021

Victim Location 97123
Type of a scam Phishing

Person called saying that my Aunt had an Amazon order being charged to her for $369.00. I asked which credit card was used to make the purchase and he said he couldn’t give that to me. He wanted me to give him some qualifiers and I would not. He kept insisting. And I hung up!

• Oct 04, 2021

Victim Location 83713
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received a phone call saying they had seen a suspicious charge and they were suspending the account to check into the fraudulent charge. They left a message rather than phone conversation. They were claiming to be Amazon's cyber security

• Sep 29, 2021

Victim Location 27703
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Automated voice call to verify an Amazon order for an iPhone 11 for $999. Press 1 to confirm and press 2 is this is not accurate. I hung up.

• Sep 29, 2021

Victim Location 76308
Type of a scam Phishing

Female scammer identifying herself as Ally called my mother and told her an iPhone had been ordered on her account for $399. She asked if my mother wanted to accept or cancel the order. My mother called me and gave me the phone number to call back. I called and asked for Ally and was given to a male scammer. I asked if his name was Ally and had he just spoken with my mother. He said yes and repeated what my mother was told. I said to cancel the order and he gave me a cancellation ID. He told me as soon as I was at my computer he would help me download and fill out the necessary form to cancel the order. I said I couldn't get to my computer until tonight. He said he would call back in the morning and immediately hung up.

• Sep 28, 2021

Victim Location 29412
Total money lost $3,600
Type of a scam Phishing

Person called and said they were from Amazon Prime and the new rate was 40.00 / month and had already been charged to my account and if I wanted to cancel it and get it refunded back I had to fill out a Amazon Prime Refund/Cancellation Form. But when you filled it out the person said that I had made a mistake and forgot the period so was refunded 4000 dollars and not 40. The person would loose his job if he could not get the money back into the account before the manager saw it. I checked my account and there was a deposit for 4000 but I did not catch that it had bee transfered from another account, and was my money. I had to go to grocery stores and but gift cards totaling 4000 dollars and take a picture of the numbers so they could recoup the funds. I did that for most of it and then stopped when I finally listened to my self but by that time I had already sent them 3600 dollars. If they call then hang up and block the number. Do not worry about hurting their feeling because they do not mind taking your money.

• Sep 27, 2021

Victim Location 98321
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a text that says " Your purchase #135119 is being processed. $396.25 will be charged from your account. Please contact AmznSupport on 18447480560 if you wish to cancel."

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